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Man 6d
Listening to the great leader
And he promises better wages,
A better economy,
Safer streets,
Domestic manufacturing for national autonomy.
Just wondering when it's supposed to begin,
So far as I can see
The politicians taking the stage
Are long bought before they address the Republic.
40 years of presidents like pages,
Each turning over to new additions to a chapter
This awful period befallen our nation.
Another ink blotch, intelligible stains,
On the history of America
Man May 15
Bygone halcyon,
In the waters of rain, wash away.
Dams burst and levees break,
Succumbing to the weight
That stands tall today, contemporarily.
Currents swell with all old & well,
Newly made is the way
The path now flowering.
Personified in ideal & representation;
Tradition is upheld, yet progress is not stalled
For the options are plenty
Beyond elders simply floundering
Man May 15
What peace is spoken of?
What normalcy?
More war? Further widening the gap
Between the rich & the poor?
Another mean-nothing speech,
Full of thoughts and prayers
Never to be carried to term?
Bills brought to the floor
Only to be stalled by their authors?
Flirting with failure
From manufactured crisis, and with
Pointless battles over culture.
Never have the oppressive been more direct
In their inability to lead
Views, values, beliefs;
Scavenging their remains
Akin to common vultures.
Man May 13
I have never met a more complacent lot,
Than those of my compatriots;
Never have citizens been more obedient,
Than those of my immediates.
Forget spilled tea, today it's
Watered down coffee.
Biscuits cut with sawdust
Out from smaller & smaller molds,
Eating whatever fed us.
Cause we all know hunger

Believing any narrative pushed so long as it's prevailing;
The populace obsessed with popularity.

It's a headache & a headrush in the states,
Cool if you make the breaks
But that's like hitting the ******* lottery.
You gotta ask, what gives?
What does it take
To get a fair chance to stake a claim
In a country full of people who don't give a ****?
What sense does it even make
To try,
When no one in charge does?

For my own lot, & life -
Whether tis here or afar
Louise Apr 8
They are the drops of rain in an island
as you ride through a storm on a motorbike.
The coconuts falling down your head
on a quiet beach.
They are the songs and poems
addressed to or meant to attack politicians.
They are slippery rocks on a river
and the current of a whirlpool
for the heavy steps
of the enemies.
And they are the soft cashmere carpet
and the fine, powdery sands
for the careful steps
of my lovers.
Written from the point of view of Panay Island;

An adaptation of "My Poems Are Not Gentle" by Roger Felix Salditos/Mayamor
Svetoslav Mar 24
O Macedoni–ĺ, sister of Mysia and Thrace, why do you curse,
why do you so cruelly trample your children, to whom do you condemn them?
You are chasing your original Bulgarian blood, which way are you going?
Weep for the suffering of generations, don't deny it.
Don't hide your sorry past, don't hide it.

Deny your will to purify your consciousness.
Put out the fire of discord, shelter the spirits of our common history.
The past is the fuel of the future, the air of your breath.
Honor your heroes, don't divide the people and don't sow agony.
We know of your age-old torments, we hear your present sobs.

Macedonio, dear sister, you burn the memory of your children.
You drive your Bulgarian children out of the oven of your father's fire, you pour out duplicity. Why do you **** your history, why do you pour out wrong anger?
Your ancestors, the forgotten heroes, have left a memory of greatness.
Do you remember the ages bathed in masculine power and eternal glory?

Your children, an integral part of a long-suffering family, seek protection.
Have you forgotten that blood does not mix with water, and that the old Bulgarian thrones, with which fate has gifted you, rise near Vardar.
Know that a tree without its roots under the firmament perishes, and you yourself are too proud, without turning to your sisters you depress.

Macedonia, didn't your rebels lay down their bones for freedom?
Do not bury your Bulgarian memory, do not abuse your dear children with malice.
Don't forget your real enemy, and he is self-serving and conquers you.
Let your children grow in your springs, and when they grow up to rise up, with heroic strength to protect you from your evil ones.

People, do not stop seeking and asserting your true nature.
Remember the work of your ancestors, fight for their souls to rest.
Where songs are sung, where poems are read, life burns.
Voivodes are born to wash away the common shame and unite the people.
Heroes who will revive the fatherland from the ashes of the rout.

Where it has flowed, it will flow again..
Atuo-translated from Bulgarian
Man Mar 6
It is not my people, who want war
It is these dogs from Europe
Who want to play us like pawns.
To their own ends,
They are corrupt.
They do not respect us,
Their leaders lead our politicians on.
It is not our fight, but our weapons
Off of our backs, the funds.
More money gone away to war, which
Shall never return in excess, if at all
Man Mar 6
It is the virtue signalers,
Any person who does not do
Exactly as they said they will
It is people who will show you a smile
Only to backtrack a mile, the very next hour
You know authentic
You know the genuine.
You know who are greedy businessmen,
Only out to fill their pockets.
You know who are too old to remain,
Any career politician.
Stack the circuits, flush the house and courts
So much blackmail and cash
You hear about it in the nightly news
Man Nov 2023
I am not some peaceable ***-smoking hippy,
Or a hard-core punk inclined to rage away.
Similarly not a broker, with no share of a real trade
Or a developer of putrid estates
Different from some disaffected political nutcase
Radical revolutionary, only in the way
That I still have hopes for change
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