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Namir Aug 2014
I think I'm done
I'm down and out.
I have to go.
I cant do this.
I am no more.
I am gone.
I doont think I am gonna be posting ever again.
I dont know anymore. So if I come back, cool.
If not, sorry, and goodbye.
Namir Aug 2014
What is a poem now?
A release for emotion?
a bottled up fear?
Just words on a page?
We all make them.
But what is your reason?
What is a poem really?
A bunch or words sprawled on a page?
Intricate feelings from one to another?
Its who we are. What we enjoy.
The question is both simple and complex.
We sit here writing with thoughts on mind.
But never ask ourselves "why?"
So what is a poem to you?
That is my question.
Its a pondering question of mine.
Namir Aug 2014
What is this?
New lines across the street?
What is this?
streams of red, with blinding heat?
What is this?
A long lost feeling not soon forgotten?
What is this?
The Pain, The Rush, The sting.
What is this?
Its new lines. New lines, across old pavement.
Only certain people will understand what this really means.
Namir Aug 2014
Is it a maske?
A front or illusion?
Is it fake? Maybe a little?
Was I wrong? A trick all along?
Im not sure. Because i was blind.
But its not there now. And i can see again.
So even though it lingers still. Goodbye maske.
Soo long and fairwell.
Take it how you will.
Namir Aug 2014
All of this building up.
All of this coursing through.
All of this bottled up tight.
All of this stuck inside.
But I fear the day it gets let out.

All of this gets brushed aside.
All of this to be gotten over.
All of this to let go of.
All of this... its whatever.
But one day, it will get out,
And it wont be pretty.
Just thoughts running through my head.
Namir Jul 2014
When you love someone,
Let them go, and if they can be happy,
It will only hurt for a while,
Then you will get to see them smile again,
Even though it Might not be with you.
Namir Jul 2014
Did I lose?
Am I lost?
What to do?
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