If you are afraid of the unrequited, there is a chance you might have learned it from a parent. and you were probably young; children are too impressionable. it lingered in the air and echoed through the silence when you asked your mom when you were going to see dad again. the word “unrequited” is a taste bud on the back of your tongue that will always remind you how even the sweetest things turn sour.

If you are afraid of the unrequited, you will start to type a message to your friends because the loneliness has become to heavy, but you will always be stopped by the sour taste of trying to swallow your pride.

If you are afraid of the unrequited, you might apologize for yourself every day and tell people that you wouldn’t blame them if they cut you off. maybe being alone will feel a little easier if you are certain you did something to deserve it.

If you are afraid of the unrequited, you might go out in public to make sure you are seen,

talk to yourself to know that you have a voice,

watch strangers converse to convince yourself that everybody has somebody, even you,

you might write poetry to try and teach yourself the lessons on the love that was never requited to you.
Father Jul 2
Um basically that I'm not crazy that she's being rediculous  and selfish and legit tell me I'm right not dismiss it like oh how about we try and work with her even more then what I just sent u and have her make it even more difficult on me u all think it so easy I get off work at 9 no way I could take him to school and my son will want to see his family at my house not just Legoland everyone always thinking of themselves and shit one day I won't be here and then everyone will see how far I was pushed and how hard. I worked and how hard I tried and when that happens itll be too late because I'll be gone u have ur kids u have ur husband Stephen does everyone has someone I legit am all I have so the only kind of love I get to where I feel like I'm needed is my son he's all I have and what keeps me going but Jesus iv been fighting like a maniac for almost 6 years now to keep him in my life and sacrifice my health my happiness my everything just so I can pay child support and try to get him as much as I'm able outa of pure selfishness no one gets it no one trys to get it everyone is focused on everything else to really see what's going on u have no idea how many times I write my good bye letters to everyone but stop when I get to my son because I legit can't and won't and absolutely refuse to leave him alone with that bitch and that selfish family all he has but Jesus dude I'm not super man I get shit from everyone in every direction and constantly get told and made to feel like I'm hated and everything else when I legit do so much for everyone and care so much about everyone and the one thing I have my happiness is my child my son and I never get to even take him for more than a day and I'm dead tired because I work my ass off to distract myself from my shitty existence and misserey I've been thru hell and back my entire life and I'm stronger because of it but no one understands that my laughter my smiles my jokes my comedy is to distract me and everyone else to the reality that I'm on the verge of death the verge of giving up the verge of loosing hope the verge of saying goodbye to the one thing that deserves so much more than I could give my baby boy my hero my heart my soul my everything my pride and joy how happy I was to find out of his creation and ready I was to bring the beautiful blessing to the world into my life how ready I was to be there and watch the miracle of him every step every laugh every tiny amazing miracle of him growing and learning and I've had all the dreams all the hope  to be there and deserved to be there still deserve to be there and missed so much of his life because of a evil hateful selfish heartless demon that manipulated my mind my actions and my heart and took what strength I had and fed on it with pleasure and sick love for destroying my soul I'm living in hell and the demon that is evil has fed clawed and sucked away my will to the point where I'm just a dim light of what I was born to be and have the potential to be the light is almost out and my little savior my baby boy is left with nothing but a shadow a like a belief that his protector didn't care and wasn't there and the demon will feed him nothing but lies and hate and fill him with nothing but hate and  resentment and confusion and anger until his sweet Innocents vanishes and light starts to dim and left to feel all alone this is as deep as it gets do I share this do I send this questions I am left with do I open up and cry for help scream for help problem is I've been screaming for years and I'm trapped so far into the darkness that no one can see or hear the crys the begging and pleading for it to end save me Help me someone but there's no one just me my miracle and the demon trying to devour what's left of my soul and diminish me from existence and tarnish and manifest itself to become the very image of me and my baby boy will look at me as nothing but the very  demon  that left him without a father as the demon feeds him the darkness I left behind the memory of me will be nothing but a random thought that will be covered up by lies and fear and resentment in my child's eyes because the demon is now me in my child's eyes and that's when the demon wins that's when the demon is finally full not after I'm gone but when the last bit of love or light I leave behind is replaced with itself and my baby boy thinks of me as nothing but the very demon that destroyed me then just maybe then the demon will win cause now the demon is my son's mother the only one there and becomes the hero and I become the demon in his eyes I'm lost I'm afraid I'm alone and begging and pleading for it to change to end to stop in the end if hell is for ever and if I'm in hell and it really is for ever then the only thing I'll be wanting or screaming or hoping is for it to end to stop to cease to exist in the end my enemy is not the demon feeding on my soul it's the never ending pain and suffering the forever the continue the hope the urge to keep going in the end my enemy is time and the only way I can stop time is to take my self out of the equation and the light that is left the life the will to live goes out dies disappears and leaves nothing but a void and darkness like it never existed good bye is close and hope is lost my will is gone nothingness is where I'm headed my little miracle is all that keeps the light inside my soul lit the flame is low and I'm affraid that it won't last or make it
Dream Fisher Jun 20
What are you trying to say,
Lately I've been asking myself.
It feels like my thoughts are too piled up
With only a feather to dust these shelves
Sweep these images off of my chest
Left scraping together this disorganized mess.
I'm having trouble with my fan base,
The trouble is I don't have a fan base.
Stuck in a position of not knowing what I want to be,
I know who I am, now let's look past me.

I've been debating religion and stuck in an uncomfortable position
Of calling most the church goers hypocrites
Only following the rules when the shoe fits
Then gossip in the back of the pew
about a man with more struggles than you
Hung up on other's demons, while pretending to smile
We send them to a mental trial, tell the next person
Next you leave them exiled, pulling some godly ranks.
Ask me to come to that place, I'll say no thanks.

It's another lakeshore day, it's another late night
Taking a breath of the wild at 2 am through dim light.
Sitting in the same room, with a little time to type
I'm stuck in my thoughts but unable to know what to say
So I'll leave this on an ironic tone
Yesterday, my father wished me a happy father's day.
But his knowledge of me stands unknown.
dina Jun 17
this time of year comes by
and i always have to think
why did you have to leave
why did you have to fly away
away, to wherever you are
away, to somewhere so far
from mom and me,
we’re getting on fine,
but something tells me
it could be better
if you were here
but you’re not here
you’re away
far away
and you’re never coming back
Father’s Day is here
A holiday I tend to dread
Scrolling through social media
Seeing so many great fathers
Feeling a bit like an outcast
A stranger to me
Gave me half my DNA
And nothing else
Mentally a child
It would feel wrong
To post the sappy picture
Write the sappy caption
Pretend there’s a deep relationship there
Father’s Day
Always unconventional for me
I celebrate my mom
Playing both parental roles
I celebrate my grandpa
Always showing me parent-like love
I celebrate my Heavenly Father
Who loves me more than anyone else
Father’s Day is isolating
But at least I have someone to love
Someone to celebrate
I don’t open up about this part of my life that much but yeah Father’s Day is stupid I am my own dad *finger guns*
Francie Lynch Jun 17
I would've given birth
To you,
Endured whatever
Mothers do.
Instead, I did
What Dads do.

I rocked you
Til my future shook;
Watched you til
I couldn't look.
As you changed,
I changed too,
To do the things
That Dads do.

You were bathed,
Dressed and fed;
I loved you so much
I was saved.

If there's credit,
Well, I get it,
For teaching you to read.
I took the blame
When you got bored
With school's ABC's.

I followed you
In all your roles,
Your teams,
Your solos,
Your trips,
Your shows.
First to clap,
Last to sit;
I taped it all,
From start -
To finish.

I taught you
How to tie a lace,
Ride a bike,
Golf and skate.
When time arrived
For you to drive,
You learned
On standard,
Never stranded,
You came home alive.

Your highs
I took in stride,
By example taught
Humility's pride.
Your lows,
I couldn't internalize,
I dropped my guard
With my eyes.

When Dad's do well
It's a double edge,
The future wedge.
The world
Desired you too.
I don't dismiss
What mothers do,
But when Dads do well,
Both lose you.
Repost: Happy Father's Day, Dads everywhere.
Tatiana Jun 17
Though my dad and I
may not always see eye to eye
I can count on these simple facts
to remain true:
He will support me in my choices.
He will offer advice when I need it.
He will protect me when I feel unsafe.
He will make jokes
with varying degrees of success.
He will teach me stuff about cars.
(Stuff that won't stick in my head
no matter how hard he tries,
sorry dad)
He will always be in my corner
even when I'm wrong
(And he'll allow me to figure that out
for myself)
He will ask what I think
and will not say my way of thinking is bad
just because he disagrees.
He will do his best to be there for me.
He will always love me
no matter where life takes me.
Just as I love him.

Happy Father's day!
Happy Father's day to all the dads out there!
I realize that I've never mentioned my dad before on this site, but he is the best dad anyone could ask for. He understands the value of seeing both sides, he's a fantastic problem solver, a peacemaker, and his jokes are always on point.
I'm not here to point fingers
or tell you your wrong
I'm here to sit down
and read you this song

Dad I love you
with all of my heart
no force in the world
could tear us apart

you took me right in
under your wing
you opened your heart
and let it'self sing
the first time I saw you
I heard angel bells ring
you came to this world
with a message to bring

you carried the message of peace and love
I know that you were sent from above
because you saved me Dad,
and sheltered me with love
on your shoulder
there's an invisible dove

It symbolizes God
and the strength he gave you
you can't see it now
but God will praise you

What you did
takes more strength
then to carry the world
so I give you my thanks
thank you so much
for taking me in
you touched my soul
and warmed me within

You have the strength of one thousand men
I'll say it now and I'll say it agian

Even though you fell from grace
you looked back up and saw my face
most men would look back down
but you decided to stay around

without you I wouldn't be me
you molded me and set me free

you led me far
away from sin
you've done so much
I can't begin

I see it now
what you are
your not a drunk
just at a bar
yes you drink
sometimes to much
but that's okay
you've done so much

Just Dad please
don't drink and drive
I need you here
I need you alive

Don't do anything
to take you from us
you hold us together
your the one that I trust
I know I can call you
when I've fucked up
and need help
even if I fall through
you'll be there to help

But I don't want a call
or a knock at the door
simply to tell me
your dad is no more

You lost your father
it tore you apart
I don't know how it feels
but I don't want to start
you know how it feels
but I do not
so think to yourself
was it worth one shot?

Just like that
you could be gone
I can't think about it more
it's time to move on

Dad your too smart
to drink and drive
you know it's not worth
just being alive
being able, to run and play
coming home, at the end of the day,
being able just to say-
I love you
may all of the angels
in the world be with you
those thirteen words make me miss you
I'm tearing up as I write this
cause being with you is simply priceless
I can't bear the thought
of living without you
I'd cry myself to sleep
thinking about you

If there's one reason to change your mind
think of your father, and what he defined
think of the day he was taken from you
is that something you want us to go through?

I'm only saying this because I love  you
to keep you safe, and so I can hug you
I need you Dad
because your the guy
who saves the day
you make sure we're all okay
so we can laugh and dance and play
I'm glad I have the chance to say
I love you Dad, everyday

I  didn't write this, to bring you down
to call you out
or make you frown
I wrote this song to make a sound
that can be heard, all around
to spread the message of peace and love
and to tell you that, you were blessed from above
Dad your an angel
I see that now
when you are in heaven
saints will bow
you did the work of Christ himself
you saw the weak and gave them help
when I heard
your fall from grace
I read your eyes
and saw your face
I could see that you were blind
all your hope was left behind

Even though, that you fell
to the deepest, darkest, depths of hell
I have seen the devil as well
and so I have some-thing to tell
the only reason he'd show his face
is cause you scared him with your grace
that is why he tried so hard
to bring you down and make you scarred
you scared the devil with your might
take off the mask and shine your light
you have the strength to stand and fight
do it Dad, you'll be alright

God is with you, believe it or not
I'm telling you, it's worth a shot
your world is not, what you thought
you are unhappy with what you brought
that's just exactly what he wants
to weaken you, and crowd your thoughts
you are the world that he haunts
you are the place that he taunts
but you can't give him what he wants
instead here is, the correct response

Instead of cowering down in fear,
stand right up, and say "come here"
tell him that you won't adhere
to his evil games, and atmosphere
do it Dad, and persevere
break the chains that kept you here
"if you want a coward,
you won't find him here"
"now go fuck off, and disappear"
after that you will not fear
cause you beat the devil,
without a beer.

I love you Dad
oh so much
you warm my heart
with your touch
I love you Dad, with all my heart
I won't let you, fall apart
even though, that Satan has
beaten you, and made you sad
I am here to tell you Dad
that I will save you, and make you glad
I will stand beside you, everyday
so we can laugh and dance and play
It warms our hearts, when we say
we love each other, everyday
so even if, your world turns grey
remember Dad, what I say
I will always love you with all my heart
I won't let you, fall apart
you are always my sweetheart
when were close, or far apart
so if you, are feeling down
read this poem, and hear it's sound
I can not, say too much
that I love you, and your touch
never let it slip your mind
that I am here, all the time
I will always love you, for the rest of time
no moment will pass, where my love won't shine
onto you, that's genuine
if you ever, need a sign
of my love, then read these lines
my love for you is infinite
I've seen my soul, it's an instrument
my love for you, is so strong
that it plays a magical song
a song that warms, any heart
even if it's broken, or torn apart
it shocks it with love, and makes it restart
that is the song, that my soul sings
that gives it life, and spreads it's wings
remember Dad, all these things
and hear the song that my soul sings.
This is for my father, who I love deeply
Francie Lynch Jun 10
Da could drink like a fish,
Eat like a goat,
Work like a horse,
Strut like a rooster,
Bray like an ass,
Be bull-headed about everything;
Could ram his opinions until you gagged.
He laughed like a hyena,
Prowled all night;
Was a sloth on Sundays,
Sly as a fox,
As forward as a raccoon,
Prolific as a rat,
Tricky as a monkey,
But powerful as a gorilla,
And slippery as an eel.
He was an animal
That never wagged a tail.
But the memory that sticks most
Is when I'd need some of Mammy's TLC,
Then he'd make suckling sounds,
Like a piglet. How endearing!
Did he fear our nipping at his dominant heels.
Da = Dad; Mammy=Mother (Irish)
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