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Time of death:
When you told me you don't love me anymore.
Place of death:
The park where we met,
on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
I remember the dreaded words which escaped your lips,
the heat in your words,
the look on your face,
as I took a metaphorical bullet to the chest;
it hurt like Hell.
Cause of death:
When you stabbed me in the heart for the first
and last time.
A fatal blow.
But in the coroner's office,
all the report will ever show is:
time of death:
Cause of death:
Trauma to the chest.
When your heart gets broken by someone, it feels like you've been struck in the chest. The air feels like it's been knocked right out your lungs and you feel as though you can't breathe. You feel a mixture of emotions all blurred into one mess. You play the final exchange in your head over and over again, and each time it gets harder and harder. Heartbreak. It feels like you've been stabbed in the back and shot in the chest all at once.
Destiny annalia May 2018
I still love you
i'll always love you
and if I ever lost you,
i'd have concrete on my feet
and water in my lungs
you are my oxygen,
my problems are carbon dioxide
I still have issues,
when you're near
all I breathe is oxygen
Destiny annalia May 2018
Your eyes
Swimming pools of colors you’ll never see
Black, white
Whatever I look like
Thank you
For seeing
colorblind boy, paint me in your perspective
Destiny annalia Apr 2018
You laugh at my jokes and blush as I tease
You drive me insane and I swear you’re flirting with me

Please reply

I’ve thought this for a while
So I decided to say
I like you a lot, but I know you don’t feel the same way

Please reply 

You’re straight and I know I can’t change that.
Am I just telling myself what I want to hear,
Is it true that those intertwined hand holds were anything but queer

Please reply

They fit like puzzle pieces and I swear when we pull away..
Its like they don’t want to let go, they just want to stay

And oh how I wish they could. 

Please reply 

They depart slowly and I can still feel the heat
Sadly not the warmth from your rosy red cheeks

Please reply 

Is it true that when we locked eyes, blushed and chuckled,
It was nothing, simply a friend, your bright eyes rebuttal

Please reply  

Is it true that my heart beat shouldn’t have increased and my face shouldn’t have turned red
Is it true I shouldn’t be lying here writing about you alone in my bed
Or at all

Please reply

please reply



Destiny annalia Apr 2018
Curly hair that tangles within my finger tips

Glasses that magnify into my eyes, seeking my soul as you bite my lip

Hands that not only play the guitar, but grip my hips and never let me go far

Arms that wrap me up and tie me down

You cover my mouth so I don’t make a sound

You used to hold me through the night

Now its like the floor is falling and i'm losing my sight

I lost you and now I’ve lost everything

You are my heart my soul, my saving grace

Our hearts are magnets, but with same poles

Like metal umbrellas mixed with lightening bolts
Destiny annalia Apr 2018
I miss seeing your lyrics
abstractly spread about across your screen
Reading them..
not letting you know the things I had seen
Once we went our seperate ways
Dark and blurred became my days
Writing about you
While you write about her
Listening to your songs about us
And how I didn’t listen enough
And then one day..
I had to listen to your songs about her
The one whom treats you right
And deserves you,
Unlike me
Destiny annalia Apr 2018
i remember when we met, we clicked instantly
i still remember how much you meant to me

i remember feeling whole in your arms
like not even a meteor could keep us apart

i remember when you told me you had been cheating
and how i begged for you to stay

you were the first person to ever make me feel worth something
and then you took my imaginary worth away

i remember when you told me you loved me,
and then told me you didnt actually mean it

i remember all the people ive left,
just because they werent you

i remember their words, in pain as i left
but all i can remember is the love i felt for you

ill never love anyone like i loved you
so why should i love?

its been 3 years
i know you dont care
i know all this is just wasted air
youll brush this to the side
just like how you did me
but i loved you
with a love that was so rare
one that no one else will ever experience
because how could i ever love anyone
like i loved you
fell for an ugly guy with a beautiful heart and a love for girls in other countries.
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