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xavier thomas May 26
I remember the times when I met you.

—First time was at a frat party
—Second time was on a date
—Third time was at your momma’s house.
—Fourth time was taking you back to my place.

Curly hair, mix heritage, thick in those jeans, Shea cocoa butter skin tone.
Foreign language makes me weak in the knees
when you role your “R’s” from the tongue.

How do you keep, keep me dreaming, dreaming about you?
This feeling, feeling is deep, deeper that has me chasing after you.
Tell me what did you do to me, babe?
You put some type potion all over me.
Hit me with something new babe.
Spiritual waves have me feeling some type of way, babe.
Want you for myself now, I can no longer wait.
Whatever spell you have me under, has me stargazing.

What’s your secret Ms. Thing 👀
I am the one in suit made of nigh
The person with the blood behind the axe
The signs you'd see beneath the sky
The words you hear in a moment of wild
I became thoughts you never wish you had
The lips with kisses for every child
A calm you feel when in your mind
A spark of blast at leisure time
Like a love that comes through a while
I am the dancer whose clothes are rags
I sail but only at the center of your minds
My crew are made of wood and skulls full of thoughts
I creeps into the fawnest minds
I etch unto the tauntless nous
I am  lurking behind their every words
I heal but a day with me hurts
I crawl into your heart and live only in your head
I am those voices you hear when In your bed
The breeze that tilts the window head
Image flashes with shadows unclear
I am creatures in the dark whom thoughts you hear
The one that increase with your slightest fear
I am the illusion!!!.
xavier thomas Sep 25
Ms. Flight attendant,
long time no see, love.
I miss you.
Queen from the west-side.
First-Lady flying across the country just to see me & only me.
Putting a smile on my face, Making me feel like I was your #1 priority.
As soon as you landed in my town,
You made sure to Text-Call- or FaceTime
-No matter where I be.
I stop by to listen to your every need & hold long night intellectual conversation.
While, you give me- “The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice” Inglewood love.

One thing I can say is, you stay ready.
Hit different
No wonder why you call yourself ~ Lolly
What is your secret Miss thing???  👀

(Hope you & baby boy doing well during this pandemic.)
Jordan Gee Aug 22
love is a symbol
words are symbols twice removed from reality
and they are road signs,
pointers if you will
to that which lies beyond and
between and behind
and you can see it in the light
and Nietzsche saw it in the void and
Hamilton saw it in the venom.
you can see it in the white noise in the Lo-Fi.
you can hear it in the Vajrayana pearls.
drive behind the Diamond vehicle and ride inside
the slip stream.
sit behind the Bon funeral Priests and it says:

“Children of the Hologram - do not make me a martyr.
your kings will make of me an effigy
it will turn the Diamonds into paper but that is not my Will.
you’ll chew on discs of gold and that will be your King.
Children of the Hologram - my words are not my own.
it calls to us from the place of light.
when energy is at rest it is dark and the dark is good and time is a 1000 petal lotus.
at times you’ll encounter evil.
Remember: that is your own self you behold before you.
she is afraid and he is alone and its timepiece is a flat circle and round and round it goes.
only you can see him because only you made her and you made the light in which you see
but images cannot see.”

there are signs
there are those who have been before.
heed their warnings. Feed the Bodhisattva
your kings will burn them and your
kings will make effigies.
look to where the words point
you wrote them
you’ve been here before
there is light coming through the leaves and the branches.
the Japanese have a word for that
Alex Aug 10
A gift
A curse
Forseeing future
But its inevitably
It is a lifetime
But It has boundaries
Whenever you think
If one person
Never learns to read signs
Your signs
You lose again
From trying to save another life
Egø PrOfETa Jul 7
You lack the mentality and the knowledge
Brain dead sitting in a self-made cell you imprison yourself
You're not free my friend, you're still an inmate
With not enough brain cells to realize that you're a prisoner
Still shackled to a falsehood
A false hood is where you're from
You wear a hood and a mask to hide that fact, trying to cloak visible lies
Your invisible disguise is too obvious
Concealment revealed!
Yet another failed attempt at attempting to be
Which is the typical human thought process which does not compute in the mind of the
For among us they watch and study us like fungus
They walk and talk among us act like us even look like us
But don't trust'em
Come on!
Just open up your eyes and stop walking blind!
In plain sight they hide invisible to the Naked Eye
For the Nephilim is them the Fallen Angels of kin
Abominations of sin made in corruption
Conceptions of Sin
Thus says the Book of Enoch
So don't mock!!
For the information is viable reliable pliable for survival my friend
And as for the other 66 books of the Bible?
Well.. Trust me
If I could sum it all up?
It is not to be taken lightly and the signs are not to be trifled with
I'm not even scratching the surface with this one but I feel it still might be too much out of left field for some of you. Come to think of it? Most of what I write is probably too far out there for me to even post. 😔 Also.. As I was writing this I was telling myself these same words. For none of us know it all but in what little we do know, we shouldn't be afraid to speak out or share this sort of information. Cause it can really help to enlighten anyone who may be in the dark on such subjects
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