SB 6d
When we approached the intersection
Contaminated with political signs,
Yes on 1, No on 1. I asked,
“What did you vote for, daddy?”

We waited an hour in line for the elevator
Inside the crowded Empire State Building.
It was our turn but you said,
“We aren’t going in there with them.”

I had just received my diploma
And was floating on the high of achievement.
She put her arm around me and you said,
“Stop being so *****.”

My heart is broken
And I stay locked away for days
You knock on my door and ask,
“What’s wrong?”

I am not going to tell you what’s wrong
When I grew up hearing from your lips
That I am what’s wrong.
He doesn’t need that extra burden.

I will carry the memories of
Your vote against *** marriage,
The two men holding hands in the elevator,
The words that made my diploma a dagger.
I've got daydreams
of you pushing our lips together
and  I realize I am a late bloomer-

I have gone so long without
the realization that
I can feel comfortable
being wanted, that
I can crave people touching
me gently
and while I know it will be hard
not to flinch,

I am at long last
allowing myself to feel
desirable and
to desire in return

you may never use this power but
in thanks for the clarity you
have returned to me,

I give you the permission
to touch the art.
To lay your hands in the arch
of my spine,
rest your head on my shoulder,
and fall asleep next to my steady heartbeat.

This is not something I
have ever given, and
it is new to me
but you are beautiful in such a way
that it makes me feel pretty
just sitting next to you.
kira 7d
please do not hurt me...
i trust you too much for that.
you have my whole heart
Athena Nov 12
She's beautiful, my mind seemed to scream
With eyes like that I could have been forever lost
but instead I felt FOUND
And I think I found her, too
Fierce and determined, she lead me out of the cage
that I built around myself
and into the light of my sexuality
She did this in the way she played and teased
She did this in the smile she gave me
and the words she told me
She showed me the life that she saw in herself
and she took my hand and lead me to the mirror
and held my head in place and told me to look deeply
Because, she said, the same life was in me
She held my darkness in her palms
and instead of giving it back at the days end,
she kept it in a jar and said that those dark spots were unimportant
because all light casts a shadow, after all
She's beautiful, that *******
Beautiful through and through
Jo Nov 10
I’ve spent a lot of time recently looking back on my life
Years have gone by since I first figured it out
Since those butterflies first erupted in my gut
Since I realized what it meant to be looking at her like that

There are some things I’ll never forget
Like the first time I touched myself thinking about her
Or the first time she touched me
Or the first time I touched her

And lots of things have changed
The way I cut my hair
The music I listen to
The way I carry myself

I guess you could say it’s a good thing
I’m more sure of myself
I like the way I look now
And I know who my friends are

But some things are still the same
I still feel the electricity when my skin brushes hers
And I still get nervous to hold her hand where other people can see
But all the fear still goes away when she kisses me

And I don’t think I’d trade it for anything
The experts always say it’s not a choice
But truth be told, I’d choose this,
I’d choose her every time,
If they let me
This is based off a journal entry I wrote after watching The Miseducation of Cameron Post. The movie kind of triggered a lot of feelings that I felt when I was first figuring everything out and I wanted to write about it. :)
Jo Nov 10
The way you walk is an indicator of how many hearts you've broken
How many people you've left wondering why they weren't good enough
The way you smile tells the story of how your mother never loved you
How she made you learn to hate yourself
The way you write tells me that your thoughts are always quick and messy
And how you wish you had someone to slow them down
The way you look at me makes me hope that I could be that someone
Another repost
Jo Nov 10
I'd always hated cigarettes
At least until I watched you smoke
Icy hands and thin red lips
I'm convinced that you were determined to ruin me
Because every smile that you gave me made me want to join you
Out on the back porch, cigarette in hand
I no longer associated the smell of smoke with sickness, but with pretty thoughts of you
Your laugh
Your smile
The butterflies I got when your eyes locked with mine
***, I love you and your cigarettes
another repost
Jo Nov 10
Her voice is the only sound that doesn't cause my head to ache
It's soft and sweet,
Just like the rest of her
And It's at times like these,
When my demons are tearing apart the last shred of hope that I've hidden inside my heart
And my room is so dark that I'm starting to question if I'll ever see the sun again,
That I wish she was here,
Whispering loving words to me, our hands intertwined
Because when I am with her, the warmth in her smile and the feeling of her hands on my skin makes me feel alive
She is absolutely everything to me
another repost
Jo Nov 10
And although I loved her,
Her name was a synonym for sad
And all the time I wasted clinging to her dying memory could've been better spent
On trying to escape the pain that I felt when I realized someone didn't love me
Another repost
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