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Phrenic prospectus imagination's immaturity.  Dimensional delineation protractive analysis.  Zoomorphic zoolatry's social contiguity's demagoguery.  Elan vital's apotheosis, oneiromancy's vicariously recalcitrant futurity fatidic.  Prescience clairaudience clairvoyant, astral projection's distance traveled-time spent to dynamic progressiveness, objectified manifest's diminutive minutia iotas, exponentially extemporaneous.  Flirtatious flamboyance extravagantly exorbitant laborious beleaguerment's hypercritically meticulous tedium.  Carousel ceaselessly ceremony chaos character charisma's incarnate.  Fabulist facade fantasia, tesseract, exserted protuberance trapezoidal quadrilateral, rubato rhombus.  Swarthy ******* swath swizzles, unicorn railway nails, down here at the bizarre bazaar we all believe in the blasphemous farcical fugue-ness, estranged ensemble orchestrations and all.  Accidence ambience acoustics, diction's enunciation repartee's rhetoric.  Retrospectively retroactive aorist actuator's attenuating arbitration's eidetic amendment.  Biologism beholden corporeally preternatural's alluvium aloof impunity.  Extremity's  adjunct juxtaposition's transpositional interlude's prophylaxis protocols.  Transcendent nimbus nimiety exorcist.  Proximity parameter perimeter peripherals, harpy harsh hast propinquity habitation's harbingers of harangued.  Exude emote imbue.  Impetus intrigue's intuitional intrepid,  transcendent translucence and opaque opulence.
I'd hate to tell you how much I  enjoy my occasional bowl of quackers.   Contrarily I'm pretty much an eaties man.
The light cast through the window pain
        Reflecting off the dirt and rain
        Caused images that waxed and waned
        Surreal scenes that seemed to feign
        The cool demise of bygone shame

          A demure euphemistic glow
          That adamantly tries to show
          Ethereum it longs to know
Prerogative presumptive judicature, cantankerous cantilever capacity.  Paradoxical dichotomy greaves, gauntlets gamut catalyst abstracts, asymmetrical symmetry.  Objectified manifest's dimensional delineation, intrinsic endemic innate opaque opulence.  Protractive analyses accidence ambience acoustics.  Spatiotemporal telemetry tactician's trajectory extant.
      Prophylaxis protocol annex annul.  Kinesiology kleptomaniac extraversion embezzlement euthanasia extortion, embark embargo extradition.  Aura roan's rainbow mare's nimbus nimiety exorcism.  Corporeally preternatural's existential exigence exodus.  Cerebral cortex's ****** matrix's carousel ceaselessly ceremony chaos character charisma, apex axis crux, exponentially extemporaneous manumission. Categorical imperative hubris, hectic duty deontological probity. 
      Astral projection's clairaudience clairvoyance.   Tenets and principles, maxims and axioms, and doctrinal mandates.  Exserted protuberance's edifice *******.   Exotically ******, ethereally sublime xylem Xanadu sails. Erotica erectile errantry.
      Fulham nuance *****.  Formidable foundry of a foyer fracas.  Harpy harsh hast, atrium attrition seditious.  Oak tree ****** nails, swarthy ******* swath swizzles and unicorn railway sails.  Anchor pin tachometer troll wood harlotry's root clod rudiments, lightning bow hat pick.  Transcendent nimbus nimiety exorcist.  Transpicuous translucence alluvium aloof impunity.
Radix repartee.
If one considers the tesseract  as a worm hole that gets stronger as it traverses the distance traveled time spent to become the clairaudience clairvoyance of astral projection’s existential extremity……..I mean like what is the nature of  exigence exodus’s exponentially extemporaneous.  I mean given that  infinite possibility is the nature of omnipresence’s omniscience and we are but a refractively reflective embodiment  of its integrable form’s extant:   the residual harmonic vibrations of kinetic supremacy’s trajectory.  
So I ask again “Is intellectual sentience the catalyst for the evolution of God?”  Perhaps if we all practice zoomorphic zoolatry on the social contiguities of demagoguery the vicarious recalcitrance of its objectified manifest's dimensional delineations will raise us all to new heights of enigmatism.  
But no, we are but relatively extraneous interpolations of adhesively practical extremity.  We’re not capable of transmuting  our environment with the imbue in the exude of our emote, despite the concoctions we xenobiotic prosthesis.  We are incapable of interceding en masse on our own behalf as an integrated unit.  We don’t amount to the seven five six-y on it to eight.  We are more the four-ness of three given the two-y-ness of one.  The 3D macro of the fecundity of micro’s induction's fertility.

I submit:  
“Before there was anything that mattered everything that would ever be existed , it was the essence of totality , it was without dimensional constriction or necessitated form .  Optimistically speaking time had no relative realism to its progression because realistically nothing had happened yet .  As it continued it became according to its innate inflections as a functionally integrable form .  The questionably understandable nature of its conjunction was an omnipotent directive beyond necessitated action or morphological construction .  The enigmatic consciousness of its relatively interrelated conception was spontaneous and yet it continued without elemental omniscience.”  


“As the relative complexity of its interrelations evolved dimensional consistence was born.  Humanly understandable laws of physical integration governed many facets of its conjunction yet the totality of its ramification was beyond humanly realistic conjecture .”


Given the theory of ultimate entropy and the probable cyclic nature of existence……and given that there probably was no beginning so therefore an eternity has already passed, ”I have a theory: This spatiotemporal fecundity, this creationism occurs at such an imperceptible rate that positive eons of quadrillions of ages must pass in order for the cosmos to replenish its stockpile of physical matter (possibly matter without atomic structure as we know it) so that a new cycle of infinite big bangs in infinite space can occur.”

       Yes, it seems that basic gravity has extent on the extremity.  Huge sections of it slowly implode until the compression causes a singularity, or so it would seem.  Who knows, perhaps some of these big bangs have different periodic tables than ours.  I mean why would they all be the same, given that infinite possibility is the nature of omnipresence’s ubiquity.  
I like to think I cerebral cortex ****** matrix resemble but there’s a vast difference between relative rationality and rational relativity.  Noumenal sentience’s semantic regalia is incorporeity ideology’s platonic proxy incarnate for after all what is the nature of problematic prosthesis to mystic symbiotics?  
Protractive analyses of dimensional delineation are in order.  The basic fecundity of spatiotemporal telemetry’s virility had an exogamy with the infinite vastness and the inky blackness.  It’s some pretty inimitable stuff, trajectory extant and all.  
So, back to the tesseract perhaps the creativities of imagination’s immaturities are teleportational  translucence to transcendency  verve.  Then again perhaps we are corporeally preternatural finites and adjunctly  juxtapositional is beyond our metaphysical mystique………I like to think not!!!  Tesseract.
The Martian warlord's universally acceptable id conclusion on the enigma entity.
Finite fictitious fornicatious faux pas flamboyance flippant flighty
Quantify quixotic quagmire quintessence quantum quasi queasy
Corporeal conjunctive conjugational coercion critique credibility critically
Xenobiotic xanadu xylem xylophagous xerophilous xenophile xylography
Kinesiology kinetics kleptomania kobold kowtow kangaroo court keeky         
Acerbity asperity acuity agility articulation autonomy artistry
Warranty wrangle wrest wrought wroth wreak wrathy
Nimbus nimiety nihilism notorious nostrum notch nugatory
Heuristic holistic homogeny huckster horizon hornswoggle *****
Unary unbridled uncanny unfathomable usurping ultimatum unity
Sensorium subliminal suborn substantiation subtlety solace sultry
Zealotry zygosity zoic Zephyr zilch  zoomorphic  zoolatry
Exoneration eulogy edifice extemporaneous exaserbational exigency enmity
Blasphemously blatant brusque belligerent bodacious bartizan beastly
Repertoire rendition rectitude recital radix repartee ramify
Juxtaposition jaunt jurisprudence jettison jeopardy jocular jouncy
Plenary plenipotentiary pandemic plagiaristic portentous potentate paltry  
Desperate despicable deplorable denigrational denouement douceur dastardly
Grandiose genuflection glitch gestational genre gesticulation gimpy
Yantra yenta yerk yoni yore yowl yogi
Icky icon ichor ictus incus -ics idolatry
Tractive transition tellurian terrestrial tantamount telepathy talismanically
Vast vauntness vector venery verve volition votary
Languishing lurid licentious longevous loquacity lingam lucidity Monstrance mendacity moribund morsel meticulous meatus motivity
Optimal ornate opulence ostensive ordinate odious ornery
Ornery odious ordinate ostensive opulence ornate optimal
Motivity meatus meticulous morsel moribund mendacity monstrance
Lucidity lingam loquacity longevous licentious lurid languishing
Votary volition verve venery vector vauntness vast
Talismanically telepathy tantamount terrestrial tellurian transition tractive
Idolatry -ics incus ictus ichor icon icky
Yogi yowl yore yoni yerk yenta yantra
Gimpy gesticulation genre gestational glitch genuflection grandiose
Dastardly douceur denouement denigrational deplorable despicable desperate
Paltry potentate portentous plagiaristic pandemic plenipotentiary plenary
Jouncy jocular jeopardy jettison jurisprudence jaunt juxtaposition
Ramify repartee radix recital rectitude rendition repertoire
Beastly bartizan bodacious belligerent brusque blatant blasphemously
Enmity exigency exacerbation extemporaneous edifice eulogy exoneration
Zoolatry zoomorphic zilch Zephyr zoic zygosity zealotry
Sultry solace subtlety substantiation suborn subliminal sensorium
Unity ultimatum usurping unfathomable uncanny unbridled unary
***** hornswoggle horizon huckster homogeny holistic heuristic
Nugatory notch nostrum notorious nihilism nimiety nimbus
Wrathy wreak wroth wrought wrest wrangle warranty
Artistry autonomy articulation agility acuity asperity acerbity
Keeky kangaroo court kowtow kobold kleptomania kinetics kinesiology
Xylography xenophile xerophilous xylophagous xylem xanadu xenobiotic
Critically credibility critique coercion conjugational conjunctive corporeal
Queasy quasi quantum quintessence quagmire quixotic quantify
Flighty flippant flamboyance faux pas fornicatious fictitious finite
Finite quantify corporeal xenobiotic kinesiology acerbity warranty nimbus heuristic unary sensorium zealotry exoneration blasphemously repertoire juxtaposition plenary desperate grandiose yantra icky tractive vast languishing monstrance optimal

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Flighty queasy critically xylography keeky artistry wrathy nugatory ***** unity sultry zoolatry enmity beastly ramify jouncy paltry dastardly gimpy yogi idolatry talismanically votary lucidity motivity ornery
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