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Joseph Miller Mar 19
Against all odds
the power of creation
breaks through the void
radiating energy and spirit
that matters
at the center of your being
this spark of perfection
has never been touched
by fear or failure
Aligned with your soul
love becomes your guide
believe in the magic
of living enlightened
and it will blossom for you
in miracles unfolding
the beauty of this world
I hope this serves as more than a distraction to current events
fill me up with your tainted smell
bring me to heaven, but not to hell-
when I get back, let me think about
the good times
the colors
the laugh lines
all others

slip deep inside my mouth
don’t let the contents pour back out
until the world absorbs deep inside
my thick skin
my eye lids
my blue heart
pulling me back in

i will tell
all my friends
i will tell
all my friends
and when I tell
all my friends
i will fill them
with enlightenment-

i will fill them
with enlightenment

i will fill them
with enlightenment

i will fill them
with enlightenment

i will fill them
with enlightenment.

we believe (we believe)
because we see (because we see)
hidden things (things that we cannot dream)
that we are (we stand and be)
opened up
sobered up
empty cup
cut and stuffed
in the gut
open cut
bleeding true
bleeding through
seeing past
seeing why
seeing truth
seeing lies,
and we think
because we see
that we’ve seen
but what you’ve seen
was a lie
what you’ve felt
wasn’t right,
and the feelings
you connect
with the moon
and the sky
only fill
you with clouds
in a thickly
clouded mind,
so please know
that your truth
is just pretty
painted skies,
hidden valleys
in the shadows
waiting for
your demise,
so try to escape
from the ways
trapped inside,
before this
brand new high
leaves you lower than the lowest, dead in bed on your side!
and we watch as they clean up your body, and tell us to say goodbye!
say goodbye!
say goodbye!

finding meaning in the clouds is nothing more than paper-wise-
feelings in our chest telling us what we feel inside-
Carmen Jane Dec 2019
The night covers all corners
Keeping awake the mourners
Of a day gone too fast
They stay in place, aghast

Unlace your wishes now
Salute the night and bow
She can wrap you up with love
With silence from above

Be truthful to yourself
Time to open this hotel
All the doors should stay ajar
All rooms should be seen from far

There is no receptionist
There is no key lost in mist
You'll feel the light that calls
As you step boldly on these halls

Who taps you on the shoulder,
Who are you,  true beholder?
Don't let the past hold you back
Remain strong, don't lose your track!

The night covers all corners
So you can see the borders
Of the enlightened room;
You saved yourself from doom!
Yes, I am in a hotel...
Couldn't think of another title and tired eyelids won't help
Alyssa Brianne Jul 2019
I am made of stardust—
every inch of my body was once a part
of the galaxy
and I need to start to remember that

How could I possibly hate the skin I’m in
when at one point people would look up at the stars
and marvel at my beauty

I am more than just bones
and muscle
and skin—
my lungs were plucked from the Milky Way
my hands once touched Saturn
and the love in my heart was a gift from the moon

If I continue to hate my body
then I am hating the universe that crafted me
with her own two hands—
how cruel to look at an artist
and scoff at the beauty they have created
F A Pacelli Jul 2019
the less we desire
the richer we are
but what is a life
lacking in desire?
must we become robots
to be enlightened?
or is there a place between
obsession and indifference
where happiness flourishes?
Cody Cooke Feb 2019
What if our Species—far away in the past—was actually a race of neanderthals , but then a parasite from a planet inhabited by a race of Intelligent, Enlightened beings came here and has colonized us as meat husks and has failed to build a success.
Eventually, we lost our purpose.
So we followed the Sun—everything’s first god—our last hope as self-conscious apes who act in lines and indoctrinate all kinds of symmetry as dutifully as that big bright spot in the sky goes from Our east to Our west.
We are not jamestown geniuses—we are roanoke—lost in a foreign wilderness, cold and yearning for even a candles’ blink of warmth in the dark that surrounds us, alienates us, swallows us.
Badshah Khan Feb 2019
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust) – 10

BismillahIr RahmanIr Raheem

My Soul’ enlightened with Your radiant truth!

Oh my love! Oh my Beloved!

Allah Khair….. Khairul Rabul Alameen Yah Arrahmanur Yah Raheem

Ummah Thurab – Badshah Khan.
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust)
Deep Oct 2018
Occasionally, I seek Sanctuary
In a place where the Life Force glows.
No rush, no clock faces; with time just a gentle flow in space,
Time to nurture, heal and grow,
In a place where the Life Force glows.

Occasionally, I seek Sanctuary
In a place where I lose my ego.
Listening to make my body loose,
Releasing feelings, space for growth,
Uncoiling my body and energising my core,
Brings awareness to tenseness that serves me no more.

In a community, I seek Sanctuary
Where gentle open people flow,
Authentic, selfless, caring folk with hearts as precious as gold.
Shaking off trauma and sharing universal truths,
Clearing our monkey brains ancestoral wounds.
Vibrationally protected.  And intensely connected.
In a place where the Life Force glows.
K Balachandran Oct 2018
A skeptical, theoretical physicist,
Composed poetry frenzidly all night,
Got enlightened, went beyond limits,
Made peace with the equation ultimate!
Karisa Brown Sep 2018
Love is a four letter word
For your soul
To dive into

Why not beat the armoured trust
And hold onto the empty

Cause love doesn't know
another door
It always wants to fill me
With targeted emotions
I can't trust

But I don't want to rust
I don't wanna run
Never give up the fight
The answer is us

We live in your mind
Not in your heart
So follow the footprints
into the dark

your mouth will fill
With bitter pills
That poison the answer

Your tongue will hide
the greased stained lust
And rot out the center

Let me wash away
all your broken shame
So I can get into
The beauty that
I can't explain
I'm running from fears too

Your mind will not let go
Please Open up
I want you to feel soon

Your arrows fallen
Spilled with gold
What can I hold onto

There's targets on my heart
Need enlightened points
And I'm calling out for
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