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The Calm Jun 17
As a cloud, with you I am light
the sun shining through, the blue sky for sore eyes is a sight
my soul a quivering hand slowly pulling back on the string of a bow
the arrow aiming only at your heart, a heart of golden beads pressed down and melted over a fire created by your soul so beautifully collected, a portrait painted by years of experiences and hurt and pain, a mural of life enticing a lust for life that can only be satiated by your smile.
my soul under duress, my mind running like a river
In my heart is conjured rough seas on a stormy night, no view of the shoreline but hands on the wheel, sailing, in my mind tough times, thunder and lightening thoughts of falling and failing.
I however though, shoot that arrow
I forever, aim for your heart.
The Calm Apr 24
Lost in your waves of emotion
Drowned in your sea of despair
Quietly I suffocate,
die in devotion
Quietly I leave myself,
Become the air
Drowning at sea
Being fooled by ones intentions
The Calm Apr 2
The moment I lost faith in the red, white and blues
is the moment 20 kids died in their school shoes
How could I expect the heart of people to be cold and so offended
just at the sheer possibility of gun rights getting amended
Sandy hook made us look,
Even here in Great Mills we felt chills
They see the damage that guns do
but don't blame weapons, they blame pills
they blame the finger the one that fills
the space between the gun and the trigger
they blame a lone wolf, a lonely kid,
"he was always kinda weird, we're not surprised at what he did"
why'd he have an AK? the constitution says it's OK
why'd he an M16, we look above and below the facts but never in between
the loss of young life, we should never defend
we cannot control people, but we can control guns, we should never pretend
too much blood has spilled, too much innocence lost
we have to make sure it ends, we cant pocket the cost
We should have the right to protect who we love
but America has to choose what it loves
The Calm Mar 28
Hunt,  find , spill
Blood running like lava
Your spine is cold , the thrill
Your eyes dilate, the pill
Your teeth sink in, the ****
You tear flesh from bone, you fill
You're satisfied but still
You hunt, you stalk, you ****
The wolf series
The Calm Mar 27
The heart is a liar
And is prone to mistakes
I mean it spends all its time beating
Tick tock tick tock, it cant slam on the brakes
It cant find the time to stop and think
Else I might be on the brink
So the next time your heart tries to tell you what to do
Tell it no can do
Listen to reason
Unless your logic is shot
Then that can fail you too
The Calm Mar 27
Constructing a place inside my mind
Where I can think, where I can find
A place for poetry , words sweet release
A place to hone my inner peace
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