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Fertile earth’s seductive sorcery
Like ephemeral effulgence’s effluent effusion
Can lead you to believe that it’s not a travesty
Like life’s visceral intuitive eternal is not lost in subtle evasive confusion

Life’s virile translucence reflects this glow
Like an aorist ensemble of interludes transposition
Can lead you to believe that you’re in the know
Like omnipresence presages omniscience’s ubiquity is existential exigency’s peroration’s exposition

Corporeally preternatural's metaphysical mystique
Like a mirador bartizan tableau panorama
Can inspire us to rise above its critique
Like spatiotemporal’s telemetry incarnate is creation’s vivid intrepid cyclorama

Spectral verve’s liaison’s consortium
Like eclectic synectic’s conclave’s fatidic
Can leave you lost in germane compendium
Like terminus thrall’s apriori inclination is transcendental accession’s endemic mnemonic

Monad’s transitional majestic splendor
Like residual harmonic vibration’s resilience
Can autonomously evoke and vicariously render
Like rubato’s actuator’s prospectus revealed is orchestration rendition’s intriguing brilliance

Eidetic preterit’s aesthetic amendments
Like protractive analyses’ dimensional delineations
Can lead to cogent salacious enticements
Like phantasmagoria’s fantasia fantastication’s magniloquence is sultry solace’s ostentatious ideation
I wrote this poem at the request of my best friends wife when he was dying of a brain tumor.  I like to think it helped.
To say that the metaphysical mystique of the human race
is an imaginary condition is a gross denial of evolutional
principle .  What then is the nature of problematic prosthesis,
the personification of sartorial perfection , or the picturesque
visage of spectral grace ?
Impertinence important, inadvertency inaplicable, initiate innate interpreters intervene intricacy.  Inane inerte, inertia innate: carousel ceaselessly ceremony chaos character chrisma, harpy harsh hast severities, emanate imminent perdition asperities.  Down here at the bizarre bazaar we all believe in the blasphemous farcical fugueness, estranged ensemble orchestrations and all.  We are even into the various assorted forms of related stranger weirdness.  Similar states of analogous contusion and ancillary subordinateness.
Swanky sauntering swagger of a sashay.  Verve’s chutzpah, moxie savvy's panache, dexterously agile acuity.  Articulate coordinated excellence and prowess’s talented exceptional.  

Intrepid intuitive intrigue, mystical magical multifariously versatile nefarious nemesis.  Malfeasance evocative tout, execrating eventuation evocative expletives, executant tour de force entelechy's apotheosis.  Ne plus ultra irrefragable opulence, erudite illuminism numinous piquant poignancy.  Dynamic livid lurid vagile puissance.  Lucid orotund sonorous fecund resilience.  

Eloquent exuberance felicitous transcendent epiphany.  Nuance tactile audacious preternatural metaphysical clairvoyant imperative.  Augur quantum ominous avant-garde profundity, virulent vivid indomitably indefatigable cogent fatidic, quintessential deft.  Celerity innovative veracious metamorphic adroit nimble avid austere. 

Fulgurous astute atman clever crafty rapacious sagacious.  Effulgent zealous fastuous temerity machismo enunciation diction, imperative repartee.  Exserted protuberance educement proclivities succinctly ostentatious.  Ardent arduous inductive adamant incursion ostensive hornswoggling swashbuckler!
Sometimes a man's got to rant!!  Extraversion embezzlement euthanasia extortion, embark embargo extradition!  Ostensibly decadent arrogance and blatant flagrancy.  Annex annul.  Exotic trollwood harlotry and mule kit blues.  Deally romp resembla blur!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Purely noumenal or epistemologically maieutic?   Existentially transcendental transmogrification, transmute, transude, transubstantiate.  Spiritual apercu’s incarnate.  Infinite possibilities eidetic prospectus perpetrates incorporeity ideology’s perfectible ontology.  Elan vital’s entelechy’s apotheosis.  Psychic clarity’s evolutional ascension.  Perpetuity’s adamant tenacity.  Sentience’s inevitably irrefragable logistical tactician.  Preternatural’s ostensibly immortal fecund.  

Yes, lie with me and I will indeed proceed to exceed the parameters of your mind with mesmerizingly enrapturing ecstatic euphoria.  Sublimely surreal futurity fatidic and  decadently arrogant blatant flagrancy.  Incorrigible atrociously impetuous impudence,  pusillanimous no.  Enthrallingly endearing sensually demonstrative flirtatious flamboyance.  What’s to extravagant exorbitance portray……… exserted protuberance’s indefatigably indomitable.  Sexuality’s infrangibly latent virilities, erotica erectile errantry’s hubris!  Feral phrenic frenzied ****’s salaciously seductive.
Prophylaxis protocol's impecunious obviation.  Irate tirade treatise, vehement escapade tedium.  Corrupt costume counselor siren skeptic.
Somewhere between the here and now lies a place forever, where I stand with you in the morning sun beside a waterfall and watch the river of creation flow gently to the sea .

To take you in the water like a nymph all dressed in dew , while our sprits soar to mountain tops to fly with eagles and climb with ewes . In love is an eternity that cannot be concealed , but no matter what you say of it it’s only what you feel .
A common thread our swanky prance
Obdurate circles while we dance
Harmonious we'd make romance
And for each other we'd enhance
With eloquent and wanton stance
While willingly we take the chance
To reach across unknown expanse
And though akimbo not askance
We flaunt unfettered by durance
While at each other we would glance
As if enraptured by a trance
Inspired by a poem called DNA by a poet on another site
Accidence ambience acoustics find
Tractive tactile taciturn went
Cantankerous cantilever capacity bind
Wanton wayward warranty pent
In extremis extremity exigence grind
Apriori aorist actuator glint
Futurity fatidic's fornication wind
Lecherous libido larcenies bent
Lurid livid laconic mind
Exergonic ephemeral extant spent
Exorcism exodus
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