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Emm Mar 6
Smile, pose,
flawless, poise

Let's make another picture perfect square,
Perfect for everyone to stare
I don't care what you think,
what you see, what you think,
of what you see,
As long as I can fool my memory

Even if I sink,
even when everything stinks
If I can't remember, it won't drag me down

Let's find our true love,
One and only true love,
Starting from the superficials,
Oh yes, 'cause I believe from this
we can go straight to the nuptials

It's odd if you ask me these days be,
spent more time fighting off monsters that can never be,
Exploring Neverland,
truly being Peter Pan?...

Is it still called a social interaction?
When there is no communication,
More like with the green monsters, spending quality time
all kins of them,
And in plurals,
all these digitals
LeV3e Feb 24
I've been pacing from room to room

Waiting for the world to stimulate

Something other than haunting gloom

Scroll unrolling a new series of emotions

Trends are mountaintops so better follow

The path is winding and this high peaked

Enjoy the view of this digital landscape

As the rest of the world crumbles at your

While we are more connected than ever in history, we've never been more divided. Strung along by hits of dopamine that keep us addicted to our screens, but who could blame us when the view out the window is so depressing.
Kevin Sep 2022
It is the thing we create from within.
From the depth of our soul
Where our passion does live.
The place we seek to find the unseen,
Those things that are seen
Within our minds and our dreams,
The things that others have not yet seen.

A vision where those can gaze and be free,
By a master at play while capturing his dreams
Upon the canvas where the art lives and breathes
Away from other influence, that he may have seen.

The art does not copy the others of known.
Instead, each piece is the artist's very own.
By bracing his feet upon the ground where he stands,
The art comes from within, from the master’s own hands.
Before the onslaught of digital and its mediocre output, art was considered a treasure. Not anymore. It’s become a world of anything goes. The way of the masters lost to a sea of 0’s and 1’s: no more perfection, no more beauty with the stroke of a brush. We entered the creative world of the mundane.

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Joshua Notah Jul 2022
Are we all fake?
Are we all getting baked?
Are we all looking?
Are we all searching?

For a simple solution
To shake the focus from this illusion
Finally looking up to the sky
Stars shining and twinkling in your eyes

Or is it just the glare
Pining over your cell phone in despair
Comparing yourself to others
Moments that look like perfection

Also lead us in a misdirection
Down a path of self doubt
All because of some dude's clout
Putting the most in every post

To answer all the above questions
We be searching for the real
And be looking to get baked ;)
At least that's this ****** dude's opinion
snipes May 2022
What’s on your mind?

Tell me it all
Confess your heart
Sell me your soul’s dna
For your peace of mind
You’ll see it’ll be liked later
In the memetime
Favorite your favorite memories
Comment your combative perspectives
Post your voice in a live
Before you die off the line
Hang your life as a bulletin online
While your life has bullets on the line
Trademark dna data usage is being sold
So tell me your what’s on your mind

What’s happening?

I walk bare these days…
Each wire shows truth in the lairs
My fear dies within this air
Hell lives on earth as it spears my attire
Heaven is so sought after as it’s quit with its laughter
Each shoe walks but the souls near retire
I’ve tripped up so many times I still ride lower
I see liquor every time I look in the mirror
The wind in the sky is the dream in my wireless eyes
I say it to the face of time, I am happening
Until my last happy breath
I’ll be what always happens

Write a caption…

…in the meantime
Paul Butters Mar 2022
An app for this
An app for that
An app even,
To feed your cat.

Mesmerised by mobiles
All these zombies shuffle along
Nearly getting run over
So internet throng.

Scanning with their debit cards
No time for cash
But I don’t trust these things
With their laser flash.

All this social media
Where is it going?
So much information
Toing and froing.

Good to keep in touch
And so easy to Google
Want to make a noise?
It’s better than a bugle.

Better check in on Facebook
So you all know where I am
Time to check my emails
To bin the latest scam.

But whatever happened to talking?
It’s now a forgotten art!
The cyber revolution:
This is just the start.

Paul Butters

© PB 19\3\22.
Joanna Alexandre Jan 2022
Consuming useless videos and content
Alone in my room
To distract from the racing and hurtful
Thoughts about you
And it always works for a moment
Or a minute or more
Until the intrusive thoughts come back,
Barging down my door
I put it back up, re-***** the hinges
And shut it
And lay back down to consume more
Mindless content
Lucy Schofield Nov 2021
Social Media World

Waiting, longing, wanting
Never finished, never complete
Silence makes our ears ring
Always busy, looking to compete

Social media world
Everyone and no one
Never alone, your life is unfurled,
Tap, swipe, post, I’m done..

Never done, never finished
Your social media masterpiece
Do we leave ourselves diminished?
Even though we constantly increase ...

Increase and build, our profiles grow,
Piece by piece an ever changing image
So fast, so rapid, makes me want to go slow
In my mind I pretend and try to envisage

And yet I’m entirely torn
A hypocrite through and through
My very own image I’ll adorn
My eyes, my mouth and what about this hairdo?

I love it and I question it,
I label myself, but why?
Basic, white, “this is lit”
I’ve found that social media high

Parents worry, kids rebel,
Are they happy !?
Perhaps time will tell
For me, it’s the content that’s ******

Stop seeking happiness,
It’s not an end game
Stop talking mindfulness
Whilst putting others to shame

Let’s stop talking the talk
Preaching and self indulging
Watching and waiting like a hawk,
A lifetime wasted, wishing

But embrace the conversations!
Open dialogue; debating, discussing,
Thoughts, ideas and revelations,
Platforms for all, we could do anything!
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