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Aiyo,I'm steppin' to the beat, like I'm ******* owning it, sewing it, with many stitches laid to corporate,
And there I had to sit,
On so many hits, its so legit,  once I **** this hammer ****, these fools crumbling,
I'm humbling, myself to the ******* game mayne, and I'm never ever,
Gone spit the same flame, I'm on track when I'm off track a true black,
Republican and far from a Democrat, yo I'm still tryna liberate my own people,
Keep my eyes on the fish eyes of the glaring evils, too many tunes to jam, so I'm living music sequels,
We both different so we cant be matching equals, I keep my crew laced, blasting shots like my homie Segal,
We taking wings, pass the heights of a soaring eagle,
That's just life I live, so I gotta keep it up,
Tryna shade me, ***** but I dont give a ****,!!

Dark tinted limos on the highway riding by, my girls giving me head, with a naked top to the sky,
Im pushin'  a dial, that'll make ya high, I'm scaling, too much money in this world, to be failing,
Ya slippin, dont matter how many emcees, I done ripped in,  
I keep extra clips frozen within, ya feelin,  the rhythm of blues, that'll blow up ya mental fuse,
Meditate to the divine news,
So What, ya (feelin it), I love the sounds, of cristal, im sippin' it,
Why y'all ain't living ****, critics yo, I stay above it, now haters wanna shove it,
But gotta embrace the tactics of a wordsmith, while I get busy with a spliff,
I keep my mind to edge of the cliff,
It got me lift, flowing as I'm going, yall ain't seein' the knowledge, that I've been sewing,
I can Feel the reapers growing,

Even though jay came through, yo he wasnt  playing, and every beat I had to do a ******* slaying, still tryna get a pay in,
See where my thoughts weigh in, lost , inbetween love and lusts guillotine,
Tryna be a king, supreme life dreams, themes of a crack fiend, circling,
Envisions of a broken cling,
I'm a champion, so everybody gets a ring, the seasoned veteran, hittin ya once again,
And every and now then,
I leave my **** in a hen, see the styles I'm pitching, it got me twitching,
If I fall off, no need for *******, I'll just bring the heat back into the kitchen,
Warming it up, til I'm drenched in, sweating,
Money armageddon, put ya bets in,
Y'all will be underwater, lyrics soaking, while I'm on top,my success floating, uh
Executive decisions, from the divine commission, hope yall listening,
While the winds whistling, tryna score points to anoint, to a christening,
Knowledge is power, and dont grow sour, plant the seeds, see the flower,
Of my infamous prowess, I suggest yall take it as a diss, cry out a nemesis,
My thesis, the coldest new genesis, yo I hope yall feeling this, styles crisp,
Deeper than an abyss, penetrate a kiss, from my girls lips, rock the hips,
Uh im loving it, hovering it, complications lead to fragile destinations,
Of creation, never stop my station, of the visions focus like a Mason,
No need for chasing, women no ***** wasting, begins a facing,
Off with the temptations, papa was rocking them stones, all alone,
My gems was dropping, topping out all over the fashion flavaz, grazer,
Of the universe, I'm Berius growing furious, at the young earth,
Since my birth, I gotta mission, enlighten the souls of the people, before I vanish,

A chosen child, amongst the wild, pack a linguistic of Kyle, southpark,
Only walk outside when it's dark, in the park, happy as a lark, catch the spark,
From the falling stars, yo do they know who we are, DMX, swift when I plex,
Push the lex, let the dome lights sparkle my baguettes, never hit cigarettes,
Only to cigars I lit, boss hit on some mafiaso type ****, hype my pitch,
When I spit, watch the demons circle around, catch me dreaming,
I'm intervening life and death, in between and, it got me fiending,
Like a ****** like my womens chunky, in the *****, slim waist with hour glasses,
Tidy up my stashes, no hashtaggin this, I keeps it 100 with my fans man,
And I hope yall understand, if I die I'll still be amongst the presence, as a stand
Like michael peeling back the pain bands, see the masses in my hands,
They dont give a **** about us, see how the many hole I could poke, in justice,
Just as, look at the chaos that spins like taz,  manian devils, lookin for rebels,
We gate keepers of the mice galaxies, so why dont you follow me,
If you ain't scared of mockery, and probably I be marked like Jesus at 33,
Higher the degrees, the deeper the seas, I dont wanna drown, pass up forth downs,
All around I left my soul to be found, at the lands of only, where the enlightened can be found,
Living life lavish, journey through the mind of a sane savage,
Like randy keep at least, ten thou bands on me, not to be cocky,
Mind state wealthy, body healthy, move like a snake so I'm stealthy,
Not in a bad stitch, I just gotta watch a witch, brewing up a spell,
Downcasted from the skies, and up rooted from the depths of hell,
And you can tell, by the smells, of foul preys lurking close by, your pathway,
Donne Hathaway, project kid looking at what the industry did,
Ghetto manifesto, is the infamous principle, swayed and learned from criminals,
Of government corruption, pent to to an abruption, ceased the interruption,
Masculinity, needs to be back in the community, they misusing me,
Check the title, I'm feeling stings from my rival, still a ghetto kid survivor,

Now I'm making cheese, I'm catching these felines in a sneeze, pleas,
Saying they wanna bless you, only to stress you, scope you as a visual,
Then say they independent yo, on the tik or snap show, catch a blow,
Below it used to be, about love now we all about the misguided rainbows,
There he go, mister controversial sorry I cant phantom a minstrel show,
Black vs black, used our people, as an attack, see I strikes back,
Label me, the cold villain in black, I'm MF Doom back from the tombs,
Since I was in the wombs, rocking the cradle, i knew i was greater,
Destined for a beautiful cater, Caribbean queens looking so supreme,
But she caught in the lustful stings, precious life is but a dream,
Still rep for the seven signs, so haters make way, or else face the gun line,
End your sunshine, watch darkness, carry out deaths spine, sitting divine,
High and mighty with the moonshine, looking at the moon shine,
Feel me going off the timeline, flashback to the days when I had a woody bat,
Crack these fake cats, imagine that, me chilling wack, but the gods is black,
Ac dc charge and all that, timeless essence when I bless the tracks stats,
Climbing higher than ya desire, miss the flames of the eternal fire,
Satan's must the messiah, cuz jesus always tapping the wire, Angel's in filthy faces,
Skipped the cases, once I plant the different money races, new face lifts,
Off like Castroy to Travolta, pumps jam to a super soaker, eating fried okra,
Yo it's over, waxing the deepest terrains on your membrane, kin to Caine,
Hung with Castro, cigar blowing in circles, knowledge bans of purple,
Check the electro disco, kid breaking down all these new gigs, split wigs,
Like digs from oil rigs, let my girl puff her e'cig, see the whole world rigged,
But took the steps to miss the bids, stabbed the illuminatis eyelids,
See the secrets, been revealed will I see heaven or hell, miss the carousel,
Traveling tryna make bail, my thoughts failed, tryna carry out the mail,
Folks too busy tryna sail, onto the ocean of a false notion, as I'm coasting,
Only to the real, so I hope yall feel, these words you'll eat like ya last meal,
Supper thirteenth hustler, scope the Judas's this is ludicrous, analyze this,
Tik tockers walking, gangsta stalking mad cuz I took the kings steps of Walken,
Christopher set trends, smoke out myBenz, no lends see hearts of evil, collapsing,
Living life livida loca, love womens from all different sorts of chocha,
On the coast of, Costa Rica I gotta keep it real still fill knowledge to ****,
Any plot laid against my will, no longer popped the blue or red pill,
I just stay, true to myself image of god in the flesh lay on the mightiest,
Breast in the east to the west, yes I got the curse of Solomon's bless,
Too many wifey's, tryna knife me, but I focused on a higher synergy,
Baby girls chasing the world, I'm tryna show her how hell loves to curl,
Us into devious ambition, she cant see the suspensions of visions,
Deeply align, to the serpentine divine, watch the backs of the felines,
Conniving tactics, with a bitten apple, I take a toast of henny and the snapple,

Some people will hate you, and some will love you, but the ones who love you,
Quick to bury you, deeper than quick sand, understand the masterplan,
I lay destiny in my hand, flirt with her but never propose marriage to her,
Cuz she'll have you, friending for her, like the chilites or the jodeci fever,
I just leave it to ******'s, dams buildup the back woods, and control my woods,
Never did like the hoods, it's so misoverunderstood, planned parenthood,
Love to see us fry, look in they eyes,
You'll see its closed, from all the evil shadows, sunshine battles,
With the darkness, like who's the smartest, I just sit back n let my mind digest,
**** these simps and political correctness, poetically I'll still progress,
This ain't a script from Porgy and Bess, buddha monk to help my consciousness protest
Money clothes to hoes, fashions shows, see the blood on the front of the door,
Hallways, always had killers with aks no delays, I'm just tryna get a stay,
Where my head lay, too many folks out for the wicked display, hands for pray,
Laced together, thinking like how lord, can we live in peace together,
Through many seasons of weather, I'll still endeavor, over many boulders levers,
And the heavens, poured out a water spout, no doubt, had to learn a new route,
Or else face the gun muzzle snout, to my mouth, streaming many tears,
Tried to swallow my fears, yo my brothers had beef with some money arrears,
My visions was blurred, far from clear, sneaks of the shot gun, plot scheme
And run, they did for fun,
I knew death was the outcome, I'm feelin like Socrates,
always outnumbered and out gunned
yo Son!
I'm looking to the sky, like why, so many days
To nights like this,
Ludricous child stuck in the wild, never knew the cracks of a smile,
Joker war play foul, oenophile meanwhile, as I spread my wisdom senile,
Twist my henny, like the necks of an owl, instincts lurking, got my conscious in a growl,

Preachers on the streets, but still cant stop the violence that speaks,
Silently, riot violently, can't throw up, the peace sign, if we hate ourselves,
****** robbing ******, for bare minimum figures, catch the pictures,
Stainless scriptures, end days in all ways, folks will be starving always,
Mentally spiritually, they don't see what I see, place my thoughts at the sea,
So I can be free, free my mind from the guilts leased off of mankind,
Still sippin dolla wine, got jesus grief in my bloodline, watch for the signs,
Seven horns, with seven storms, catch the swarm no good luck charm,
Will stop the alarm, from waking up, pain chaos and corrupt,
Will come to an end, let the fire of wrath expose within, while we living,
I'm only giving, the harsh truth, watch the demon troops for the scoops,
Focus ready aim, one eye closed for the final shoot,
Another soul under the earth's boot, smoke trees til I extend my roots,
In the auroras, hit my thoughts like Dora soon to explore tha,
Vessel seeds to the divine creeds, let knowledge to mankind bleed,
Worded coated like DiVinchi, saw death in the forms of a frenzy, ya feel me?
Yes yes yall yess yes  yall we finna have a ball,,

Yes yes yall yess yes  yall we finna have a ball,,

What's up honey, I see you looking good, love dove, come gather a hug,
Im Not a **** or a bug, I just wanna keep you snugged, tight under my sight,
Pictures of us, family divine chosen, graze for the ozem, til we frozen,
Wealth stance, focus on the skies romance,  take a glance, at the weather,
Clouds speaking, saying let's stay together spiritually sewed, so endeavor,
The free breeze, from the wind talking these,    aired out my poetry, symphony,
Babygirl it's just you and me, we ain't gotta be, each others enemy,
Hair wavy, pretty as can be, love the way your honey buns seats,
Greets, a certain kind of measure, love ya feminine texture, quoted in scripture,
Psalms 31, and I knew this day would come, kiss your tears, sway from the slums,
And baby girl dont play dumb, followed the heartbeats to your drum,
And how come, so many wanna see us, break males out the scenery,
Sweet scent so heavenly, cleverly I sit back and watch the bees, laying honey,
Its funny, these leeches ain't got no heart, stuck with you, from the very start,
Couldn't see us apart, ways everydays I think of new ways, to glaze,
Ya mind shine, like the sun half women half amazing, eyes glaring staring,
Deep into my soul, feel your love losing control, Iet me take steer,
Of ya wheel, give you a feel that you could never feel, true whip appeal,
Baby face, lotions is potent got my nose open, visuals to a scoping,
Slim waist, gave my mental glands a taste, leaning on the tips of faith,
Got me losing hope and, wicked shell, got me looking jealous as hell,
Must a be spell, somewhere I'm fallen like Denzel, will I ever prevail,
They say love and lust, dont go together but I see they love to be severed,
I put my money, over mind and mind over time, chilling in the lights of lime,
Sublime signs, giving to me be the unruly divine, lay my finger tips on ya spine,
Look deep into your eyes, count the sparkle, like the sunrise, hot in your thighs,
Feel your pie, baking soon begins, a vibration, channel the station,
It's just you and me, taking on society quietly, I write so peacefully,
Can you see me, naw dont run from the treasures, of nights in pleasure,
I can tell, ya vibes got alot on ya shell, so just let my love dwell, break ya spell,
Kiss and tell, yo it never fails, let me stand on top, knock out ya knots,
Ya so ****, you could make desert rocks cry, without tears falling, from the sky,
And dont ask why, I feel like this, I m.just letting the spirits walk this,
Talk into your brittle soul, regain the console, from the degrees of your angle, let me untangle, your love bow, I can feel it deeply in a strangle,
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