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Liddi Cristol Aug 2021
Accompanied by my inner monolgue
Colouring glasses with insecure glaze
Hyper aware of my unawareness
Punctured heart as bonds fade

Daydreaming an array of desires
Waiting for things to change
I drop into my body
What I feel, see, hear and taste

Letting energy and feelings flow  
Letting breath and heart slow
Connecting to my higher self
Connecting to the present now
Joseph Miller Feb 2021
The more enlightened
   you become
the more power
   you have

to create
a new mind
a new life
a new world!
Charlotte Ahern Jun 2020
as i began to open doors
only few could see
i became fearful
of my power
So i procrastinated, but now I am ready
Anastasiia Apr 2020
We wake up on being called.
When you open your eyes in the morning,
listen to the voice inside.
The first thing that comes to you is
the sense of ‘I am’.
Isn’t it true?
It was consciousness’ voice
waking you up to a new creation.
Joseph Miller Mar 2020
Against all odds
the power of creation
breaks through the void
radiating energy and spirit
that matters
at the center of your being
this spark of perfection
has never been touched
by fear or failure
Aligned with your soul
love becomes your guide
believe in the magic
of living enlightened
it will blossom for you
in miracles unfolding
the beauty of this world
I hope this serves as more than a distraction to current events
We Are Stories Feb 2020
fill me up with your tainted smell
bring me to heaven, but not to hell-
when I get back, let me think about
the good times
the colors
the laugh lines
all others

slip deep inside my mouth
don’t let the contents pour back out
until the world absorbs deep inside
my thick skin
my eye lids
my blue heart
pulling me back in

i will tell
all my friends
i will tell
all my friends
and when I tell
all my friends
i will fill them
with enlightenment-

i will fill them
with enlightenment

i will fill them
with enlightenment

i will fill them
with enlightenment

i will fill them
with enlightenment.

we believe (we believe)
because we see (because we see)
hidden things (things that we cannot dream)
that we are (we stand and be)
opened up
sobered up
empty cup
cut and stuffed
in the gut
open cut
bleeding true
bleeding through
seeing past
seeing why
seeing truth
seeing lies,
and we think
because we see
that we’ve seen
but what you’ve seen
was a lie
what you’ve felt
wasn’t right,
and the feelings
you connect
with the moon
and the sky
only fill
you with clouds
in a thickly
clouded mind,
so please know
that your truth
is just pretty
painted skies,
hidden valleys
in the shadows
waiting for
your demise,
so try to escape
from the ways
trapped inside,
before this
brand new high
leaves you lower than the lowest, dead in bed on your side!
and we watch as they clean up your body, and tell us to say goodbye!
say goodbye!
say goodbye!

finding meaning in the clouds is nothing more than paper-wise-
feelings in our chest telling us what we feel inside-
Lyss Brianne Jul 2019
I am made of stardust—
every inch of my body was once a part
of the galaxy
and I need to start to remember that

How could I possibly hate the skin I’m in
when at one point people would look up at the stars
and marvel at my beauty

I am more than just bones
and muscle
and skin—
my lungs were plucked from the Milky Way
my hands once touched Saturn
and the love in my heart was a gift from the moon

If I continue to hate my body
then I am hating the universe that crafted me
with her own two hands—
how cruel to look at an artist
and scoff at the beauty they have created
F A Pacelli Jul 2019
the less we desire
the richer we are
but what is a life
lacking in desire?
must we become robots
to be enlightened?
or is there a place between
obsession and indifference
where happiness flourishes?
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