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Roy Horn always favored big cats
He put them in all of his acts
But then Manticore
Who thought Roy was a bore
Said “enough” and then Roy was just snacks
Sorry, I think making wild animals do tricks is not entertainment. Someone who witnessed the scene was interviewed on tv and said that Horn tried to get the tiger to do something, the tiger misunderstood, Roy reprimanded it and "the tiger said "Enough of this." It was the best tv quote ever.
James Lator May 7
I once showed my mother good grades,
she smiled proudly and praised me to death.
I once dressed nicely to go on a date,
I acted like a gentleman and she was impressed.

I once smiled sweetly at my brother when he was in pain,
he quickly forgave me for punching his face.

I once paid good money for some simple aids,
my grades went up without wasting one breath.
I once asked out a girl that I hate,
popped her cherry without a thought to invest.

Why do I do it? Why leave such a stain?
Cause an ugly show has more beauty than an honest disgrace.
The Bachelor Spectacular
by Michael R. Burch

One heart? Tossed aside.
The other? A bride’s.
In all his great wisdom, the bachelor decides.

Eeenie, mean-ie, mine-y, mo’, ...
one gal must stay and one must go.
If she hollers? That’s the show!

No heart can handle such despair!
But hearts get broken, hearts repair.
Next season? The treasoned will rule the air!

Tags/Keywords: Bachelor, Reality, TV, show, spectacular, spectacle, date, dating, nonsense verse, light verse, humor, satire, parody, heartbreak, tears, hearts broken, bride, groom, script, scripted, histrionics
Salmabanu Hatim Nov 2018
We have been married for fifty years,
Seen many seasons,faced many fears and tears.
What was mine and yours,
Has become ours.
We are a pair,
Everything we share,
Equally and fair.
One bed,one blanket and a hot water bottle between us,
No complaints, no fuss.
We share a spoon,
When we have soup at noon,
A sip for me,
A sip for he.
We share the spectacles,
I, to read aloud the bible,
He to read the newspaper which he is able.
We both listen to each other,
He sometimes affectionately  calling me mother.
We share the dentures too
For solid food that needs to be chewed.
He wipes my face and I his,
As sometimes tears stain the cheeks.
We hold each others hands tightly and pray,
We stay together as long as the Lord may.
sitting on the loggia
watching the rain come closer
with thunder and lightening
counting the seconds
     between the flash and the rumbling
enjoying the spectacle
     of brilliant spidery fingers
     illuminating the evening sky
each a different shape
     followed by its own soundblast
the noise of the rain
     growing louder and harsher
     with heaviness
bending the branches of trees
     roses and lilies to the ground

simply fascinating
Nicholas Fonte Apr 2018
I wonder what is in those eyes
They have never given me lies
But they do hide behind a pair of glasses
It's like she is wearing a mask
To persuade others off her task
But she is finished with her experiment
Now it is time to reveal
What she had to conceal
The feelings she found in the results
Sasha Ranganath Sep 2016
sitting down drawing circles on sand
by the ocean for 16 years without disturbances,
save a few hefty feet trampling down sand castles
but then one day something happened
and an overwhelming wave comes hurling itself at you,
and you have no escape plan despite living on the sand all your life
the wave comes bearing galaxies from atlantis,
blinding starlight, and a myriad perfect seashells.
it feels like an eternity,
being consumed by the wave as you're given
a tour of every attraction there is,
receiving free samples every now and then.
you succumb to the star dust,
enthralling you like a child at disneyland,
or tumblr teens on the fourth of july.
it feels like you're the only one lucky enough
to witness this spectacle, and you're marvelling
no air
you're gasping
sand in your eyes
and through the excruciating discomfort,
you see a hundred other silhouettes looking back at you.
this is how it was, loving him briefly.
and this will stare him in the face,
but perhaps his eyes, too, full of sand
will stare right back at me
“silhouettes” he'll say
“silhouettes are what make my day”
Kathleen Jan 2015
I learned he'd died through a friend of a long distance friend.
I heard he had snuffed it.
Kicked the bucket instead of the usual rock into a gutter.
'Give me another', he'd say until his eyes went glassy and his face went numb.
Until the hands dropped from the weight of his fingers.
No one lingers to watch.
No one ogles the brilliant light of dawn over this collapsed stranger.
New and old to the neighborhood, we all stood where he once stood.
We all walked away from that place.
His mouth agape but no words can escape the blue lips of a fading memory.
He is dead and his time died with him.
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