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Woe the soul who witnessed crime, yet kept it to himself.
**** the dogs who stole the Jewels then celebrated stealth.
Pity they who pilfered gems yet shared no soul the tale,
Indulged, instead, in pious greed, all truthfulness curtailed.
They who know that right is wronged yet utter not a word
Inherit, then, a slice of blame for all the wrong incurred.
And ****** are they who simper in conspiracy to fraud
Secrete away in silence to all.... except the Lord.
That courage fails the witness when intimidation’s hurled
With cloaks of guilt descending as the black flag is unfurled.
Gone these mighty concepts of truth conferred to all
Instead a silence echoes to the stench within the hall.

26 June 2019
Beetles creep & earthworms writhe
In soil and leafage mould
Where men, in towers' ivory
Broach loud and souls are sold.
Honesty and purity
Enflower places plain
But pompousness and leather hearts
Merely promulgate distain.
Distancing the words, effete,
Conjure portals cold
Whilst wallowing in self esteem
Seldom glints of gold.
Instead the psalms of simple chime
The bells of true release,
Where meek and mild and unposessed
sweat blood and bleed for peace.
Where the stroke of brush, unfettered,
Lets the masterpiece unfold,
And children sit enthralled, only,
When tales of truth are told.

Prodded to invoke a response to Darrell Landstrom's trenchant verse
"Oh Friends of Twilight"
Hope flies out the window fast
Bottom empty no repast,
Moment born of cancers’ child
Status hangs unreconciled
Woe be they who lay it thin
Who stalk these dark nights, plundering.
Woe be they who keep their guard
Abreast, and lo behold, ******
That which causes heart to sing
Despite the hurt imbued within.

Solitary, lonely way
Through this enigmatic day.

When, in truth,  potentials lie
Through yonder, bright magenta sky,
Through reams of iridescent verse
Orated daily, unrehearsed,
Bowls of olives, black, in oil
Turkish loaf, foccascia foil
laughing girls in skimpy skirts
Raucous till he belly hurts….

But futile in this state of woe
As bitter bile now sours the show.

Towering in halls of cloud
Mouthing ,hard, jawbone aloud
Struggling to hold intact
Counterpoints to interact,
Damning inconsistencies,
Weak deniability’s
Betrayal slides In cuts of time
Agonising back teeth grind
Quivering in searing pain
Every good, undone again.

Stalking hard to places thin
Solitude… eviscerating,

Emptiness imbues the light
Shatters soul in shoals of fright,
Delve hopelessly to hopeless ways
Scream as light refracts in waves,
Wallowing to places thin
Wavering to lost within.
Weakness in the cold half light
Shattered prospects drenched in fright,

Rabid eyes withdrawn in face
Incarcerate hot hatred’s trace.

Better now in light of day
Sunshine beaming in to play,
***** count resumes its gain
Flocculant reduces pain
Shame slides in the door ajar
Embarrasment impinged afar.

Amazing how a cup of tea
Resurects the life in me.

14 April 2019
Close brush with death tends to focus the "not so nice side "of the character
Poignant  that, on this, most reverent of days,  ANZAC day in Australia and New Zealand where a remembering, respectful  population honour their war dead and pledge that no repeat of this can be tolerated…. that the world is reeling from two major, terrorist massacres perpetrated within the month in New Zealand and Sri Lanka.
Warfare of a different kind where the enemy cannot be bombed or defeated by a defending or invading force. An enemy that materialises out of the mist, exacts its atrocity with barbaric, sudden fury then fades back into the ether leaving no signature, no evidence, no trace of remorse.

Poignant , In a world left uncertain of its tomorrows we see the  European Economic Community  hanging in the balance, with the Mediterranean members teetering on financial collapse.
Germany held hostage by growing dependence on Siberian natural gas.
France, preoccupied and at loggerheads with its fascist street uprisings.
Britain, hopelessly enmeshed and mired in Brexit.
Ukraine on a knife edge against blatant Russian aggression and adventurism, particularly in view of the inexperience and total lack of savvy of its newly elected (comedian)President and its, often voiced, potential admission to NATO, (Which completely infuriates the Russians).
With Turkey on fast track to a Dictatorship and bowing low to Russian subsidised cheap fuel and gas via the Black Sea pipelines.
With the Middle East/ Syria/Palestinian/Israeli conflagration continuing.
The United States under a moronic, Donald Trump presidency withdrawing from NATO to fortress America and alienating its allies, worldwide, on a daily basis.
With an alarmed Japan rearming as quickly and quietly as possible.
With North Korea rampaging around Asia threatening with dumb bombast and its new found nuclear lever.
With Putin, the wealthiest man in the world, taking a cut from every deal on the table, from the Mafia barons, from the Oligarchs, from the peasants in the street….all the while lusting for power and Russian rule of the old Baltic states and, ultimately, rule of all of continental Europe.
And then there is China, planning 500 years in advance, already the blueprint set, once the nuclear umbrella dissolves, ready  for instant occupation of the priceless jewels of South East Asia and the defenceless, food and mineral rich nations of the South Pacific.

Poignant, that on this most reverent of days we hand our children the baton of influence of our tomorrows.
A crucible of golden opportunity or a deadly poisoned chalice?

Perhaps Sir Winston Churchill was right when he told the House of Commons in a sad and bitter voice, way back in 1945,
“****** War has taught us nothing about how we must not be.”

Cambridge N.Z.
25 April 2019
I gaze into my crystal ball, discern amidst the haze
A world so far removed from that of now, it would amaze,
Where catapulting incidents collide like billiard *****
And sense defies belief as renaissance makes the calls.

Blueprints fresh from Internet supply the suitcase blast
Where the terrorist’s, simultaneously, ignite in cities cast
From Moscow to New York, Beijing to Berlin
*** Paree to London town then way out east again,
Budapest, Jerusalem Calcutta burning all
And Tokyo is levelled in a ghastly nuclear pall.

Kneejerk reaction triggers contrails in the blue
Crisscrossing all the continents obliterating through
An overkill so vicious that in seconds it is past
And the living cling in horror, bearing witness… aghast.

Restraints are erased as the opportunists dash
Flotillas from the Spratleys sprint to occupy and cash
In on the minerals, oil and potential food supplies
Of uncontaminated nations found beneath Pacific skies.
Hindi, Jew and Muslim settle scores bereft with years
Of resentment accrued in a flood of blood and tears.

A sudden realisation of immensity of loss
Curtails the destruction in retrenchment across
The habitable outposts, the dearth of supply
And the daunting prospects of a nuclear winter sky.
Global collapse of all electronic gear
No power, no phones, and no cars now…for years.
Electromagnetic impulse put paid to all that
And the day is as dark as the cold night is black.

And here all we sit, in the here and the now
On the verge of catastrophes’ teetering tower,
With a fools pudgy finger just inches above
The nuclear button…and all that we love.
……You fear the insanity, sense the insane
Knowing that people like this are holding the reign?
Knowing that volatility strikes
Like the shot of a gun and the ****** of a knife.

I don’t have the answers to hand
But someone out there, knows how…and can.
The sands of time are running low


Planet Earth
6 March 2019
There, in the light of a summer, long gone, lie shadows of laughter, remnants of love.
There in the dust rings, echos of recall, sunspots flaunt blue yonder above .
Recalling eyes that wept for the fun of it, cried with the tragedy,. Teardrops of crave
Surges of memory washing in wavelets cleansing, scarring,  riding the wave.

Oh for that feeling of splendid simplicity running in sand at the surge of the tide
No place to be, no timetable proffered, freedom on little boys giant slippery slide.
Ice creams, apricots, luscious and juicy frolic with maiden’s free blonde, tousled hair,
Frothy short petticoats bounce in the sunshine, youth without traces of worry or care.

Breathless in nights of gathereing twilight, breathless falls this magical  air,
Wondrous in such lilting beauty, soft hanging tones of Autumn fair.
There in the light of summer gone, shadows of laughter, remnants of love,
Memories flood to overflowing, indigo glints the starlight above.

The Satins of Autumn Approacheth…
February 21 2019
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