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We are, we are but a sum of our parts—

a brain, a soul, a body, a heart:

when one is lost, the system collapses,

do not dare to take a human apart.
The Condition of My Heart
by Munir Niazi
loose translation by Michael R. Burch

There's no need for anyone else to get excited:
The condition of my heart is not the condition of hers.
But were we to receive any sort of good news, Munir,
How spectacular compared to earth's mundane sunsets!


by Munir Niazi
loose translation by Michael R. Burch

She was a mystery:
Her lips were parched ...
but her eyes were two unfathomable oceans.


I continued delaying ...
by Munir Niazi
loose translation by Michael R. Burch

I continued delaying ...
the words I should speak
the promises I should keep
the one I should dial
despite her cruel denial

I continued delaying ...
the shoulder I must offer
the hand I must proffer
the untraveled lanes
we may not see again

I continued delaying ...
long strolls through the seasons
for my own selfish reasons
the remembrances of lovers
to erase thoughts of others

I continued delaying ...
to save someone dear
from eternities unclear
to make her aware
of our reality here

I continued delaying ...

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Juan Bot Mar 20
It rises above the clouds,
It is the master,
and the slave.
It is the wretched creature,
awaken from a thousand years of sleep.

But at what cost?
At what show will it play,
and to whom?

Its the sand from the sun,
the second note on every song,
A tuned instrument squealing at the command of its master.

A pig in the barn,
four legs,

The clock ticks each morning,
yet the sun settles every night.

When they come,
We will leave,
But in the direction of the rising moon.
Stay Safe everyone!
Two eyes and yet unable to see.
Two ears and  yet unable to listen.
Admitting mistakes is never easy.
Contrition is not the human condition.
To see the world as it is takes great thought,
determination,  patience and passion.
Learning through defeat in our battles fought,
etches deep knowledge in our life’s mission.
Nylee Jan 8
Feels thump heart
The diagnosis awry,
Emotions stick up
Eyes don't tell
Words don't spell
every thing right,
What goes wrong?
Jakk Calico Dec 2019
There is a certain stench people occupy
When they are severely wounded.
****, and **** and blood,
Perineum that has gone neglected,
Flesh literally being eaten alive;
The fumes of self abandonment,
All smell the same when someone is hurt,
And start to smell normal, after a while.
People make weird cries,
When everyone is asleep
To a God they never believed in
Or somebody, anybody.
A reverberation of an infant lost,
primality in the last hours
Reminds us we were always alone.
Pain unnecessary in nature
for the white Coats
don’t even know who they're helping.
A student’s peep in the door becomes
The equivalent of four months salary
Of a single black mother with a bad back
Three ******* children,
No belt around their waists,
Drinking herself to sleep every night,
anything to keep going,
Enough insanity to terrify satan himself.
Ignorance is bliss; but the truths such
Inhumanity unearth are asinine.
Now, or maybe always, being genuine
Has been ostracized; it is where generations are born.
Health experts turn their head to pure suffering
Because they have no health themselves.
Pure suffering is endorsed
By those who have never felt it,
Just because it is easier nowadays.
Nobody is sick, everybody is reacting
To the strength of your heart.
We wait, going through motions
For the next episode of a TV drama
That ***** on your life,
The glorification of the internal whirlwind
One can place upon their own psyche.
Those demons masquerading around with dopamine wands
And you wish to be like that.
Kindness can change hearts.
Now we need movies to show us
That having emotion is too extreme
To deal with.
Emotion is older than consciousness itself.
We have become afraid to love.
We have become afraid of ourselves.
We have become amnesic to the
Fact that we are indeed
Starry Sep 2019
Only human
Mistakes will be made
Tempers will flair.
Deepali May 2019
From delivering self through and out
Till filling the moment with joy i found
Its the situation that brings forward the talk
Not presenting the love from heart
Its the mind which plays with heart
Conditional emotion all I got !!!
You got emotion only when you have condition for it.
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