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Under the bluish yellow marble sky
I introduce my soul to the demon & angels

By the lemons tree I've unleashed my hair
unbutton my blouse
And cried
as if my teacher called me the black girl

I will call to the 1st passing girl:
Slow down please, wait for me
Rise me up by my arms
like a little girl

Plait 2 branches of your hair for me
To walk over the world's cold grass
And lie down in front the sea
Forget the stars - she said
Forget the sea - I said

We have left the world cough its smoke of poisoned kids' toys
And cast the residuals of cosmetics and tore bras
Into this sacred sea

So come with me
Delete all of my past contacts
smash my mobile phone by your shoe's heel
And let's vanish from this world
Toward shiny white space
Toward inky smell books
Toward white skies and pink kisses
Toward infinite daylight
For you and for me.

- Sally S. Ali
Chiara 1d
I have never really understood what love really meant until you showed me.
There is not one time where I feel alone or afraid in the midst of your love
You love me enough to make me want to clear out the mess that I have been hoarding at the back of my mind
The mess of the past that I haven’t had the courage to clean
As much as these memories pain me, I hold onto them.
I think maybe if I push them so far back they will never resurface again
Or maybe it’s because that painful “love” was all I knew and so I am holding on to it
But these theories mean nothing to me.
Nothing seems to make sense to me but when I’m with you everything seems clear.
Even when the conflict in my mind seems to be the only thing I can hear, I can look at you once and feel at ease.

Though everything I loved had been stolen from me by a person who claimed to love me
Your love was able to revive the hopeless and dying pieces I was left with into something even more beautiful for me to love.
You showed me the joy in music
You revived the romance in me
You’ve turned my sad poems into happy ones
And although I will always remain a hopeless romantic, a dreamer
You’ve transformed me into a hope full romantic
Someone who is full of hope for the future.

I can never seem to phrase my sentences but somehow when I talk to you it comes together
You bring my whole life together. The missing piece of my puzzle.
Thinking about you makes my chest hurt sometimes and as I write the pain lingers
You make me feel so many emotions at once that my body reacts in the only way it has been accustomed to and that is feeling pain
But the more I think about you, the more i see only joy, no pain and no sadness
And the pain subsides and is replaced by butterflies in my stomach
And I am petrified of butterflies but because they are a product of your love, I have grown to love them myself.
And I am petrified of loving someone as deeply as I do you but because the product of your love for me is joy in my life, I want to be the source of joy in yours.

A home is where one should feel most comfortable
And I was never able to understand the proverb of home is where the heart is
but you’ve made a home for my heart comfortably with yours and now everything seems clear.
My heart resides with you and so my home is you.
And I know that this is dangerous territory I am walking on because now you have all the power to take my heart and shatter it
But this risk I’m willing to take because for your love I would give you my heart to shatter a thousand times over and over again.

But you, my love, are only capable of good.
The love you have for me, for others is enough proof of that.
You took an empty and broken vessel and turned it into something full of life.
You’ve turned my sleepless nights into something other than just me flooding my sorrows into my pillow case
You’ve turned the thought of my future into something other than just my survival, something other than just “making it another day”
You are who I owe all my progress to because since you’ve walked into my life you’ve been the only reason why I want to do well.
And, my love, when I tell you that I love you I mean it.
Ember Zola Jan 3
When you left you ripped my heart out of my body
But you also gave me a gift
The gift of my true self
The self I tried to hide from the world and myself

So thank you for ripping me apart so I had the strength to rebuild
Rise up as the true me who no longer worries what others think

I just wished we could have walked this road together
RBWhite 3d
I don't know another way to cry,
Than to write down my blood sprawled on the ground,
I can't think of another way out,
Than to be striped down of my walls,
I will lay bare and say to them how everything made no sense and at the same time, I won't be afraid to love again.
They call them dream catchers
The ones that steal you away
They're hidden inside the pretty girls
Written on they're smiles
Twisted in they're spines
You can never really tell when they have you wrapped up in there web
They're hidden like a black rose in a red bouquet
Tossed to the curb worthless n fake
Dream catchers will caress you in a safety net of sweet sleep
They'll fill you with feelings
They'll make you feel safe
But dream catchers never give back the dreams built up by days and later by nights
She'll ****** you to stay and then she'll make you want to run away
Dream catchers are often gorgeously framed
There beauty is like no others they're beauty reals you in
Not knowing there silently hiding under cover
Lay low for awhile cover up words with a smile
Don't give in to the **** they pass off as trust
They only have one goal in mind
It's only a matter of time
They'll slip into your life sneak into your room they'll be waiting on your bed blending in with the seams
They look like Pretty girls and there Trying to catch your dreams
"Falling in love"
is the perfect description
The fear-filled sensation of anti-gravity
The wonder of the unknown
The adrenaline pulsing
Keeping me going
for you in every way
She's the one. The next one. The last one?
As you sleep peacefully next to me
I silently hold in the tears
I lightly shake my foot
And my heart painfully breaks.

To be so lonely
When only inches away
You lay.

As our souls die
In the bed we lie
Our hearts break
And no longer we can take.

Our paths separate
Our love fades
Though it didn’t last long
The pain will linger for decades

You are my first true
I thought you were the one
But now I must let you fly
Like the Dove
You are my love.

Until we meet once more.
zero Jan 12
sometimes I feel lost in the bed sheets;
clinging onto a body I wasn't made to
I woke up clutching a pillow with her name on the tip of my tongue.

Jane Jan 10
you. you get inside my head.
you like it in there, it feels like home.
you belong in there,
and i'm sorry, but i must ask you to leave.

you. you ****** this up.
you ****** me up, and i can't fall back.
you don't need me,
and i need to find a way to move on.
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