i know that you have no idea that i like you
and i plan on keeping it that way
because i know that you like some other girl
and i respect that, so im just going to keep this little secret to myself
but if you ever do find this and connect it to you
i hope you know that you mean a lot to me
i've become very attached to you and it scares me if im being honest
i have a tendency to put up walls but with you
it doesn't feel like i have to
and i don't know why i've fallen for you
but i did
and i keep trying to climb out of the hole that i've dug myself
but it seems as though i'm stuck

so, i just needed to get this out of my system
that i've fallen for you
and theres nothing i can do about it
and that maybe in the slight possibility that you see this and you like me back
that maybe you'll do something
because i'm too scared to
too scared to lose you and lose what we do have
to the girl who ive fallen for
maybe surprise me, or maybe just keep being you
Jane 4d
She really fucks with my head.
How the fuck am I supposed to react?
I can't possibly be expected to deal with this.

Holy fucking shit.
Will she ever make up her fucking mind?
I need to know how she feels about me.

I feel fucking empty.
Does she realise she's making me feel like this?
I shouldn't want her like I do.

I just fucking want her.
Why the fuck doesn't she want me?
I know I'm not good enough.

Fuck my life.
How do I tell her I fucking need her?
I just won't fucking bother.
teardrops wandering down the landscape of my cheeks, while I can't take my eyes off of you. the thought of you leaving me is literally breaking my heart, I can feel the cracking, I can feel how the blood is flooding my body. aching, crying. my soul is screaming out of pain, my soul is screaming out of anxiety, making me overthink. you're the sweetest love I've ever felt, the sweetest love I've ever tasted - and letting you go, would mean that I'd starve myself to death.
I never thought that I'd experience that kind of love, no one ever loved me like she does, no one ever really appreciated me like she does. she's the most beautiful soul I've ever fallen for, and I don't ever want to be with somebody else. she's the one I want to call my wife, the one I want to give my biggest promise, the promise of being with her - forever.
What is the body of a woman?
She is stardust,
Passion and desire.
She is paradise,
Cosmic and enthralling.
She is poetry,
Sapphire and ruby.

What is the body of a woman?
She is hidden,
Sinful and perverted.
She is apostasy,
Sodom and Gomorrah.
She is shameful,
Torturous and gleaming.

What is the body of a woman?
She is secret,
Philia and Eros.
She is repression,
Exquisite and divine.
She is carnal,
My burden and my joy.
Jane Apr 12
How does she make me feel?
Let's start with alive. She makes life seem worth living.
She makes me smile.
Nobody can make me smile like this girl.
When my phone lights up, so do my eyes.
Oh, and my heart.
It skips that beat, the one that reminds me I'm alive.
She makes me giggle.
I don't giggle.
It's her. She changed me.
It's almost as if she takes away the sadness,
even if it's only temporary.
She helps.
She's all I want, and she makes me feel desperate,
because I long to only see her smile,
just as much as I long to feel her lips upon mine.
She makes me feel okay.
That's all I've ever wanted,
To feel okay.
So there you go.
That's how she makes me feel.
nabi 나비 Apr 12
nothing could ever capture the extent of your beauty my love
your face like the night sky
your freckles as scattered as the foreign stars
and your eyes like the beautiful glowing moon
but your smile and your laugh
are what some would call angelic
but darling nothing could ever contain this

no camera lens could ever have it all
from your curly locks to your favorite socks
it could never hold it all

no poem could ever hold enough words my love
words don't even exist that entail as much beauty
as no song could have as beautiful a melody as your laughter

don't you see my love?
you are the epitome of true beauty
from your actions to your face
inside and out you are gorgeous
i hope the whole world recognizes this
and i hope you do to
for only physical proof can show how spectacular you are
so for this one i took inspiration from a post i saw on pinterest. i got this idea from the phrase "brown hair and eyes, with three little freckles on the side of your nose that looks like stars."
zero Apr 10
I am standing on a staircase, on the seventeenth step,
but the eighteenth onwards has no bannister,
up until now, I've had a safety net,
something to lean on when
the steps aren't lit properly.

'Now', I tell myself,
'I've seen people who have fallen
and manage to grip to the edge
and pull up...towards the next'.
'But I've seen people fall
and never get up'.

I say;
'Am I another statistic?
Am I another failure?
Am I another mangled corpse for the cleaners?
Am I going to lift my leg and take that step?
Am I to ignore the thoughts?
Am I stronger than I let myself think?'

I lift my leg.

Upwards and onwards, I guess.
I realised last night that I'm closer to being eighteen than I've ever been.
After I'm eighteen is nineteen, and so on, which may sound painfully obvious, but I mention this because I'm afraid.

I never knew I'd live this long.

Sage Apr 9
it took me only a month
only those thirty days
It was about time
and long overdue
before I finally told you

It took me almost two years
those seven hundred and thirty days
I was so young
I knew nothing
and then I finally told you
Mae Andrea Apr 6
with every breath
that she takes
it’s like some sort of drug
and my heart
it escalates
who could have known
that we’d get to this place
feels so right
my chest is so tight
Do you feel the same?
or am I just insane
there’s something about you
that makes all the pain
go away
and I can’t believe I’m saying this
but I think
you’re right for me
together we
could stop it all
the pain
the shame
everything will just
go away
let’s go away
I know you will protect me
and keep me
safe from harm
and at night I’ll be warm
laying side by side
with my head resting on your arm
the nightmares will subside
if only for tonight
I finally get a rest
from this fight
as you hold me so tight


I’ve fallen in love again.
when i said goodbye you refused to say it back
while we lay there you let me break my own heart
i could hear the surface of our love break
into the blocks of ice that now hold our hearts
and with every breathe i took
i could feel myself move away from you
but tell me Rein
if i had waited one more day before saying goodbye
would you still be waiting in my bed
or is there no world where you would still be mine
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