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Eyithen 2h
I've come to realize that social media does more harm then good for me.
It makes me covet and envy,
It makes me feel sad and hollow,
I makes me yearn...and wish...and cry,
It's all a mask.
Nobody shows the person that hides in the shadows of the corners of their soul.
And yet It still manages to infect and feed off my fears and insecurities.
So I do what I'm good at.I ignore it and pretend it doesn't exist.
alexa Oct 7
i still check in on you after months of not having talked to you.

i'm still trying to break the habit of texting you after a really hard day.

people tell me about how you posted yourself crying on your story and i have to fight the urge to ask you if you need someone to rant to.

i miss talking to you and hearing about how your day was.

i miss you.

but i'm okay for now.
this was based off of lil skies song lmaoao. but i miss her a lot :/
Zywa Sep 25
Bridges are no riches
anymore, they offer space
but rush

over my head, they separate
people and confine them
to an island without energy

a void that exhausts me
and that I cannot fill
with the contacts I make

over all the bridges
with which I make shift
for lack of time

to go out the door
and explore my island
for a moment without an agenda

have casual conversations
and meet neighbours
who I can touch
Collection “Different times”
Northern Poet Sep 14
My timeline is filled
With self indulgent selfies
Searching for gratification
And self satisfaction
Need to get an instant reaction
Some social media traction
There's no time for distraction
From this digital attraction
You can't get enough
Of the interaction
1,000 poses in your camera roll
Narcissists are taking control

It doesn't matter
What the time
Come wind, rain
Snow or shine
Just make sure
You look devine
Lick your lips
You're looking fine
Flip the camera
And strike a pose
Making sure
Everybody knows
Here's your next
Digital daily dose
Does it really matter
Which ******* filter you chose?
I feel like I've lost my soul
Narcissists are taking control

The bathroom
Is the perfect spot
Take your picture
Before you Photoshop
Bunny ears
And a rainbow smile
Frogs legs
And a crocodile
Snapping away
Well all the while
You could have been
Down the Curry Mile
Instead you're out there
On your own
Sat at home
On your ******* phone
Sharing pictures
With people you don't know
You'll end up on the ******* dole
Narcissists are taking control

1,000 poses in your camera roll
Mirror selfies
And online trolls
Constantly searching
To find your soul
There's no way out
Of this black hole
Just one more post
On your way home
Narcissists are taking control
just emma Aug 21
You think you know me
Because we're friends on social media...
You think I'm happy
Because i show nothing less but a smile.
But you're a fool,
Because I only show you what I want you to see.
Dont be fooled by what you see on anyones social media. Its nice to know that that person has good times, but real life isnt always good and thats okay. Dont compare yourself to someones one happy moment. Sometimes things are hard and thats life
S Bharat Aug 10
She Is Now Used To That

By day, she is happy
And able to spend the time
In her own imaginary world.
She manages it with her selfies
Which keep her away
From nervousness.
By the time it darkens,
The effect of her imaginary world deserts her, And she is down to earth,
Again engrossed with the harsh reality.
She becomes introvert,
Exposes herself to me
And sheds tears every night
Saying that in her showy life
There is nothing in lieu of sorrow.
But the next day, she does the same.
She is now used to that.

S. Bharat
mjad Aug 2
You broadcast your faith
Singing praises in your posts
But is that how it really goes?

Is faith really your focus; your motivation
For getting drunk and partying
With evangelical consistence

Is God lighting up your life
As you light up a blunt
Faith is just your innocent front

Don't let yourself believe we fall for your facade
We know what you really do
and so does God
It's as though through letting ideas slip away into nothingness
I've died countless times:
unrealised, unfulfilled, unsatisfied.
Their last scream of agony devoid of substance,
reverberates through me,
Reminding me (as idle laughter contorts my face)
that what could've filled me
I've neglected to death.

I sit alone quietly watching

An ego of sand trickles down
each grain a like on a tweet, a seen video.
Aren't they really smart? The people who make these things?
Promised to make me golden,
And I am, indeed.
Just as cold and saleable as that.

NO no

I keep trying to claw my way out.
It's taking too long, why isn't it working?
Hands getting weaker?
Nails dulling out?
Or maybe I've never had anything sharp on myself to begin with.

The worst is that I'm not alone in this
And most of you seem content.
Living being made to obey
With grains of dopamine being thrown around
as you dance to catch each in your mouths.
Not much different from these poor animals at the circus.

Let's cut this short.

Aim big and don't expect a praise or prize soon after you start.
People aren't brands and brands aren't people.
Let's learn to enjoy the ride more than the destination.
Good luck, I believe in me,
I believe in you.
Good luck good luck good luck, remember you're a knife that just needs sharpening sometimes.
Valentin Jul 10
How beautiful I am
How many friends I have
How great is my life
How much alcohol I can swallow
How painful I feel
How I can use social media to cry
How your life is ******
How I can easily hide my weaknesses
How my body is so perfect
How my life is better than yours
How I live when you're not here
How I really behave
How popular I am
How fake I am
How my outside is
How shy I am to unveil my inside
How scared I am to live in the real life
How I am not me anymore
How the society evolves
Valentin Jul 10
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