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Logan Robertson Feb 2021
She Fell Into The Abyss

he takes to the tunnel of night
dark at first, but he tiptoes in
and sees the light
he follows a trail
a women's scent that arouses him
he sees her across the bar
seated by herself
hunger on her face
a wallflower
a sheep in a lea to him
weak and pull-able of wool
and he needs wool
a ball of yarn to desensitize
and spins to his satisfaction
and he needs to be sated
... especially
with this ones youth and innocence
her striking blue eyes
and sweet mouth
indifferent to him
but it's her pond of ducks that excites ... him
hidden in his pocket
is a knife of fantasy
a blade of deceit
rope of words to incapacitate
... then
he looks into her blues
as he begins making his move
sweet talking, sweet talking
her socks off
he keeps seeing the ducks in the pond
swimming faster and faster
his heart beating faster and faster
a fruit ripening before his eyes
ready to be eaten
he takes the first dagger from his pocket
two white pills and slips into her drink
laughs to himself
at least this dagger won't hurt
as he chokes on his sadism
she falls into her arms
so soft and vulnerable
unsuspecting and naive
she walks out with him in slumber
later that night
a shotgun blasts breaks the air
ducks flapping in the night
then ... silence

Logan Robertson

Logan Robertson Feb 2021
The Changing Colors (Senryu)

Autumn winds pick up  

Lovers slip into romance

It was a good fall

Logan Robertson

Logan Robertson Feb 2021
A Passing Rainbow (haiku)

A trout looks above
Sees a fly land the surface
It's glee is short lived  

Logan Robertson

Notes-My little rainbow. You saw what you thought was your dinner splashing on the surface and instead your fate turned the other way. Think fly fisherman.
Logan Robertson Feb 2021
Skaters Introduce Themselves To Nature (haiku)

Winter's landscape calm
Treeline of green laps the lake
Skaters break the ice

Logan Robertson

Logan Robertson Feb 2021
It takes

To fall
In all


White sheets
Such treats

All day
Kids play

Some sled
The spread

Some ski
With glee

Some skate
The slate


Catch alls

Such fun
Is spun

My youth
Had tooth

Long ago
I glow

Logan Robertson

My fond memories of my youth were high lighted with the first fall of snow. It was so much fun. To play like kids, fast, furious, and fathomless (at the time, and who would of imagined how fast time went by).  After a long winter's day we would head home. Mom would makes some hot chocolate and the warmth of our house always felt good
rendezvous 502
made it through
is this happening to you?
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