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Crushed by family crushed by friends
Crushed by love at all ends and bends
Crush by reality and imposing fantasy
Crushed by delight narrowing my sight
Crushed by dreams crushed by teams
Individuals crushed by ambition means
Crushed by my soul crushed by the whole
Crushed by things that give much hold scold
By crushed hopes crushed by the ropes
Hanging on to the pains of crushed mopes
Crushed by any and everything no means
Because I can stand in a society that's crushing
Used to scrappin' for crumbs of kingdom slums but dumb dumbs
To stupid to see how they numb our brains
Endure pain begins a migraine stains
Left all over the earth for what's its worth
I'm tryna avoid gospels of hard concave shells
Hallow points to anoint my joints see points
I made sweet glasshouse rocking shades
Watch for my pocket blades serenade we paid
Haters mad cuz they girls wanna get laid
Ya bills up cold corrupt erupt the
Diamond in the rough thief's  come humble
But don't wanna rumble I the jungle
Hard to break the struggles tied to the ghetto
Used think hardest thoughts on the pillow
Talking amongst the gods about the odds
Getting even Stevens hard to believe in
These lies folding then unfolding scolding
My opponents with proper positions
Focus my ambitions still wishin'
Upon a star see me gas the cars moon rockets
Twist it like socket open my third eye prophet
Never forget where my first head laid off to rest
Under the moon crest hustling just to get rich...

Since Nas said lifes a ***** with an unhealed stitch
I'm sittin' at the judges bench eternal clench
Game recognize game all haters the same lames
Love to floss names gotta bad dame tamed
Put her in the flames watch her burn others fame
No shame in my queens carribeans I claim
Illuminati just want my body
To up they shipping sales of fearin' fairytale
Broke from the stale wells put forth my own will
Destiny was the closet chick to me plus she
Made a way for us to escape off in the windy
city shows no pity to those hiddin' false witty
button mouths like hello city shout out to the committee
keep me posted far from toasted boasted
Never only to myself guard my wealth my health
sitting good chillin' in the dogwoods
Blazin' stashed blackwood's with burning woods
Mesquite massaged my ladies feet repeat
Life's a recorder soon to see the ending reporter
Deaths has patience but reality a choice of hesitance scared to go the distance
Stabbin' raw beats diggin in ya brains meet
Rhymes cyphers stiffer than concrete
Suckas move feets once the guns wanna greet
Ya styles incomplete obsolete the weak
Sitting at the peak over rappers who speak
Dirt on my shame to make a fourfive flame
Ya games over better pray to Jehovah
Im burning the bush like moses roses
Are red just like the bloodshed
Of the dead covering from the lamspreads
There goes my daily bread let the jams spread
Covering all nations heads watch it behead
Sinister to sinisters don't call me mister
Call me doctor the rap grand master minister
Droppin' punches that'll **** ya thrill ya
To flows that move Like Joe Lewis true with this
A diamond certified lyricist rhymes dipped in the purist forms drawin' storms
From my brain that cold warms warns
To all others quick to smother blades
Rust from the bloods that drip from the smoted ******
Of the human flesh i can attest the best
Wars is won without a sword being lifted
See the paradigms shifted darkness gifted
Raising my fist begins a payback reminisce
A moment of silence for all those warriors who died over carnal knowledge

I saw an angel holding three faceless carcasses
Watched my brain catch a spark to it blew it
Out like a wind to candles cant handle
This atmosphere pressure demonized prophets
Posing for money profits off of broken topics
Watch me top it rob it then spin it like a cobra sits
Waiting for my opponents to hit let the venom spit
Ceases the whole operation
Black plague a nation with no vaccination
See 'em facin' off with the shadowed men racin'
Pacin' off chosen time see me in the golden shrine
Wisdoms numbs the blind through simple lines
Yeah we taking it back stacks like Egyptians pyramids break off gigs
Split wigs to corrupted uniformed pigs
Say they heros but puttin' us in the funerals
Making morges richer stir up the pitcher
Waiting for the hornets nest stinging ya chest
Watch the pain manifest see nature do her best
Yes they thought they shoot me off
Matching skills that equates way pass a mill
I'm undercover black Elliot Ness hit the sess for a quick bless divine happiness
But deep inside it's filled with mad emptiness
Never put up a souls ransom it ends up much wickedness
Punish the ungodly oddly i grow with the  stopless clocks
sitting next to me comfortably
Rebirth through hip hops pregnancy
out comes me
A rolling stone true emcee
My games like Iverson and McKey throwing Gs
By the dozen tough loving from the girls hoovering
Over my shoulder cats say they bold but I'm bolder
As I wise older my heart grows colder
Eye holder soul controller pistol roller toy soldier
What up Roy Ayers i see myself in the sunshine
My life my life glide through strife see the knife
I stick ****** weapon preppin' like OJ Simpson
Pimps to dons throwin' dubs to ones none
Can't compare to the rhymes thrown in pairs
Microphone ****** spunky keep the blunts chunky
Like a girls rear end tryna put her in a back bend no
Can't break us apart babygirl we takin' our tours all over the worlds
Call me prince but **** diamonds and pearls
I lay my nuts so i can the feed squirrels that's
Bait em with my riches make em do the dishes ***** money
Scheming from a broken dreams cycling
Shoot beams got the Cyclops sting caught up under the
Of wild fire spreading
droughts water a clout watch how I make doubt
Sprinklin' white crystals so I can hyper my visions route
Airways to stairways flaming golden pays
See the sun rays that could cook for days
We knocking out fake prophets ghost ya wallets see me rock it top it
Like an astronaut my reigns gravity make all haters drop quickly
Yo **** youtube guidelines i blow em up like powerlines confined the deepest mind's through a state of sublime
Yall aint live ****** barely holding triggaz figured
You would erase my comment **** yo sentiment sprinklin' cinnamon these dudes way too feminine like that ***** Em
say he's grimy well let me send him to the grim
Reaper keep the weeds jeepers creepers
Peep tha electric shock value how you gone stop this *****
Madness Ill carve ya eyes out with metal barbed wire
Flows til your very bone marrows i a pharaoh
Been sitting on death row since I was an embryo
Say ** i know you wrapped like a lasso bet you fatter than Will Sasso
Sicker that the Sopranos ****** mo
Souls than Michael demon slayer player up in the majors
But a different league fatigue my enemies with no bleeds
Blade rhymes cut through the toughest lines
Huh Ill send you back like Morris Day in Time watch me shine
A combat veteran twice see me spit it nice
Keep the gold rollies ice dipped out
Drapped up now what im talking about
***** this is the souf so watch ya mouth
Kid before you get gutted like a pig pops wigs
Expose ya gigs now you leaking mad brain fluid ya did!!!! *****
Giving golden mics to dope writes see me excite
Catch a smile from the stars shining bright polite
Only to the mean my clips equipped with magazines
Broke out the stereo portfolio slow my dough
See the heats bakes make the biggest cake no fakes
Allowed on my elite team supreme shatter dreams
Like Hakeem see things ain't what it really seems
Draw more guns than Yosemite Sam bro
Calico matching the pistols sippin' champagne
Outta crystals breaking verses like cathedrals
Bringing capitol punishment imperial establishment
Law breaking beats shaking favor of undertakings
Money exchanges draws more ranges show down
Guns packed down looking for these clowns
Barely above the ground catch these pounds
From the flip my wrist my ice crisp purple electro disc
Tesla plated dated from day i was created mated
To space time families of the hidden Galaxy
So come battle from the fifth dimension legacy
Throw ya bets up only to get set up light ya up
Like a Christmas tree beautiful deaths tragedy your majesty
I'm standing in the divine line pushed St Peters out of the way say
What I wanna say then invoke the doomsday
It's stroke of the cut that left em open like a gut
Fish out we cleared out the sentences
Periods we run more trades than fragments
Detect like Dragnet draws ears to the sounds of the mental magnets
She was a beautiful human being seeing
Deep inside of my heart where she rest
Shining like a moon crest holding a nest
Egged from wisdom holding my kingdom
Closely macks mostly feeling ****
Every time she gets around me see the love bee
Stinging me rapidly im tryna shake myself free
From her pure generosity though she's lesbian
But then again I feel her soul touching
With no feels she chases mass appeal
But no gangsta reels but she feels
No man could ever understand
Her paing shedding im tryna make a wedding
With no bands but baby I'll be there if I can
Hold up to the highest cuz you the flyest
Chick i ever seen since my last chick demised
Pretty thick brown eyes that light up the skies
On a cloudy day I can't see you away
From me cuz our love so strongly
Amazing i know im phasing grazing
In the grass can't stop your love drive soon to be crashing
without mashing

Take you on tours around the world swirl
Close ya eyes pick a place so i can lace
These ghetto blues to open your fuse
Not abuse but loose you in my love cruise
Voyaging to Atlantis while totin cannibis
So just sit back and let me be a mack
That i am don't give **** if they slam
Our love rainbow painting with the colors
Of the wind i see them trembling hating
*** they see our connection glowing
Showing knowledge reborn now I'm knowing
Where your true destiny awaits bake
Your center peace to gravity though it sounds *****
But understand baby I'm just a man
Who's hungering not lusting trust and
Believe I'll give you more of my leche to conceive
Breath in breath out and let the climaxes come out
Silent screams to shout no doubt my clout
Can't be match up my stats back up
See the critics shut up none can interrupt
The frequencies tuned in its just me you and the baby
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