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Pseudonym Mar 15
i walk down these hallways
smiles facing me everywhere
i look.

i try to escape the prison
but never succeed.

some people say that popularity
is a blessing but i say it's a curse.

all my secrets on a spreadsheet
for everyone to see.

every flaw on show like a band
at a concert.

i try to cover them up but never can.

some days i wish i could go back to my old school.

the one where nothing was public.

everything was hidden and known only by my
friends and i.

the place where being unknown was the good thing.

but now you have to be popular.

you can't possibly be unknown unless you're homeschooled.

every day i fantasize about what life would be like if we were all just

Aisha Mar 3
I’ve never felt so stressed in my life
felt so much pressure
To perform

I’ve always felt anxious to amount to them
To relate

I’ll never be what I always wanted I wanted to be someone, without trying, without mistakes
To be perfect

I’ve learned to prioritize
The only person who can always root for you is yourself
To be honest

I’ve only recently learned to care for me
So please don’t ask me why I’m not doing something that they are

I’m me and they’re them.
We will never equate.
I’ll make sure of that.
I always wanted to be popular until I realized how much I valued my privacy. I can now enjoy the luxury of speaking for myself.
That’s all I’ve ever wanted.
Annika J Jan 4
Do we write
To make others think
Original thoughts
Poured into
Poured into words
Do we write
To create something new

Or do we write to grab attention
Appeal to what's already built
Follow the same rutted paths
For the sake of
A fierce human need
A beast that can corrupt
For the sake of food
And can destroy creativity
Just to follow another's path
Just to be known
To be seen

Or do we write for
Blending our own ideas
With those of others
Hoping to be heard

And what makes popularity?
What is it that grabs our attention
And pulls us in
And makes us lose ourselves
For the sake of being known?
Basic Strain Nov 2018
One day
There lived a man
Who knew, he knows nothing

In the age of populatity
Growth in humanity
Everyone knew almost everything

But no one knew more
Than the man who knows
Sabika H Oct 2018
What fun this is!
To have people cheering
in your vision!
Fueling your ambition!

It's like all the voices that doubted you
are done!
And you and your supporters
are just having fun
as you dance while you fail
and dance while you succeed,
and you just become filled
with a pleasant greed
and motivation
as you feel like you an your dreams
are set in full motion!

But how devastating it all becomes
when this all goes in an instant
and everyone gets distant
and bored
because they never really cared
if you scored.

In a time like this you remember
that you are always on your own,
and the only people that might have cared
were just you and your folks
back at home.
Anya Sep 2018
A dog
For it’s owner
In my case
For more likes
We all look to society, often in the form of social media, for verification. Even Hellopoetry for some.
Haylin Aug 2018
I do not know the feeling of popularity,
nor the feeling of being hated by all.
I'm just in the middle.
I'm me
Haylin Aug 2018
A teenagers dream. Something few deserve, something most don't get. The word that you think can change your image, looks, and life.

And then you graduate,
and then you realize,
is just a title
and means nothing,
In the real world
Haylin Aug 2018
Don't tell me
what you learned in school
was useless

every day

the number of likes
you got on your selfie
to figure out the value
of your beauty,

perfectly formed tweets
to exude creativity and wit
you wish you
actually possessed,

status updates
from former friends
who always seem
to be doing something

become curious
about the lives
of people
you've never met,

why you waste
your time
comparing yourself
to carefully crafted personalities
that exist only
for Internet audiences
they would otherwise
be too afraid
to address.

Don't tell me
what you learned in school
was useless.
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