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a rise
Irondale as
home fries
are those
building law
in let
your love
of leaping
volt that
inquiry is
now our
world with
substance the
insistence only
flat with
an arc
of love
Irondale of student housing
CHECA Sep 19
Words of no profit,
Chitchat and debate
worth no participate!
Rather saving the lost,

Edifying the synagogue.
It’s the beast works
For men to mine;
Strifes among themselves,

Diverting the energies
And thinking of disciples
Thousand miles away,
Away from the way,

from what to be acted.
Never forget HE existed,
Existed before thickheaded tail.
The tail never wins at all!

Life, the race across the lake,
Philosophy of man starts
Invading the beliefs of the temple
With false teachings.

Dogmatic mentalities an’ hard cores
Result no spiritual growth.
Be diligent in study of HIS words;
The Truth!
Bard Sep 3
Rinse and repeat and take my seat
Cut into the meat my mouth feels heat
Of a bitter treat sickly sweet
Digress and digest when we meet
No duress when you suggest we eat
Over a meal ideas compete without a defeat
annh Mar 1
You say: I’m impossible,
You say: you can’t talk to me any more,
I say: I listened, I replied, I gave you my opinion.

You just didn’t like what you heard.
‘There is no conversation more boring than the one where everybody agrees.’
- Michel de Montaigne
Levi Jan 29
11 comes 12, then 1 for a new rotation
a fresh start too close to previous victory
"This is what you're made for !
Only you predict the sun"
yet here is the heresy

the sun will only be measured
as a cup is filled to brim
and when each value is tested and weighed
small gold surpasses tin

so when a watch serves its one purpose
who determines its value?
Prisoners can serve one purpose
as leaders do the same

What makes them separate?
What dictates gain?
Condemnation without future reconciliation is too much for humans to bear. I think we’re designed for more than this
A Aug 2018
You cannot change my decision,
you can only make the pain more thorough

Because, you see, this isn't the first moment we're discussing this
this is only the moment I'm showing it to you
this is only the moment I'm sure I'm done.

I've been on my way a long time now,
I've just clinged on
a little while longer
The decision is already taken,
no more words can postpone it
I'm already gone
Oskar Erikson Jul 2018
"you know, being able to grow with someone, or just being there watching someone grow is probably the closest explanation to love i've found during my very short time on earth."

"is it because it's a need? or a want?"

"it's neither i think. think of it like this, have you ever day dreamt about holding someones hand?"

"yes of course."

"what was that feeling, what made you prefer the dream to the day?"

"it's because i knew that it'd happen."

"there we go. because 'you knew'. all the love i've felt comes from the not knowing, or the knowing it'd never come, and to keep loving, even after the realisation, after the heartbreak, the pleading, bartering, sometimes there's just nothing you can do, but love without reciprocation."

"doesn't it hurt?"
"yeah. but love takes many forms. even if its not the one you want."
"i'm sorry."
"but i am not."
For anyone who feels like their love isn't meant to be,
its not to say you will never be loved.
maybe its because your type of love isn't meant to be.
but never stop growing.
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