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Harmony Jan 2017
written January 3rd, 2017

"Hypocracies flood my mind, time after time

I'm not fine, I'm lying when I say these things in my mind are just all composed of rhymes and lullabies

To get me by

Time flies, yet compositions on white boards and ideas of how I want to be are at an intertwine

Inside - it's one thing

On the outside - I can't compromise"
Harmony Jan 2017
written November 27th, 2016

"Minds wandering across laterals


Intangible thoughts of processes

I am overwhelmed

I can't think of these impossibles, imaginable

And I gotta say

I feel pretty ******

Creativity crosses my mind as minds shout their processes

Time is running out

We must act smart

We must act fast"
Harmony Jan 2017
written  November 15th, 2016

"Sometimes I envy those who lie vacant in space, composed of Stardust, creating energies so naturally and effortlessly

Sometimes I envy the amount of beauty they shed on to this earth

Sometimes I envy them - because they knew their potential was to be used outside of what lies before our blinded eyes

And they knew that what they once saw, adjacent to our own vision - wasn't good enough

Sometimes I envy the quick and easy relief they felt

When they overflowed their lungs with water, took a metal handle to their head, or sat in their car for one last nap

Closed their eyes, inhaled, and accepted that they were too great for this world to handle

Sometimes I envy that they no longer feel the stress of societies standards

Sometimes I wish I had the confidence to do as they had done to themselves

And sometimes I wish I also slipped away into the vast abyss"
Harmony Jan 2017
written November 15th, 2016

"Some say your favorite color sneaks up on you

A repetitive slate that shows itself time and time again

Some say depression does the same

One day - you're feeling alright, the next you're dwelled in this feeling of desire

Desire for the sweet kiss of death to lay its lips upon your cheek

Affection always was highly underrated

And so you lie there - body aching, trying not to throw up, tired of your time, life, dignity

And you wander where all this time has gone and how you ended up here

Yet if one thing is for sure,

You're content in the pitch black nothingness that surrounds you,

Black is a new favorite"
Harmony Jan 2017
written November 7th, 2016

" All we are is minds bouncing ideas off each other's tongues,

tying together words and knotting the ends of each sentence with and emotional appeal

It's not all ethos pathos logos my friends

Tongues conversing, starting up the engine until you switch gears to  cruise along, floating while speaking your deepest thoughts

It's hard to get your brain to say the right words to emulate how you feel

Constantly trying your hardest to get your points across,

Knowledge is just an essence of this notion

And experience is just an additional charge

Metaphors are meaningless when you are lonely and scared

And I just want to continue to flick my tongue in order for you to feel my pain"
Harmony Jan 2017
written October 16th, 2016

"I hate their way of living

There's a bowl on the floor

There's ash covering the counter tops so I'm moving next door

I'm tired of the noise, the dumbfound statements, and the fights

I'm tired of hearing *** for 2 hours every night

I hate how selfish they've become, taking advantage of others

Getting money from their parents yet refusing to speak to their mother

So goodbye to this hell hole, I will miss very little

I hope you all enjoyed my stupid mockery of Paul's 'riddles' "
Harmony Jan 2017
written October 13th, 2016



Close your eyes and embrace this

Float along, like sprawled out wings overhead

Slowly moving, back and forth

It's time now

Hold my hand

And I will take you to a land that you have never imagined

Awe at the black night sky above

The infinite possibilities and star lit path to

A universe we will never know

But look deep into my eyes, and I promise

I can show you something you have always wanted

Pour your passions into a jar, we will put it on our kitchen shelf

And you

You, my love

Can grow with me

In a universe of us"
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