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Wary Oct 9
They said; nothing last more than three days..

And i happily replied;
"Some names and some beautiful memories are unforgettable"
Unforgettable memories
Nicole Sep 30
Light devoid, no silver-hued moon,

Shadows claim my soul too soon.

With silence strong, I’m left alone,

With aching bones and heart forlorn.

The cold seeps in, an evil embrace,

My only warmth: his face.

His face.
Onyx Sep 20
A fickle yet adored fantasy
universally proclaimed lovingly by the same name
stands with much difference for each
for each has a unique lover
whose uniqueness cannot be challenged
nor compared
nor estimated

Though are we always to meet our fantasied beloved?
At the right moment?

Love is strange
an entity yearned for for ages
yet terrifying to own when the time for it comes
for we are afraid
of our beloved in our fantasies
to be marred by the realism we allow ourselves to indulge

Picking petals from a flower
‘To love?’
‘To not love?’
Promises nothing short of eternity of torment
So drop that flower
And take a deep breath
Look to the offerer of love in the eyes
And say ‘I do,’
Hope that they will love you
like no one has ever done so
His pain is what keeps you up at night
His pain is what drives you to be better than the rest
Better than the rest that’s hurt him so much

His pain is shown all over him
You can hear it in his voice
Feel it in his actions
See it in his face
His Pain

His pain is your pain in a way
You don’t want him to carry that pain all on his own
You try to help him, yet you feel him pushing you away
He’s going deeper into his own guilt and sorrow that you don’t know what to do
All you can do is listen to him, talk it out with him, love him

His pain won’t always be there but when it does come back
You’ll be ready, with a sword and shield
You’ll stand there strong and ready for whatever his pain throws at you
You’ll be right by his side to help him get through His Pain

Green meadows and distant hills
The shepherd sings to the herd
An old folk song, of sparkling rills

The sheep graze, heads bent down
Little bells around their necks
Dance to the tune of the old folk song

The sheep love the water mud pools
Monsoon brings greens and browns
Shelter and food

The shepherd and his herd
From the neighbouring town
Enjoy the picnic, up the hills
On a road journey today
You shelter me from pain
Keeping me warm and sane
Your passion and love
Drives me wild,
And fills my heart and soul
With sweet desire,
Your all I truly need
I've been dreaming of you
Every night, So
Hold my hands and kiss
Me slowly,
She kissed my lips
And I felt a flutter inside my heart
Listening to our
Heart beat,
I finally find the words
To say I promise to
Love you every day..
I Love Her
mica Jun 15
why do dreams feel real?
his lips still linger on mine
i woke up and smiled
I love you so much
My Angel
I love you
With all the love
Inside my heart
I love you
My Angel
I promise
I'll love you forever
And I promise
We'll never part..
True Love Forever
She's my best friend and
My soulmate in life
I know this love is true
Every morning I wake up
I softly kiss you.

Her warm touch her
Beautiful bright smile
Warms my heart Everytime
No words can describe
How I feel for you
Something I yearn for
Stay in heart sweetheart
I'll always love you.

A beauty of life
A gift from above
A heavenly sent Angel
Oh sweetheart I'm in love.

I'm so happy that
I've found you
Your forever my soulmate
And I'll always love you.
True Love
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