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leo Apr 12
it hurt when you didn't say i love you
of course, it hurt
but i was so good at hiding my feelings
too good
i laughed it of and later we joked about it
but as soon as i was alone
my smile broke and i heard my violently sobs becoming louder and louder
but not a tear came
i was cold
a limp human body without a soul
helloo? feelings? where are you??
Tony Tweedy Apr 9
Once again the sobbing of my heart,
drowns out thoughts of laughter.
And still the ache of loneliness tells,
there is no sign of what I am after.

Through ache of the soul and a pain,
deep in my damaged spirits broken core.
Everything I am and all of my being,
just longing for someone to adore.

There is someone for everyone,
I have heard people often say.
So why this dark lonely space,
my head cant make go away?

When you have love to give,
and there is no one there.
Until all your body can feel,
is darkness and empty despair.

How can you hang onto dreams,
or even make effort to cope.
Abandoned by love and alone,
knowing each day there is no hope.

A pain so deep and this endless ache,
so much love to give it cant be wrong.
Through hearts cry and souls pain,
Somehow I am meant to stay strong.

I can't
Tides of loneliness to drown a wounded soul and loves abyss a relentless never ending void.
I feel like a discharged battery... outwardly I look the part but inwardly I am drained.
karly codr Dec 2020
all my parents care about is my grades
i spent 13+ hours today working on my final project
so i am able to get a good grade in my class
and they get home and start screaming at me
for being on the computer to do my project
and they've been yelling at me for the past 5 hours
and i've been crying for the past 5 hours
my eyes are swollen
my tears are frozen to my face because I decided to get out of the house
and go for a walk
i was outside in the dark in under 32 degrees (F) crying for an hour
some kid was outside in his driveway when i was walking
he asked if i was okay
i said yeah and kept walking
isn't it funny how i hide myself from people who don't even know me

i was getting better too... and they just shot me down
i'm sorry...
karly codr Nov 2020
I just want someone to ask me if i'm okay
and when i say i'm fine
i want them to hug me and say
but you aren't
karly codr Nov 2020
they didn't care
they didn't care when i was in my bedroom sobbing
because they told me that I wasn't good enough
they didn't care when I stood at the kitchen sink
washing dishes with tears running down my face
they didn't care when I laid in my bed
screaming into my pillow so they wouldn't hear me
they didn't care when i just wanted to be hugged by someone
they didn't care when i just wanted to feel loved
they didn't care when all i felt was loneliness
and they didn't know that I was alone with my thoughts
they didn't care
karly codr Oct 2020
I'm tired of getting thing pushed onto me.
Karly, write this essay so you can get this scholarship.
Karly, apply to this college.
Karly, why aren't you going to this college event?
Karly, make sure to decide what you want to do right now.
Karly, this college invited you to a choir rehearsal.
Karly, make sure you get this done by midnight tonight, but don't stay up too late.
Karly, make sure to get 8 hours of sleep.
Karly, you listen to music too much, take out your headphones, they're warping your brain.
Karly, why are you crying?
Karly, are you okay?
Karly, you have nothing to be stressed about.

REALLY? I HAVE NOTHING TO BE STRESSED ABOUT? YOU KEEP PUSHING THINGS ONTO ME, AND TELLING ME THAT I'M MESSING UP, AND YOU REALLY WANT TO TELL ME THAT I HAVE NOTHING TO BE STRESSED ABOUT????? *sobs in my bed, wrapped in blankets, hugging my stuffed animals, not sleeping because I'm thinking to much
Everyone keeps asking me to do all of this stuff and it's wearing me out, to the point where I hardly get any sleep because I'm too busy laying in bed and sobbing into my pillow and thinking about everything that I have to get done :(
Pawnesh Dixit Jul 2020
Life  is the name of which flying bird
not necessary to know
thinking is crime
pause is unknown
wherever whoever wants  to stop the moment

with  the cycle of  mutual gossip,
with the seductive artwork of t.v.
with  the magic of sports
with the dream ‘s illusion work
Deterioration drivablition,
Sobbing of this golden cycle happeneth;
by coming of earthquake,
moving  away of dear one ,
breaking of sweet dreams,
with the onset of untimely illness,
with the increasing of confliction
decreasing of ultimate peace

Now person feels stagnant blame for innocent luck
Becomes a philosopher in his own life
Again to seize a new moment..
CB Apr 2020
"My heart started beating again, the shattered pieces trying to meld together, instead they continued to cut into my lungs, leaving me breathless, fresh out of air. Choking and sobbing, denial was so ready at my fingertips, I could slip away into this unconsciousness so easily and pretend for another day, so I did, again and again."
Night Sky Mar 2020
Four days before you broke up with me
you emailed me
"I love you a lot I love you so so so so so so so so much"
No, that's not an exaggeration
That is exactly what you said
I fell so hard for you

Three days before you broke up with me
you told me
"I only want you"
and I said that I only wanted you
And god, I did
I do.

Two days before you broke up with me
You said I wasn't your second choice
and that you "never wanted" me "to feel that way"
And I apologized
for feeling
and telling you exactly what I was feeling

One day before you broke up with me
you kissed me
and smiled
And I smiled right back at you
But I sobbed that night because
she posted about you

The day you broke up with me
We sat next to each other
And we smiled
while my friend recorded us
being simply happy
and in love

Four hours before you broke up with me
You made out with me
I wore your hat
and you gave me three
Blue Raspberry Jolly Ranchers
and laughed at my blue tongue

When you broke up with me
You cried
Looked me in the eyes
and said
"I can't say I see a future with you"
So I stood up, walked away, eyes dry

And sobbed when I got home.
And sobbed the next day.
And sobbed two days later.
And wrote this poem
while sobbing
Because I needed to tell someone

Eight hours after you broke up with me
You told me you still loved me
But you hadn't seen a future with me
How long has it been? Since you love her more
I think I'm going to hurt myself

Are you reading this?
not doing too well
lashing out a cry for help,
i'll sadly sit and cry.
                              sobbing more
                                                          without a reason why.
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