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Descovia Dec 2020
There's more than one reality, meant for us to see.

Release the mind, disconnect from hindering to be lucid and free.

Long lived memories. Decoded messages from other worlds. To explain the soul's journey through the centuries.

Trying to pin point the connections.  Composed consistent complicated symmetry.  I go through this willingly. For the concepts, to open eyes vividly.

When the awakening comes. All of these illusions will make sense eventually.
II of Pentacles
Juggling with life

You change your ways so often
To please not yourself but another
You take up all the extra work
Multitask like a stressed mother

You work but no money comes in
Life's killing you slowly each day
Handling it isn't a honest job
But look, here's a reason to stay
A poem every day
II of Wands

You wish for luck, but you must wait
For luck will start to show so soon
If you plan the route all the way there
Don't be slowed down by the moon

Be patient, you'll be rewarded
With sunrays and starshine
Your plans aren't working
Your work isn't fine
A poem every day
II of Swords
On a crossroad

Excitement runs through your veins
The future's unclear
Not sure if the weapons are down
Not sure if victory's near

Take your responsibility
Do not delay the choice
Indecisive and young
Responsibility brings rejoice
A poem every day
II of Cups
A lovely balance

The sea in harmony with the sand
Your heart in harmony with mind
Balance is the key to all
With balance, luck you'll find

Be careful and listen well
For you might mistake yourself
Like a divorce for a marriage
Make money, not pelf
A poem every day
Cait Nov 2020
When I was 2 years old.
I did not know true pain,
I did not know true fear.
My life was full of rainbows.
When I was 2 years old-
My innocence was my beauty.
Years went by;
I was now 8 years old.
I knew pain,
I knew fear
The rainbows in my life no longer there.
The rainbows replaced with storms;
Storms of violence, of pain and fear.
My perseverance was my beauty.
6 more years pass,
I was 14.
Full of pain.
Full of fear.
I was scared of life.
My beauty was gone.
Now 3 years later...
I still know pain,
I still know fear.
But things have changed.
The rainbows look down on me once again.
The pain - still there, but less prominent.
The fear, following me - but no longer dominant.
So, now at 17.
I live, I understand and I love.
When I was 2 years old my beauty was my-
When I was 8 years old my beauty was my-
When I was 14 years old my beauty was gone.
My beauty no longer missing.
It is no longer hidden.
My beauty has arisen.
My beauty, now...
At 17 years old.
My beauty now is;
My 17 years of pain,
My 17 years of fear,
My 17 years of experiences,
My beauty is me.
I am my beauty.
This poem was based on a speech I wrote for a class. It was based on one of my favourite parts of the whole thing. So, I decided to turn it into a poem. P.S. Don't judge the poor use of grammar. It is my downfall.
ghost man Sep 2020
it's just a joke,
funny feeling lasts four hours
i didn't mean to let your dog run away
i just didn't know you had a dog.
Words' Worth Sep 2020
Intertwined at one time so intricately
Sadly mistaken for one soul
Now consisting of many fragmented memories
Never forming a real impression that is whole

We have forgotten one another
Realizing that we were the missing piece
Of each other's puzzles
But, a perfect fit isn't the perfect love story

And there are no happy endings, only an endless chase
I hate breaking up my poems.
Did on the insistence of my mum.
Payal Dhiman Sep 2020
I walked
down down
in the streets
lightened up to the sky
and I walked
by the shops
by the bars
by the shore
and I
found you.
I am back once again with #wordsthatmeanssomethingtoyou as promised on Wednesday. I hope my words stirs the memories in you freshens the feelings I hope it means something to you.
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