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Noor May 29
Sirens are wailing,
My very last breath is staling.
A set of eyes pin me down,
Complete with a mock frown.
"Why, it looks like you're in trouble."
My fear seemed to double.
It's just like how they say,
'Your life flashes before your eyes.'
I'm pathetic, aren't I?
I let this person find my weakness while I was blind.
"Now, if I may,"
A beat passed. I'm going to die.
"I shall see to your demise."
I wrote this on an uneventful afternoon when I suddenly felt inspired by one of my favourite shows and the background noise that day (it was only yesterday, really)
Light the fire of my life
Blazing like cascading petals
Fallen from a lotus
Drifting the world on a wind of change
Confirming my existence
Along the path of time
Impassioned like the raging inferno
Crimson courses through my body
Bringing life and great rejuvenation.

Face my fears
Devour my depression
Changed into who I am now
Not because I was weak
I awoke from my step back
My heart burns with agony
Not one day passes
I don't think about my loss
I may be weak, I may be young
Lots of time in this life left.

All gas
No breaks
Burning these cylinders
Empowering my mentality and body
My tears jaded
Fears faded
Now I stand up strong again
See through me like an open book
Read my story if you like
Disregard my existence
Disapprove my sadness
Deprived of former respect
That's okay
What matters is relentless
Headstrong and stubborn attitude
Faith in my being
To see the world in a different way.
Lae Mar 3
Everyone has different views- different points. Points in their life where they were lost in knowing what's really for the best. Some already had their happy ending- some don't. Some were lost in a reverie of going back to the past and undoing- while some just don't care. If i was one of those people- i would be the one who created her own tragedy. Seeing you now- i realized that you were that every great thing i lost., and that every time i think about it- not everything i've lost- was really worth losing for. You were just one of those people who lost the chance to be with someone who would treat you with all honesty and be with you at all cost-  and in that i realized. . .   That i was that every great thing i lost.
Bruce Demos Feb 26
I am a poem etched onto pulped-up trees,
Or did wandering taps on keyboard keys release me?
Or had it been rushed, late night confessions
That tore my shackles off and torched inhibitions?

Regardless, I’ll hold you. Down hallways or in bed,
I’ll shield your burnt soul from the fire in your head,
And if you’re out of breath—beaten, bruised, tossed aside—
You can find reprieve in between my lines.

I am the poem you clench against your chest
And to your scrawled thoughts and poured dreams I attest.
Kayla Hardy Jan 24
I know she’s home when her car is a mile away
It’s so loud and I can hear the music playing before she parks
I can tell it’s her by the way she slams her door
She steps lightly up the flights of stairs unlike the rest
Even careful when she unlocks the door and pushes it open
Sometimes she has a hat on, but most times not
She calls my name and I come into the room
I patiently wait for her to throw her bag on the couch
And to peel her coat off with huffs of irritation
She kicks her boots off to the side before
A breath of relief escapes her lips.

Finally, she takes notice of me!
She sits down on the floor.
I chirp with enthusiasm to show her my appreciation
She’s gentle at first and then she gets too excited
So she grabs me and I immediately remember every day before
She does this every day, but somehow I forget this part
I cry in protest, but she only laughs
Continuing to pepper me with kisses.

And now my brother emerges
I’m plopped back down on the floor
I try to get her attention again, but she’s moved on
In defeat, I walk away and sit and glare
She never picks him up like she picks me up
Oh wait, she picked him up
After more kisses he’s put down too
She stretches and smiles at us.

“Who wants food?”
This is a poem I wrote for my poetry class with the prompt: Write a poem about yourself from someone else's point of view. Do you know whose point of view this is from?
Luna Jay Jan 16
I don’t understand the pleasure in cheating each other,
I don’t understand the unity in hating one another.
I don’t understand the differences between me and you,
But these eyes will never see the way that others do.
I don’t understand the dangers in walking alone,
When no one walks to my beat and I want to roam.
I don’t understand why going barefoot is a sin,
With my being connected to earth, and my feet soaking it in.
I don’t understand why big pharma drugs are fine,
But plants are not okay.
I don’t understand everyone’s anger toward my ritual
Of dancing in the rain.
Stranger sees my pain,
Stranger calls me strange,
Mirror calls me vain.
A fast pulse through the veins,
Enough to jolt me back to reality:
I’ve made it this far in the world
With only me being proud of me.
I don’t understand the majority of things
Most other humans do.
These eyes will never see from their
Point of view.
Destyni H Jan 2
I don’t love you.
I honestly never really cared.
I couldn’t care less.

That is until 10:16
When my body aches
And I hit you with the wyd
Because you’re what I want to taste

Don’t expect me to embrace you in your vulnerability
But I expect you to embark in your most vulnerable experience with me


Because we’re humans, baby
Because it’s natural, lover
Because your body looked so good in that dress
Because of the shape your hips and your thighs
Oh I love when you ride

I love when you taste me
Can you feel me inside
I’m giving it all to you
Promise me it’s mine

Because this belongs to you

Wait but not completely
I can only promise you the D
Because I need no emotional ties between you and me

I’m in a situation
I have someone else for that
Someone who’s still waiting for me to text her back
Someone you don’t know of and you’ll hopefully never meet

And after this I probably won’t call
until 10:16 next week.
OC Dec 2018
And in the eighth day, god has glanced
upon its fair creation.
He blessed the common of good sense
and reached imagination.

BY ME!, he said to Gabriel,
I think I've done it pretty well,
by inventing logic first
and afterwards the universe.
Well even though it's been quite tough
our world is... reasonable enough.

Now, I'm a worried since right there
is a little point that's out of order.
It is that little point of view.
It gave us trouble, quite a few.
Please, Gabriel, do fix the matter
and make our world work better.

God head assistant cried "Disgrace!"
"You little point! Get back in place!"
But when he got up near,
he found out something... weird...
From that point, when he looked at it
god seemed to him... a wrong a bit...

Two angels all equipped and set
were sent to straight things up.
"Are you not back in line yet?!"
"You make our boss seem all upset."
"Beware, or we shall call a cop!"

When the angels closer drew
each held a different point of view
then roared a great loud argument
upon what point god really meant!

Oh dear, what shall we do with you?
Such little, stubborn, point of view.
A right solution was not found,
they had to let it stay around.
No one knows what for.
But since that day, we all can say
Life's all,
except a bore...
A little gem by my old man that I've learned to recite by heart. Was written in English originally, unlike other pieces I had to translate.
Makenzie Marie Nov 2018
I wonder if you see me as fragile or strong. I wonder if you think that I’ll break your arms. are you careful with my heart , are you afraid that I will fall apart?

Or I wonder if you know that I am strong, despite the fact that I have been wronged? Do you know that I have strength  despite the fact we both know I can break.

I wonder what you know.
Kit Scott Nov 2018
a small, dark shape is reflected in the large, round eyes of the owl
tilting its head, it watches the creature snuffling through the snow and listens to its feet move
it takes off from its branch with a shivering of ice

meanwhile, i pretend i dont know it can hear me and continue clambering along
i do not know if it would be better to look my death in the face

(red on white, the drops bounce)
everyday is everyday, and yet
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