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Martin Boško Apr 12
Hear the Eagle's painful screech
While those with delusions preach
Poisonous tears of rage and sadness
Spineless bow to feed their Madness
Ants drowning in the Sea of Lies
While laughing vultures from East arrive
The Eagle longingly looks towards the heavens
The Eyes intently stare at sheep armed with AK47s
A spectacular clash of two camps with strong will
The Flawed Experiment of a Shining city upon a Hill
Written November 6, 2020 in the chaos before US election results were called
Martin Boško Apr 12
Hear the bells of Freedom sing
Promise of normalcy the ringing brings
Joyous people dance in the streets
This Sound of Joy is what the world needs
Written after the 2020 US election results
Humanity's, large mammal's extinction, racing towards us
from our future, seen on the horizon, dictated by the corp.
structure and it's devolutionary direction, must be stopped.
First, now, you ask how?  If you don't build it, they won't
come, on and off, from a decade before the World Trade Center
was undone, by planes that "they didn't know could fly into
buildings", according to C. Rice, as if they never saw a boy
play, I warned of their doom, in twigs of poetree, etc..  Also,
I told of the terrible two's, bi-polar axi of supposed power,
the republican and totalitarian global conspiracies, dividing
and conquering the world betwixt them, like two sides of the
same materialist coin (un)becoming into one another, racing
towards each other, humanity, life, the Earth, the coin between
them, disappearing as they go, decades before other twigs told
of the bi-headed false-god, mammon, of avarice and molloch,
of war, extreme violence, grinding up the seeds, kids, the
future cannibalized to replicate 'la machine' and it's past
profits, the actual religion behind all masks, fronts, studies,
religions, worldviews, including supposed sciences, atheism,
neither head able to realize their exigent potential without
the other, and how each of the Twin Towers was a temple to a
head, the West, hiding, blindly worshipping, sacrificing all in.

Yet, instead of replacing those twins, temples of doom for
future's broom, "...we(e),..." re-imagined our future, built
the Freedom's Tower, though, we didn't realize that "more
perfect" expression of our nation, where freedom would truly
ring, for it rang true.  Confronting the 'use' of duality and
dichotomy across the multi-media conspiracy to brainwash
people into self-subjugation to the convolution's rule n'er
took place, and with haste the 23 flavors, in this Baskin
'n robbins of supremacy, merx for more through to mercs for
unending unnecessary worldwide war divided, conquered
and cannibalized the country, everyone increasing their piece
of the American tax dollars pie from the purposeful non-
prevention of anything, everything, in perfect harmony.
Thus, when the alt-right-universe invasion successfully
couped, "...we(e),...", weren't de-programmed, awakened
enough to dispel and defeat it outright, so we devolved
into haggling for more, better place in the empire instead.
But, our king-kong sized terrible-two's, Utin's ****'s
apolitical criminal insanity forced us to grow in evolution's
direction, towards unity.  We turned back their invasion, will
we build freedom's re-assertion by "...separating" that false
"god from the State" as our Constitution dictates, will you?
'Two Sides Of The Same Coin'.  Thanx for all you All do.  Have a good day   :)   reality
Chevy Carroll Mar 14
What is black, more than evil in the night?
Souls tainted by darkness, ravens in flight?

The colour of all nothingness,
Yet everything a person is,
I am not black, but inside I'm so empty of bliss.

Black is beauty, black is a tone,
There's nothing quite polar yet similar to white in its own.

With shadows come light,
Hidden from view in society.
Discriminate, incriminate,
Black is more than a variety.

It is a culture,
A life,
An identity,
Someone's strife,
To die at the hands,
Of someone,
Who doesn't understand.

Where there is shadow,
There is also light.
Shadow is darkness,
Much like the night.
Light is the beauty,
The love in our sight.
For every hateful man,
Is a hated woman who fights.
I am white. The experiences are not my own. Black people are black, brown people are brown. It's not difficult to write this. Identities are not exotic, so exotic terms are not necessary. Sun-kissed is to describe a Cali guy, not a person ethnic identity.

Anyway please tell me if this is insensitive as I am not a POC and thus don't have these experiences of my own.
Brittany Ann Mar 4
Most of the political world
needs to reevaluate on
how indifferent neutrality
and tactful compromise
does not amount to
equal measures
in a thriving democracy.
Chris Feb 22
Working and pregnant?
No time off

Graduated from college?
4 years; no job

Born into a poor family?
Invest in real estate

Paid minimum wage?
Work harder.

Sick in need of meds?
Only costs $750

Born a minority?
Stop being lazy

For these reasons and more
We hope you enjoy your stay
In the USA.
Capitalism is broken.

If you don't agree with that after reading this poem, feel free to DM me and I'll see if I can show you more reasons as to why Capitalism is flawed.

Have a wonderful day, stay safe, and fight the machine.
Karijinbba Feb 22
{In CA, USA -1982- present}
Elizabeth WG, Henry R W his nurse sociopath child sadomizers baby trasher is Susan WRat
Commercial/ residential burglaries, life insurance fraud (which includes ****** for hire for profit cases.
Billing and Medical Services fraud.

Inventing surgeries not authorized
cutting mother's privates up out of malice jealousy greed.
You aren't above the law
buying fraudulent birth certificates from human trafficking serial poisoners Is a malignant crime
to drug young beautiful intelligent gifted brides mothers, without them knowing for years is a crime!
You aren't above the law.
drugging lying cursing a victims mom trashing their hero mother
maligning damaging my childrens brains giving them psychotropics, hallucinogenics and methamphetamin
my grown daughter's nightmare
its against the law
This is the USA
my daughter's if you want to live follow this lead
  Take Taxi cob to Wilshire Blvd to The FBI offices ask for political assilum for you your sisters
your children Angel Mom backs you up.Elenita Rosita. Jeanette: Evil Susan W. Raitano bought you from Charalambos Mantalozis a poisoner serial killer urMom escaped from 1982 from Farron 58 Kalamata Messinia Greece
Arthur Susan Rat ano bought you for a fee
and it's human trafficking.
Susan Word Arthur Rat-ano
you are the **** of Earth
****** cows ****** bulls
you aren't above the law!
I am dismanteling your team of murderers and thieves.
LA and Washinghton
FBI have been informed
you snakes in my childrens paradise
human predators sterile sociopaths
you all wolves with pea size brains
you needed going to sadistic unprovoqued enemy to help you sadomize my family and continue trashing this hero Mom
this purple heart hero Mom

To all my enemies I am  
vomiting you here to public shame
to your team of ***** wolves
Jeff  A, John CH, shame on you!
Blind deaf mute cacaroach size brains
you need to go to Greece to pile more trash on a battered mother in law
a survivor wounded by the hand of that human predator deadly enemy.
My daughters
Rose Eleni & Jeanette M Wk I love you you adore you uaren't guilty of any wrong doing I believe in you.
You are my children you are being tortured trashed to the eleven winds because they convinced you
to trash me to the four winds.
you trashed Mom to the wolves 
out of fear be strong the more they trash you and Mom know they are your deadly enemies evidence of Mom's innocence
My reputation marred by poisonous snakes matters nothing, my character is impeccable can't be tinted
You allow them to befriend you,
But I do not blame your treason and cruelty to your only Angel mom on Earth
Those maggots narcissists you may think are mother like, are not they only have
selfish agendas very dangerous malignant,
a poison to your mind
and your childrens buy cheap phone write a letter to FBI call police from neighbor tell them not to tell make videos tell all criminal abuse take taxi put cell on airplane mode ditch car it's got tracking too call or  do not call friends they are in it too go market borrow phone call taxi get your kids go to FBI Wilshire Blvd LA tell how you have been suffering deprived
of liberty .
Mom will back you up.
Remember this
"A house divided by itself cannot stand it will utterly be destroyed"
i am your first home my children
and i am giver of life
your lover of life
boved Mom
I can't allow you 3 to trash me to my deadly unprovoqued enemy
so i deprive myself of your presence so the enemy you call friend and family can not plicate me in
macabre agendas
they are ****** for hire
and life insurances
You are always in my heart my mind
you are my baby girls and I will ways side with you don't admit to being mentally ill do not go to any Jeff's phychiatrist to force you to give your parental right

Sociopath Arthur Raitano your evil sterile Medusa Susan W.
Elizabeth W, Gzon stop calling my childrens extended family and cursing them then giving my name to them.
don't you have a name?

To my childrens deadly
two face enemies
Satan doesn't want you in hell
and God wont open gates of heaven
for you I curse the day your great grandparent
were born for all eternity
I bind to you all my pain
my childrens suffering too
soon you'll pay Karma and your many deadly enemies will be hunting you hundred fold as you do into others
I only seek an eye for an eye.
Elizabeth W G i loved Henry one split second because u
didn't understand love neither
Henry R Welonek
  you all tried murdering me by turning me to his satanic sadistic jealous ex girl friend
the evil nurse from hell.
your partner in hate crimes
i am a human being
not a dog ******* My children aren't dogs either to be drugged and forced to call criminals parents
to fill your empty cradle
God and his wise universe
did leave you sterile
for a reason
So let go of my kids
get a dogs to pet as vicious
as you all are.
By: karijinbba
purple heart Mom
A repost:1977- 2021.
To all your team of organized crime Go to hell
Robert Ippaso Feb 14
What qualities make a ‘successful man’,
Is it the tambor of his voice,
Some lofty goals, a lifelong plan,
A steering hand, his knowing choice.

Can compassion play a part
Or is that interpreted as meekness;
Is it wrong to show a heart
Without labeling it as weakness?

Does strength need to be paraded
A steely front for all to see,
Is authority degraded
When others sometime don't agree?

An old proverb said as much:
"A wise man is one who listens"
Few have had the Midas touch
And those that did have breached divisions.

Three traits renown - the deadly cluster,
The very ones to spell out doom,
Bravado, Braggadocio and sheer Bluster,
For all they bring is downright gloom.

So where's the rulebook, that golden fleece
To show the way and light the path,
That font of knowledge and inner peace,
Assured success without the wrath?

Where it exists is inner strength,
A willingness to learn whilst teaching too,
Consistency and grace to any length,
Embracing all of us, not simply you.
In the age of Trump a redefinition of a successful man may be required to help current and future generations.
Norman Crane Feb 3
The only thing I learned
In this ocean of stars
Is that I can drown anywhere
Elorai Jan 28
We got so hyped for 2020 and we hoped it won’t ****,
but, man, we just really ran out of luck.
A lot of famous people died,
while all their fans cried.
So many talented people lost,
oh, and global warming is melting our permafrost.
But even though this year is rough.
I am just like “fair enough”.
Cause what can a poor man like I do,
when everyone is sick cause of some **** bat stew?
And now cause of that flying creatures,
we are discovering Zooms new features,
because some pandemic can’t stop us from learning.
Also, forests in Australia were burning.
But even when the world is going through some stuff,
I am just like “fair enough”.
In the USA they are fighting for equal rights,
while Europeans are just scrolling through their social sites.
The stock market crashed,
and ****** hornets were a bit rushed.
There was a tragic explosion in Beirut’s port,
while the US unemployed because of corona fought for support.
But even whet 2020 was tough,
and I was just like “fair enough”,
I hope that I’ll see y'all later,
and that next year will be greater
Cause if we won’t have some fun,
it would mean that 2021.
And now I have to go – my assignments are due,
I just hope that the year after won’t be 2022.
don't take this too seriously
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