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Karijinbba Sep 20
Allert: Not a poem
but a story on actual facts
Someone is trying to sicken me
to ****** me for a long time now.

I have more lives then a cat or blessingis from above in heaven
who knows I am Innocent.

Dr LPoop...inares trusted was
like any patient
to an urgent care doctor would.

The Lord's light does show
right from wrong
and to intuit right
on any malignant greedy
red flags popping op in in clinics
ER clinics and in the occasional past visitations to hospitals.

I haven't hindered any of  you
**** you evil doers greedy predators
paranoid are yourselves
you are not a doctor but a butcher
I can read you loud and clear.

You and your partber in crime
are so transparent!
I hardly know you, why trash patients
It's a patients right
to protect his or her life
at any age time and place.
Mexican American lives matter

Who is the paranoid?.
Dr Lpoop..inares is paranoid about unpaid huge medical school bills!!
As God is my witness
I encomend my spirit soul
into the living God
and not to your plot.
I am not a dog but a human being
I am giver of life lover of life
not the **** that greedy enemies
paint me to you all.
Your partner in crime hell nurse nemrA his thousand page paperwork you two required of this patient
doesn't ring the wise senior bell
as any legit benefit
to this outpatient
not one bit

As God is my witness
my life matters.
No one owns me
neither does LA care medical,
nor the dental covert malignant fashist network of malignant
greefy thugs wellcare-easy choice!

No "Care first"!, home therapist is needed
nor anything you two proposed
your once per week exercising lessons deal is a joke.
for any two months once a week
what a ***** wolves deal scam!

Your malignant narcissistic requirements was understood requiring of me to sign vogus hundreds of documents
for over two hours paperwork
filled up all alone at home
but not in your office!!
doesn't ring the bell to being
legitimate or in patients best interest.

Death comes to all the filthy beast
such as yourselves
human beings too
but i won't participate
in my own demise for some
stranger's finantial gane.

My life matters
no real doctors would trash patients
nor call them paranoid like you called me on the phone.
This ex urgent care patient refuses to believe
averting danger to his ***** plot
I never hurt a fly
if I don't have to
why target me?

Sounds more like a life insurance policy scam where patient isn't
to take a hint of what ttouble
they are getting into
your malice and greed.

So Dr Lpoop..inares you savage
go to hell
see how I return
everything evil back to you
all you intended for my old age
and bind it to you and your ***** associates in crime for all eternity.

You **** bags of Earth
The devil isn't as manipulative
as your cruel deceiving trick
life insurance scam.
With one hand you write prescriptions
and with another you plot patients demise at your convenience!
and in my own home!

you are so easyly readable a malignant narcissist

1:-No whole body scan will be allowed 2:-No contrast galodemium metalic poison injected either as you sugested!

You didn't even order any blood lab work for me ever
legitimate doctors do order labs.
This beautiful in and out mother grandmother heroine has God's protection!

You requested for me an X-Ray for a lung lump! What lump?
On whose lung?-Not mine!
definitly not this person writing here!

Most likely your very own lung lump
Lpoop...inares your very black lung.
heartless soul you

The state of greed malice by thugs in sheep's clothings united in a team of scammers murderers and thieves
with their very dark geneologic tree plots running through
their ugly **** veins.
Medical graduate **** abounds as kegitimate ER front enterprise not so legit doctors nurses most all graduate young
owing so much in student loans debt
killing the elderly deceitfully
by pretending paperwork is needed
for bogus in home unecessary
Mystic Ink Plus Sep 2018
Even when
Hope seems malignant

Still there is life
Keep breathing
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Applied Antidote
Christopher KD Mar 2015
They'll find me hanging upside-down.
Ankles bruised by the ropes
From which you strung me up for field dressing.
Lacerations where you’d cut my throat,
Bled me dry, spilt my guts,
And broke past my ribs, to uproot my heart.
Can they carbon date the remains of my reputation?
Trace the ****** back to your mouth?

Will they know the cause of death to be the
Malignant rumors you couldn’t help but spew?
Your false words: the final nail in my coffin.
Do you regret ever letting them past your lips?
Slowly, my reputation crippled by the aggressive
Cancer that was your embellished utterance.

And it didn’t bother you in the slightest.
You marveled at the sight of my struggle.
And amazing how these things seem to spread.
One caustic, contagious, breath from you was all it took.
Though the slanderous virus wouldn't make it 'til morning;
Addicts to their fix; gossips, crave your empty words.
Like *******, the rush is intense but brief.
Interest fleeting, they move on.
Off to the next peddler.

For all these inconveniences, I thank you.
Thank you for lifting the masks that curtained your distorted self.
How blind I must have been not to see it outright.
Another leech, feeding on slighted words.
And to think; all it costed you to buy in
Was me...
DaSH the Hopeful Jul 2014
I filled my bullet holes from the inside out
Concrete substitutions for flesh laid by a man of stone
So cold to the touch in the moonlight hours
I almost forget I was ever warm
Perforated to the core of my being
My initial rebuttal to the pain i felt was to harden myself
Teach myself to live with the cold
And look towards the solid shadows I then casted for inspiration to carry on
Fool myself into believing in the wholeness of a broken man
I lived as a creation of my own twisted and transformed imagination day in and day out
Dragging along the heavy weight a shield of hate brought with it
The problem being
Behind that shield I was protected fully from any outside source of grief
But I was trapped as well
A layer of thick rage and apathy deflecting any and all other emotion
A poison that constantly ate at what was left of me
Soon I became too weak to stand
The price you pay for being invincible against all other forces is that you can never stop yourself from dying on the inside
I had built a fortress to no avail
Because I had trapped the evil within myself
On my knees, my body rotting away
What was left of my flesh began to shrink back
The concrete was losing its grip the walls of skin that held them in retreating
The evil had won
Chunks of cement fell to the ground and crumbled
The agony indescribable
I was losing the last ounce of security I had left in this world
I was weak and the heaviness of the shield left when I could no longer hold it
I was defeated
I sat awaiting a death that in my mind was the only thing left assured to me
But it never came
Instead, I saw the sun rise over the horizon
I felt its warm rays on my disfigured flesh
And all around me was illuminated
In the light I saw how horrible what I had done to myself really was
At the price of living I had bought myself immortality
Nothing more than a cruel joke
Night never came again
And eventually I stood up
The light shone through my bullet holes as I did and the last of my disgust for the world was gone
I buried the shield and the crumbled stone deep in the darkness and never went back
Because no matter what may have been in my past, no matter how much blood I had shed, I knew that now I could live,


— The End —