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Amanda Kay Burke Jul 2021
Nothing there anymore
Everything good thrown out
Did not try to stop it
What is there to talk about?
We have already discussed our problems a hundred different ways
The "context" is not an excuse
how can rumors
be only unfortunate news?

The fault is yours but I am the one you accuse

You appeal to reason and want a truce
but why do I feel like I can't choose?
His4Her is a series of poems with different points of view of fictional people
to the last detail
you know my psyche
you never fail

Perfect behaviour
suspicious to say the least
Witness of your beauty
unaware of you as a beast
His5Her is a series of poems with different points of view of fictional people.
Jury executioner and judge
Using your friend as a lawyer
to deliver your grudge

In every action
you find a flaw
Forever defeated
my aim is a draw
His5Her is a series of poems with different points of view of fictional people.
Rich Jun 2020
Your roots run thousands of years deep
whether you’re proud or not, I haven’t heard it through the grapevine
but I see you sitting still on this rotating axis mid-bloom, rising to my height
rising with the Fahrenheit

Look across, I’m with the cacao trees
growing yet again, dying off yet again
resurrecting yet again, growing, again

on the same soil, we know the flavors of dust after biting worse
we are neighboring streets but parallel worlds
we are all closer than magnets can fathom with tempers of exploding atoms if ever pushed that far

What would it take for you to see through my eyes?

Well, could you race a maze the shape of brain creases and make it from start to finish in the time a fading wick will diminish

but I’ll show you the routes
put your heart in my compass and unlearn the pillars of your thoughts for a moment
I’ll lay a darker foundation for you to build on,
only for a moment, a sec, a yoctosecond
and you can return to yourself

Look me in the soul
spit your lies on the asphalt
exhale the truth and nothing but
even if it burns on the way out of you
it hurts me too

But it’s just the air I breathe. We adjust.

Like mother Earth, we adjust and keep growing, keep growing, keep growing, keep growing.
mikah May 2020
i know somewhere inside that i am living in a
future history lesson.
so why does my life feel so mundane?
i wake up and do chores and homework,
argue with my siblings,
call my friends on the phone.
my life hasn’t paused even though the whole rest of the world has.
i hope it isn’t just me that feels like life is a little too regular for them during a global pandemic. don’t worry- i’m staying inside regardless ! i hope you guys are too!
v Feb 2020
Does the line of comfortability change due to culture? Can you handle less because maybe you did not handle more? Are you over sensitizing because I overheard? Telling me to watch the words I learned at a young age because Susies mom taught her kids those terms?

Do you only laugh at the people you enjoy? Respect the same of your own? Can you respect me even if you don't agree, I don't want to come at you, I don't think Im right but I don't think Im wrong. Agree to disagree simple to say it .

You tell me.... "I AM" part of the queer community as if I don't love a good ***** in the face.
You tell me WHO you are and assume who I am not.
I don't want to take away your voice, I don't disagree, I just wanna say mine too and how I feel....
Rosen Blanche Feb 2020
The resources it takes to process dead flesh, which we know to be riddled with disease, is devastating to the environment because of the waste that is produced. Chemicals that are used such as ammonia and dyes to make the meat look appealing are harmful to the body, and billions of people partake of consuming it every day - a massive scale.

Aside from this, there are plenty of personal reasons to partake in a vegetarian lifestyle. Although we are physically capable of dominating other species it is not our right to hunt and herd to depletion, which is where we are going with the planet at this rate. We were blessed with an intelligent consciousness by our creator, therefore we are responsible for using it and taking care of what we were given here. I no longer feel entitlement to another living creature's life.

Lastly, since I cut the meat out my energy has become more calm and subtle. My physical senses have heightened, yet I never feel extreme sensations of dread or panic as I used to with severe anxiety. I believe this is due to the fact that none of the energy I consume comes from the direct vessel of another living being experiencing consciousness, therefore their energy does not process through my own and express itself in an unbalanced way. If you may find yourself struggling emotionally, this is a natural method I recommend trying.

Not everyone understands free energy exchange, but it is very real. I prefer things that come from the earth, naturally given; green vegetables, fruits, nuts, wheat, and legumes. Dairy is also acceptable because it is a secretion designed for the direct purpose of sustaining life, and does not take away.

Simply eat to live.. do not live to eat.
My experience so far. Emotional disorders have practically disappeared after doing this for a year and a half. This is more balancing for the body than regular meditation. Feel free to share your thoughts if you give it a read.
a rise
Irondale as
home fries
are those
building law
in let
your love
of leaping
volt that
inquiry is
now our
world with
substance the
insistence only
flat with
an arc
of love
Irondale of student housing
CHECA Sep 2019
Words of no profit,
Chitchat and debate
worth no participate!
Rather saving the lost,

Edifying the synagogue.
It’s the beast works
For men to mine;
Strifes among themselves,

Diverting the energies
And thinking of disciples
Thousand miles away,
Away from the way,

from what to be acted.
Never forget HE existed,
Existed before thickheaded tail.
The tail never wins at all!

Life, the race across the lake,
Philosophy of man starts
Invading the beliefs of the temple
With false teachings.

Dogmatic mentalities an’ hard cores
Result no spiritual growth.
Be diligent in study of HIS words;
The Truth!
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