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Adriana Rose Jun 23
My husband and I stood in line
To meet his hero.
After shaking hands,
We realized
They had on matching shoes.

I said “you’re sole mates”
No one laughed.
Kassan Jahmal Jun 22
Not a fan of long hugs.
I naturally walk fast,
so it's hard for me to take slow
walks in a romantic park.

Awkward at love sometimes

Not one to give romantic kisses,
at times a hopeless romantic.
One who won't argue when it comes to dishes,
but when you ask me why I love you, I may panic.

Awkward at love sometimes

Not someone to hit the dance floor,
I have two left feet.
Don't go out a lot of times, being at home alone is my norm.
Feel shy at times when I have to greet, and overthinking a lot of things.
At times I sell myself short,
but I try not to sell you dreams.

Awkward at love sometimes

Not one to easily click with your friends,
give me sometime to get to know them.
Never had the experience of having so many girlfriends.
Feel like a five when I'm dating a ten;
and express my emotions better with a pen.

Don't cry a lot, but when I do it's not a pretty sight,
Don't get angry a lot, but when I do it even gives me a fright.
Dressing formal isn't my kind of suit,
shorts and long sleeve shirts rolled, is my signature look.
Don't like to think too much about the future,
and at times don't like being called cute.  

I'm awkward at love sometimes,
so much so it's hard to disguise.

So can I least find someone to be awkward with me too.
c Feb 24
A peek behind the curtain:
I've tightened the rope
I've split up the track
And hold steadfast the ends (no slack)
Spinning above, mid-air like some antisocial acrobat
I've learned the words
I've carved the face
To only read smile
While the rest seem to float
All show
No rope, though
that could be an act--as well--

Michael Feb 19
A window peeper.
'O who could it be?
A window peeper.
Are they peaking at me?

I walk into a room and suddenly,
'feels like someone's eyes
are staring right back at me!
'O who could it be?

A window peeper!
But why should I care?
A window peeper!
Just go on and stare!

I hide myself and look,
and then I see
somebody's out the window
staring back in at me! ..
with a *******?

Oh, wait a sec!  Crap!
Am I the Window Peeper?
I don't even know.  I just wrote it based off an experience years ago.  While riding shotgun with my friend, my seat belt got stuck, and I was stuck staring out my window.  Someone thought I was staring at them, while I just couldn't turn around.
Betty Dec 2020
I don't want to follow your footsteps

with my two left feet in my two wrong shoes

If I take a path it's the one I will choose

my steps are my own

and I'll walk for a bit

maybe I'll find some shoes that will fit!
Awkward oddball kid in the brood-overbearing parents trying to make you fit...
Jay Dec 2020
I extend my beating heart to you,
fearful of your answer.
I don't know whether you'll take it
Or avoid me like a cancer.

Quoiromantic- that's what I am.
Sure, I may not be the same,
But I want to take a risk.
I want to play love's cruel game.

I may be miles away from you,
But if your feelings were ever true,
We could still attempt to try this out,
A 'test run', if you will, to get rid of doubt.
I feel like taking a chance, pushing out my nervous self toward the edge of danger.
Daniel Cuzzo Nov 2020
God, oh God, how little am I?
I have no wings with which to fly
and it’s something us humans want to do
(didn’t know if you knew).

God I am a silly man.
I don’t change my life even though I can.
I realized today I don’t like myself.
I pinch my ears to look like an elf.

I can’t see the light God.
Not the light when I die.
I take vitamin D3 though,
I shy away from the sky.

My balloon, so promising at first
was envied, sought out to burst.
Try as I might to create sustainable flight:
I’m not an engineer.  I hope that is clear.

The idea of completing tasks before,
meeting friends along the way,
the tasks, the tasks, the tasks are there,
friends are enemies, or I scare them away.
ugh. 2013 is becoming its own sub-genre at this point.  Hopefully, I'll find some good ones from other years to flesh out the collection.
Sara Kellie Nov 2020
Nothing lost is something won
in that awkward moment
between birth and death.

It wasn't meant to be a micro
poem but it just . . .
Cloud Giante Oct 2020
Once was extro
But now I’m intro
And trying to invert it
Word is , I’m not perfect
Bordering being worthless
Born without purpose
But you make me a better person
I wrote this while lamenting how awkward I am, the one person who was helping me be less awkward stopped replying, and now I’m back to square one it seems.
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