zero 1d

I am a child,
wrapped in cheap paper.
I'm tearing
at every edge.
I tape myself back together,
but I rip in a different place,
and I stare at it.
I feel my body scream in pain as I grin at a
The wound is festering,
it's puce with grime.
It's growing and expanding forth from torn scars
that I've tried to heal with butterfly bandages.
But, every time the butterflies bite my skin,
after using their wings to keep
my laceration
from ripping further,
I use the bird that is my fingernail to pick at the scab,
and watch as the butterfly tumbles to the ground,
joining a thousand carcasses laid strewn next to me.

They're shrivelled and crisp,
scattered in disarray.

I hear them apologise,
for not staying so long.

I got out of the shower and I cried for four hours.

zero 5d

To my lover,
the one I crave the most.
My core winces to see you weep,
but with the state of your home,
I don't wonder why you're sad.

If my empire was torn to shreds I would tear also,
but my place is within you.
You are the one I'm invested in.

You are the one for me,
so, just text me when you read this
...because I'll be your home.

I'll keep you warm.

I promise?

Mae 5d

You had yet to discover that you were polyamorous
and I was purely monogamous
but we were in love

I just wanted you
but you wanted others
as well as me

When we first met
you looked at me as if I were the only person
that sees the world as you do

After years of beautiful memories
your eyes no longer looked at me that way
and you broke my heart as well as my trust

But instead of seeing yourself as a cheat
and begging for forgiveness
you asked me to accept this new side of you

am I terrible for not being open minded enough
to accept this new and mysterious concept?

Because I can't help but see it as
a pathetic excuse
for you to hide behind
instead of facing the truth

This piece is not meant to target people who practice polyamory, however I am really struggling to come to terms with it.  Please feel free to share your experiences with polyamory, I'd love to hear some testimonies.
Mae 5d

As I examine the contents of my soul
I’m disheartened by how much is missing,
and the condition of the remains
Over three years of regrowth;
over three years of growing pains
Your roots wove to every corner
The voids they left give me hell
After everything you put me through
It’s a feeling I know all too well

Mims 5d

She likes my bed
She always says
"So this is where all the creativity comes from? All those sleepless nights?"
I smile
Because I have been so much more romantic lately
Boxers and vinyl record players romantic
Flannel sheets and lazy smile romantic
Thrift store art hung loosely on breaking walls
Because each piece has 'history'

I get up from warmth
And comfort
And you
To turn over the Bon Jovi record
In nothing but plaid boxers
And a messy bun
You smile and stretch



She tells me she thinks that she's fallen in love with an art hoe

I agree
Mae 6d

You came straight from hell
You son of a bitch
You ate my heart
Only to ditch
The future you promised me
Will no longer exist
With someone like you
You son a bitch

Mae 6d

Your teeth clench onto my skin as you struggle to contain your beautiful sounds
I admit, I feel more pleasure in physical pain than anything in this world these days
And although I love making you happy,
this careless intimacy that we share will never last a lifetime
Forgive me, I just crave the sweet chemicals that temporarily relieve this pain

Mae 6d

The box calls to me from the corner of the room while I’m alone
It lures me in with hollow whispers
As I draw close to it I see a light peeking through
And like a child on Christmas I open it as if its contents are unknown to me
Instantly, the creature inside swallows my mending heart leaving me empty
But your hunger is ever-present
And nothing will quench it
I break away only because you let me
Never a chase
After being free I immediately begin to heal
Only to be consumed once again


The day danced in woven sunlight on her skin
Through the blinds, trapped in time by baited promises
To stay until snow began to melt away- and when it did
She tripped on her word, loosened her grip cos’ it hurt
It never gets easier to watch the sunset fade
'n cast shadows in her shape
The day clasped onto dewy sidewalks where we used to lay
Until our barebacks burned from the concrete,
stomachs hurt from laughing
Never minded the way I felt sixteen
and full of color when you’d speak
I still remember the way it felt the first time
you leaned in and kissed me
And how you made me miss the bus
but I felt good enough that day
That I did not mind walking 26 miles
home with your jasmine taste in my brain

Prakhar Khare Jan 10

A 14 year old tender,
Came with a situation
He can’t decide his gender
Social keys challenging perception.

A prof. got suspended from his job
Coz he can’t love a woman in the knob
His feelings for affection were just like us
But for men, that he can’t discuss.

A girl of 25 don’t want to marry
Coz she love her girlfriend back in bury
She know it’s impossible to do this
As the law prevent love between two fairies

Now the question arises
If love has no boundaries
Why our brains are in cages?
As metals are casted in a foundry
God has made us in different pages.

We all pray equally
As do lesbians and gays
We all love equally
As do Bisexuals and Transgender
We all make friends evenly
As any girl or a boy
So why we can’t love legally?

Think and make others think
We all are humans, catch the link.

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