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Olivia Jane Jan 18
of course I’m angry
of course I’m sad
of course I’m broken
of course I’m mad
of course I’m happy
I’m filled with light
I’m not one to look for a fight
I need not look far, you see,
the fight is between me and me
It’s a tiny typhoon,
with the weight of the moon,
It drags me down to the sea - with no light
I try and try with all my might
for years I struggle
for years I fail
to protect myself
I build my own jail
I am my own warden
I am my own bars
but you see the freedom
of my painted scenery
the walls of my cell - mirrors to reality
if the mirror is broken
well, seven years bad luck
but at this point I don’t think I give a ****
so please let me rest
so please give me peace
I’m ready for that one final test
but if today’s not my day to meet my Lord and Savior
I have faith that He awaits to see what I endeavour
to see if I struggle
to see if I care  
to see if I fight
to see if I dare
I dare to dream
I dare to try
I dare to soar
I dare to fly
so from the sea I’ll breach my wings
and track Icarus’ fall from the Kings
for where he fell, so too shall I fly, to the moon and back - so dare shall I
midnight sun Oct 2021
miss me like the chances you’ll never take
for you’re too unprepared to brace yourself for the damage
behind closed doors isn’t a forever place you’d settle in to destine your fate
this one’s for the wanderers
Srujani Oct 2021
I heard those giggles behind me,
You really thought I was deaf?
I saw those whispers around me,
Oh!I'm just making it clear.
I know you are acting up ignoring,
You thought you are good at it?
I saw you looking happy around,
You thought that can really effect me?

Yes I heard you calling me cling
But, ever know about my 'never knew how to not care' thing?
Ever thought about
How it feels to be hurt by the other?
Facing these all, now
I wish I could read this on your face & make you feel one.
Zack Ripley Aug 2021
I dare you.
I dare you to breathe.
I dare you to think.
Think about yourself.
Do something for yourself.
Because you have the rest of your life
to do things for everyone else.
Simran Guwalani Feb 2021
A thousand wishes of mine
were left estranged,
A thousand wishes of mine
were never entertained.
Some by others,
Some by me,
They still remain unattained.
There were times I had in me a fire,
To fulfill any desire
but now I'm just torn
and at times remain forlorn.
The wish was made by the child in me
which the adult me could not fulfill.
Oh how I wish I could be
like the child, who dared to dream
And at least try
to erase the line
That limited these
Thousand wishes of mine.
Ken Pepiton Jan 2021
So any voice gets a voice.
I can say any thing I think
good to say if you were
pulling the loose thread there that was an amazing
strung along, strung out from the spider wombedman,
riding me like a demon,
as old story tellers told, to the boys, while the
bleedin' old wives was twistin' tales
t'helenback and then t'texas

where we settled, to hear this old  boy finish the first
of our last times tales, one a month in 2021.

We pickup next day, where ever is in an after all before
state, and we wait for an I to muster a messenger
with enough hope, preloaded, to sweep
destructive motion into a vacuum
unimaginable in ever,
Daily sufficiency of evil, in its original roll, mark
the tipping point, each day,

rationed with mercy and all sorts of bread,
we stretch our old bones and imagine
the best yet yet, wait…

the joke being what is very stupid.
We have five days to make this

-- did we do some dissociative syndrome autism rating test?
The entire
is weird. Is this as life is, or was it never otherwise,
and you alone survived to know. Words live, we feel
die that hoped to live and we know we live now in A.I.
spiders have loved my idea since
Turing needed to be cool-ized, for the von Neuman mod
on the actual Univac Hello World file, Life is good.

Knowledge is power.
Learn to live in a world where war is only virtually possible,
thus sanity is restored
the horded wealth is loosed as money love turns bitter
after all the evil,
is sufficient, never too much for any body paying actual
truth acknowledging attention

see. We do a day at a time, and we can rhyme, but not as arule.
Who knows, fun to write, mebbe fun to read.
Zadkiel Dec 2020
I can't help but vent
on how this week went
For the school board dared
Give us all Stress that ensnared

From our hopes of having free time
To our hopes of being able to flip a dime

But worry not, for I have not prepared
So I have dared;
but alas, to no avail
So I will continue trying to unveil

On why the school is so merciless
To those who don't know patience
And to those who are worthless
Hear my inexperience

I am scared, nervous,
despaired, and ambitious

For I will dare once again
To this week of drain
Ken Pepiton Nov 2020
Miser, misery, miserable, promise me
give me compromise…

Wait. Eject, reject, object, subject throw
down an up idea

expect inspection, look up the mean
assure me we are as expected,
the promised ones,
the next to be,
after ever changed permanently to now.

Who cares if fit and right are equivalent?
Who sets equivalency?
What is prevalent,
val-ient or value-able?

The winner is the living thing,
no lie is formed from truth as we know,
you know,
you learned as taught, but
then you lived
past all that.

Now, what is truth, asks Pilate, in a thought

Save me a sunset.
Share it with the maddened crowd.
Offer them a chance to see
the salience.

Sally forth, through the fallen wall,
see into the womb and find
punctum saliens.

Leap then,
into life, as we assume a role
of actor acting on
common ground,
solid base,
pedestal of promise.

This is the mission, let go, gone
to and fro, upon the face
of the earth, whose
countenance has moods for my modes
of seeing.

Put on your winter eyes.
Remember, re join, re
call the warmth and light,
greet visitors with fruits from the fall.

Hey, whaddaya know?

My daddy had a seed, he planted it,
last winter.
As the world turned and leaned the other way,
that seed sent forth a tight-twisted up-swirling
augur spinning into sunshine at veggie-speed.

Faster than geo-speed, by a full fractal measure,
in time and space distance at light's average speed
--- time is the mortal problem liars deny,
either thought is the fastest speed or we
are lost.
Either we imagine better, or we never could have,

any way.
At this point, I say to myself, am I wrong, no,
I ask the mind around me,
am I not you,

are you wrong?

Ever, and a day.
That is the sentence, verbless
bless m'soul,

I lived this long, with you.
Since time was before now, and we
know not, but
time is moving on without us, leaving us to wait,
suffer it to be,
so sufficiency is always seen enough, no
need for more,
no wish wish wish it was that other wise
way, makes it so, sufficient to the day,
to the hour, to the instant, is
the evil… is evil all it is made up to be,
or made out to be?

Making up and making out, making
differences of opinions;
kids do stuff like that.

Old men watch and see themselves grown
through the past,
passed by and by
the grace for grace, got on the way
well, tho' less, travelled by,

path or trail or track, way
where there was no way,

this is that,
at the moment,
this is life, I read, you write, we meet in this middle
of words, and words, and words and we inform
an I,
to imagine what we think we see, ifity
apt to teach, reach ing
the edge of knowing, think how such things
may be
immeasurable, and we may imagine that and speak
as if we agree,
some things are so. Bigger than we can imagine,
I read HP for an hour and it stretched my imaginary reality.
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