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Today I watched the tube
And grew confused
To the fact I became amused
Daily abused
Our mentality it saddens me
This industry
Called the media has an encyclopedia
Of torment day in and day out
Many shout
Out their opinions when they are minions
Through force fed Dominions religion
Has gave them hopeless spirituality
They look to the sky and still don't know why
Its always chaos and another loss
Roll the script
Another day of slaughters grip
And humanity slips
Nature is talking no one is listening
Too many walking and not watching
Where they are going everyday showing
Us another lie just to steal away freedoms
Thanks to political idioms the symptoms
Only worsen we are cursed within a curse
Spiritually dead in a mental coffin
Too often we are very soften coughing
Up dough to make bread but it gets worse instead
Higher inflation higher the crime nation
The elite sit in happiness watchin us *****
But nothing to show put out our glow
The vibrations of the earth are low so low
That we have the intellect of a grass blades
Truth doesn't need a
Defense only lies do
Closed my eyes see the devils
Down the corridors opened the pores
Of my membrane that was long closed
Keep a long nose forty four Magnum
In case body I gotta drag em out the park
Every cop thinking I'm selling narcs
But I stay concealed in the dark spark
Up my braincells with the bomb ****
No seeds attached as I hatched
Out the pain long ago it's a path
Of mad man with a sinister plan understand
I was made to die cuz I exist reminisce
On the days of Nat Turner with the burner
Revolution in my eyes til the sunrise
And moon dies see the see blood cries
Cuz of the souls now magnetized
Hypnotize as I feel the temperature rise
vibratin' the earth with my lighted enterprise
Another demon spawned from hells *****
See them ******* tag teamin schemin'
Our every moves but everywhere I move
They follow me closely to thr needles groove
Can't shed more tears cuz i all I hear
Is the silenced fears living near the speer
Eyes on the modern day Pharaohs
Borders set to go feel me glow
Like heat from the pistols callaspe
Ya in a permanent pose as the casket froze
Tears shed from eyes to the  Earth's floor

Return the legacy of prophecy
So many homies to homettes feel me
Runnin' the beat without my feet
I feel complete once I deplete
The alcohol to blind my downfall
Visions growing stronger how much longer
Will I last til I blast my self wealth
Ain't what it used to be my gat next to me
Lookin' so lovely finna be a wifey
To death cuz life's in celibacy
Creating enemies cuz of my chemistry
Got the plants talking to me walking with me
Down the valley of death rows know
That I'm down to my last breath
Like they did Nipsey since I was tipsy
I seen how the spirits lifted me gifted me
With the armor of God agains all odds
Play ya enemies close cuz they turn ghost
When you ain't got **** but dependant
When ya money ain't spent hard to repent
From the world's wickedness
Sick of this madness that was sent
Since I touched birth crade to grave
Angels riding with filthy faces traces
Of blunts to strengthen my stunts
A bold man with a bottle of Gin waging
Hopefully I can escape the waging blazin'
Eternally through the path of the goetias
Knowledge was born in the eye of the storm
They claim I'm crazy cuz I broke from norm
Yo let's go space agin' eat chicken Cajun
My girls says I'm amazing blunts blazin'
Over grams to pounds whats that sound?
Flashlight knock out clowns
Its Htown
Holding crown or better yet a dynasty
Feel me? Naw I'm too hot to touch
Once the toasters bust turn flesh into crust
No hate in my game know the name
Same ol same taste of rhyme *******
Divine and sane makes me insane
Off the top of the brain most claim
They got the industry on lock but not
The way I see it most ain't livin' it
Fantasy dreaming triple beamin'
My visions paralyze treasons
Giving reasons why we here earth wind and fire
Combination of desire maxe for higher
Learning from the Thais burning page turning
Back to the days of hip hop in a top drop
My vogues sittin' on pokers and it don't stop
Third coast stay getting props **** slops
We loosened ya knots so all profits
Come to us Ponzi scheme style wild
Stay close to my Ruger cuz hataz more foul
Than Kyle it's southpark we putting sparks
Burnt out ya eyesight from the flash of a bright
Gun ejection no recollection I black out
See what my killaz about southside soldiers
Rollin' through like bolder my thoughts colder
Than an depth of an abyss givin' a kiss
To the skyline a graphic design
Raise the vibrations of my spine
AiYo it's time to grind glow from the sunshine

Once I learned the ways of the goetias
Its takes ya to higher domains and plains
And to places ya never been through strategize my Sun Tzu
Art of war principles dialect ya pupils
I was made to rule ten tactics i follow
Pride I swallow while y'all borrow
From acted movie scripts not a blood or Crip
But I stay affiliated far from calibrated
I'm off the scales so I won't see bail
But Ill see Baal I'm trapped inside a jail
Of hells cartel see most ain't living well
And you can tell from the aroma that smells
Foul living brailles the sinning
And happiness within im still givin'
The best that I've got til my flesh rot
I'll still be on the verge of a plot
Who wanna take a shot? At me
Only to reenergize my energy
It's the return of the voodoo child
As I pile up lyrics for the crate
Of records for my vocals chords
To explore giving ya brain a taste
Of soul food soothing ya mood
I'm mellow as Parker ****** flow
Just so ya know I'll rock it slow
So Carefully listen yo I ain't dissing
Reminiscin' to what's really missin'
In the game **** shame old school reign
Supreme I stop chasing diamond rings
I rather have a bezel mind shinin' through time
Wonka maze these days my rhymes to mic protege so begins the stages I  slay
Yo I be mack impresario so don't take it personal
Lyrics full of arsenal feel the temperature rise slow
Got the girls temple it ain't that simple
If ya game is too lame to the ears of a dame
They'll put you to shame same ol same
Fools out here rappin' like they killing the game
But ain't no charges mack harder than El Debarge
They wanna stay with me lay with me easily
My words sharper than a marlin or swords
Through my vocals chords I'm toppin' billboards
Another number one single mix and mingle eating Pringles
Why y'all fake hustlers spend up all.of ya dough
Im laughing at the crib smokin' swishers on the patio
Love women but some of 'em hoes
Try to get you out of your clothes to exposed
Ya strategy but most brothers gotta weak mentality
While thinking they playaz but no?
Suckas messing up the **** game MJG and 8ball said the same thang
Things need to change folks just moving the same slang

Take lessons from a P I M P you'll see my legacy
Spread through out the **** halls of fame
No shame lay down the hardest mack game
It ain't about putting **** to they behind
Its about getting in their mind watch em grind
For you be the truest of the true watch red and blue
Cuz one time love to see us on a flat line in a sublime
State of mind I ain't trying to climb a wicked ladder
Cuz it's a on a stagger rhymes jagger no need for swagger
I'm only after my publishing chapter
Royalties so you gotta crown me
Pour up a glass of Hennessy no time for phonies
Rappin' on this four Tay beat mic in my hand greet
Soon to meet defeat hearing crowds feet
Stomp at the show front row girls throwin' ***** holes
All a brother knows I flows preach only what I know
So haters back back before ya wig get pushed back
I'm a chill as brother smooth as an undercover lover
Smother true playa for real just ask ya mother...

Now playaz standing in line hataz get behind
Me like Satan but can't tempt me or **** see
Spending too much money my game smoother than
Iceberg Slim like Jim got girls freakier than Lil Kim
******* make ya go back for more
Pass second on to the third you heard
While you shooting birds I'm watching the herds
Of women chillin' under cotton bed linen
Wifebeater fake playaz think they slick cheatas
But I be the fall back brother no other
Keeps it realer than I that's why she tells no lies
Got these other homies hypnotize
By her gleaming eyes and beautiful thick thighs
On a natural high
Like the blood stones so many clones
Out chea soon to disappear once I appear
From the rear see them drop tears as the smoke clears
This ain't a magic act most dont know how to act
When ***** right in front of them
Scared of losing position let her think she winning
Then you begin to see how she really loosin'?
That's why they always ending up choosin'
Me over the lames cuz I recognize a playaz game
It ain't all about diamonds or pearls
This for the lost boys and girls
Tired of playing a squirrel it's my world
I'm prince with the guitar ghetto star
Do they know who we blacks are
Part of the history ya don't hear or see
Malcolm gave the philosophy
But it cost em freedoms soul to flee
My protectors ain't through heataz
But from my mind and thoughts that greet us
I'm rap divine pure as Jesus wine
Once I walk out rocks cry out
Cuz of my holy clout no doubt haters shout
But ain't no ears hearing the
Rhymes mack harder than a smack
From Mickey Mantle triple crown
Handle cause more chaos then leakin' scandals
Don't ever chase women's with big *** in sandals
It's a money grip soon to fall into a snake pit
And get bit life's a ***** like that
That's why I use my mind as a gat
And blast through that no imaginery stats
Check the gold and platinum plaques
Feel I'm all that cuz I'm the black aristocrat
Preach like Aquantis rappers is ****
These days scared of real world play
So stay away Before these sharp liquid swords slay

Yo I paint pictures like a flashing photo
Words phenomenal you'll feel ya abdominals
Getting tight from the flows that bite
All cells my lyrical cartel cause more ****
Than an Italian mafiaso flows soothin'
As cocoa butter skin forming
Ain't no harmin' an angel of light
Braille ya sight this ain't parliament
But I'll show you flashing lights
From my gun that caught an **** delight
See the deer eyes in an excite fright
We don't play them games despise lames
That claim they got the microphone tames
You ain't Wu or Rakim so we knock em
Out the park no need for the bases loaded
We still scoring without points soaring
Catch it naw but you'll be pondering
And wondering what is Tut sponsoring
Im all about knowledge of self real wealth
Ain't in the power of money but the mentality
My third eye I treat it like luxury
Living no fear comfortably but enemies be
Drenched in sweat from indirect threats
Keep my mind in a state of bliss to ****
Off my haters on a sneak diss soon to fish
Ya body in a river ya own mother won't remember ya
Know the name
I'm similiar to Christopher Nickname Lucifer
Hangin' ya vocals once I show through
The microphone word is bond hoes blow
On my dingdong like a saxaphone smooth as a  baritone
Women's love my cologne up under my bones
But I never shows no **** for 'em
Cuz i be a **** son far from a Simpson
Let the next ***** waste his money by the tons
Invoke vagabonds let by gones be by gones
Watch the sneaking python wrappin' foes
Into one one squeeze of my gun they done
Ya soul run fled from ya body misread the blooshed
Miss the feds
Cuz my bread spreads longer than the Kennedy's scandals
Can't none handle the Texas panhandle
We taking over from coast to coast
Making a toast from the heat I roast
Turn all foes ghost hangin'my self close
To the edge Know the ledge  pledge
My self to the demons allegiance
You in the presence of God's lost intelligence

And most fools will scream that they rich
When they just a ***** catch em in a twitch
Flinch cuz of the money they tried to clench
I clutch all categories making mic ******
Rhymes heavens defined through powerful designs
That's the skills of a Mastermind
Intertwined breaking records through timelines
I'm kin to the punisher so you'll be way under
The sea twenty thousand souls to plea
But ain't no mercy from me my gun accuracy
Lay a path worse than Rome's brutal legacy
Who ******' with me? Make ya bow to thee
King of the seventh gate of **** I dwell
All other emcees failed chillin' sip holy grails as my cocktail
Which ya girls gettin' **** in her tail
No fairy tales my bars is golden
Hotter than an oven tough loving
Foes dose and froze once the heard the rhymes
rose so sound the crows that's death rows
I hang with the ghost flaming skulls
My cars desire shatter brittle empire
You'll admire my hunger for desire
**** it the games needs to be changed
These days lames rule the airwaves
I speak only the real taste blood and go then for the ****
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