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Jenish Aug 2020
From a distant village, where forest lining the edges, where nature dancing with wild rhythms, where human existence have usual conflicts with minacious wild life, I bought an unparagoned cow.
superbious gait
she glimmered in bright spotlight -
wild domestic breed

In that romantic night, where moon shy to pop out from behind the murky clouds, the queen in the cowshed spend her first night with the howling songs of dogs.
croaking frog's sonnets
blended with loud fearful barks -
greeted the new guest

As the symphony of greetings continued the night and the night after, I was puzzled and forced to look around to meet a vacant sky and under it the haunting darkness.
predawn darkness stood
a veil to my eyes hiding
mysteries of night

Unable to squirrel the burden of anxieties of my quizzical mind, I decided to stay awake to watch the cowshed and my cow under a splendid moonlit night.
mask of truth divulge
laurels stirred in fiery force -
a fine leopard leaped

My abstentious legs dragged back the fleeing heart, and I was rooted trembling as a pole left alone in a cyclone eye.
watchful twinkling eyes
stem the course to silent cow -
fearless mother licked

Astonished to saw the nonchalant cow, licking the beast same her calf, I decided to rend the skies for the jewels of truth behind this precious spectacle of love.
beast lost his wildness
under legs of licking cow -
Leopard lied there low

I took an assiduous journey back to her previous owner with the imagery of a leopard cherished by their benign cow, where I was welcomed by the most baffling story of motherhood.
the truth rushed at last
shivered reminiscence –
fed curious mind

Once a female Leopard lost her way to the erf of human dominance and suffered a pitiful end in their retiform, but before she touched the sacred stream of serenity, a baby was born to the hands of her pursuer.
crying cub was fetched
from dying womb to the barn -
cow turned loving mam

Until the baby Leopard transformed to riotous youth, the halcyon mother cow fed him directly from his teats of love and then one day he was transferred to a faraway forest as an avowal of the law of land.
objections obliged
mother and her son parted -
but distance was dim

Hither to, on every darkest hours of silent nights, the different son visited her foster mother to share his adventures in the distant wild and to cherish the beauty of motherly love and it continues even the mother was transported to another house as the uncouth son followed her to her new abode.
trembled with pleasure
flower of truth opened soft -
fine fragrance of love
Michael R Burch Apr 2020
Limericks II - Nature and Animals

Dot Spotted
by Michael R. Burch

There once was a leopardess, Dot,
who indignantly answered: "I’ll not!
The gents are impressed
with the way that I’m dressed.
I wouldn’t change even one spot!"


Clyde Lied!
by Michael R. Burch

There once was a mockingbird, Clyde,
who bragged of his prowess, but lied.
To his new wife he sighed,
"When again, gentle bride?"
"Nevermore!" bright-eyed Raven replied.


The Dromedary and the Very Work-Wary Canary
by Michael R. Burch

There once was a dromedary
who befriended a crafty canary.
Budgie said, "You can’t sing,
but now, here’s the thing—
just think of the tunes you can carry!"


The Mallard
by Michael R. Burch

The mallard is a fellow
whose lips are long and yellow
with which he, honking, kisses
his *****, boisterous mistress:
my pond’s their loud bordello!


The Platypus
by Michael R. Burch

The platypus, myopic,
is ungainly, not ******.
His feet for bed
are over-webbed,
and what of his proboscis?

The platypus, though, is eager
although his means are meager.
His sight is poor;
perhaps he’ll score
with a passing duck or ******.

Keywords/Tags: limerick, nonsense, light verse, humor, humorous, nature, animals, leopard, spots, mockingbird, raven
Michael R Burch Mar 2020
Dot Spotted
(a limerick for children of all ages)
by Michael R. Burch

There once was a leopardess, Dot,
who indignantly answered: "I'll not!"
"The gents are impressed
with the way that I'm dressed.
I wouldn't change even one spot!"

Keywords/Tags: limerick, light verse, nonsense verse, humor, humorous, animals, nature, leopard, leopardess, change spots, spot, dot, spotted, dress, dressed, love, attraction, children's verse, kids
Jim Davis Nov 2018
Our eyes filled with wonder
Our minds twisted in change
Much like hobbits going afar
Then returning to sweet home
Our lives were changed forever

We rode slow and flew so fast
In tin cans from here and to there
Never taking off our shoes
Hardly touching the ground
Hardly touching Africa

Hiding behind camera lens
Wearing our face in masks
As a people not African black
Who worry not the future
Living easily in time’s moment

Like sardines aligned in tight
Wild creatures within confines
Electricity, steel, and wire
Tall fences stopping escape
To other worlds and realms afar

Except the leopards of night
Who easily roam across
All defined or artificial borders
Escaping cramped tin cans
Basking in Africa’s buttery light

Except for our African guide
With Christian name of Dexter
But named actually as
Tichayambuka Nekutenda
Nenyasha Chikerema

More comfortable sleeping in
Deep bush amongst beasts
Without down comforters,
perfumes, socks, or shoes
Living life in happy quiet freedom

A man raised speaking Bantu
in a small Shona tribe
Born in the Zimababwan village
Of Mutekedza in Mashonaland
East in the Chivhu Area.

From his father’s family
Given a totem of Zebra Brown
Then recited in love poem daily
by his proud mother
To affirm him as a man

Although he must also
be like the leopard
Unconfined in simple borders
Or tin can walls all around
Able to traverse the world

We as tourists were and are
Salty, smelly, near rotten sardines
I see him smile
And I laugh, and I know
Ndino ziva anorarama se  mbada

©  2017 Jim Davis
Notes:  The last line in Shona language means “I know he lives as a Leopard”
Kushal Oct 2018
Prints march forward two at a time,
Soothingly setting one paw after another,
In a manner so sublime.

“It’s beautiful,” you’d say.
Yet only watch from a distance.
As does his kind,
So he lives a solitary existence.

Beauty admired by all,
Yet he walks alone till he does fall.
Until then he hunts alone.
Elegance trailing him,
As nothing else will.

Watch the trail of the leopard.
Watch it sneak through the grass,
Watch the tracks it leaves behind,
As it runs alone
With not a soul intertwined.
Watch it walk this solitary line.
The leopard is one of the most solitary creatures in the world. Not a soul can doubt its beauty, yet it is always alone. I just found some sort of attachment to this thought.
a man
was panther
only seamier
and familiar
allure there
his rhythm
but his
tail was
claw that
his meter
tore an
ambulance only
his soul
found while
straw was
scent vying
for more
A scent that has afield here
Joz Dec 2016
The beauty of Leopard;
Crawling elegantly with her beautiful coat.

Don't close your eyes,
don't even wink,
for she is dangerous.
Her beauty may fool you.

You can't run from her,
for she runs faster than you.
Monday, Dec. 19, 2016
Snehith Kumbla May 2016
there was a young leopard
that morning in the sun

on hearing our joyous footfalls
it hailed out, "Having fun?!"

alas, not knowing, poor thing,
we didn't follow jungle tongue

and off we ran in such haste
as a question kept hovering:

"Having fun?!"
This poem is inspired by events that occurred during a trek with a friend on 10th November 2012. Though the creature

was not seen, circumstantial evidence suggests that we had a narrow escape.
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