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Sophia 5d
Straight Boys: Why are all the hot girls lesbian?
Lesbians: Why are all the hot girls straight?
Straight Girls: Why are all the hot guys gay?
Gay Guys: Why are all the hot guys straight?
Pansexuals: Everyone is hot. What do i do?
Asexuals: What.
I'm pansexual and this is honestly how I feel.
Lise Nastja May 5
“Who’s the lucky guy?” someone asks
“Their name’s Bea,” I reply
“I support that,” they hesitate
“You are so brave.” they add

I never saw their lips as a political statement
Nor did I think holding hands in the front seat
while a friend is puking by the side of the road
Was some kind of revolution

How romantic is it
That our story will be etched
Not in some Neruda poetry book
But a professor’s first textbook
Or a college student’s 2 am essay

When I said I was in love
You thought it meant I was hungry
Not for touch or for pleasure
But for justice and freedom
I didn’t know that
When I run my fingers down her neck
It would be tied to a long Twitter thread

I never saw my love as a battleground
A metaphysical exploration of sexuality
What’s Marxist about the way their eyes
disappear when they smile?
What’s so intersectional about
Our entanglement at the back seat
Or our hands holding in front

I never thought I would be so brave
At my most fragile state
So political
In my most dumbstruck ways
So woke
When I’m asleep in her embrace
What it feels like to be in a queer relationship. Your whole relationship becomes a political discussion. And while I love a discussion, sometimes I just want to love.
I am often told that love will leave me breathless,
But I hope I never know a love so greedy as to steal the air from my chest,
For I have memories of a time when my body was oxygen starved
And my lungs unable to draw in breath,
Bogged down under soupy pneumonia that clung to my innards
With vice-like, snotty grips.
My mind is sometimes lost in the sensation of frantically
Drawing air inward,
******* it into my chest with great gasps that never alleviated the burning of my lungs
Or the way pins and needles tingled down my limbs.
My brain cells were consumed with desire to force O2 to bind with the red blood cells churning in my veins.
The air surrounding me was dense with particles that refused to aid my survival,
No matter how much effort I exerted to the contrary.
Sweat dripped off my too thin form and pallid skin
As I drowned slowly from the inside out in a room full of doctors
Until they finally placed the tube back into my throat to breathe for me.
The pain receded as oxygen raced back into my cells,
And I marveled for a moment at the fact that I could not feel myself breathing,
Couldn't feel the rise or fall of my chest.
The mark of my vitality was absent,
And yet,
I was very much alive.
I remember what it was to be truly breathless,
The blind panic that seized me before finally giving way to a wish for death.
It's because of this I hope love never empties my lungs.
I want a love that makes breathing feel safe and exciting,
A love that feels so gloriously alive that I am acutely aware of my chest rising.
Love should always make breathing feel like both a right and a privilege.
It is a privilege to love her and be in her presence.
But I hope she never leaves me breathless.
lía Apr 25
two women in love
and two men falling in love
deserve it all too.
Aisyah Apr 17
Pin me down
And show me bad things
I can do to you later on
I never been made love to someone
Who was ******
In their dingy
Smoke stained apartment
Our love nest I actual
Scream god is great
When you give me loving
In ******
Make love to me until I
Have my essence flows
Let’s get dirtier then your
Lap me up
As you give me special kisses
Make sweetly love to me
Aisyah Apr 17
Your force me
On the bed
I can feel that adrenaline
And tension of pleasure
Washing over me
As you
Do your
***** lap dance
You caress my my *******
Until the fall out
As you dance you kiss me
Touching me in places
That I wanted to know existed
Make love to me as you dance
On me
I want to feel more of you chubby
And sensual loving
Kisses and that bad touch.
I want more.
Aisyah Apr 16
Through me on the bed
Kiss me wherever
They hell you want
Even though it’s
The holy month
Make me feel like I am in
Paradise with kisses
,your in pure touch
And tounge
Please me
And will be putty in your hands
As you love me please
Making me make
Me moan and beg
As loudly
As kiss me in places
I never knew
As I do the same for you
I am your  subby
Loving pierced goddess
Kiss me gently and tenderly
But yet passionately
I wonder your taste
Aisyah Apr 16
We bond over
We fall in love with eachother
Attracted to eachother
You sealed it with a kiss on the mouth
And then on
My lower lips
You kiss
I know I have meet some genuine
I want you to be with me
As we make love
You made feel
Both emotional and psychological
Sensation when you
Just with a flick of the tounge
I moan in actual love
It’s almost tantric
Loving touch
You say moan hard
And I do
Love me as we you
Sweetly dominate
Aisyah Apr 16
Our eyes smiling at each other
As we hold eachother
We smile at each
Holding hands
I rub my hand on your Buddha belly
As if it were a magic lamp
We finally kiss
Not just dominate and submissive
But as also
I can see the same pain in your eyes the
Pain I dealt with all my life
As we make love
Kiss me you say and we share a
Final kiss for the night
Tasting teachothers desire
In our breath
It’s sweet like
Show me how to love
In different ways
That I did not know
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