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Yo I wasn't,
Meant to fall from heaven,
Got blessed with war veterans,
There I am again,
Facing the cold cuts of the winds,
Careless I just sit back,
And let my rillo caress,
Lay my head, between my wife's
Reminscing the best,
Time we had, I'm glad,
My years on earth was golden,
Lost seed chosen,
To try to save the world,
Too many boys and girls,
Y'all can have the pearl,
Blacks the new hate,
Whites the new delegate,
Old news, bumped
Out the crate,
Racial division, I see the vision,
Once I found my decision,
Picked wrong over right,
Darkness over the light,
Melanin survivor, soul diver,
Spin wiser than MyGyver
Who's liver,
With the shells I spit, I shook
Up the whole nation,
Saw the sun and moon,
On different rotations,
One side is cold, the other side
Is hot and bold,
Emotions on a roller coastin,
The hearts of men,
Can't break the vision, I see myself living,
In a dream,
Only to wake up, I'm dead fool,
Now I got rouge as my make up,

The crossovers lovely,
Now I see my family,
Tears and hugging me,
Over my casket,
But I feel no pleas,
My souls empty,
Got tempted to come back,
To the scenery,
As a baby,
Why curse my seed,
And add to the bleed,
See different versions of me,
In this old age society,
I sit in the corner, thinking who
Hearing me,
These dreams feel so vividly,
My wife ain't even next to me,
Half dead half alive,
How can I thrive,
And find ways to survive,
These everyday jives,
Don't wanna cause no harm,
embraced the fifth dimension charm,
Carry pain on my arm,
Ring the alarm,
Spirits in every direction, can't
Find no protection,
My souls open, wasted and potent,
Hate loves the company,
And misery,
Spread all over the globe,
Check the fiery abode,
Ain't no love no more,
Too much grief to the heal,
The restore,
I sit on the surface core,
Dwelling the star lines, feel my heart
On a flat line,
Back to the first line, double vision,
Can't see the incision,
I'm dead fool, just remember you're nobody til somebody, kills you,
It was a beautiful day,
Sun is hidden away,
And listen to what nature
Had to say,
My minds at ease,
Nothing to my conscious,
To tease,
Me about I'm just on that
Spiritual route,
Don't **** me vibe,
I'm just tryna survive,
Like the next man,
Or woman,
I'm cooling no time for droolin',
Over negativity,
Embrace longevity,
Envy the biggest enemies
To humanity,
Why can't we,
All just sit back and blaze
And ounce to that,
Old school tracks,
As the vinyl's cracks,
Soul music let the melodies
Walk into ya body,
Illuminati tried to blind me,
But I'm wires differently,
New age baby,
But old school raised me,
Golden principles 80s,
A scholar and wise,
Don't need corporate ties
To get a taste, and realize,
The lies,
Told to me since day one day come,
Daylight some,
But darkness makes the
Most bombs,
Covered with filthiness, I can attest
I say it with my chest,
But back to this herbs that bless,
Slowly caress,
Mary's lips, grab a close hold of
Her hips,
Slowly pull her in,
Yeah the party's jumping,
Got a few sips of gins,
Got a **** looking for a hen,
To put my licks in,
Feel me mayne,
I'm in the fast lane, coastin,
As the fires roastin',
Way pass overdosin',
No drunk drive I'm just scaling
The highs,
Down to the lows, angels in all angels,
Reaching to me,
It's so lovely, .maybe these
Weeds playing minds tricks
On me,
Another day in the Houston daily,
I catch all subliminals,
When I'm high, toward the sky,
So high oh so high,
Byrd's playing the words,
Mellow music bump up the
Soul surround universal pounds,
Up my adrenaline,
Used to be a middle man,
But now I'm chilling with herbs
In hand,
Everybody come on,
Get a gather in,
As we still tackle the sins,
Of every day living,
Avoid Robyn Givens,
Tryna get moneys from
Me to give in,
Dismissed my old religion,
Watch for pigeons,
Peep death walking around
Cuz the next day they'll
Mourn ya,
Then forget about ya,
But back to life,
Daily Struggles and hustle in the same
Born intelligence, my father became,
Moms had them dollars spent,
Couldn't see where the money
Was bent,
Too much dreaming, folks mostly individuals, far from teamin'
Plot the scheming,
Like Kenan,
Ivory Wayans, all across ya brain,
I come with the thunder and rain,
Calm ya soul,
Relax as I take control,
Neo soul,
Only cherish the bold,
And beautiful, despise rap guys,
Who spit pitiful,
Kin to the Howlin' Wolf spiritual,
Tasted a spoonful,
Of my money, now I want nothing
To do with honeys,
Through the pleasures, sticky and sweet
Satisfaction to my meat,
Wait let's keep it clean
For the radio,
Can't banned this jam, played it,
Til I cops ya mental,
Grooves sentimental,
Lauryn Hill giving the thrills, over the
Track you feel,
Rest in peace to the massacred victims,
From past through,
The Future millenniums,
Millennial madness, depression raised
To the highness,
Meditate to Mary sparkling like
A disco,
Ball everyday dejavu back to dance hall,
I remember all,
My grand mothers to pappys, all celebrated
And happy,
Now most people are ******,
Can't get help for ****, only
If you down for the corporate,
Dead man walking with a company,
Watch them put you on a rate,
Slaves ain't went no where,
Taxes famine to warfare, stay focused
On truths and not dare,
As the snare,
Puts you in a mellow mood, I stay positive and away from the crude,
Attitudes, Sun Tzu official,
Still tryna stay from the airhead judicial,

Flashes of pictures,
Throwing up the peace signs,
Nothing but end times,
I'm on god lines,
Twelve disciples followed by me,
With armed rifles,
Spartan tactics, got critics
Doing back flips,
Stick to the script,
Word to the mothership,
I came off of,
It's love all else and nothing
Defense like the glove,
Come push and shove,
I'll die for my brothers, sisters
And others,
Who's down, couldn't wear the crown,
Too heavy it weighs,
Sunk down like maydays,
Back in the days,
I used to wanna be the brother
Who was paid,
Fantasy themes, got me caught
In the lustful things,
Everything ain't what it seems,
Lot of Willie Browns, looking for
Their soul, in the middle of a round,
Now where don't care,
Only at the crossroads if you dare,
Demoness with breast,
Beautiful hair, long stare,
Don't get caught, lookin' at the Medusa glare,
**** turned into stone,
Chills through my bones,
Vibin' off of the tones, voices made of Baritone,
Band played on,
Once I found right, it seems to follow wrong,
Blessed are the children,
Who see scares before, war is
Pitching different strokes, call me
Phil Drummin',
Hummin' my way through this slave
My presence is shown,
Once I get on,
Beats for my vocals to meet,
Put so perfectly,
Enjoy the breeze and the weather,
No bragging hypes,
Just a poet, with the verbal snipe,
It was a, late night,
I never forget the pictures
In my eyesight,
Iight, just another drama, slash
****** and comma,
Cuz I'ma,
Take you on a one way street, where the
Devil's love to meet,
Beyond the crossroads, many
Guns explode,
See how many souls go,
To heaven but this life is hell,
How can I dwell,
In the house of the Lord,
When all the commandments failed,
Miss the extension of jail, Executed Moses route well,
Staffs turned into snakes, let it rattle
And bite at the Jakes,
It's been war since man,
Crawled out the slime,
Scents of apple pine, fogged its
Way from the treeline,
Had freedom, took sins over
The Garden of Edem, preachers sayin' believe 'em,
Tiers of heaven, I seen 'em,
Gnostic wisdom, watch me bleed 'em,
Manual scripts,
Serenade ya mind from the words encrypt,
Came off the mothership,
Every body tries to dip,
When death confronts em,
They wanna redeem,
But ain't no redeemin',
When the curves sickle is gleamin',
From the sunshine beamin,
Hunters of heaven,
Got demons screamin', either it be physical
Or spiritual,
Some folks do it for commercial, I do it
For the love of the dough,
Wait that's the worlds motto,
Greed love ecstasy and jealousy
Loves to follow,
Open up ya soul like a hallow,
Point blank,
At the purgatory gates, waiting
To get a thanks,
From the sender, no pretender
No exits only an enter,
Tormented by pain, died in vain, repeat
Visions of gore, on the window pane,
Down the walls engrained,
People standing,
Tryna make sense of the madness,
That came,
Three thousands flames,
Lit up and let the balloons go,
Welcome to the Passover show,
I still feel the pain from Lot,
Too many quick to body rot,
Tears of thunder, running down my face
Like snot,
Another victim next up for the plot,
****** sees no races,
Like the judges over court cases,
Only money is the culprit,
Feds to states love to benefit,
A Soulless maze, beyond where
Tactics are made,
No sun lemonade, we prefer dark shades,
While folks ain't seeing,
How the country is raid,
Guns on every corner played,
By the mass media,
Spitting cycle's of wars encyclopedia,
Y'all need ta,
Pay attention to the real, hot shots of the steel,
Leaving folks with a dead conscious appeal,
Let's be real,
I'm like hairs that still, from the coldness
That brings the chill,
Armors of a golden shield, dressed for combat, so I'm ready to ****,
Any intruder, take you through the thrills of
To suit ya,
Mind at ease, walk with me  through the galaxy of Galilee,
Reduction of chaos, so
Keep ya stress pain free,
You in the presence of the Godly,
I got the magic touch,
that's shift like a clutch,
No automatic,
Only to my foes who cause static,
Rap fanatic,
Since day one, since my birth some,
Spiritual ****,
Dawned on me from adolescence,
To adulthood,
I was misunderstood, as a kid still tryna
Find me a gig,
I can stick to, dusted off the sadness,
Pioneered summer madness,
Potency too high, to pass this,
Love the girlies with the fat *****,
Peep the classics,
As I make like a biblical Ecclesiastic,
I'm Thomas times two,
Black version of Sun Tzu,
If you ain't feeling me,
I got heat that'll feel you,
Thrill you,
Michael Jackson of this rap game,
But no R and B ****,
From hell to the heavens feel this,
Grill this,
One to ya dome, til I touch
The funeral home,
I sit like Hermes all alone, on the high
And almighty throne,
God gave me this curse, but why, make a blessing
Out of the worse,
Never chased the thirst,
I get a ****** healing, from the old Egyptian goddesses appearin',
Over my flesh, in the form of a ghost, telling me I'm the closest to host,
Next to God's of the Olympus rougher than
The streets of Memphis,
But ain't no Kingin' me ****, watch fo the Jesse's around me,
Cuz ya closest friends to thee,
Be ya main enemy,
Check the
Caesar to Brutus analogy,
Old age philosophy, sorry but no apology,
My manhood confronts me,
True masculinity in the,
Face of the media hate me well,
But I was made tough, so
It's hard to crack this shell,

Yo Nas closed the session,
Well let me re-open the session,
Count the blessin',
That I've been givin', minus the stressin',
Mics I'm testin',
MC lyte type chicks, too my left
And my right,
Played Poor George hype, watch for the verbs, when I snipe,
Steel mosquito too many shots of Cuervo,
Reformed my circle,
Expose those, tryna sink my vessel,
Coffin seats, when I
Ride in the caddy or the linc,
Open ya eyes, but don't blink,
Or ya might miss, a witness
Of my magnificence,
Something for ya soul,
To replenish this,
Never held my hand on the bible,
Only nines three eighty's and my rifles,
Haters love to leech a spoonful,
Of greed,
cut off the ties, and watch em bleed,
John Wick tactics,
Reflexes like a cat flip, change the plays
Of the script,
The world ain't yours, if hells on earth,
Never done, with the spiritual chores,
Got a few scars,
Bench presses chest cut tight, and pull ups
On the bars,
Aiyo, I aim pass the stars, yo I'm serious, dogon knowledge,
Got me feelin' superior,
Hotter than the heat, that shines
On your interior,
Make foes inferior,
Black faces taking over the races,
Check the history trigger,
Blast from the past,
Spin chaos like Taz, old school Satchmo
Razzmatazz, spaz,
Over beats like this, plus the ice is crisp,
Like the drink in my cup,
Keep ya Hennessy up,
Silence the corrupt, once I step on the scene, I focused on points,
Instead of cream,
Follow ya dream, dish the team, silencers
Scoped for the beams,
Laser eye fly guy, sound the thunder, watch me the god, appear from the skies,
Yo name ya poison,
I got many for choic-ing,
I prefer Hennessy, with a
Touch of Alize,
Blood batch mix, plus I keep at
Least 10 ****,
Around me, they call me
Cuz the D weighs heavy,
Girls they love me,
I stay above thee,
Kush clouds talk loud,
Without saying nothing,
Kids these days be bluffin',
Give em taste of somethin,
Bullets turn em, into
Pastors spiting biblical verses,
Over ya hearses,
Yes the flow curses,
Many who try to a-cometh,
I land on ya mind,
Check the verbal comet,
Like a ***** spiritual, you'll
Humm it,
I speak Lincoln Grants to Hundreds,
Multi money analysis,
As the words form like calluses,
On ya medulla immense,
Can't rinse,
Off the reign, that equal more drama to pain,
It's rise of Cane,
Took the spirit from Able, break
Down the label,
Mastered my tapes, got the company's
Can't play a fool twice, I watch the roll,
See how many snake's sliced,
And diced,
In the killing fields, marching my troops,
Like how Adolf feels,
Rap chancellor, you can't cancel tha,
Groove that got ya soul on a move,
Break emcees into crumbles,
Can't hold the mic, right ****** ya crown,
Got the biggest might,
Caught a high from the Rappers Delight,
Pass that Mary,
Show she can blur my sight, dimension traveler, til my skin is tight,
Gravity weighs, on ya noggin supreme, signal the bad man's theme,
As the piano sings, melodies to ya
Mind and body,
Miss the invitation, of the Illuminati,
Tried to blind me,
So pick ya drink wisely, despite thee,
Spirits of evil, walking freely,
As I deliver the fee fee,
Hearts feels for the empty, souls
Put out of control, broke the vessel,
Now I'm underwater as go with the glow,
Like an ocean tide, cold drifts
Of a homicide, see how my nine slides,
I keep it twisted,
Like Dr Jekyll and Mister Hyde
Yeah as the sun won't come out,
Black Moses standing stout,
With the commandments,
Of a snipers route,
God given walking the ranks of Jesus,
But never seen holes in me,
Only loyal woman packed
Close to me,
Transition to royalty,
From the higher power that be,
Can't help that I can see,
The harm around me, take a close
Look at society,
Why they, eyeing me, too much clout
Rising like Marcus Garvey,
In the 20s everybody, getting hyped
From the words typed,
Chips of summer madness, replacing
The sadness,
Suffering since adolescence,
Still feel the pain of my brothers,
Raised by single mothers,
Struggled with manhood, streets
Became my daddy,
Feel with hatred and treachery,
Focus on divine trajectory,
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