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ok okay Jul 11
She can be spotted half a mile away
Black clothes stand out on a sunny day
Smiles form and bad thoughts fade
Each breath she takes
Takes my breath away
I am lost for words
There is not much to say
Yet I still wish I could relive this day

Maybe I am too awkward to be a lover
It would be so easy to find another
I can only express myself in ink
But I hope this still gives you a chance to think about it
i wna give this to the girl i like but like anxiety !!!
Rickey Spence Jun 22

I committed no crime,
So why then do I run?
Maybe I’ve run out of time,
And I can’t stand to be outdone.

As I run, I leave clues,
To divert anyone who stalks.
Random things like clews,
I’ve changed basic characteristics.

Maybe I’m bad at leaving ’em, unless
The detectives are bad at reading.
But they find me nonetheless,
As I try to explain this misunderstanding.

I argue my case – innocence,
They are not convinced.
I plead guilty – acquiescence,
They pick up on the nuanced.

Why is everything backwards?
No one understands me.
Headache and confusion afterwards,
With me no one seems to agree.

But then the detective joins me,
They don’t turn me in.
I can’t grasp it, should I flee?
My emotional reserve, dried like a raisin.
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Nigdaw Jun 22
You make me feel awkward
Your beauty a weapon
Rendering me speechless and helpless
I am one of the waifs and strays
Standing in the shadows
Observing the game, looking for losers
Potential friends.
we need some space,
some time alone.
But yet,
everytime I ask,
they laugh,
and laugh,
and jeeringly ask,
'What's wrong?'
Maybe I don't want to talk,
Maybe I don't need to talk;
we just need space.
Isla May 23
I don’t know you
not really anyway
it’s small talk if not silence

but I do know that
you want to be reborn as flowing water
me as a ray of light

in another way
in another life
just maybe
we could learn to love each other
What am I doING
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