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RBWhite 7m
Pobre de aquellos que no han podido disfrutar de tu dulzura,condeno a aquellos que sí lo han probado o vislumbrado siquiera,
Te has topado con la tormenta y ya no queda más que él casquete del barco en el que ibas,
Tales vientos y estruendos te han dejado desnuda,
Destrozada y agotada entre olas y arena,
Ahora, mía,
Siempre que el cielo se obscurezca y forme nubes turbias,
Ahí en donde los ángeles no puedan cantar y suspirar,
Sabrás cómo alucinar y llorar,
Lo sabrás al tocarme,
Oleras cada emoción de mí piel,
Y no, la tormenta no terminará jamás.
freyja 2h
I often wonder what it must be like
to not feel constantly isolated
by those who claim to claim you,
so-called alliances crumbling
when they realize your nature cannot be changed.
there are no rainbows in pastel skies,
and they love us until we are no longer PG
no longer PC.
love is love until you love like me
I will see that maybe
certain patterns have stopped
carving themselves into my heart

see that maybe sunshine and love
And focus have been
All I need

See that I am so closely guarded
because i know how I love
And I'd like to stop
dismissing myself as obsessive

I know how I commit;so readily and I know i can't yet
Fully differentiate queer love
from friendship

I secretly wish I will never have to

"I want to kiss you I want to hold your  hand"
Still doesn't mean to me
"I don't want to be friends"
I love so exclusively in friendships

I actually only love
in friendships

I wouldn't just kiss anyone
I wouldn't just hold anyone's
I am not going to build intimacy
in a dynamic I don't understand.

I want to love freely
I do not want to be afraid
I love the way I love freely
When I love, I am unafaid

I know I'm closely guarded
Because there is a certain way
I love in friendships
always have loved
its been my way since I
was little

sometimes i can't believe
im queer
but its at home in my chest
precious prizm kaleidoscope rainbow

And I don't want to stop
so deeply        
just because now some girls
Bring me to my knees

(To my knees to the very floor)

There is a certain way I love;
I announce how sacred it is to me
I announce it to celebrate it

I announce it
to let the other person know
that I am aware;
the way I love opens me
So fully naked and vulnerable to being hurt

i treasure that

so its going to be slow
I'm not going to hurry to unravel
for you just because I know
I will unravel for you inevitably
Though,       my love,
if you just wait,
I will unravel for you, inevitably

I'm not going to
hurry to unravel
for you just because I
admire how quickly
you will get emotionally naked
for me.
I'm in awe of you, but
This is my make up.

I'll want you to enjoy
the slow burn of my unraveling.
Without walking away.
You'll want to enjoy it this way too

I'm going to always take it slow

My friendships have always been
enduring for that

queerly enough
friendships sometimes
bring me to my knees

I'm not going to love differently
just because of
how much more vulnerable
I am now.

My friendships have always
been enduring when I wanted it
and now sometimes they
leave me breathless defenseless
Needing to be alone

I won't pretend I'm collected
And unaffected just to keep
people around.

I'm not going to change how I love
just because of that.
I've been writing constantly most of April and some of May. I'm excited for the summer to slow a bit to give me time to do some editing. I lost a whole flashdrive of poetry and journals and it made me treasure all the writing I **did** actually save even more.
we held hands
but mine disappeared in the sunlight

you called me a vampire
when I admitted
I could only love you in the dark
Thick darkness and a quiet dawn
blare through my indifferent window
this much I might expect from a premature sunrise

And my window, giving as it is,
would make no attempts to
shelter me from a sun that maybe
says things too harshly

This quiet to me is
Soft warm welcoming
Dark and quick to accept a mind
that for the time being
will gladly perform it's own sunrise
confluence of peach and gold burst

My window makes no efforts
to censor a light coming strangely
from its other side
I promise I promise I promise
I will hold me when I'm tired.
I promise I will explore myself when I'm not
I promise I will nurture what I find
I promise to be loving and very kind
I promise I love you I promise
Its perfect. I love you
Its perfect . This way. I'm free <3

je m’ai promis que tout ira bien
Mikey Kania May 15
if ya down wit dis listen
to this gayrap swallow it
like a fat jaypack it is anti-macho
against crews like humpty-packo

pitch-black baby ain't no rooster
will **** wit our ****-booster
we are too star for your underground
flows are miles-high and they glitter

it is lipstick-**** we're spitting poison
and your kid sound vanishes
look your raps are always "almost"
you'll be killed by our host

like the impaler this guy vlad
your midlife-crisis is cute
eminem is now called ruth
the new rapcolor is purple
Today is a good day.
shelly May 11
My hands are tucked into my sweatshirt pockets
Headphones tether my ears to my phone
As I listen to the album that the girl I yearn for showed me
This is my fifth time listening to it from front to back
Last night, I fell asleep to her favorite song

I look up from staring down at my sneakers
To glance around the mostly-empty train that surrounds me
My eyes land on someone not too far away
She tucks her long auburn hair behind her ear
With manicured fingers, painted my favorite shade of blue
So her deep brown eyes can better read her book
Poetry, she’s a woman of taste

She looks up from her book to look out the window
Catching my gaze on the way
I blush and avert my eyes, but not for long
Her hand fidgets with the dog ear on the corner of her book’s page
I wonder what it might feel like to hold it
To interlace my fingers with hers and give it a soft squeeze
To coax a smile onto her face so I can gaze at it
Her hair escapes its place behind her ear and falls into her face again
Cascading down her cheek to frame her face like a masterpiece
I imagine how soft it must feel

Her eyes land on me again
She gives a small smile, showing the dimples on her cheeks
I can feel my face flush, as red as the shirt she wore
I wish that I could take a photograph of that smile
Her rosy lips part, she speaks, and I realize I can’t hear her
So I take my headphones out of my ears to give her my attention
“What are you listening to?” she asks me again
“How to be a Human Being,” I tell her
She smiles and says she hasn’t heard of it
But she’ll look it up when she gets home
I smile back, my mind unable to piece together words for a response
She looks away
I put my headphones back in
We never speak again

I think of her again
The one I yearn for
wrote this during a poetry workshop!
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