Brighton you bumbling bag of Bohemia!
You are sick from the wind
Filled with gulls’ to die for and guys to take them
You are Bram Stoker’s approaching ascent
Tracing train lines to wealth,­­ burning money with cockney tones
You pot of pot smoking crossdressing bus drivers
Flamboyant feather wearing diva diving elopers
You are brimming with an exorcism of wealthy slumming
And a gabble of hard luck windswept pill popping
Brighton you are sugar rush
You are experimentation
You are a butterfly at the coast silenced, its breath taken
You are far from home
You are not provincial you are manic, ecstatic and full bodied in your extension
You are the Druid that levels fire breathing nights
Skating children from Dogma who kill with hockey sticks
You are Legends at 4 am, false laughs and strangled homophobia
You are police tape on Upper Lewes
You are sordid and opaque
Brighton you are a shit smelling hair dresser smothered in cologne
You are an unwanted massage on the temples for near expiration
You are being thrown out of a house for "Tory" leaning
You are a dyke
You are the real humdrum hatred your pretension can’t hide
You are powder
You are nearly walking home
with men
You are

AyJay 6h

She was dispiriting at that moment
That moment where she was just gone
Her eyes didn’t hold that soft,
gentle gaze.
They were replaced with dark,
empty irises.
The tension was thick,
it couldn’t be cut with a butcher knife.
Nothing could cut it,
it was too deep.
Her heart was in pain.
Pain of the loss of her beloved,
her friend,
her mate,
her family.
He was gone,
she was here.
She didn’t know what to do.
She cried,
she knew she could do that.
What else could she do?
Her lover watched her,
in sympathy.
Her lover wished she could show,
empathy, but,
she didn’t understand.
So she held her.
Her lover was being torn to pieces,
and she was holding them together.
She didn’t want to lose her,
no one would want that.

The girl was sad,
she missed her best friend.
She hated God.
Why had He taken him away?
What did he do to be taken away?
Why did He need more angels?
Why did He need HER angel?
She didn’t believe in God.
But she believed her best friend,
was taken away.
But from who?
She’ll never know.
But she’ll never forget.

The girl missed him too much.
It was getting worse.
She was crying in the corner more.
Her lover was holding her more.
The girl was so confused,
didn’t think she was strong anymore.
Thought it was time to join him.
Her lover stared at her,
long and dear and said,
“I’ll never leave you.”
The girl looked at her,
then hugged her.
But her heart was still weak.
She still missed him.

Mims 1d

I wanna be your friend so badly,
And do so many fun platonic things,

you found out someone called me out, and I'll admit you got kind of weirdly defensive for me.

Because it'll hurt so much worse if you think,
I told you from the start.
Please just listen to me,
I Care about you,
But don't get attached to me,
Not like that.

That isn't me.

What do you see? Please, lets be friends, platonic,
Mims 1d

I grabbed your hand jokingly
And you brought mine to your lips
I pulled away suddenly

"What are you doing?"

"I thought that maybe-"

"No honey, not if you bruise easy."

It's actually probably best if you don't touch me,
I'm not trying to be flirty.

I'm fucking gay.

feeling your lips against mine
so soft and angelic
moving in sync
with each other

you taste like fireworks
exploding in my mouth
each kiss feels different

rougher and rougher
our lips attacking
like they are at war

- kissing you

made out w a girl in Mexico over the summer this is ab her

I am crying in silence.
I don't want anyone to hear me suffer anymore, it's like my demon's are shouting louder than ever before, but my mouth is trying to stay shut - so their words won't escape. my ribs are hurting, the words keep pushing against their cage, which is angrily holding them back. I can feel my lungs getting tied up, and with each second of it - it seems to be harder to breathe. emptiness and coldness come over my body like a curse. my bones are shaking trying to desperately keep me warm, but it's too late - the darkness swallowed me whole, and my demon's are happy to finally be free and to sing their vicious words with full passion - while holding my good pieces in cages built from my skeleton.

Mims 7d

Pull me closer
(Already so close)
I know every inch of your body
(From your head to your toes)
Tell me it's better with me
And you're happier now

That I won't wake up
5 sloppy weeks from now
Regretting everything.

But you can't
Mims Sep 10

"I want to paint you, can I paint you? like a French girl?"

"Sure, but you'd have to paint me with the blood from your vasectomy, that I would perform myself wink through your nostrils."

I like coming up with colorful ways to shut down idiots who can 'fix me'


fractal of light-
fractured thy young life ,
left love forever a widow.  

glint of rainbow wings;
my god ridicules thy feelings,
inclinational - grotesque - happy dealings;
moral, illicit love stings.

go into thy loveless living sleep.
shards of light fractals, daggers in thy heart,
fractures of thy soul, strewn apart.
you shan't keep love from The Deep.

Here's a little poem expressing my relationship with religion and being gay. I am personally a lesbian, so my life has been full of a struggle against feeling unworthy of love and forced devotion to Christianity.  Notice how "God" isn't capitalized? Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day.
Megan Sep 6

Go easy on me,
remember that I’m just another girl who loves you
the last in line to see the premiere of your life
one of the ones who got there too late.

But don’t you know?
I’d do anything for you.
Shoot me, and I’ll prove my loyalty by taking it,
I promise you I won’t cry when I realise who’s behind the trigger
but please – go easy on me.

Don’t you know I love you?
Do I not prove myself enough?
Do you want me to shoot myself for you?
Take any fall for you
from a building or a crime, I’m yours;
do what you want with me.

I’ll imagine that we can go to the beach together
and get chips by the seaside
and drink cocktails until we’re falling over and falling in love;
it’s easier to imagine these things as a reality that I’m falling into
and it’ll make it so much easier to imagine that the barrel of the gun you have pressed against my chest is just a closing of the space between us.

What do you want from me?
If it’s my life, then take it,
I’ll be your scapegoat if you’ll be my daydream
my beach day and confession that every ‘I love you’ has always been to you.

Remember when I almost fucked that girl?
But I told her, last minute, that I couldn’t do it,
it wouldn’t be fair on her, that I would be imagining your face in every kiss.

I don’t care if you’re good for me,
I don’t care if you love me back,
I just want to be taken in by you,
I’ll let you drive my car if you promise to crash it passenger-side first.

You should know by now that I’d do anything for you,
at the beach or in my damaged lungs,
as long as you’re next to me,
and I’d give my life for you
for nothing in return – only that you give me one thing;
the lie of your love,
and my darling,
go easy on me.

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