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I could see it as clearly as if my eyes were open
There as a man in the house
And I'm awake alone
I lay down in the tub out of sight and dial the phone
But while I remain hidden he finds you instead
And he puts a bullet in your head
He passes by the door of the room
And I swear this is how I meet my fate
But he walks past
And out I dash
Out the window
And down the wall
Across the road and again I call
But before they come you are gone
No one could save you
If only I had been god enough.
jason Jun 30
and im
on my
can of
soda i
had two

ive thought
of you five
times in the
past 60secs
i dont know
if you truly
love me but
i will pretend
you do until
i know otherwise

im not tired

im not sad

i cant think

do you love
me like you
love them?

whats it like
to be in their

im listening to
the song you

still on my
third can of

im so afraid
to tell you that
i love you
Maria Nieves Jun 5
The little things make me happy
Taking walks in the rain with one of my best friends while talking about life
Singing out my favorite songs that makes me smile
Belting out wrong notes knowing that I won’t care about who is around to hear me
Sitting in a Barnes & Noble talking about everything
Chilling in my room watching any movie or show
Dancing around as I go to classes
Knowing that my friends will always be there for me, supporting me in all my worst times
When things get tough
I think of the happiest moments in my life
My sister actually understanding me
Getting my dogs
Meeting my 2 best friends in the whole world
Graduating high school
….soon to be graduating from college
Realizing that I am graduating from college
Going out into the real world, “I’m good, I don’t want that yet”
It may be scary, but I will have my friends by my side giving me new ways to smile
I am ready for what the world has in store for me
As long as I can find ways to smile
My smile is my weapon
No one can take that away from me, even if they tried…
They have a line of people to get through before coming to me
My happiness is one of my best traits
I make friends with it
The little things get me through the bad days
Those little things have kept me going and kept me strong
Kept pushing me to go bigger and better
One best friend has been there for me since 8th grade
Not a day goes by that we don’t remind each other that we appreciate each other
The other best friend walked into my life with Thor’s hammer this past year
I remind them that no one is taking me away
No refunds to either of my best friends because I wouldn’t want to return them ever
The minute that happens, that’s when I am going to an asylum for my bad decisions
When people ask me...what is something that makes me happy?
I say, hanging out with one of my best friends
No one makes me happier than those two weirdos
I wouldn’t trade them in for anything
What are the little things that make you happy?
One of my best friends told me to write about what makes me happy to go back to when life gets rough.
Maria Nieves Jun 4
2 years of pain,
2 years of heartbreak,
2 years of ******* healing.
I still cry when I tell our story, it’s not because I miss you, no.
It’s because once I start hitting the end of our story, I feel alone again
Knowing that you care about me, makes my heart ache, actually no not ache more like break.
If you cared, you wouldn’t have messaged me...but you did and I don’t know how to react.
It’s just funny that you decided to apologize this year...why this year? Why now?
Like I appreciate the apology but sadly I don’t forgive you.
I will never forgive you for the main reason of putting me in the worst spot by making me believe that we both felt the same for several months.
Having that reality check has put me in a bad state of mind.
But hey, look at that it’s 2 years later and I am still healing from the line
“I didn’t love you for 5 months now.”
Thanks for the 2 years of silence
Thanks for reminding me of one my worst moments
This was a poem that was written about someone that hurt me so much, but after 2 years, I am happy with where my life is finally.
martha May 11
I inhabit my silent cave with soft ease
welcome it's embrace
to mould its temporary shell
encased around my shape
leaks seep through with the ceiling cracks
from too many layers of alabaster

hide buckets and bowls inconspicuous
the lakes dare reflect their hits and misses
the floor a constant magma
and the sky too low to stretch steps on a spine

tracking the navigation of a falling sliver
always seemed so simple
now all they do is pool
on barren cheeked horizons
tips of icebergs
on frozen stranger
loser/ no name/ or wealth/ no culture/ or reason
"never will I"
bad/ famous/ wealthy/ pop culture/ truth
"always she will"

queen/ goddess/ ruler/ fact/ #1
"dont **** with"
king/ god/ ruler/ vice/ 2
"dare you 2 **** with"

hell/ lucifer/ poor/ non lucrative/ slave
"no question no doubt"
good/ badass/ unstoppable/ invincible/ boss
"learn acieve an conspire"

serve her/ love her/ give her/ need her/ let us pray
"in the lords name"
servant 2/ love 1/ give 1/ need 1/ amen
"peace be with us"
#1 #2
Kanishka Apr 28
A poet suffocates on lack of words,
A blank sheet and an empty soul.
For there is nothing more torturous,
Than when his muse renounces her role.
Philomena Apr 23
I dream of darkness
A world I can call my own
It's far from perfect
But when I get there I will be free
Free to dance among the stars
And to light the way of the future
Liz Carlson Mar 28
she tries so hard to please others
when all that matters in the end
is that she pleases her Heavenly Father
and brings glory to His name
all else will fall away
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