Haasje Dec 2017

So I met this girl a while back.
Well I didn't, but I feel like I did.
So, I saw this girl a while back.
Although, it was from a distance.

I did go to her!
Mostly stumbled, actually.
I did say hi to her,
No, I yelled to be honest.

She smiled at me.
I giggled, I believe.
She asked to go for a coffee.
Apparently I said no...

Linsey Burgan Dec 2017

“Merry Christmas,
I guess.”

Christmas spirit fills the room
but not the heart
of the solemn girl in the corner

Joyous smiles try
to “cheer” up the
young scrooge

The only thing that
will “cheer” this
little grinch

Is the thought that
those smiles of distant relatives
will soon be on their way home

She doesn’t hate Christmas
just the anxiety that
comes with entertaining relatives

As the last family member
steps out onto the porch
she finally smiles

“Merry Christmas!”

social anxiety is real, friends.
KatThebliss Dec 2017

Sunlight swathes the car door window, warming my shoulder with southern heat.
Tunes hum, rattling around in the radio, patiently waiting their turn to serenade me next.
The anxiety coats the air like warm milk in your stomach, clinging to the interior of the vehicle.
Words are few, silence abundant in it's absence, it only pauses for brief discussion.
There is not much left to say, the worst is over. New chapters begin, the fear seeps out and reality creeps in.

. . .
Nathan A Brock Dec 2017

Sometimes I feel awkward
I'm standing in a group of people
and they are staring
Because, at first, I was speaking
but now I'm silent
and they are uncomfortable
so am I

Sometimes I feel dumb
I'm searching for words
but I find none
I have no words when you're
standing in front of me
yet I choose to write poetry
Ironic isn't it?

Sometimes I feel trapped
Trapped in social disorder
that limits my ability
to communicate with others
Alone when I don't want to be
When I don't have to be

And yet

Sometimes I feel hope
because the more I write
the better I get with words
and the easier it gets

Jaycee Dec 2017

With you I feel complete,
Like any awkward pieces
that I thought didn't fit
found all the right spaces.

lostboy Nov 2017


                                ...my fingers can bleed on command!

Renée Casey Nov 2017

you make a joke
and i smile
my eyes slide up
to meet yours
and that face
that once was painted
with the hues
of familiarity and comfort
is gone

replaced now with the face
of someone who isn't
a stranger.

Caleb Stevens Nov 2017

Remember homecoming night?
We were awkward.
Wouldn't look at eachother.
Laughing in my head.
Wishing we weren't friends.

cassie sky Nov 2017

I'm at your new girls party
I go to take a piss
I see her hugging your body
Oh so naturally I hiss
It wasn't supposed to be like this

Her eyes locked on mine
As if to say “you’ve had these times”
I know that look, know he's hurtin
Pay no attention, keep slip slurpin

Of course I've had those times
I've seen more than you could fathom
That's why I have to craft these rhymes
Let loose my inner dragon

Far too long I stayed afloat
Even though I was breathin fire
Gotta find some new ways to cope
Before I end up on a pyre

When are we supposed to let go
I don't think I'll ever know
N what the fuck is meant to be anyway
I am a wanderer in an endless maze
The hunts got me slippin away
Slurpin, sippin, slippin away

Jaycee Nov 2017

The truth?
I’ll treat you like an acquaintance
until I won’t have to know you anymore.

I just can’t get myself to trust you again.
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