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Diana Garcia Jul 2018
I guess I’m a ***** now cause I said your beats need bass
Sometimes I wish I could smack ya face
Leave your *** without a trace

You said you didn’t ask for my advice
but want me to be to your wife?
If you don’t try to grow,
I swear on my life
I’ll be the first one to stick the knife

Right now that guy looks enticing
Cause my partner ain’t inviting
I’m tired of the vibrating
Of my purple play thing
The time you’re wasting

I run cause I seek safety
Anywhere where someone won’t play me
I’m not stupid, I’m not *******
He calls me names so our ways parted
I can go the distance but I’ll end up where I started

Conintously trying, my brain is frying
Can no longer comprehend
which way my back should bend
You bend me over
**** me raw, my ***** is he best thing
You ever saw
You make me bend over backwards
Whenever you think you ain’t wrong
You remind my of my favorite song
You should stronger than me, am I wrong?
Tristan Taylor Mar 2018
Oh, Ash...
Your ***
So beautiful
Oh, Ash...
Your ***
I just want to touch it
Caress it
Mmm, Ash...
Your ***
So juicy
I could just...
You got a man?
Hold up
I ain't thinking about him.
A personal poem about myself and a woman who I thought had the best *** I had ever seen.
Tristan Taylor Mar 2018
As I looked at it
She bent over
In anticipation
I knew it would come through
It was cloudy but still beautiful
Her moon was
Playing peek a boo with me
Sometimes it was crescent
Sometimes I wouldn't see it at all
But this time
The clouds parted
And I saw it
In all her beauty
And I felt it for a brief moment
Only a moment
Her full glorious moon
Peeked out to me...
A tribute...
I miss your *****
Almost as much as i miss your *******
I want you more than i can comprehend
These perverted thoughts i dont even pretend
Theyre not all i think about all day
Also i can honestly say
I ******* to her
At a massive rate
It blows my mind
How one of a kind
This georgious ******* girl is
Please oh please will ya be my miss
I swear ill be better to you
Than anybody ever you never knew
If you swear down youll be mine
Ill bring you flowers on valentines
Black roses that remind us of death and ****
Ill make sure you are aways well lit
High as a kite you know what i mean?
And dispite of how crazy it seems,
When i do finally greet death,
Hopfully overdosed on some neat ****,
I will be embraced by satan himself,
Out flys a glorious Anni
Chariot pulled by badass pegasi
She pulls out her mighty scabard
Slices and dices the decaying *******
wait wait went off track a bit
That last part...didnt quite fit
But im just obsessing
Seriously not messing
I want you so bad
It makes me so mad
I want you and all of you
Im not queit sure what to do
From there
But i dont care.
My one and only demand
I just want to hold your hand
Tyler Matthew Aug 2017
I don't need no
chains and whips,
sparks fly from
my fingertips.
Magic, the way
you move your hips.
Magic, when you
part your lips.

I'm no sage,
but I can enlighten.
You crawl to me,
you are not frightened.
Sweat and blood,
muscles tighten.
Draw the shades,
don't let the light in.

You kneel before me,
I can't ignore.
You rake my skin,
I ask for more.
I part your legs
and kiss your core.
Falling from you,
what you wore.
Tristan Taylor Apr 2017
And some sisters too...
It’s time!
It’s time to step forward
And proclaim to the people
We love ***
We adore ***
Don’t be offended
It’s just a compliment...

I’m an *** man
That’s who I am
***** shorts are like Spidey Senses
Yoga Pants are letting people know what you haved
Sundress Season makes me incoherent
I don’t give a ****
So many, so little time
If you got a big one, you're considered a dime
I’m not a rapper
But I can rhyme
Some call me perverted
I call me observant
Is that a big crime?
When I stand behind her
And she grinds on me at the time
Don’t trip
Y’all do it too
Some chicks act like it’s a big taboo
It’s really not
It's because you’re hot
I forgot, they get told that nonstop
But that *** though
Make it bounce
I want to tap it
So juicy
So bubbly
So yummy
On top of that, literally she’s a beauty.
Put your hands up like Billy Gunn
If you’re like me
It’s time
To step forward and say
I am an *** man
An appreciation poem about the female hindquarters...
I am boy.
I am boy who enjoy *****.
I am...***** boy.
We need to get more inspired by the *****. Child of *****. (This is a poem I wrote when I couldn't sleep, please don't take it too seriously.)
HotSauceMcPoetry Sep 2015
Le ***** Quest

Glasses up, Hair down
*** up, Face down
Ignore the sisters, I’m after the cousins
The catholic approved crevasse to bust in
I wouldn’t say im obsessed
But the ***** demon has me possessed
I’d call you blessed, its what you guessed
I’m hard pressed to bend you east and get at the west
I’m on a ***** quest with a lascivious request
to admire the caboose cleft
I can’t repent the intent of this unspent cement
But I’ll give up hemp for lent
Embark on a posterior pilgrimage of preposterous proportions,
Devoted to the search for thy voluminous bloons for which I swoon
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