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The wind whistling, through the trees,
Your face tingling, in the sun beams,
The glimmer of raindrops, on wildflowers,
Beautiful clouds, filling the empty hours,
Grains of sand, trickling down,
to the bottom of the glass,
The scratch of the lighter, as you light your smoke,
and prepare to pass,
The longing desire, for the next inhale,
Keep the lighter ready, if the joint is stale,
Simple pleasures, fulfilling empty desire,
Twinkling eyes, gaze at the fire,
The weight has lifted,
it’s never been so light,
Another deep breath,
watch the joint glow bright,
The air has never, smelled so sweet,
This pine forest, is your new retreat,
Steady yourself, at the base of a tree,
For the first time, you are free.
"Grains of sand trickling down, to the bottom of the glass" the "glass" is an hourglass referencing to time which is mentioned more than one in this poem. It is a play on how we all are so worried about time and it going by too fast or too slow, but with one cloudy inhale we can stop worrying about it all together, and truly appreciate the little things. Little things like the sound of wind, the smell of trees, the glimmer of raindrops on flower petals.
Lewis Carroll rows a boat
   Gently down the stream,
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily:
   Life is but a dream.

Twinkle, twinkle, little bat
   Way up in the sky.
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily
   I am very high.
When, or how, or if, or what
                Is the Akond of Swat?

Has ever he had a drink with an elf?
When he drinks, does he prove his swatty self
                A SOT,
                The Akond of Swat?

When he wants to get high, does he pack a pipe,
And puff, till cherried, a bowl of ripe
                GREEN ***,
                The Akond of Swat?

Someone, or nobody, full of snot,
Knows when, or how, or if, or what
                Is the Akond of Swat.
(I'm pointing at me)
s(t)ays hi(gh).




He says stay high.
He says goodbye.
According to legend,
if you stare into a mirror,
in a dark room,
lit with candles,
& say "Mary Jane" three times,
while smoking dabs,
you get high as ****.
flowers dry
leaves fall of
an amazing potpourri.
You age.Your beauty and strength diminishes and children leave you.
But you still count grandmother aunt friend advisor ( frame, home wreaths, hangings).
A soft ****** ape,
& Dharma geek,
I dream asleep
& wide awake.

My third eye peers,
so ****** i'm rocked.
Half-baked ideas
are under-cooked.
Johnny walker Feb 26
Sometimes on rain-filled days, I'd watch the rain forming droplets and  running down the window pane, sometimes when there were two or three I would have a little
Which one would get to the bottom of the sill first then when bored would gaze beyond the wet streets Imagine I was somewhere else a
A place far from where I was, used to work for me take away the boredom for while till the rain stopped and out would come a rainbow
I would think about the *** of gold supposed to be at the end of the rainbow old wife tale, but as a kid, I believed  
Many a time I'd go chasing
over the fields but never reach the end even though It would always appear so
Go chasing rainbows as a kid looking for that put of gold
of cause never found It but It didn't stop me trying
IncholPoem Jan 15
The  ***   is
in     ***.

That   ***  was
   in  potter's
bed  room.

What  will
           happen  ahead  !

           Potter   will   sell
to  the
e-commerce  site
in  London  where
ban  is  continuous
for  pub's


                  The  pet  can
                   die  due  to  lack
of  oxygen.

                 Pet  was  to  be
                   poisoned  to   die
                      due  to  huge
                      amount   of

                       insurance  coverage.
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