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Ssoho Jan 9
Vraj thakkar Nov 2019
His eyes narrate a story ,
A story her heart could never forget ,
She said he was lunatic and he admits he wasn't perfect ,
But her thorns of ego which hid behind the shadow her so called 'self-respect' ,
Led their fight to hatred and tears which shouldn't have been shed ,
And now both of them wish that they shouldn't have met ,
Though , the decision of leaving each other is a bigger regret ,
Every thought about her makes his eyes wet ,
Nothing can calm his soul no bear , no drugs , no smokes of cigratte ,
Recalling their happy moments seem just like a romantic movie set ,
He was a poet and she was the meaning of his every alphabet ,
He keeps on scrolling about their old whatsapp chats ,
He cannot forget the warmth of her naked body as they cuddled in his bed ,
There are still a couple of her clothes in his closet ,
At nights he spreads around in his room all those shreds ,
Her smell is the only memory he has of his sundered soulmate ,
I told him that this is your destiny, which you have to accept,
If she was your daylight then this is just a sunset ,
It wasn't your fault and you don't have to be upset ,
Life is like a stream , so don't get much obsessed ,
I cannot see those tears in the eyes of this young lad ,
But to justify his broken heart i don't have any reason left ,
The soul in his body without the temperament of her soul has become a serious threat.
Was she cruel and heartless to leave him? Are his words about her true? I will find out soon.
Poetic T Oct 2019
Our world is Unique,
      Were just old copies.


        Diversity is its growth.
Leah Jul 2019
I think I was always meant to love you,
or rather,
I think I have always loved you.

Since the first supernova.
Since the first time the Earth breathed life into her soil.

I think that I have loved you for lifetimes.

In this one
It’s no wonder my soul said,
“Oh hello there, I know you.”
“I’ve been waiting.”

Our souls have been intertwined,
for millennia upon millennia.

Lifetime after lifetime,
I have loved you;
Lifetime after lifetime,
I have found you.

Time and time again,
I will love you;
Time and time again,
I will find you.

Mon cœur est à toi.
My heart is yours.

Lifetime after lifetime.
Time and time again.
elliot Jun 2019
You know that state of shock when you suddenly wake up with a feeling of falling and your body physically moves itself because it feels so real?
That’s what happens right before you die in a dream.
You’re in this REM state, your body is basically paralyzed and you’re about to die, but our brains are simply miraculous.
See, our brain actually give us that jolt and wakes us up, because our mind doesn’t know what to do after death.
It doesn’t know what comes next.
Therefore, we live again.
That’s what it felt like.
It felt like a paralyzing dream effect where I was dying but I couldn’t wake up and my body couldn’t move and my brain forgot how to work and my heart didn’t remember how to pound to its normal beat.
“Mom, I think I like girls, but I’ll never tell you this, because I don’t know who I am yet, but what I know is that my body will rather paralyze itself, than tell you this...”
Eric Apr 2019
The point in silence that makes your brain implode . Every day becomes a search of relief   and every bit of it filled with grief . The second the feeling hits where the heart no longer exist . I'm broken , and you refuse to understand it . Is moving on a thing .Even with years that I could sing . That you made me feel like there was a reason to being. Maybe I'm crazy and everything I see shouldn't faze me . But your love grazed me . Took the whole side of me out , now every interaction becomes a moment of doubt . I am me , and everything is estranged to what it used to be . Now my world is filled with empty thoughts and actions . With every thought given to your affection . I laid down like I was taught a lesson . A lesson never to forget again . Cause our every action creates a world in between . Cause who knows really what the others are thinking . They could be creating a story without me ever existing . I'm listening , to my non-existent heart beating . It's weaker then before because there once was two beats according to our breathing . But you've deceived me .
aniket nikhade Mar 2017
Missed a few steps while climbing up,
only a few,
however still felt in the same way like it use to feel prior.
Still felt a stumble is better than a fall

Paused for a while
Thought for sometime
Then continued towards destination with only one change in mind
One step at a time till the destination is reached upon.

Bottom line remains the same,
never repeat the same old mistake
Never do anything in haste or in rush of blood
Slow and steady wins the race.

Few things have changed while in present
Few still seem to be the same
Present is what will decide how to set priority according to available time.

Never think of an uncertain future while in present in terms of short term gains
Often in life it's learnt from one's own experience that success has got no short cuts and hence only one step at a time.
Äŧül Oct 2016
Standing In The Abaft In Front Of The Commodore's Cabin,
I Look Back Towards The Towed Wooden Raft Floating,
And I Am Smiling To Myself After Remembering,
How The Angel Was found, Liberated & Lost.
Yes, Sadly, She Went Away, Never To Return,
Probably Her World Was Way Too Cherishable,
And Comparing To Her World I Was So Perishable,
Now I Have Learnt That Angels Are So Very Unnatural.
A spin-off of the immemorable Angel saga.

Angel Remembered part 1/7.

HP Poem #1189
©Atul Kaushal
aniket nikhade Jun 2016
Fill in the emptiness of the moment in time with something well defined, since the emptiness has continued for a long period of time.

Present in the present is the present moment in time.
Utilize it completely by strengthening your cause to the best of your ability so as to make sure that everything in the future seems right.

Memories belong to the past
Predictions belong to the future
Over a period of time it’s realized that the best thing to do is to take a proper line of action at the given moment in time.
Definitely taking the right line of action belongs to the present moment in time and definitely it needs all the much needed attention in the present.

Since the emptiness of the moment has continued for long,
always  it’s better to start with something of which you know something, then later on,
let the rest follow over a period of time.

While doing so, always remember synchronization will come and it needs to be followed then also,
at that point in time,
which is later.

The first priorty goes to the fact that you belong to the present moment in time,
in doing so make sure the direction is not lost,
something which had happened prior,
which lead to the emptiness of the moment in time in the present.
He happily greets me
kissing my cheek and lips
Bile rises in my throat
But instead of throwing up on him
( It'll only make this worse)
I smile making pointless chatter
He won't forget, he'll never forget
He can switch so fast
Going from a happy to outraged
and vise versa
Just as these thoughts pass through my mind
His once soft and gentle touch
Becomes an iron like grip
Bruising my arms as he pulls me to him
Crushing his lips on mine
Tears well in my eyes
But I can't let them fall
If he see's them than he will
only make it hurt more
Don't give him the satisfaction
Squeezing my eyes shut
My tears quickly disappeared
Just as fast as they appeared
I love you Princess
Those words are the last I want to hear
Princess do you love me?
My heart hammers in my chest
No matter what I say he won't
let it rest
But if I say the wrong thing
he will beat me than start his sick ritual
I swallow against the knot that has
formed in my throat
Just say it and make it sound believable
You don't want to wind up like mom
and those other girl do you?
Fear and the basic need to survive motivated me
I love you too daddy
He smiles and his eyes travel the room
Daddy's going to go and get your dolls
You can play while I finish my work
Than we can play our game, Okay
But I jump with mock joy and hug him
Seeming happy that his "Princess"
was excited
He whistles as he leaves the room
and closes the door
The click of the lock being turned again
sounds like a nail being put into a coffin to me
Finally alone for a least a little while
My smile falls
There is no hope for me
No way to leave
Fifteen years of the same routine
Though I only remember the last ten  
Same living breathing nightmare
I want to die
Then at least I can be with my mother
all the girls I had grown to think of as sisters
He had killed them all in due time
Everyone but me
I've always
Daddy's little Princess
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