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Renn Powell Sep 20
maybe the hesitation that ached below my skin
when i met you, was something i shouldn't have ignored.
I can’t read these signs
Were they ever there
You won’t look me in the eyes
But why do I care
It’s my mind and my heart
They’re tearing me in two
I’m about to be married
Yet my heart skips for you
I know this isn’t easy
These feelings are confusing
But your come and go attitude
Is feeling abusing
So here we are now
Let’s bring this to the end
And happily ever after
We were never even friends
Can't you see the signs?
Couldn't you see I was losing myself to the darkness?
I know I didn't reach out
I know I didn't open up
But I tried to show through
one way or another.
Because no matter
how hard i tried to disguise it,
I wanted someone to see the
pain and reach out.
Some of you did care,
but no one showed enough care

But who am I to blame,
I didn't show myself enough care .
I should've cared enough for myself
to not give up on myself.

I should've relied on myself,
rather only on others.
To care enough of myself,
but now I've gone to sleep
and I see no save.
Aa Harvey Jul 5
Beeside signs.

One day Humble was in his nursery class learning,
About the A-Bee-See’s;
When the teacher, Miss Guide-Bee,
Told them all that later that day,
The would bee meeting the Seebee.
She asked if they would all listen to what he had to say,
Because it may help them in the future, maybe, one day.

They were taught about what bee’s needed to do,
In the future to co-exist
And how every part of the bee machine,
Was needed to continue helping the hive to live.
If every bee knew their role in society
And did not criticize other bees for the way they chose to live,
Then maybe, with time, things would all work out alright in the end, maybe.
Imagine if we were all, all we could be.

He said look out for the signs that nature sends out for us.
If you believe what nature is trying to tell you
And if you truly trust,
Nature will lead you along the road you are meant to bee flying.
Some bees give up believing,
But if you trust in the law of nature and her insight,
She will help you steer clear of the darkness
And you will always fly in the light.

If you see a sign that says this option may be good,
Then listen to your heart and try to trust.
Maybe it will not happen as you would like it to bee,
But nature sees the entire world and eventually,
If you trust in destiny
And realise this is how things were meant to bee,
Then hopefully you will avoid the negativity
And hopefully you will find the bee you were meant to bee.

All bees make mistakes, but if you learn from them,
You can change the future and your life can bee re-written,
From that point forward; if you want it to bee.
So if the universe is screaming out, that is a bad idea bee!
Then listen to what the wind is saying, for the wind is free,
To blow its air wherever it may choose.
So fly like the wind; choose to win and not lose.

Do not give up,
When you could bee flying up,
On a dream, along the jet-stream.
Now; please open your books…

Remember, if you see a sign of happiness this way,
Look for love, for it will bee near-by;
That is all I have to say…

For the rest of the day, Humble was looking out for signs.
On his way home he saw a sign that said Bee Happy.
It was outside a shop, but Humble realised it was a shop for babies.
So he carried on looking and saw a couple of bee’s kissing.
He didn’t know what this sign could mean, but he knew he was listening.
Then he saw two newly wed bees;
He heard them talking about where they could take their honeymoon.
They didn’t know where they wanted to bee;
They just knew they wanted to get there soon…

…Eventually Humble arrived home and as he opened the door,
He saw his parents holding hands, very much in love.
His Mum was watching BeeTV as his dad, Dude, just snored.
Bakes-a-good-crumble said hi love, how was your day?
Did Mrs. GuideBee give you a message to pass on to me today?
Or is everything ok?
No; today we just talked about what I wanted to bee when I grow up.
So what did you tell her love?
I don’t know yet, but being in love sure looks like it could bee good;
Oh and Blondebee wants me to go out with her
And her parents on the weekend.  
Is that ok?
Sure Honey…
Go have fun with your friend.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Planejane2 Jun 16
I’ve been seeing hella signs
But I ain’t need to clear my mind
I don’t even wanna rhyme
For the first time in a long time I feel fine.
Ylzm Apr 5
The sixth opened on the sixth
history prophesised, future past

sun and moon eclipsed
heavens and earth shaken
moon bloodied, stars fell
earth ripped apart, time perturbed

graves opened
the dead arose to life
the living buried themselves
immortal died
mortality perished

blood spilled, living marked
wait for the number of Man
The 6th Seal and the 6th Hour
Your love is the marvel
Changes  my things
Makes me felt with happiness

That I lost since periods
They might be short
Or might be long

Your love is the important
It digs signs at my mind
And leaves pit at my heart

But it chased the sad
I feel blossoms open inside
The birds sings at my spirit

My soul flying at height
Between angels leaving the worst
All of these, I fell in love
With the smartest
the love is the honest feeling especially when it begins with one word and ends with tie marriage
skye Mar 1
the moon sees it all
and yet
it doesn't say a thing
There’s a lot of sounds around me.
A door opened just now.
An agreement.
Door shut.
A bag rustling.
My keyboard’s clicking sounds.
A click of my mouse.
Chairs scraping the floor.
There are many sights as well.
People in school uniform walking around me
Walking through many doors.
Many words too:
ART 1, 2, & 3
So many words.
There’s no smell.
No taste.
All I can feel are my clothes and the clickity clackity keyboard
Wait: another sound - laughter
just some observations
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