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Shiloh Grey Jul 25
No more truth or dares
Continuously becoming more aware
Instead of asking why things aren't fair
I remember there's a reason why we carry
a spare


Giving thanks to why it occurred
The universe wants you to not focus on the words
But on the feeling that you now behold

If anger should appear
Look at it and realize it stems from fear
Put faith in the universe
That the solution is closer than near

Inner peace is the most freeing thing
Because only you can decide on how you
will be
Not outside factors that will eventually flee
mila splawska Jul 12
one day, you’re going to be sitting at your kitchen table, drinking your second morning coffee while sun streams in through the window. and on your third or fifth or maybe seventh sip, it’s going to hit you like a train. everything you’ve lost. all the memories we could’ve made.
if you want to, leave.
but don’t you dare call me at nine a.m. on my favorite day of the week, hyperventilating while you sob into your mug, to tell me how much you need me.
- don’t you dare. hear me?
Ella R Jul 12
Let’s play a game, Dear
Of spirit and sin
A game that I master
And that I’ll always win

Oh that look of dark suspicion
When I tell you what to play
That anxious hesitation
That smile that runs away

Such joy to see you falter
While you look for an excuse
When you know what’s next to come
When I start to make you choose

Could take Dare to be your choice
Thinking that should be alright
For there could be nothing worse
Than the truth to come to light

Well, you think you get away
Almost start to get amused
But what, Dear, if I dare you
To tell me the truth

So you feel your palms get sticky
And your pulse rate starts to rise
When you see the state of things
When you finally realize

Although it’s obvious by now
And there’s not much left to do
Just to make it clear and final
Let me lay it out for you

No matter what you choose
You'll Be left in despair
So what do you say, Dear
Truth or Dare
Nocturne Jul 9
I dared to dream,
That maybe one day, I would finally be happy.
I dared to hope,
That one day, I may no longer be lost.
I dared to think,
That all that I dared to do would bring me peace.
at your own peril!

dare to vex

provoke, antagonize, exasperate

that is what my words will do

they won't irritate or annoy,
bug or merely peeve,
a simple bother

your core,
that you more
than mere question yourself
but riptide extracts the
battery acid on the essence bared

learn the power of crafting words
for maximum effect

torment, infuriate,
expose yourself,
what has lain beneath the skin,
you will let me in,
to let you out

why play with poetry,
the most dangerous weapon
unless you nakedly intend to

!dare to vex!
Ken Pepiton Jun 27
Were I a whale, cartoon or

I would be for giving as good as I take,

think, subject ob service
auto shifts,
if you know auto, yourself.
teeny weeny plankton by the ton
as I cruise sans-effort, sans-trep
egone into ideation,

you would be crazy as hello-happys
with no good bye

were you to agree to think with me,

is this your pa
in my belly?

Ambergris, remember this,

some aromas, sweet perfuma, you can't believe, sans
gnose blowing

during the withdrawals from 6 o'clock news

and recovery from Bernays Virii.

Behold how great a matter turns, under your
standing and above

and beyond
all a non-liar can imagine having known for sure. Okeh? Wit'me?

I knew this old guy,
one time talked me into daring
the deed, you know, it's hard
for a whale to
let some mind find time,

he said, in code... ditty dum dum and al,
banging on a bulkhead, starboard side:

LSMFT, once prompted me to choose
Lucky Strike, twen'yficent a pack, straights,
for the knowing announced with a note on a pipe,
the smoking lamp is
lighted, or lit (I forgit). It made a good smoke.

That's a whale of a comprefriendable story,
cite ment to provoke a thought you never thught
possible, with no word
to express,
it past the flow, into the the ****** pool.

Life is a whale of a joke, don't you...

care. Okeh. You read, you'll survive.
If you can swallow a whale,

you can know common sense is unforgot,
get it. And with your getting,
get standing under, like a shower, you understand.

Whale of a feeling, eh?
A new voice in my realm, The daring little poem is provoking me daily.
Don't dare to conflict
With Medics

They can
They can knockout
Using all those
Vile medical terms

For that
For that one needs to
Get through entrance
Join Medical School
Hold on for years
Even more
Just to understand
What they said
Genre: Observational
Theme: Caution
Ash May 26
I sang a wish to the angel in my room
She blew back cosmos from the moon
And sprinkled stars atop my head
Daring my dreams to dance outside my head
kaitlyn May 3
Do I dare tell you how I feel?
I wonder..
Do I dare trust you?
I wonder..
Do I dare let you into my life?
I wonder..
Do I dare listen to you?
I wonder..
Do I dare let you assume things?
I wonder..
Do I dare argue back?
I wonder..
Do I dare end my life to prove a point?
Is it worth it, I wonder?
Maybe it is?
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