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there's nothing left for me to do,
I'm just a nobody to everybody,
with me they are done & through, already gone & deleted
from their human minds,

like a recording that's gone before rewind,
nothing but their trash,
after it's burned down to ash,
like ashes to dust,
I'm still scattered here & there,
still just making a mess.
2 Corinthians 5:8
We are confident, I say, and would prefer to be away from the body and at home with the Lord.
Romans 14:8
If we live, we live for the Lord; and if we die, we die for the Lord. So, whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord.
Stalwart Dull Oct 2020
She always dream to feel true happiness
She laugh with her friends behind her sadness
She wanted to escape immediately to that loneliness
Because it seems so endless

As she cries with her broken heart
It's not because she's falling apart
But because she is already tired
Tired of trying so hard
isabella Jul 2020
“In the street filled with flowers/I see you today as well/Would it be possible to carry it inside me”

Flowers twine up your arms like lightly inked tattoos,
The back of your pages burn a bright image into my brain,
I see you today and I see you tomorrow,
I can almost imagine a future within your garden.

“In the park that the dawn’s moon has passed over/I now fill it with my emotions/This song is headed towards you”

The flowers are wilted in the garden, the park benches shine with frosty light,
The moon wavers in the sky and with each droplet it breaks into more pieces,
I wish my emotions were as still as the puddles on the ground,
But peace has no song, the dawn sings only for love, blooming for you.

“I hear the sound of the film/That is lit up by the moon in the night sky”

Our relationship unravels, each roll thin and transparent,
If I held it up to the sky the stars would shine through.
It’s time to move on, it’s time for another park, another walk,
Another smile, another breath, another touch, another film.

“I still wonder wonder beautiful story/Still wonder wonder best part”

I may wonder what would have happened,
I may remember the times of joy and exhilaration,
Remember the way our moon shone clear in the night sky,
It truly was a beautiful story.

“I still wander wander next story/I want to make you mine”

Our story may have been beautiful,
But the dawn follows the night just as
Each story follows another.
Will you be mine?
berk Apr 2020
i think I'm going to be okay.
i've come so far in my life, and it hasn't
even been twenty years. so i don't even have
to think it, i know it.

one day, all this will end.
i'll take what i've learned from you.
your mistakes and flaws, and the good.
you aren't all bad, no one is.

sometimes you make me feel seen,
like someone is shinning a spotlight on
me, and i wave my arms in the air and say
"yes! im here! please!"

but that light doesn't last long.
and that is what i have learned from you.
i've learned to always shine my lights,
to always be there.

you taught me exactly how to be a mother,
without being one.
tw: abuse

if you ever need something or help, im always here to talk.
ninacrizelle Jun 2019
The burnt skin will heal
Just like how summer flees

The tanned skin will fade
Just like how season change

You too will smile again
Just like how dawn breaks in.  

- Summers she never missed
Summer thoughts
mslu Nov 2018

i've dipped in and out

the mountains i thought i moved took back their strength

and in the taking,
cracked open the ground

leaving me off-balance than before

yes, i should've fought back but


i stay dipping in and out

there's no such thing as control

no such thing as handled

a loose grip

had me falling through the cracks
and as i fell onto hard times

the darkness welcomed me

so i stayed

. . .
Madison Oct 2018
I just want out of the dark
I don’t like this suffocating air
But I don’t need to tear down the walls
They protect me and my glass heart
Part two of my incompleted poem
Rose Allen Mar 2018
Seconds to moments.
Moments, milestones and memories.

Still hurting.
Heart breaking for you everyday.

I promise,
I won't never forget you.
I'm real, real ******* sorry.
Sorry if it hurts you.

Things are changing.
Memories and milestones in the making.

I'm reclaiming - my heart.
My soul.
My life,
That was in the making.

I'm building a new me.

So, you'll always be a part of me.
A part of it,
A memory,
Always alive with me.
Finding all the parts,
all the ones I loved and lost of me.

I'll always miss you,
always every day.
But you'll always be with me,
I'll carry you inside me every day.

But it's time I start -
Time I give my myself permission.
Permission, to be happy.
To be alive.

Let myself start to live again.

Despite you/To spite you -
Left me, here alone with no clue what to do,
no one to relay on, talk to.

The fact that you. . .
You abandoned me.
Rest In Peace
Evie Robin Marincak
19/04/1999 - 20/03/2017
Forever in Memory - Gone but Never Forgotten.

continuing . . .
19/04/1999 - 20/03/2017 (Part 1)
evieous (Part 2)
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