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in the kitchen making toast
waiting for his tea to brew
Tom was startled by a ghost
that just happened to pass through

from the corner of his eye
through a door that stood ajar
he saw something floating by
just the shadow of a car?

right between the lock and jamb
past the pictures on the wall
could have sworn that was a man
moving quickly down the hall

or the postman at the window
dropping letters on the mat
‪Sunday morning Tom, don’t think so‬
it was certainly not that

so a random winter draught
that had blown in from the street
set the hanging clothes to waft
made a ghost of drying sheets

but that movement through the frame
left him thinking quite surreal
and confirming his eye’s claim
was the way it made him feel

it had chilled him to the bone
half asleep to wide awake
and made breakfast on his own
seem like such a big mistake

so his mind reached out to cling
at the tricks the brain can play
told his ears ignore the ring
try to think a different way

but he came to no excuse
that was easy to defend
with his arms the flesh of goose
and his hair stood out on end

since this reasoning was thin
he was perfectly aware
it went out instead of in
turned and floated up the stair

from a night of causing frights
no doubt, to bed one could assume
and when later on he might
find it sleeping in his room

but he had to get a grip
and stop staring at the door
into madness he would slip
if he thought of it much more

so he went back to his toast
stabbed the jam inside the jar
told himself that was no ghost
just the shadow of a car.
Sally's eyes followed the bouncing ball
Up and down the rubber hit the wall
Peter patter played swell
Back and forth in the well
When the ball lost its bounce, her eyes bawl

Logan Robertson


Sally's the love of my life I never had. So I can only imagine her spell on me.
"Love is nothing but a biological transaction," you yelled at me and we fought anew over the perfidies of the male ***.
Initially dismayed, I soon understood that
As a girl, you saw your father break your mother,
Her will over the years fusing with his own
As she became shadow,
And then sickly ghost,
Her lucky marriage effectively erasing the stain of her Jewish birth--
As oh so Catholic Daddy
proudly told his friends and relatives.
And even though you tried to fight Daddy's self-importance,
He was always there behind you, squeezing you between his fists,
molding you, as he imitated his god creating Eve,
Casting you into his own perfect image of chaste and chastened womanhood.
And when your mother decided to permanently leave,
Daddy forbade you to miss her,
Celebrating, instead, his own resurrection with a new project and a new wife.
You thought you could resist,
But Daddy's benevolent advice
about your plain face and lumpy body wormed into your fragile psyche and
cracked you in two, leaving you raving and disjointed.
Daddy eventually joined his sky-Father
And you wept, vowing to forget and remember his legacy.
And now you live, addled and alone,
A basket of pills on your dresser,
Fanatically frustrated yet terrified of a man's  touch,
Angry yet wishing Daddy was here to save you.
And as the years passed and your friends married and divorced, you
convinced yourself that you had
escaped a woman's fate , not
realizing that you had offered up your own heart and soul  years ago as a suitable offering to His eternal memory.

Yes, Daddy made ****** sure there would be no following act.
This is the story of a real person. Everything I wrote about her father is something she told me actually happened to her and her family. It is a modern American horror story.
she called my name in the darkness
i ran to her
ran faster than i thought i could

but then the moon shone through the clouds
and she was not there
Sally's heart sings nights of slow romance
Where eyes and tongues are tapered in dance
Kisses, one at a time
Lasting embraces in rhyme
As women's duet, she changed her stance

Logan Robertson

Sally's oven is on highest heat
Shaken and baking the meat, a treat
All the trimmings set forth
Her bird's a rising north
The game ****'s glow knocked her off her feet

Logan Robertson

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