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Aiyo its gravy these fools acting to lady see the michaelangelo
Guns flows attracting murals painted ya own funeral criminals
Taxes black wall street back at this told yall im too crisp
Suckas dressed casket sharp but wont see the clips in the dark
I spark like joints django hard to untangle the lango feel me
Flow set like a bomb to blow cops show no bodies to go
To the coroner yo you'll probably be a foreigner I'm scoring ya
Tallies over the dead it's like a script from what Moses said
Burning the bush chilling in the land of Kush feeling like Black Bush
Art of war learner graze a burner descendant of Nat Turner
Lot of folks saying they wanna die but scared to see the fry
Heaven ain't easy but hell is easy if ya feeling the prophecy
Scorned my legacy and probably I'll be somewhere sitting in a chair
Roman chains across the brain Caesar gains corporate fame
See my names in the books on the walls of the unnamed same
Theme different tunes ****** knocked out like James Tooney
And if you doubting me please believe I'll show ya the toolie???
While folks waiting on a reality page I see the world characters staged
Engaged by a twelve gauge of hate it's all a propped stage crops
They wonder why so many of em drops they playing us
Emotionally controlling us telling us what's feelings over lust?
We real they fake I intake stab the deepest in yo heart rate
Unleashed ya vampire energy brace in synergy see new energy
Form my portals Goku disciple super saiyan know what I'm sayin'
Two ways to blaze through guns and **** touching the suns
Hearts of men ease my sins with a couple shots of gin
Studied the past to know the future they talk right to ya
Truth in plain sight assassin waiting for my blasting
New casting camera lights flashing JFK MLK autopsy display
Or is it a mass ****** dummy display to take away
The emotions of humans coasting they minds of free thoughts
Remember what G Clinton told yall dont let them control yall
Think it ain't illegal yet so I'm used to the death sounding threats
The Network I'm Mr Beale can you appeal head shots you'll feel
Become apart of my movie reel til the very day I die from the steel
Only the real with souls can feel my **** til the spirits spill
Ya know the deal when you roll out the fakes see how blood spills
Machiavellian candidate playing as the Hood hero Senate
They cant stop the John Wicks from dropping multiple hits
So let me stop myself now I'll see yall soon in my platinum casket
We build up just tear down each other fighting over crowns
No turfs see hostility surf over the atmosphere lurks
Somebody always gunning for number 1 after them
Leave em stun same cycle same pun it's a paced run
I sit back like a jungle cat tree lounging and housing
My opinions the foundation of my mind focus on the grind
And mind ya own business I'm giving ya the real business
So many looking for hands out only when they want the clout
Abuse your name just to get 5 minutes of fame untamed
Souls range from the wicked to the wickedest sick of this
Matrix metropolis it's hard to take a cop at this suns is crisp
Burning every inch of sin I see the battles of Armageddon
Angel's and demons flesh hunting yo smoke something
Look around you theirs always ya conscious taunting

The clothes the shoes the jewels the hat dont equals real stats
You just another mix added to the batch to the human catch  
Souls tryna break away but cant castaway cuz of worldly delay
Everyday they try to sway ya into the entrapment of reality  
It's a joke loc just seehow the pistols smoke overseas no trees
Deserted island creeds evil men frightened to lose their deeds
That's why they try to maintain their position for their ego to feed
Off as a leech then breach the public with lies of the unseen eyes
Stys all over the media I see ya you cant play a true soldiers
Embrace one another it dont matter the colors sisters to brothers
I used to think white and black but now I see the greys of days
No clouds suns getting colder nights much stronger and longer
Chronicles of Riddick spotted aliens rolling past our distance
Bigger plans if remove the all seeing hands throwing up signs
Put a stake to mankind lizards amongst us trust us
Celebrities also apart of the bust dont matter the station
Ya tuned in we doomed in this so called fantasy my life
A fake reality learn who you really are break away from this technology
Brotherhood misunderstood black jails waiting for the bail
Skins locked over my souls broken celestial open portals
Of new ways these days I plays ultimate blue ray DVDs
See me on ya TVs splitting hood mentality up my locality
Vibes only with the Gods knowledge over broads expose frauds
Days of lives laying bones across my own funeral home throne
Awaits at the highest gates I'm in another mind state activate
Wait it's too late see the guns aimming for my pate
13th crown barrier minus 1 you get 12 enemies that surrounds
See my Judas through hugs of buddha aim my ruger
Carefully hunting thee souls up for collections prophecy  
Ya majesty returning things they way they need to be slowly
Dont play yaself G get bopped like ***** shows no agony
Pain cant defeat me only death of a grave scenery switch poetry
I know my endings near G wont get to see the end of 2020
Fast forward to 2021 that's where my soul became one with the Sun

Battleground victory all over my enemies feel like pac feel
Feel like biggie and **** C it's too real candy coated grill
Nose candy got me reminiscing off of Wonkaz gallery gaze
No LSD so take a trip with me down the barrel of insanity amazingly
The crossover was comfy met up with Eazy Es he told me
Death was best thang that happen to me along with Jimi
Hendrix still strining left guitar spiritual ground all stars
Saw my faults through the sins of man but then again I bend
The laws of men took on the principle of the dead living
Seth the god of death every breath is carefully prepped overslept
My brains on overloads waiting to explode my cells diodes
Codes only spoken with the unseen codeine settles my spleen
DJ ***** gave me the tools also too splitting the megahertz
Bass in ya grill oh so real divine soulful feels jdilla appeal
It's like a gangsta pressing the codes of the heavenly beats seal
Into ya head vibe off of my notes this is raw poetry that's bred
Revisit the past good laughs no blood baths war rage paths
No sweat to math money is the common vocab I stab
Pens to paper crusader claw my critics double S Vega
Couldn't slay a samurai let the sweat drip from my third eye
No sty hang with only with the wise guys let souls fly fry
Into another dimension strengthen grips with no tension
Put em in suspension hope you listening glock seasoning
Cook ya flesh I can attest **** the rest say it with my chest
Been made to die that's why I keep my ears pierced to the skies
Summertime rituals make for the best burials pictured murals
Of me granddaddy mack OG sitting on the painted walls comfy
Good times good rhymes rolling off the ills of a pill hang time
Like jordan placed up what the **** up in the cut gangsta strut
Cold brew sipper watch the honey drippers she's a stripper
Never tip her let the 9 inch wide hummer ride slide n glide
In between her thighs amazing grace temptations raced faced
With agony earth angel mentality been ready to D-I-E
Like Biggie naturally or through barrel of nine staring at me
Rupture soul out of control see invisible scrolls death row
Name on it let me spawn it certificate of my death wanted
Fond on a memory rejoining my baby Lelei I see thee
Sitting on the seven golden hills spliffin off of the fake reals

Check me once never twice crown seven chakra christ
What's naughty or nice? Keep mics to amps mad spliced
Coldest in the booth been troublesome since my youth
Hellraiser torn blaser
Shoot through my optics red hot laser stings like a taser
Make ya dance once the rhymes to beat glance chance
Ya very thought know thy will still tackle the thrills
Cold chills from the world feel the heartbeats of the unfilled
Scorn vessels night time day dreaming celestials
Is it god or the devils to test you what if they the same crew?
Ying and yang still jam Wu Tang suckas cant hang boomerang
Flows back and forth again
Sucker punch take ya money for ya lunch then have a gun brunch
Set tripping off the circuits we ripping let music within
Heals all ya sins before the massacre listen to Afrika
Was a slave now I'm the master joker state disaster
Can ya keep ya heat up naw cuz the cold temps rising up
Take over crossover deaths staring at ya shoulders it's over
Grow tips of the Saturn's wheel off the steel shark appeal
Oh so real outkast watch for the blast no ski mask task
It's the gods back to massage park bullets head in ya garage
No mirage heat summer collage this pain you couldn't dodge
Ram there I am I slams critics like a gravel dont give a  ****
Broke from sanity now I'm insanity dying like BJ before thirty three
Looking for my enemies they know who the **** they are
Look me in my eyes before you let the bullets release  
Let my heartrate ceased no justice no **** peace
As my blood increase over the concrete the police
Snapping my shots eyes open body slowing in a rot
There I was with a circle of thugs around me like a hug
No more bugs of drama **** my baby mamaz trauma
Invoke on my family they made a better man of me
Now I see peace on the other side of humanity finally
Me and god smoking cigars cruising on clouds in a jaguar
Glasshouse looking good see all my fallen homes from the hood
And there I stood giving me dabs still busting my raps
With the mic in my hand burning like a candle brim tilted halo

Learned the rules to Sun Tzu so what the **** ya gone do
When a crew roll up on you switched up my view made the news
Early but surely still blazing my blunts cherries rarely
Seen the sunshine only when the guns taps a soul flatline
Doctors tryna operate but my body holding on for dear fate
Wait I'm stuck in between two worlds faith see much hate
How can I shake the sadness demons clinging on madness
Huh wish I was never born wouldn't even have to face a storm
Feels like my life is **** getting ****** over by media soldiers
They love to  see ya die then make profits off of bitter lies
Nobody cries for the African babies who died but folks cried
For the politicians who constantly lie
Fried died laid to the side
Tales from the raw hide see how many souls wanna collide
Make this song cry fill the skies eyes of millions ol' souls ties
Into my rhythm of blues leave multiple clues glues
The every naysayer players straight hellraiser wings a blazer
Watch for gods taser soon to be shell shocked glaciers
Of ice sitting nice on my crown 72 center central point
Anoint all my enemies feel my soul glow black rock n roll
Gangsta stroll bang harder than Kid Rock check the knocks
From deaths door there I lays on the floor looking for war
Corridor broke the earth's shore my wings flying *******
Linked up with my past spiritual blast gold tilted cask
King tut mask built for early death stage razzmatazz  
Cradle born in the devils manger everyday new dangers
Facts is stranger than fiction break jurisdiction intuition  
Sitting deep than ocean waters watch for sirens daughters
Sing a note burn a smoke **** inhales no chokes locs
Out on every corner new mourner sun glazed skin sauna
Piranha my critics break bad habits with mental tablets
Sixty six commandants worn as a pendant superintendent
Grims next door neighbors been quoted off bad behavior
I'm in need of a savoir tryna get a new styling flavor
But I cant shake the pain that leeches to my brain
Same ol thangs so many still doing the chicken wangs
Since I'm mortal cant double dutch that's why my souls in a crutch
Still feeling the pain off of forty year reign Solomon chains
Demon orings like the rain that stings and let chaos bring
Eye for an eye tooth for tooth let the realness chip my tooth
Son of the dead God why cuz the living god want us to fry
**** the novices I cut the diamonds the freshest golden eye
Let the trigger fly see the needles flow through a cathedral  
Hatred of evil back again sitting on my throne cleansing sins

Ever since I took my first breath cant shake the faces of death
Every step I take every move that I make it's like a heartbreak
Stakes between the real and the fakes jakes to the snakes
Hiding in the grass I mash the gas let my conscious visit the past
I had a vivid dream flashback of beautiful Neshelle dwell
Resting her beautiful body in a shell saw myself as well
Round tables no cables holding up though it may seem like fables
To the average humans that label spiritual Bethlehem  
Covering the bloods of the lambs its slaughter of the ******
Babylon been waiting for the slam cant dodge the mayhem
War spread spears through men's and womens heads bred
A lion's feast leased from the belly of the beast no retreats
See the great kings and queens that seat in the universe
I rewrite the verse that was made inside of a curse whatz worse?
Being born into death? Or the opposite of positive
Negative made to enslave the wages of humans sins
Made amends to the carnal minds and souls of the living
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