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xavier thomas Feb 2022
i don’t know how to get ahold of you.
when you zone out and i see you’re not okay.
i wish that i can help you when your mind goes blank.
seems like your mind been racing a lot these days.

other days, i don’t know how to get ahold of you.
when i say “i love you”, but you don’t believe me.
feels like it causes you to double-think twice about me.
past life is in your current life, making you run from me.

tonight- i think we need to be more patient
tonight- i just want to be in your presence
tonight- coming to a realization
love can’t be this dangerous
this love can’t be this dangerous

this not good for you
this is not good for you
i can’t take your heart for granted
hope you understand where i stand and
this not good for you
this is not good for you
i can’t take your heart for granted
hope you understand where i stand on this
His point of view:
He has fallen in love. But soon realized the cards that he was dealt with. Trying to move forward
Sandy Aug 2021
on the day
of the hearts sun
the glowing bloom
which shed upon her

his first ever love
couldn't even recognize her
still he look back
to catch a glimpse

of the divine beauty
her eyes present to him
his heart was forever sealed
in cage of her skin
Rainswood Aug 2021
Before the chicory unfurls to the sun,
meet me down the gravel road
beneath the Tulip Poplar.

I will Revel in your aura-
Share my radiance with you.
Our beautiful friendship gleaming.

Exchanging love in the purest form,
the way that we relate.
Laughter dancing in our eyes

If the world saw things differently
We could do this everyday.

Until then,
We’ll look forward to next summer
If only for Thursday.
Maintaining a marriage and refusing to entirely abandon an important friendship.
God's Oracle Aug 2021
I am completely honest I am accepting the help from my Christian Brothers and Sisters to at last RENOUNCE to the spirits of Lust, Power, Pride, Sloth, Manipulation, High Places and Violence. I voice out my heart because I have gotten accostumed to allowing this entities to coexist outside of my temple yet have given them permission to utilize my temple whenever I needed their knowledge or expertize or even experience due to their massive years of antiquity. Some of this spirits are a Millennial Spirit with a vast amount of rich knowledge special way to aid it's host on making predictions on other people's livelihoods via astrological, numeral, symbolical allegory of unexplored secrets of the spirit realm. When being able to look at a person's spiritual blueprint and extract his exact 3 most radiant aura colors and if you can suggest a perfect number a number that has meaning in their Life...this can shake the foundations of their empirical and theological or philosophical beliefs...This things are a Spiritual Gift I have unlocked and possess the capacity and capability to allow someone else see their destiny and Life thru a newer more fresher perspective. I have learned that every person has a different spiritual walk either lost in the world roaming this planet with too much ignorance and intellectual theory's that defy God and his existence. What they don't see is that without God our Universe could NOT coexist nor be able to continuously expand and bloom in the vast expansions of the unexplored darkness that is ever so prevelent in the cosmic celestial hosts. Don't you people understand that we are all somewhat related via blood types and ancestral family trees and how we can trace the DNA that proves we all have a genetic molecular modification to our DNA via other unknown entities that somehow gave us knowledge of magik, weaponry, chemical alterations  that can be administered to the human body via energy exchange, ritual accession or even experienced thru drinking, smoking, inhaling, or injecting this Drugs to the human body. Furthermore, knowledge of hybrid breeds of people, astrology, mathematics, science, philosophy, arts & crafts, precious stones, alchemy, spacecraft, portals to travel thru time & space, herbalism, medicine and artificial machinery. What is important to note is that I am relinquishing my temple from utilization from this spirits and in the Powerful Name Of Jesus Christ I command ******, Malpheor, Asteroth, Gremvor, Cthulhu, Sezil and Belial I command thee to leave me be in the name of Jesus Christ and to not ever come back to work within me no longer. I am no longer interested in complying with your requests to use myself as a demonic conduit to allow you demonic spirits be able to work within so glad that I have finally realized that you are evil entities that somehow gave me illusive power that I adored to utilize to feel as if am above others. Now I realize that was pride and ignorance on my behalf...I now will be able to move more smoothly more clear with more clarity and with a special calling to use  my gifts for the good of just letting the Holy Spirit to open my spiritual eyes and envision the path layed before me.
I am cancelling all commitments and all demonic spirits must leave in Jesus Name...Amen!!! The Lord Shall Persevere, Endure Forevermore Till my Life ends I'll follow the Lord everywhere he leads me.
Jesus has the power to heal cast and heal desolate temples...he can turns hearts of stone into hearts of flesh...and he is the one that can save your Soul.
Jennifer DeLong Apr 2021
Immerse me in your music
Let your melody
dance upon my skin
Surround me
in the notes you play
seducing me from within
Let the music take over
My body starts to sway
Emotion flows from your guitar
It's rhythm taking me away
On a journey
to where there is nothing
but your music surrounding me
Encasing my body
in the beauty of its melody © Jennifer DeLong 3/11/19
Nikkie Jan 2021
He tried to come back
But his ego was jacked up
So I ended it.
BreatheMe Jan 2021

He loves his boy drunk,
and in the dark.
The scent of fresh spirits clinging to his tongue as he whispers his insecurities into the shadowed night.
His hands wrapped around the fragile boys arms, even though they shouldn't,

because this boy, his boy, is too bright, too precious to loosen the grip he has.
While he is made up of stolen cigarette smoke and bruised knuckled smiles, the love he has conjured up is beyond magic.

He lusts his boy sober
and dawn breaks through the curtained room.

Coffee engulfs the narrowed hallways and the creaking wooden board is the only sound heard besides soft snores.
He looks away from the paled soul, loosens his touch
and each time he gets up and leaves, he breaks both their hearts.
don't you know you can love him with the lights on too?
David P Carroll Dec 2020
Little bird sitting in the tree
Singing a little love song to me I'm smiling
Listening to him sing me beautiful song
As I smile and my heart beats along,

And I whisper go on now little
Bird and fly so high
And spread your wings
And fly high up into the deep blue sky
And with a smile on my face go on
And reach your dreams in this
Beautiful little place so little
Bird fly so high fly up into
The beauitful blue sky.
The Little Bird 🐦🕊️
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