Lia Morrison Jul 17

I expected slow tenderness but,
like two cars in a rush to
get somewhere else,
our clumsy lips and tongues
for less than a minute.

Your crooked teeth bit at
the coyness
I tried to mask with red lipstick, and
the hardness
of your mouth and jeans
pressed against me,
but I didn't want this right away
and I should've told you
when you asked,
"So what do you want to do now?"

I wanted to lay with you and talk.
I wanted you to hold me.
We've got time.
Slow down, I'm new to this.

I should've told you.

But you guided my hand
and women on laptop screens guided
my mouth,
my body on auto-pilot.

It's right there, I can't say no.
I like you.
This is fine.

I'm fine.

I lay next to you.
You hold me.
I finally got what I wanted.
Did you?

It's two months later.
You tell me a hookup is going through the motions.

I like you. Why did it feel like that?

Inkveined Jul 3

I reached for it again earlier
Even though I told myself that I wouldn't
And I held it close to my skin
Sat there, staring down at the contrast
Before putting it away again
I always tell myself
It doesn't matter to me if I have scars
But then I think
It will matter to someone else
And I don't want to have to explain
Line after line
I'm not good at talking

Yes, this is about cutting. But it was a long time ago. And I didn't do it.
Nylee Jun 4

Saw her passing by
just like stranger
making it so strange
that she didn't even try

Friends , a decade ago
played together
grew together
awkward strangers now

Porto May 20

Jokes aside, what we're waiting for,
Is a penny promise, so cheap to take
And for you to stop ignoring us,

All jigs downstairs, falling
From my stilness
Ah, I remember
What you told me

Pounds of likeness, oozing from your
I just remembered
We have somewhere else to be


They don't go down easy
these words meant to soothe
they'll come back up later
with bile
churning and roiling


"time heals"?

like the hapless frog
suspended in his jar
awaiting the curious blade
of the laboratory scholar

this unnatural heap of flesh
sucked dry
pumped with chemicals
smeared with freakish makeup
collects the gawking stares

or the brief furtive glances

my mind shrieks
you came to look
you don't see

you say

This memory
this scene
this awkward scene
will play in my mind
like the test pattern
on old TV's

fixed there
humming its eerie monotone
black and white

I have always hated the idea of trying to make a dead body look "good".
I remember when my dad died people saying "he looks good" ...I wanted to scream "He doesn't look good! He looks dead!"
I plan to be cremated.
Natalie Apr 25

when I was a girl
my mother would make me
pull weeds in the garden
and I hated to pull them
because sometimes,
to me at least,
the weeds were prettier
than the roses in her garden
I know if she let them
grow wild and free
they would kill off the roses
I guess I kinda
felt bad for the weeds
getting plucked from the ground
and tossed to the side
just so this average flower
could look more beautiful
cause who didn't like a rose?
I guess I felt bad
because I never really
felt like a rose
and had always been
treated like a weed

Khay Mar 20

Its a funny kind of weird seeing you with someone else
There are painted fingers now where my palm used to rest,
beautiful curls where this head used to lie
Its a funny kind of awkward walking past you now
Always thought it would be me there...right beside you
Its a funny kind of awkward living without you now
You're just another person moving on without me

WJ Thompson Mar 18

Words etched into the wall (above)
by the augmented fifth
Merely (below) displaced fifth
Blistering drywall
Voweling (in) out the love song
Caramelizing (out) paint
German Shepherd tilts
his (between) her head
Doesn't quite like (around)
The augmented fifth

What an awkward chord.
Jade Melrose Feb 5

I set my alarm to 6:23
I like awkward numbers
something about how the last digit sticks out to the rest
making it less than whole
yet still enough
appeals to me
comforts me
so imperfect that it feels more perfect than perfect numbers

8:19 pm
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