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I hate my addiction.
Love, flowers, butterflies.
I need be on focus.
I need be in condition.
I hate to be abducted.
Dominique May 28
How old were you
When the blooming took you captive?

It’s had a limb in me
Since I can remember; five digits
Plunged just above my gut, but
It must have started flaring at thirteen.

And in the beginning,
You felt very keen?

Something like that-
Child in an ice cream shop
Tasting the world like sorbet.
Loading up on sunshine
Which fit through my pores;
That part was okay.

Is it true the thorns choke the art?

As you know,
We’re all falling apart-

Oh, excuse that bloom, please ignore
The blood on my hands
Dripping onto the floor.

And will this condition
Lead right to fatality?

Not the mentality I like to adopt;
I want to believe that this strangeness can stop-

And if the redness leaves,
What then?

Inflammation aside, I am nobody
And if rosebush subsides-
We’ll see how the world reacts.
They notice too little now as it is.

And what is rosebush, exactly?

Whatever the reader believes it to be
Definition has no place in poetry.
Went on a little bit of a meander with this one, just experimenting with different forms of poetry at the moment.
Will definitely redraft.
Deepali May 20
From delivering self through and out
Till filling the moment with joy i found
Its the situation that brings forward the talk
Not presenting the love from heart
Its the mind which plays with heart
Conditional emotion all I got !!!
You got emotion only when you have condition for it.
S Bharat Apr 15
The Condition

I liked when I partly heard
They had the vacancy
Reserved especially for a girl.

They didn't want very educated
But the beautiful one.
And my head was in a whirl.

S. Bharat
Nat Lipstadt Mar 2014
Everything in quotations marks and italics was written by TS Eliot.

eyes knowing glossy men,
sheer women, creatures,
not all artists, but artists,
always thus,
centrifugal, simple

from their core,
emanate, resonate,
expand the exterior
with interior precision sculpting

to the interior delve,
via brush or limb,
pen or music,
the exposition, the exploration,
the reconstruction of composing
one's self, creation and destruction
of your own myths

movement of arms and legs,
sparseness of simplicity
subsidiaries of centricity,
tributaries of complexity,
oriented to their locality

the simple purpose of inhalation,
to exhale, after transformation,
the calculus of thought into emotion:

"the tongues of flame are in-folded
into the crowned knot of fire and
the fire and rose are one"

the dancers hear the music:

"so deeply that it is not heard at all,
but you are the music
while the music lasts."

**”Quick now, here, now always –
A condition of complete simplicity
(Costing not less than everything)
And all shall be well and
All manner of thing shall be well"
"Immature poets borrow, mature poets steal." T.S. Eliot (1888 - 1965)

Inspired this evening by the Martha Graham Company, the words and wisdom of TS Eliot, from whom she took inspiration in her choreography of modern dance
Gnat Dec 2018
i don't like
to be upbeat
time is killing
i'm in the sheets
i don't like
to be awake
time is wasting
there goes the sun
so, hello, moon
you missed me?
i've been missing you
weighted words
won't leave
my lips
even in whispers
the absent
voice goes
then, unnoticed, when
you make the ink run.
For gibs. Mouths and words again. You have a point.
happy tears embody
the human dilemma,
and when one no longer
runs from woe, life
will, like water, flow.
Toxic yeti Dec 2018
I probably want to be a robot
So I cannot be a ****** being
That is just not me.

I probably want to be a robot
Then I would be flawless
And be able to be happy.  

I probably want to be a robot
So I don’t have to be on this demented planet
Space instead.

I probably want to be a robot
Because I am too intelligent to
Be human.  

I probably want to be a robot
Because I can save the world
And not get killed

I probably want to be a robot
I probably want to Batman
Toxic yeti Dec 2018
What the @&$# is being human????
Being a *** object.
Too hell with that
Being human is
Being imperfect
Being able to talk
Being able to feel emotions

What the @&$% is being human
Being sexually wired
To hell with that
Human means
Being able to laugh
Use our thumbs
Express yourself in art
To help others

What that $&@# is being human
****** Love
The hell with that
Being human
Is knowing our flaws
Being human
Is making mistakes
Being human
Is seeking knowledge
And enlightenment
Please do excuse my French.
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