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aka the artist, aka prince aka PRINCE

now, that is slick!
dropping your last name, to make you more famous
even though yo daddy was there, to give it to you
and he is already famous

smith really is a boring name

independence day for your new nation's mind
what do they call the first independance day?
not the one we celebrate yearly.
but the one where it first happened?

i am sorry if i hurt you
oops i
did it again

oops i did
it again
oops i did it

this is brittany *****!
i think she knew who it was
who needs a last name to draw a buzz?
what came first, the peach or the fuzz

all i ever got was the pit

is it okay if i call you willow smith
or is it miss willow
i will not use all caps for anybody!

i come first!
as you probably knew, before me...willow smith has changed her name to bold...for a spoiled rich girl. who may deny reality...either way, i am being forced to do things i don't want to do, and type things i do not want to type
when you go from low to low
how do you know when you're low again?
jump off the roof, to get back in the flow again
oh no, here we go again

seeds we sow blow away then grow again
we never know the seeds that we sow again
get up high, now get low again
i paid child support here come that ** again

can winds blow away?
to never blow again
wind creates the way
to have it's own go, again


i am sorry

point that finger and confess
i can't digest or digress
we digest to find less?
pro and pre and method best
***** clap da floor
All the forgotten lawns, and far apart, and monsters in the darks.
The cross country farms, some kids are playing on.
Thus, our liberation falls, a soldier dies, a family cries.
See dropping blood! Oh Hallelujah! Oh Jesus Christ!
All waters are iced, and the bread smells of rot. And ghosts knocking at the door, right? For its the wicked king's payments time!
Tyler Matthew Dec 2020
America, is that you?
Your stars are looking dim.
Stripes look nice on prison clothes,
but yours are wearing thin.

America, is that you
there behind the mask?
Of course, I too, am wearing mine.
You don't need to ask.

America, is that you
angry in the street,
smashing windows, spreading fire?
And is your dream complete?

America, was it you
I saw on evening news
dancing like a circus monkey,
speaking as you're cued?

America, is that you
propped up by the wall
with little men surrounding you,
waiting for your fall?

America, use your voice
and let me know it's you.
I can't hear much over the noise
that's coming from the zoo.

America, it must be you,
though I can hardly see.
I'm feeling for you in the dark.
America, it's me.
Jonathan Sep 2020
I was a bigot,
My body wrapped in red and white,
With blue eyes on stardom.

I was a saint,
Satan's servant with a Bible,
A man of God's war crimes.

I was a fundamentalist,
Funding mental lists of hate
With money stolen from the poor.

I was a colonist,
Carving out sacred land
For the benefit of my white body.

I was a misogynist,
Marking my territory like a dog,
******* on the other’s freedom.

I was an American,
A white straight man,
A brutal prodigy of the patriarchy.

I was
As he was,
A lineage that will be broken.
kiran goswami May 2020
There was a ****** in my nation today,
There was a ****** in my nation yesterday.
But unlike the other time, my nation did not cry.
It did not bang the doors of justice,
My nation did not try.
The criminals sat on thrones and proved themselves innocent.
The innocent became guilty as they had only a few pennies and no more cent.
I did not see people cry,
I did not hear the pain
I did read the news where they said, 'The murderer fled by a train.'
I could not see the people hugging,
I could not see love,
but in my nation, I saw a dead, white-feathered dove.
The peace in my nation died,
the girl in my nation died.
The people in power laughed while the nation cried.
I saw the flag of my nation but all I saw was white.
I saw my nation's condition
but all I could do was to write.
So, I will tell you how there was a ****** in my nation yesterday,
and there was a ****** in my nation today.
he tackle
the law
that wrestle
the modernity
with pain
like Lysander
when politics
wrangle the
Star-Spangled Banner
when it
drew the
hep of
carols there's
an honest
girl to
sing granola
there a man of Ohio,retired
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