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Morning 4d
You know, it's funny,
I had that ringing in my ear.
You know, that funny feeling,
A tinglin' in my ear.
So I went a snoopin'
And it's what I've always feared.
He was creepin'
He was sleepin'
With all the volunteers.


With all the volunteers.

"Volunteers! What?"

Yes, with all the volunteers.
He was rollin'
He was dippin'
He was flippin'
He was eatin'-


With all the volunteers.
Something fun.
I can't help but read this with a slight doo-*** vibe.  XD
We all love,
But never mutually.

She approaches you with more than just love.
You keep your distance because you know what you want from her - not love.

She tries everything to win you over, but you don't budge, yet you continuously search for love.

A never-ending search for love never bears fruit because love seems to never be mutual.

You find so much love, but it's always one-sided and never from your side.
Lee Aaun Jan 26
He filled the
empty me
with his
" LOVE "
TyBeauty Jan 26
And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us,
to know good and evil:
and now, lest he put forth his hand,
and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever.”
God knows Best. He conceived the preceivecd it is not your story it is His your just apart of it. To succeed in belief is to have faith in His glory.
Lee Aaun Jan 25
His words
work like
on her.
Lee Aaun Jan 20
It will be magic.
If he can
wash away
my scars
on my body
with his love.
kiran goswami Jan 17
He loved the way she laughed,
With all his heart
No effort.
Philomena Jan 16
His eyes were like Labrodite
Beautiful in their own way
Cracks full of color
The only thing holding darkness at bay

His eyes were like Beryllium
The brightest blue I'd ever seen
Like blue skies on the horizon of tomorrow
The day leading you away from me

His eyes are like Sodalite
They come from both the darkness and the light
They are a muddled beautiful blue
The are unique just like you
I have bad habit of comparing people's eye color to rocks.
gabrielle Jan 3
if he has left me
do not ask whether
I was enough for him

because i was never his.
y'all my idea of doing this was from a poem from rupi kaur's milk and honey.. i kinda felt explaining because i'm afraid of being accused i copied something.
Jessica Delfin Dec 2018
We were drawn to each other — almost instantly. A broken boy and a damaged girl who found comfort in each other’s company. A story old as time but this one rang more true. Though we found the love we desired, we still had depression, but for two.
For those who think depression goes away after you’ve found your soul mate. It doesn’t.
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