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Zywa Aug 4
Could it be a sign?

Oh no, signs only appear --

when you don't need them.
"The Queen of the Tambourine" (1991, Jane Gardam), ยง Morning of mornings

Collection "Chance"
SelinaSharday Mar 31
Touch me and hold me,
I don't know what to do.
I know that u know me better then, but the weathers changing.
The weathers changing, its changing on me,
I can't resist I can't shake it, I'm tryin, to go deep.
Bury myself deeply in everything any thing something
I can't ignore these feelings its scaring me now.
You may be fine, and you say its ok..
But the weathers suddenly changing on me.
It feels critical. Its grabbing me in my soul.
Its shaking me up. I try to hide from it. But wait!
Did u get a whisper from the wind?
Anything to rattle you shake you from within.
what's happening do you know.
I try to hide from it.
I am tryin to talk myself out of it.
what is it time to do.
I've been waiting patiently but the weathers changing on me.
Baby what's it time to do. I'll get back with you
I hope I get bac to you.
@Sharday Poetry@Weathers_Changing2
Things change...
it turns out
Mother Nature is
just as indecisive
as the rest of us
it seemed that
she had finished
with her winter
her day-long frosts
and biting winds
no longer the need
to cocoon oneself
in protective layers
when venturing out
for nothing more than
a bottle of milk
of down-stuffed coats
and twice-wrapped scarves
woollen hats
and thermal socks

it felt like
we had moved on
our spring had arrived
just in time
we could enjoy
the brisk early mornings
despite their chill
safe in the knowledge
that the gentle touch
of afternoon warmth
would shortly follow
the biggest setback
to be expected
was an intermittent
morning-to-evening downpour
dampening our anticipation
though only temporarily
of any plans we had made
until the puddles were dry
or had drained away

it may have been
a false start
but i'm loathe to say
we were tricked
or call it
an outright lie
those brightened days
were a welcome change
enjoyed by all
we were simply
carried away by
the primaveral allusions
lulling us enough
to forget the cold
and its significance
catching us unprepared
and exposed
like those delicate flowers
so recently bloomed
buried for now
beneath this weight
of snow
selina Mar 2022
seasons are changing
and miracles are coming
do you understand the signs?

(or do you misinterpret them
the same way that i do
every godforsaken time?)
nif Nov 2021
do not attempt any magic
when the full moon glow
during dark magic hour
powers are dull
we are already dealing with more than we can handle
so draw a bath
burn Palo Santo
Light a candle
and rest your precious soul
when the full moon glow
it will come
we will cleanse
it will go
it will leave our magic low
only to regrow
and overflow
until the next full moon glow

~take things slow
11/19/21 Lunar Eclipse in Taurus
Chelsea Rae Aug 2021
Such hot tears, that sizzle and evaporate
as they drip off the sides of hot cheeks.

Mist slowly rising off my shoulders,
out and off my head, and down my arms and legs.

Smokey fog swarming me from the humidity that begins to emit in the room from the heat.

Anger that boils blood
Now secreting through the skin
Through sweat and tears.

I clench my jaw, cemented shut, and squeeze my eyes tight.
Hoping to wring out all the pain and anger through the tear ducts.

Juice it to salty pulp.

Such hot tears pooled on top of burning cheeks.
Turning into hot springs.

One of the warmest things I have felt

In such a long time.
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