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Randy Johnson Sep 29
I remember what happened 24 years ago.
I went to Walmart and bought a 3DO.
The 3DO was a video game console and it was 32 Bit.
Contrary to what some believe, it wasn't a *******.
It was almost as good as Sony's original Playstation.
I decided to buy a 3DO after some consideration.
I eventually bought the original Playstation but I bought the 3DO first.
It wasn't the greatest video game console but it certainly wasn't the worst.
It had some great games: Killing Time, Road Rash and the original Need For Speed.
But Plumbers Don't Wear Ties was so terrible that it will make your eyes bleed.
I was only twenty-four years old at the time, that was half a lifetime ago.
Panasonic, Sanyo and GoldStar were the three companies who manufactured the 3DO.
Her name is Chun Li and she first appeared in Street Fighter II.
Don't make this woman angry or she'll beat the hell out of you.
Many people make a comment that embarrasses her and her face turns red.
They tell her that she's supposed to wear her bra on her chest instead of her head.
Chun Li studied Martial Arts for several years and she sure does know how to fight.
And if you have any drugs, she'll steal them because she likes to get higher than a kite.
I had to travel through eight worlds to save Princess Peach.
But she's about as warm and caring as a blood ******* leech.
After killing seven fake Bowsers, I finally destroyed the real one.
I did it to save Peach but it was something I shouldn't have done.
She turned out to be a snob, she called me dumb and Luigi dumber.
She said that we're worthless in her eyes because we're just plumbers.
I had to fight turtles and Goombas and I told her that I deserved to be thanked.
She said that I'm dust beneath her feet and I decided that she should be spanked.
I put her over my knee and I spanked that soft ***.
She cried and cried which proves that she has no class.
I was only given a few lives and I had to travel through thirty-two levels to be able to win.
I would've dumped Peach in the lava instead of Bowser if I had things to do over again.
Starry Aug 31
This is no
Ordernary bus
You do go on it
To go to work
Or to school
Work and school is
Battle field
And your job is to save the world.
Starry Aug 31
The guy looks like he is going
To climb Mt Everest
But that axe isn't for ice
It's for fighting off enimes
And saving the world
Swing he will
If you get in the way of
His goals.
If I Am Detective
I Musts Also Beez
And together become
Decra Kerubo Jun 27
You liked it,
You made a comment,
You are not to blame,
You didn't know

The photo was lit,
The owner an angel,
The photographer hidden,
The camera's label erased

It dragged you within,
It wasn't clear though,
You asked for a push up,
I was down
How possible was that

I hardened my feminism,
And pushed you to place,
I was left in my pit
You didn't know The darkness within

And I can't be yours,
I can't hold you no more,
You can't read pain
It's too dark in here for you
This is but a reference to a person who wanted me to be his when he couldn't really feel me and clearly, he was up to gain.
Out of the womb into the microwave.
The woodpecker and the tree.
Following the dead into the sea.

Undead in murky darkness, the darkness of a pale light.
Shimmering through the second presence in my room.
Necromancer raises me like a zombie from my tomb.

Standing on the precipice of the sleeping and the awake,
The siren sings through the holes in my head,
She likes me better when I am half dead.

She likes to play the dead girl when I'm awake.
When I close my eyes the dead dream of me.
Through their eyes I follow them into the sea.
It is here where I meet the woodpecker and become the tree.

A brain cell pops,
When her song starts.
Her disembodied voice comes through the video.
My song skips when it comes on the radio.
Fading in and out like a ghost,
Possessing me when she needs me the most.

It is too **** loud!
Turn down the volume!
Heard it ever since I was born!
******* me into a vacuum!
A silent place,
Where no one can hear me scream!

The baby bunny lost it's head,
The ones thought to be invincible,
Have all been found dead,
In a telephone booth.
Loveless love,
in an electric god's house;
Microwaving brains,
in the woodpecker's soup.

She used my axe to hack off my limbs,
Replacing them with parts made of tin.
She killed the lights fast enough,
For darkness to catch up.
I've forgotten how to love.

How do you even love,
Something that doesn't love?
Get this woodpecker outta my head,
It's making me hear the dead.
This feeling only exists when I am with her.
This vibrant, pixelated world.
Filled with her attention.
When I am with her
I am lost for hours on in, exploring every inch of her.
My favorite escape, determined to prove myself.
Alone in a world filled with her,
I've fallen in love with every click of the button rapidly pressed.
If any of the cords should come undone,
I'll loose my mind.
Her heart ever so elusive.
Scrolling screen after screen
Yet I continue to scroll.
Lost in the only feeling that exists when she's around.
Unraveling my controller, plugging it into her heart
Anastasia Nov 2018
A full beaming moon
with it’s crates and it’s mounds
the orbiting sphere that was was once believed to be the root cause of craziness.
Yet here it was,
illuminating the room
where a hushed video call had begun.
Two giddy teens
blissfully chatting,
Her eyes had begun to droop in accordance to the darkening sky,
while his kept themselves busy on her.
His fixated eyes held an unreadable
passion of tenderness
as he longingly gazed upon her
reddening skin.
If only the moon had shone ever so brighter,
it would’ve uncovered that her feelings had mirrored his
as her stomach erupted into minuscule butterflies.
Love can manifest into unreadable feelings- enjoy them before they dissipate into thin air with time.
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