". . .poverty robs individuals of the life of the mind, of spiritual comfort and of the consolations of intimacy and emotional bonds."

-Maura Spiegel, Introduction to 'The Jungle' 2003 edition, Barnes and Noble Classics
It's not that I want to fail. . .
just that, if I am going to anyway
why not do it spectacularly?

At least there's gossip. . .
and that counts for some, thing
doesn't it? Doesn't it?
You, Me
don't jello
we bow cup

noah 'ello

Teks nomor

noah 'ello

You, Me
don't jello
we bow cup

noah 'ello
See me
as a conquest
an obsession,
your possession.
Collect me

Whisk me
away with fanciful vagaries
be abounding to
lift me to new worlds.
Excite me

Call me
late at night
when you are alone,
beguile me with passion.
Want me

take me
Obligor: One who bonds, a person who issues a bond to another.
Tell me how you wish your life to be,
and I shall do the same.

Together we'll let go of life's turmoil,
   embracing a journey of joy; not pain.
I once saw a nation on fire,
just their home a family's desire.
The government was corrupted by liars,
with an economy trapped in quagmires?
To end the schism they gave Wall Street socialism,
leaving 'The People' impoverished and tired.
I could see it as,
. . .you're always looking down on me.

Or you could see me as,
. . .I am always looking up to you?
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