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The closer you got, the more I clenched my fists nervously and avoided your gazes. A poor attempt at avoiding the inevitable close proximity that we both weren’t going to protest.
Amanda Apr 13
Pull me out from depths of the prison of panic and fear I inhabit

One small phrase willing words straining against bars of my ribcage to slip through
And be released

Passion the officer responsible for overturning the former guilty verdict
In favor of a tentative plea bargain

To let solitary confinement end

Along with the silence that had been my cell since the very first day
Of my self-inflicted sentence

Now I sense a shift
As the emotion locked tight finally is allowed the sweet taste of freedom

As the door to jail my heart was enclosed in opens with a click
The words I have been holding hostage are trapped no more

Escaping my lips with surprise

My feelings in chains no more

"I love you too"
About the first time my boyfriend said I love you after we had been broken up for a year
Bongani Moyo Apr 9
Some times things are meant to happen once and once only.

No matter how much the artist craves to paint on a particular canvas he can never do it again.

It might haunt him, it might relieve him. But one thing i can guarantee is that he will day to reminisce
Carmen Jane Apr 7
A bird considered helping the worm
That slithered half dried, tortured by sun
A bird helping a worm was not the norm
Who made this law, where it'd begun?

The bird was in it's golden cage
Brought outside for the fresh air
Near, was the cat that  liked to engage
The cage's door just opened, was this a dare?
Maja Apr 6
Save me if you must.
Love me if you dare.
Turn me into dust.
Leave me if you care.
A short poem about something.
What is still not certain. But then again, is anything?
Anurag Mar 30
I smell your dark intent in the air,
Whether it's in my mind, I don't even care,
Before you speak, Let me make you aware,
She is my girl and you don't even dare.

I can rip you apart, like a wild bear.
I'm with her, you don't need to care.
You might be good, but, it's very rare.
She is my girl and you don't even stare.
Man always wants to protect their women, whether his wife or daughter from bad eyes. And every man knows, good eyes are very rare.
Rose Mar 29
I can tell a lie
and I can back out of a dare
but that's
"no fun"

what's fun about
non-existent truths
and reckless dares?

a harmless game
so it seems

as if
to play
Truth or Dare?
Mujen Mar 21
let go your love
take back and slow down your steps
you no need to blame
it ran out of dream

there will be a Dawn
the night won't be long
dare to hold your heart
just take it like a man

don't look back
into the the blank face of love
don't cry, dont call it back
Cameron Mar 5
Love hurts when it can't be shared.
Say to the one I love? I would not dare.
I'd like to think that we'd make a great pair.
But should I share, it would end with despair.

Love and Dare.
Always a pair.

The friendship is strong,
the bond constructed,
Though it hasn't been that long,
My love could be obstructed.

Love and Dare.

Should I say love,
he might say no.
Is it worth the risk?
I wish it was so.

Love and Dare.
A nightmare.

Or a dream come true.
You never know if you don't ask.
It's hard to love a friend more than a friend, because you could lose that friend if they say no. The hardest question is if that risk is worth it. Is it?
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