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Nolan Willett Apr 27
I think that I've been branching out,
You ought to have seen me before:
Idling abed, lying about,
Wasting away, frightened to live
I think that I've been speaking more
My own faults striving to forgive.

But I still need to feel alone,
I know you do not think like that,
Some days I must turn off my phone,
Some days I do not want a friend
And cannot stand to have a chat.
After this spell I'll make amends.

I do not hate humanity,
So I ask you not to conflate
or demonize my oddity.
Nor kindly do not misconstrue,
And most of all do not negate
The fact I love my solitude.
It's mwe Feb 22
Do you wanna fly over the sand
It is close but it’s safe
Or do you wanna fly over the sky
It is far but you can see the star

Remind me when you are wasted
And down under 16 degrees
I would hug you even more
And pay the lifetime with you, forever
But forever has its end

I see your heart plastered
And now that you are frightened
We could say forever
But forever has its end

Let’s headed way downtown
I would let you pay for the miserable you
Oh I wonder if I’m closer than I’ve ever been

And we claimed that everything is forever
But forever has its end
today's draft
sushii Dec 2018
i recall the soft touch of your hand
on my infant cheek--

so delicate in the moment,
but so menacing later on.

i recall the warmth of your skin
as it comforted my shaking hand--

so calm in the moment,
but so frightening later on.

i recall the sweetness of your smile
as it had shone its luminescent glow upon me--

so beautiful in the moment,
but so unsettling later on.


i can't quite understand
why you no longer hold my hand.

see, you have a light touch so full of love,
that it could burst at any moment--
giving way to something sour.

i don't see the reason
for you to make my eyelids change color every season.

see, i have bruises like silk
and blood like milk--
your emotions could drink it all in one sitting.

i don't understand
why my heart still beats if the scale of my wrongdoing is so grand.

see, i have a droplet of hope,

but it falls into an ocean of fear
siinli Nov 2018
I break things
I hurt people
I delete words
I keep secrets
Its because
I am frightened
Its because
I grew up
knowing that
these things
can conceal
my feelings
—I am a lost cause
Leigh Oct 2018
Ease yourself in up to your waist
And grit your teeth against the cold.
Take a slow step deeper with searching toes;
Learn to wade again against the tide.

I have always preferred the land;
To stand where I can see a horizon's
Distance and not risk being
Enveloped by it.

My risk was his wish underlined
By a body of work. He's away now from a life
Made up of **** ups, and break ups,
And love, and changing lives.
For Scott Hutchinson 1981 - 2018

"... a version of man built to collapse in crumbs."
Empty house*
Empty  chair
a ****** *plate  with some  burnt  *food
an empty bed

This place once there lived
A lonely old man
Who hid away
From  the world

The world didn't  care
And there lack of empathy left him bare.
On those cold winter nights *
He sat in front of a  smothered fire .
The fire lacked warmth like the villagers
This old man was hungry  and cold .
But most of all he *died
not knowing a soul
Because people lacked human kindness .
selfish*  inhuman beyond belief.
Bartholomew Sep 2018
My friends adore this fearlessness that I’ve acquired
Or is this a facade that I’ve mastered?
I may not have any phobias of flight or height nor am I afraid of monsters and demons in the closet or under the bed.

I fear that I may disappoint or fear that I cannot protect my loved ones.

I fear what I’m capable of and or doing.

But I’m afraid to love; whole heartedly.
I’m afraid to share my deepest darkest secrets then have them used against me.

But my biggest fear of all....
I’m afraid of someone loving me and finding me beautiful.....
I’m afraid that one day the inevitability will come thanks to time and that, that “someone” will hate me and see what they once thought was beautiful is now hideous in their eyez.

The beauty that they once gazed upon in my soul has now become **** and that frightens me the most.

Fearless? Nah, I’m only human, wishing I had less fear or the ability to fear less....
JB Aug 2018
That feeling
That reason why you don’t move
Why you don’t look up
Take your nose out of the book
The reason why you zoom to the next class with your head down
Talking to nobody but yourself and your tortured thoughts
The tightness in your chest
The terrifying feeling
When someone approaches you
The relief and heavy breath out
Like the release of a balloon
When you realize they were heading toward someone else
Becomes a struggle
A big mission on what path to take
With the least people
The least amount of eyes staring and mouths talking
You assume they are talking about you
You are terrified
Have to get out
You walk fast
To your little hideaway
Your safe haven for now
But you can never hide away from the real cause
The real reason
You realize as a tear runs down your red
frightened face
You can’t run away
gabriella garcia Sep 2018
Seeing, looking, glancing
They’re all focused on me
My soul, my heart
They look right through me

Lit, red, burning eyes
They make me wonder,
am I alive?
Will I ever see myself like they see me?

They come closer, they look closer
They stare.  Blank

They stay in front of me,
standing still

While the others go in for the ****
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