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Daniel T Jun 8
He took a massive leap
And couldn't believe
That he died to fall damage.
A haiku inspired by final fantasy 14
mjad Nov 2020
Oh what I would pay
For a flashback video of every happy day
Before it all went away
Amy Oct 2020
~My heart belongs to you~
My heart belongs to you
Sorry not you
But My controller.

I sit down playing my game for hours, and hours, and hours.
With my red eyes, I keep playing prolonged.
My fingers are tired, my head is tired and my eyes are tired.
But I never stop.
I stop until I’ve reached my goal…., until I reach my desires.
I guess you can say that I am the type to keep going until I reach my goals in life.
And that’s a good thing.
And When I am done, I fall completely asleep with my arms holding on to my precious controller, all happy.

~Amy <3
This poem was made for my brother cause of how much he is addicted to video games
Seranaea Jones Oct 2020

it was, for her~

a question, a dare to venture into a
place that few would ever visit
more than once in a lifetime

walled with earth, rock, twists and
turns, shadows that move—
bones that lay still

a smart phone was recovered there,
the woman who left it is somewhere
deep in the lower chambers

it recorded her unapproved descent into
miles of dark passages which multiply,
divide, intersect— mystify

images steady at first, a wonderment
of sheer expansiveness, these arteries
go on forever and ever !

"i need to tell someone !"—
                                               "ohh, no

a "sotto voce" begins questioning confusion
as her disorientation becomes a
measure of breath

curiosity now relinquishes to a desperation
of sharp huffs as the camera aims about
in quick jolts, straining to see the
next hopeful opening—

the light stops

minutes later she realizes her affiliation
with the underground brethren has
been met with tacit approval.

her phone is eventually abandoned with
all remaining composure, as a new

and permanent member commences
a delirious marathon down
the corridors of

the recording lasted awhile before
her drowning cries dissolved into
resolution of a sealed fate—

underneath and silent,
amongst thousands

                            of opened mouths...

s jones
© 2020

that urban legend (or maybe not) of a camera
found deep in a catacomb somewhere in Paris—

"Seranaea—nized" for your hopeful enjoyment...

(remembering Sasha Rey...)
Spadille Sep 2020
The red light is blinking
The camera is now rolling
A recording of me singing a beautiful lullaby
With you staring at me in the background

Those ocean blue eyes embedded in my soul
Gazing at me with a loving look
Telling a thousand words
Getting lost in my melody

This is such a wonderful memory
I have loved every second of it
Not because of my serenade
But because of you
KNOWER Jul 2020
I see you seeking consolation in your video consoles
digital moguls making profit from your wretched, con(ned) souls
they're selling lies to you, well packaged in that shiny box
you think they're keys while indeed they're just a bunch of locks
meant to entrap your precious souls thru' well devised distraction
these dudes are smart, tho' they're bent on man's own ill destruction
feed you illusions, just confuse you from the Truth then,
tighten that noose around your neck with each release man

I find it shocking how they  bring down mighty Titans
with virtual lies that are disguised as Man's enlightenment
Alicia Moore Jul 2020
Life is like a video game,
The motive is to survive the ultimate level.
You can be the one to cast the flame
And shift the blame,
But in the end —
We’re all faced with the devil.
the happiness was only a spur of mania
I wish I was the sun
the high wears off and I remember my skin
as he flicks his cigarette out the window.
you are the front porch light
that bathes the street in a nauseating yellow.
I dream of fields of flowers I can die in
stupid and empty.
stupid and empty.
swallowed in the discomfort of this aching body
a deer sprawled out in the middle of the road,
maggots gnawing at the skin- once full of youth
stumbling through June- time seemed to stop.
writing poems I won’t show anybody,
I won’t tell anyone I’m sick.
I just hope I remember this summer spent in hell.
Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2020
We are all treading water
Trying to keep our heads above the waves

Same game
Different methods of beating bosses in every victorious match

Dealing with maps encountered everywhere progressed in this world
No matter how complicated the terrain or what difficulty the opposition is set to

Just multiple devils disguised as characters to test character and integrity

In the digital world if mistakes are made get to retry levels until you get it right

If you die
That death does not equal a permanent zap out of existence but instead is more like a breif catnap
Then you are magically healed and respawned like a phoenix rising from the ash and ruin

The same miracle does not work like that in reality

When our time comes we are banished from this living hell we have named Earth to reside in a perpetual pitch-black exile

There is no consolation prize
Bonus round
Final scoring or tallying of points to alter the outcome of events
The only resemblance the end of a human beings life has to a video game is the "sudden death" part
If my life was a video game I think it would be something like Kingdom Hearts
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