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Philomena May 23
I suppose I should be honest
I am confused

One minutes i'm ****** that you won't even say Hi
And the next I understand because I don't know how to face you

So I suppose I'm sorry
Sorry because there is no easy way to do this
I'm really sorry
I don't think there's something like life after death.
Isn't life and death just a lightswitch? It'll take a little time to install the lightswitch and then your body is here. When you turn on the light your soul is here and when you die the lightswitch goes off. And Only your body is left, the extinguished lightbulb.


It's 2AM, get some sleep.
~ Note to self

If you want to talk about this "theory" or anything else feel free to mail me on hellopoetry.
I don’t like my mind right now,
driving myself crazy over the thought of you.
But nothing I do seems to let you go.

I’m going ******* crazy,
trying to hold on to something not there
because you continue to haunt me.

Anytime I think you’re finally gone,
you come back.
Making me feel like everything is my fault,

that I’m the reason you left in the first place.
I wish I could be comforted by my own company,
but I hate being alone.

I don’t know how to trust myself anymore,
or anyone for that fact.
I’m looking in the mirror

and not liking what I see again.
Maybe if I was beautiful,
or maybe even half of what you wish I was.

Then, and only then, could you accept me.

Love me for who I am

and not the thought of who you want me to be.
Sorry for all the kind of depressing stuff lately, you can thank my sleepless nights for those.  :)
Lorrin Jan 27
Hot tears and empty loneliness.
Sharp razor kissing soft flesh.
Whiskey breath. Seeing in threes.
Warm bed and soft caresses.
Gentle kisses. Soft love.
What does 2 AM look like?
driving alone at 2 a.m. again
   there’s no more you in the passenger seat

the rain and i are alone at 2 a.m. again
    there’s no more you to dance to thunder with

i’m staring at the ocean at 2 a.m. again
    there’s no more you to tell me about the moon

i’m terrified of being alone at 2 a.m. again
      there’s no more you to save me from myself
Mpoet Jan 11
Were sitting together
after 2 am
are bodies are close
and our eyes are locked
a blush is creating
we can't say anything
cause our mouths are sealed.

a cigarette in my hand
traveling to my mouth
it gets rid of the stress
like seeing you in the morning light
you're like coffee in the morning
after a night with no sleep
you make me feel like there's
nothing that we cant be.

When we kiss I can feel
the spark in between
I hope you never leave the
the rooftop
on which we always dream
of a better future
and the ways we can run away
from the things that make our life
seem in pain.

So stay with me
on the rooftop
after 2 am
so we can
watch the moon shimmer
with the stars up ahead.
Talis Ren Nov 2018
Legends never die
Because only upon death
Does a man become a martyr
And a man cannot die twice
Talis Ren Nov 2018
the moon drags by
dragging every notion from
the crevices of my mind
and i lay awake at 2 am
when malformed words swirl in my head
they merge into half-made thoughts
things i wish i had said
things i might say tomorrow
and phrases i will forget

i only remember the ones
that stick to the insides of my skull
and whisper sweet nightmares in my ears
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