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David Cunha Feb 7
Like rats, lab confined
Like fish, water confined
Like blood, vessel confined
Like children, perception confined

There are stars we'll never reach,
Spaces we'll never meet
Forms we'll never greet
The Universe expands faster than our growth

Faster than light, perhaps -- we're in a cosmic cage.
- David Cunha
july 15, 2022
10:42 a.m.
Cody Haag Nov 2022
I'm caught in the middle,
Of someone else's game.
Twisted as hell,
I stay the same.

Try as I might,
There is no reward.
No lover to hold,
No future to look toward.

How long can I last,
In this diseased state?
How long can I pivot,
And avoid my fate?

The road will end
With an unfulfilled dream.
A man torn asunder
By his self-esteem.

Tears will be wept,
But nothing will be lost.
For I am an empty vessel,
Battered and tossed.
This one's about depression, suicidal tendencies, and looking toward a future you're certain will be desolate.
Mark Wanless Aug 2021
a common human
conditioning pervades the
planets surface   choose
Yenson Aug 2021
Saw the bean pole and its roots
arguing outdoor with two oppressors
bean pole treated unfavourably
its on foreign soil doused in free milk
but reminded
its just another border crosser
from a rubber dinghy from Calias

Saw the bean pole housed
in nursery and greenhouse to propagate
now rooted anew its given nutrients
but it must do as ordered
for no matter what
its just another border crosser
from a rubber dinghy from Calias

Saw bean pole growing tendrils
leaves unfold green to catch sunshine
but now a puppet amongst others
who bend and shape at will
bean pole see that plant next to you
its taking your nutrients away
go block its sun
do as we say or else
just remember you're just another crosser
from a rubber dinghy from Calias

Bean pole will grow and bear fruits
on foreign soil there's milk and honey
but for as long as the sun shines
the chains and barbs will hold
bean pole is just a stick
carrying tendrils to grow the beans
eaten by those of the land
who to them will always be  
just another border crosser
from a rubber dinghy from Calias
Man Feb 2021
if you spy an opportunity
to help someone change
for the better
urge them to take it on
and offer assistance where you can

be the positivity you wish to see

but at a certain point
you may have to accept them
for who they are

we are all of us, limited in this condition
Mystic Ink Plus Jan 2021
Declared to withhold
Soul gazing project
Lost for words
I remain blind
The death of the dream

Because If I could
I would
Genre: Dark
Theme: Numb
Author's Note: Death of a dream
Dante Rocío Jul 2020
-•  •  •  -••
-  ••••  ••  -•  -•-  ••  -•  - -•
•- -•  - - -  •  -  ••  ••• ••  -•  - -•
••-•  •  •••-  •  •-•  ••  •••  ••••
•-••  - - -  •••-  ••  -•  - - •
-  •  •-  •-•  •••
•- - -  ••-  •••  -
•-  •••
-•••  •-•  •  •-  -  ••••  ••  -•  - -•
- -•  •-•  •-  •••-  •  •-•
A solemn note of demands of my going on.
Each word divided by two units of space.
Decode and see. Feel.
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