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Randy Johnson Apr 2020
A man who made Youtube videos has died.
On April 16, 2020, Steve Cash committed suicide.
He made "Talking Kitty Cat" videos.
All of his fans hated to see him go.

Steve suffered from a mental disorder and sadly, so do I.
He was Bipolar and everybody is having to say goodbye.
He died because of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
He was only forty and the world lost him too soon.
JΛM Mar 2020
xavier thomas Feb 2020
Weeks went by since you two talked.
Watching each other’s post/videos or memes on social media.
Feeling a little sad maybe?
A peace of the heart stomped, yet taken possibly?
Yes, love, yes I know it hurts a little...
JΛM Jan 2020
Play all these at the same time. To do that just open each one in a new tab, maybe with some headphones on and watch the video called "Eye of The Universe" in full screen for at least a minute while the solfeggio frequencies play.
JΛM Jan 2020
It's going to start the playlist with the second video saying the first is unavailable. The first is available so go ahead and just start it from "The Power of Smile by Tupac Shakur".
JΛM Jan 2020
Nina Oct 2019
I knew that I'll lose you someday
And that day
Has already past
It's been 2 weeks
Since i last saw you
And it hurts to know
That we are back to being strangers
And yet
I still keep your photos on my phone
And still smile at them
Knowing how happy i was
During that day
When i was with you
I was so happy
But all i can afford to do now
Is to smile
At those memories
Even though
Its hurting me deeply inside
Nina Jun 2019
Isn't it amazing?
How a picture
Could bring back all the memories from that moment.
Just take a look at the picture
And all the memories come rushes back
All the little details
Let alone videos,
Both stores memories on its own way
Both painful
And happy memories
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