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Joe Adomavicia Feb 2018
Hello all, I have been busy at work on my upcoming book Love Unbound. This is a collection of romantic themed poetry. It is available on, Barnes and and if you would like a signed copy message me and we can sort out details.

I'm so thrilled to share this collection of poems with the world.
In 1941
On this very day
A heinous deed done
In a cowardly way

Attacked while most slumbered
Chaos ensued
Now all awake
Their worst fears were true

Dead laying about
The damage was done
But a giant awoken
Fearing no-one

Heroes were born
From regular souls
Who leapt into action
Their futures unknown

The past is just that
No changing it now
Heroes from both sides
Lie dead in the ground

We should never forget them
One thing we Should do
Is never repeat
What both sides Did do

Attacked killed and maimed
The unfortunate souls
Both fighting for country
And the fight for control

Just thought I'd mention
What some had forgot
Freedom's not free
It cost quite a lot

We can never repay
What they have given
We can only be thankful
For such men and women
Hopefully we all remember what happened, and hope for peace and live life to the fullest
  Nov 2017 Joe Adomavicia
Nat Lipstadt
She lifts her head

She lifts her head
But a few inches from pillow,
Where head, a blonde mess,
Has night time rested

Is it dawn or day,
Sky or rain,
Time to rise, coffee make or time to lay
Back down.

I answer all,
For I've been up for h/ours,
(You know doing what),
Place my hand  'pon her head
and gentle it back down.

Pillowed, I thrown in a few kisses
To that tangled mess,
For my hands, my lips,
My writing utensils,
Write her poem,
This poem,
And answer all her questions,
never spoke, never asked,
N'ere a single word out loud passes.
At 5:45 AM, just now.
Joe Adomavicia Apr 2017
Sails alow and aloft,
oceanic pleasantries
soft upon my face.
I travel on without
a thought of who I was
only thoughts
of who I am becoming.
Where the fair wind will blow
is yet to be known
and may stay unknown.
Such a choice
not my own.
Joseph R. Adomavicia
Joe Adomavicia Mar 2017
It was another one of you Jonathan and I's
weekly evenings at the Spatoon
when you said to us both,
"I am letting go a bit more every day,
and listen here boys don't be too morbid about it,
I know that I am at the tail end of my life.
Look at what the last 25 years did to me
and God only knows what 25 more will do to me."
Jonathan and I snorted and retorted,
"Shut it old man you're not going anywhere!"
and to our surprise, we soon learned we were wrong.
It was a seemingly sunny afternoon on 9-11-2010,
I was just leaving my College Algebra course
when I decided to give Jonathan a call
to hang out with him and the old man
but when he answered the phone
his disheartened and downtrodden sounding voice crackled out,
"Joe, Dad is gone, he's not coming home."
Now, I don't think I need to go into further detail,
but what I will say is to know Dwight, is to love Dwight,
and the best piece of advice he gave us boys
was a testament to the man he was
and it came without him outright saying it.
It was to remain resilient with him here or not
for without the integrity of our upbringing
we'd have even less than the absence of his presence.
Joe Adomavicia Mar 2017
I have drawn between the lines of conformity
for what seems like an eternity.
It is time to wake up and erupt
into something more than
this monotony my life has become.
There has to be something more to me.
There has to be something more to achieve.
There has to be something more to believe.
There has to be something more to inspire.
If I adopt a new way of thinking,
act upon it and repeat,
it will translate into my visions of the world.
There has to be something more.
There has to be.
These dreams aren't going to chase themselves.
Joe Adomavicia Mar 2017
If I ever
fall off the grid one day
just know
whether it's  the upheaval  
of all I am
or the forthcoming
of all I can be
there is a road map
to my soul
within my words
and if you look close enough
they will tell you all you need to know
about me
where I am headed
and what destiny
has manifested.
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