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"like the rain that drops, in a puddle, perfectly round,
Same as the tears, that formed a crown, when it hits the ground"
Aiyo, you hear me, like your conscious admiring,
Ya deepest thoughts, finest gem the ******* talkin' about?,
Im speakin' wisdom, along with creation, blurred the stations,
Icy decks, like blast from a tech, in a snow storm effect,
Feel me like Farrakhan threats,
So go ahead and reject,
Me ill still be on ya set,
Late night like Carson, peep these bars son, spittin' mad arson,
Burn up the scene, lyrics gasoline, i just add to fire, beat kerosene,
Who can come off this clean?
,all ya see is red, when ya going for the green, and the yellows in between,
Peep that, feel the depths of soul because im black,
Darker than antimatter, splatter like pieces of a bomb shatter,
Or ya mind, i grow on ya cells fatter,
Couldn't hit this ball of rhymes,
If you was batter,
I sit like the mad hatter, in pre school never was a chatter,
But had rhymes galore,
Frustration made me madder,
Since one two, i stayed true, to the rules of the universal,
No breaks or commercial, tune in to the world show,
I detect like Tibbs, keep a plateful of ribs, for ya fake *** rappers who need bibs,
Too much food, might as well give it to the homeless,
Bless 'em with plate of glory, yes,
Manifest the realist,
Who the illest, clocks spinnin' like a gymnist, when ya hear this,
Guaranteed you'll rewind this, styles that make ya reminisce,
Remember the finest,
How can i walk with Jesus,
When its so much, chaos round us,
I don't let my head get crushed,
By the media,
See what they feedin' ya, playin' slaves to two masters,
You can only love one,
And hate the other after,
Pick which side ya wanna choose, win or loose, be war ready or bruise,
Easily they be killin' me,
With the PC, messin' up society,
Putting lies to the future see,
Kids cant be no kids, give em task way pass adults bidz
We got drags to ****, to different scents of **** stash,
And they wonder why i mash, everything is about cash,
And little girls shakin' they ***,
And young boy boys, blast,
Lil yummies too **** hungry,
Fake rappers living good, far from the hood,
Claim they love it, but out comes no good,

its misunderstood,
Our values backwards,
I look awkward, to cowards, flip the script, put the guns down,
No need for burners or extra clips,
It only equals another rip,
Rest in peace, another death release, no links of ******, from the police,
lets break the lease,
Hard to stay sane, and survive,
In the belly of the beast,
Many demons'll feast,
When will we be released?,
From this rain, of hell,
Im growin' carousel, lord dont let my thoughts fail,
As i take a, another sip of the Ale,
Let wisdom revail,
My nature is a true re-bel,
Don't care if my record dont sell,
The revolution wont fail,
Im feelin' Freddy, seems like he rose from the dead,
Double stunted Jesus, with the stale bread, fake apostle spread,
Misquoted the bibles, that we red,
Learn the truth, get threats from the fed,
Now listen to the chorus, peep what the verses says, uh
Standin, against the moment of truth,
While i spit up in the booth,
Gotta touch the souls of the youth,
This is madness,
No more gladness, see the preacher styles,
I been had this, now they wanna get me dismissed,
*** i got stabs on the coporate, like Dr King,
Or Malcom, see and how come,
They dont want no kingdom,.
Fems to dems, everywhere if you try to be a man, theyll stare,
Stay in the loops of truth or dare, like Trump, i stay close to the lions hier,
From the taps of a.snare, you feel me like a fresh breeze of air,
Yo i aint goin' nowhere, *** me and mic one of a pair,
Like Kieth with gold teeth, gang star peep that words that are,
Knowledge mix of a collage,
Like a blemish, my vocals relinquished, once the beats, touches my voice, it's so unique,
Know when god speaks,
He comes in silence,
Wither its the skies stormy or violet,
The harder they come, the harder I hit

Yo i bring styles down like Rome,
Only drive cars with chrome,
Trimmin' spit venom, let the toxic finish em,
Something like cyanide to ya pride,
No where you can hide,
I just stay cools and slide,
In the ride, i gotta keep the stride,
Way low above the belt buckle,
Sneak hos tryna juggle,
Where my money sits, its gonna take more than ****,
To confiscate it, deeply celebrated when i made it,
But was hated the day i was created, focus on seasons,
Old thoughts cremated,
New lesson plans, un dated,
I feel kin to Egypt, we much more than slave ships,
**** chasing materials and new whips,
But keep a burner with a clip,
Just in case, they do an assassination attempt,
Against me,
I control the, heaven to hell entry,
Words like Solomon,
Shined up my third eye son,
Ring of the Lord,
Scanning my light, once i sight, my enemies grow in fright,
Its my delight, despite
What them haters write, they cant stop the reign that bites,
Like a death grip, alligator roll the time the stroll,
standing against evils, ya gotta be Bold,  what what what??
Living the codes of the streets its a hard burn,
How many brothers take the wrong turn,
Down the highway of death, instead of looking right and left,
Only options is,
Is to ******* robbery to the petty theif,
Tryna up their reps, only to get closer steps,
To the pen, or with the fams crying, shots of another dying,
From the heat,
*******, led to another destination, the situation,
Kind of sticky, tryna avoid the sneaks like Ricky,
Just rowdy, young boys in the hood, up to no good,
But its hard to beat, when ya tryna leave the code of the streets,

And whos there to guide us,
And lord provided us,
With a taste of the garden,
Not speakin' Madison Square,
Why am I here or there,
Street hustlers, ghetto hos pushin' *** for the **** musclers,
We just strugglers, tryna make it out the slums, and how come,
We cant get ahead,
Seems like it's always tussle for bread,
I get watch by the feds,
And they ask me where i head,
Im just tryna live the next day, got double d hidden, in display,
Blended with the cops, its an everyday matrix, playin' tricks,
Im motionless, peep how many snitches will ****,
On ya graved, at that same time, they say theyre saved,
While gettin' paid, see em grow, from a pinto to an Escalade,
Double mansion with a few maids,
It's like playing charades,
Cant catch cold feet,
From the rhythm of heat,when ya sinnin' the code of the streets
Yo who this on the track, black,
With another diamond plaque,
Imagine that,
Me spitting with Biggie N Shaq,
Back to back,
Like the Lakers and the Bulls, check the hairs of my wools,
We growin, showing, you how to wreck a beat, smooth flowin,
Makin' tight ends loose ends, setting trends,
Stacks of bejamins, see ya bending ya mens,
Ya ******* aint killin, all yall do is talk the same spilling,
Im tryna get the black linen, pope style, pinned the golden child,
Came out the world,
And never smiled, i like to get wild,
Mystery mother nature,
Yeah i hate cha,
Descendants of the creator,
Along with Elijah to Enoch, wont see no death, so kick rocks,
I keeps it locked,
Like a combination, gangta station, stay up in the tahoes blazin,
Mad skunks,
And parliament funks, shaq alley up for the dunk,
Assist from Kobe, let me show thee,
Tv screen seventy inches across the scene,
Lookin' like IMAX, my money never maxed,
We stay poppin' Barefoots, and that's a fact,

Take trips to Don Italy, you fools aint  phasin' me,
With the Big whips to big chains,
Tattoos, only for ya skin to bruise,
Easier the desert eaze is here,
To please ya,
Never sleep twice, with the same skeezer,
RoboCop ****, attack the blunt like a NFL blitz,
Switch, off to another hit,
In the studio, smokin' phillies slow, with multiple hoes,
Clubs we go, from multi-million dollar shows,
New age expos, similar to a Soprano,
Keep my keys piano, eighty eight ways to please,
So dont knock these,
G-funk east coast tease,
To ya melodies I grease,
Lubricate ya ligaments once i squeeze,
Gats imagine that, me spittin' wack, never dat,
Its like an Isley's brother track,
Smooth sailin', aint no tellin,
I push more heat than air baloons, got ya fools consumed,
Into my style watch me bloom,
Makin' a stain ill still remain,
Number one in this game,
Y'all cant stop the rain the reign,

Since the death of biggie,
Seems like the industry,
Left with thee,
Replica of the 90s, rewind me,
Get behind me,
As we cruise into the new scenery,
Im old school as the munchies,
Slicker than Bootsy,
Collins yo yosef you wildin' pilin,
Up the flows i knows,
Hits like a snort of blow, in ya nose,
That's how it goes,
From head to head, toe to toe,
I get ya, dancin' on the floor,
Givin' ya more, raw with the buckin', until i hear yall shoutin' for war, leave no scars,
Bars for bars, who really want it,
Houston ****, we on it,
******* up is the clique, who gives a **** if you ain't feelin' it,
Im in it to win it, true independent,
Broke in the rap senate,
Change the scene, once i counted my green, mean as Gene,
None could come in between,
My cream, just like the Wu- Ninjas, makin' multiple figures,
Undercover hitters,
Holy ghost shakes, and not the jitters,
Knockin' on heavens door, many soul scalin' on the shore,
Im back on the earth, knowin' my worth, you ain't got the girth,
To success, i dont get distracted by a big *** in a dress yes,
I keeo bad ******* on deck check,
Wreck another one,
Then hire another one, flexes dont come close, when ya step to a Don,
Im the one, like Dub C yall wish yall could be me,
But im hear to trouble you, stumple you,
Get away clean, from any ****** scene, in the 525 BMW,
Turn the beat up, and let the heat heat up,
Check it, my mics sound ice, glistening blinding suckas, from my frozen ice,
We move like mice, no snitches, cuz they get stitches,
What is this, mic murderers menace this,
Ain't no coming back from this,
My styles deeper than Chris,
Times two, peep the rendezvous, break down crews,
As an individual, yall edible, none of ya sources credible,
Im like Jada, sending a kiss, from the bullets that hiss,
Like a snake, silencers keep yall un awake, keep my stakes,
At large, take a charge of my Gurka cigar,
Fools ended up scarred, cuz they couldn't move faster,
Im linked cartels to rastas, def jam master blaster,
**** the news caster, i make my own moves from disaster,
Now ask yaself whos the master,
Build own my destiny,like the Rockefellers,
We be the Goodfellas,
Brown as nutellas, never dated Cinderallas , bellas bellas,
Give ya headaches to sweaters,
Dont nut in her,
Cuz she'll take for everythang, with no remains,
A crown without a kang,
Simple and plain, i take twist of the jane, blunt split,
Like the end of ocean, no boastin',
I stay in space, ghost floatin,
Can't catch my mind, its on the light of speeds time, to rhyme,
I keep bad design, im not thinking what you thinkin if you had my mine,
Slipping through time, speaking consciously and no sublime,
So suckas stand in line,
Ya lunch money is mine, bully em every line, tracks to design,
Carefully put in aligned,
Ya rhymes is burned, overturn, from the jury sentencin,
Yo what up world! Its my turn,
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