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This feeling only exists when I am with her.
This vibrant, pixelated world.
Filled with her attention.
When I am with her
I am lost for hours on in, exploring every inch of her.
My favorite escape, determined to prove myself.
Alone in a world filled with her,
I've fallen in love with every click of the button rapidly pressed.
If any of the cords should come undone,
I'll loose my mind.
Her heart ever so elusive.
Scrolling screen after screen
Yet I continue to scroll.
Lost in the only feeling that exists when she's around.
Unraveling my controller, plugging it into her heart
Anastasia Nov 2018
A full beaming moon
with it’s crates and it’s mounds
the orbiting sphere that was was once believed to be the root cause of craziness.
Yet here it was,
illuminating the room
where a hushed video call had begun.
Two giddy teens
blissfully chatting,
Her eyes had begun to droop in accordance to the darkening sky,
while his kept themselves busy on her.
His fixated eyes held an unreadable
passion of tenderness
as he longingly gazed upon her
reddening skin.
If only the moon had shone ever so brighter,
it would’ve uncovered that her feelings had mirrored his
as her stomach erupted into minuscule butterflies.
Love can manifest into unreadable feelings- enjoy them before they dissipate into thin air with time.
exist Oct 2018
perhaps the reason i play sims
is i’m convinced that it’s the only way i’ll be able to experience a life
other than the one i have now
life is nothing but a simulation for me
Virgil Matheson Sep 2018
Player one, player two.
Who will you choose?
You've been switching the controllers,
And leaving us confused.
I load up the game
To find someone else's save.
Are you an NPC or boss monster?
You're so much more depraved

Player one, player two.
Who did you choose?
I don't see any winner.
In the end, both players lose.
My abuser dated two of us at the same time, and he seemed to be pitting us against each other intentionally. Purposefully making us jealous, telling one of us the other had said something horrible about them, banning one of us from being talked about and talking constantly about the other, sparking situations where we would fight.
It felt like we were supposed to compete to be the best partner or something, and one of us would always be getting left behind. In the end, we both left him.
Andrew Sep 2017
We use video games
To make video gains
Until the screen goes black
And reality attacks
We lose all our progress
In the deletion process
As we level up we devolve
Around the TV we revolve
The more experience we gain
The more moments we lose
Our memories forever stained
When this is what we choose
Our life inside a hard drive
Our life becomes a hard lie
We revel in being unwise
Rage quitting life
We enjoy strife
And avoid pesky light
When we live in the dark
With consumerist plights
We are all marks

Video games balance in a zone
Between game and art
The frustration starts
When art is confused for games
And games mistook for art
People take things to heart
And spitefully spew viper venom
If this is where games send them
Then why do we play?
We have no other way
To feel accomplishment
In a society that worships competition
Video games become the second edition
Of a life filled with loss
On our pixelated cross
We are murdered millions of times
Reminiscent of the millions of lies
That make us losers in the real world
Video games become our shiny pearl

The computer displays defeat
When our lives aren't complete
Because we need someone to beat
Not realizing our lives are conquered
By frivolous topics we've pondered
Our meaningless life squandered
And hope comes in the form of new releases
While inside our faulty headset is in pieces
Emerson Nosreme Sep 2018
It is gushing
In my veins
It is used
For writing things
Like poems and
Thank you cards
And happy birthdays
For saying sorry
For simply talking
To a friend
To ask for
Help for something
It can describe
Your nightmares
And your fears
And your worries
And your sadness
It is gushing
Through our veins
And if one
More demon comes
To ridicule and
Torture me again
I’m Outta Here
Inspired by Bendy and the Ink Machine (BORIS!!! ‘And im outta here’)
Jack L Martin Aug 2018
What do you know of war?  
First person shooter
Simulated gun fire
computerized blood splatter

What do you know of war?
Tag team alliance
Kids slaying kids
for virtual dollars

What do i know of war?
I saw the carnage
Devastation, the horrors
The smell of death

What do i know of war?
The pain haunts me
every day
every hour
It NEVER goes away!

War ain't no game, bro!
These words need no explanation.
Talia Jul 2018
every now and then
I look back at your video logs
and see you expressed your love for me again
and remembering how we chased each other like dogs
It's been two months now since you left
why won't these tears stop
why do I remember the beat of your heart when I'd lay on your chest
every sweet memory of you in every drop
these emotions are killing me
please tell me why am I still so attached to you
is it because I keep remembering how you got down on one knee
and proposed out of the blue
today I remembered something you said in one video
I hesitated to go find it
I tried telling myself no
but now here I lie, in this pit
Willow Jul 2018
I recently watched a YouTube video, they asked all ages, "If you could change one thing about you, what would you change?"
The elders said, "Nothing because you learn to love yourself,"  the middle ages people stated features. The young children said, " I want a mermaid tail" or "I want shark teeth." It's so fascinating on how little children who are innocent as a baby cub, they are so carefree and don't have to worry as much, they have their own little imagination. Which just tells you, growing up changes your innocent mind.

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