Aa Harvey Jun 11
United states

You and I are not so different,
But still we are worlds apart.
You and I are living with each other beneath the same stars.
You and I are different people, living ordinary lives.
You and I live under similar banners;
They tell me mine is a union,
You tell me yours are the stars and stripes.

But what each of us has inside, is the will to change;
The will to try.
What we have together is everything;
The only thing we always need, is more time.

Life is a fleeting illusion of a perfect dream,
Inside a story book fantasy; we each have our own Queens.
Books written for children and adults; the rich and the poor.
We are all capable of many things together, you and I.
We have many common denominators and we all want more.
New York to London and back again;
We are only separated by the sea and the sky.

We are not so different you and I;
They tell me of a union; you tell me of stars and stripes.
So let me read you a poem on this cold dark night,
That will tell us that you and I are not so different.
We are united by television.
Songs and the internet connects us
And we each have stars in our eyes.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
welcome back, fearless leader!
how was your trip?
did you bring our greetings to Singapore?
did you have some nice talks?
did you try to fix
the chance of global nuclear war?

North Korea loves you
we're so lucky to have you
oh, Kim, we love you!

our barley grew a quarter inch
while you were away
so the farmers are keeping their faith
the workers mixed another
twenty pounds of asphalt
and paved an additional highway

North Korea loves you
we're so lucky to have you
oh, Kim, we love you!

Fidel Castro is not as attractive as you
and Donald Trump's famous haircut
could never ever ever ever ever detract from yours

will the cowardly united nations cease
trying to approach our freedom?
the new McDonald's shows us why America's obese
all glory and honor to the supreme leader!

North Korea loves you
we're so lucky to have you
oh, Kim, we love you!
DJ May 23
“I pledge allegiance,
To the flag,
Of the United States of America.
To the republic,
Of which we stand.
Under God,
With liberty and justice for all”
We are suppose to be united,
We are supposed to be indivisible,
It’s in our name,
UNITED States of America.
But I’m sorry,
We have never been more divided.
People are burning our flag,
The symbol of America,
The symbol of our freedom.
People are kneeling during the National Anthem,
Where soldiers have died fighting for the freedom to do so.
A boy from my class had been sitting during the Pledge,
And that was the most disrespectful thing I’ve ever witnessed.
We have riots,
People rebelling against Trump,
Fighting to tear down historical monuments,
Destroying what we once proudly called, America.
The land of the free,
The land of the united.
For when we are united,
Nothing can tear us apart.
But now, instead of outside forces trying to split us up,
We are doing that just fine ourselves.
Brent Kincaid May 10
They gave themselves raises
And the best insurance around.
They’re taking down medicare
To leave us on fallow ground.
They stole from Social Security
Then called it an entitlement
And plan to steal it all from us
And call it good management.

Pull up your heads
And look around.
They’re stealing everything
Even the soil in the ground.
Speak up loudly
Like you never did before.
Only offshore bank accounts
Will tell the honest score.

We’re all in trouble, people
And too few of us believe
This is the time to throw them out
And not a time for us to grieve.
Doing nothing is how we got here
Crooks have us by the throats.
We need to be angry Rottweilers
Instead of a herd of lazy goats.

Pull up your heads
And look around.
They’re stealing everything
Even the soil in the ground.
Speak up loudly
Like you never did before.
Only offshore bank accounts
Will tell the honest score.
Aa Harvey Apr 25
United States of Aa.

United States of apathy,
United States of anger;
United States of a bastard,
I am the United States of Me.

United States of love,
United States of trust.
United States of dreams,
But I am never free.

United States of disharmony,
United States of tears;
United States of sorrow,
I have become united with my grief.

For attraction leads to speaking
And speaking can lead to a kiss.
A kiss leads us to touch each other
And to touch can lead to sex.

Sex can lead to love
And love can lead to a need for each other,
That is incomparable,
To anything you’ve ever felt before.
For each time you fall in love,
It takes over you like the most addictive drug.

It’s somehow better than the last time,
At least that’s what you think.
But sooner or later you’ll realize,
The pain you felt the last time has reared its ugly head.

United States I wish to heal,
But only I can heal me.
United States of empathy,
I am the United States of Me.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Mark Wanless Apr 25
"usa is us a"

a society of a little bit of

                           this and that

                                     is usa and usa is us a

   demonic jewel thief

                         of evil intent


   money bags buys

                                   the big blue world

                     on sale cheap

                              cuzz we manipulated

     the price             and made it              cheap

                      by knocking out

          the competition

                                       without worry bout

                    collateral damage

                                              the dead don't blead


                                  birthplace of the compassionate

    rich !


                        miracle of capitalism

                                                                ­on its way

           though not here

                                                                ­      yet

   just gotta have faith


                                                     just gotta have faith


          you can hear one


                      just lean close and

Lacey Clark Apr 13
California ~
thank you for my birth
never did revisit you
except disneyland
thanks for being home
the body of a mountain
lungs like evergreens
washington's tumor
your coastlines are far superb
please stay a secret
my bloody noses
homeschooling and snowboarding
miss your tumbleweeds
all I remember
three legged cat in forest
hillside four-wheeling
North Carolina~
the blue ridge mountains,
guitar hero and hopscotch
made up for the snakes
fondest memories
most important, my first kiss
beach had a nice view
how did I survive
must have been warmth from others
also my parka
Sean Mar 27
Political troops, Red warriors in suits
Corruption his weapon, The people his boots
Armored by lies and malevolent truths,
The fiend revealed by his conspiracal tooth.
In his greed indulging in the forbidden fruit,
devouring all in the political soup.
Mistreated minority's, disgruntled youth
How long will we ignore the truth?
Am I the only one?

IG: 0foe
Nateive Son Mar 17
Fading as the fourth cup of coffee surges through your veins
And that feeling of down comes into everything
Where you're tired of watching Noam Chomsky videos
Because it's clear that everything's a mess

After four and a half hours of torture,
You are allotted thirty minutes to hide in your car
And have a private discussion with Carl's Jr.
About whether the contents of your soul are healthier
Than whatever ass meat they collected to craft your cheeseburger.

Twirling an empty pack of Camels in your hand
You'd rather
Take off your pants and dance around the hall where
You put up the pictures of two dogs playing cards

"Yeah those guys,
Know what is worth doing over chow
They cannot
Improvise a mass nuclear war against the OTHER"

Cuz them dogs looked damned cirrius, they did.
If only--
But there are only so many working brain cells left for barter.
Barking up the wrong tree is fashionable,
And you can't even muster the appetite to kick the cursed trunk.
Philosophy...that could make you rich, yes.
Just frame him:

A Labrador has never run for office
They don't even have thumbs
To give the up or down
When you think about how many people's lives
Were privately destroyed
By Simon Cowell.

Don't worry darling,
We'll hang him in the public square
With Twizzlers
Or invent
Our own mass-market Kool-Aid replacement.

Sweet and sour ribs with rice.
Chips and gravy.

What was I talking about?
Don't order the Pad Thai:


I invite anyone looking to contribute a stanza/line that I will interject at a random point, even if it doesn't make sense or throws your ears off kilter. It will be, as they say in corporate bureaucracy, one hell of a coupon.
morseismyjam Mar 2
Are you down on your luck?
short on change?
no place to go?
caught in the rain?
Just suck it up & don't complain.
you're on your own - that's capitalism!

if you're poor you
deserve what you are
cause they're rich for a reason
the things they believe in
social darwinism its
survival of the fittest its
living for yourself dont
mess with no one else
and if you don't make it
then you just couldn't take it
and you don't deserve to live anyway...

do you need an out ?
is there no way in?
are you just waiting
for your life to begin?
Well clearly you don't deserve to win.
They won't help - that's capitalism!

The people who make it
clearly won't break it
cause they  have the smarts
to succeed in the art of money.
So give'm all the funds
watch it trickle down and run.
It's a free market, so
let it loose, watch it go.
If there's monopoly
they want you to let it be
its only a kids game to them. . .

no pain no gain.
but if it's not their pain
their result's the same.
but what have we gained?

Is life a dead end
in the land of the free?
ruled by the rich-
a bureaucracy.
No end in sight that we can see.
Our legacy- is capitalism.
Im not suggesting communism is any better... I just live in a capitalist country so it's easier to see the flaws...
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