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May 7 · 247
oak of two blossoms
all heavy, all tungsten
i am bound to fall
by veils of overarching verses
and phantom mirrors
hope dead in everything
tethered to this world

for me, the guilt is overflowing
like a cistern
of amaranthine, breathless rest
demeter in the soy field
seeding poison
from her fingertips
Apr 5 · 256
i don’t want to die
in the shade this time
with the haunting phrases
that conjure every nearby demon
still pouring out of me

minerva of a thousand works
and condolences
red was everywhere
when you lifted up your shirt
and the water in your eyes
was boiling like mercury
at the thought
Feb 12 · 381
leave the lights on
and kiss the dance
of the seven veils
upon my windowsill
or leave me now
with the abject quiet
that the scythe
and sickle sound

i’m so used to being
in love with you
but the world is ever dark
and we sleep
in separate rooms
Feb 5 · 441
i dread the thought of you
cloaked in someone else's hands
like the gems of harmonia
never sated, never dead
Dec 2018 · 934
kevin hamilton Dec 2018
give me a chance
to be the worst thing
that ever happened to you
Dec 2018 · 1.2k
to eat a sacred dove
kevin hamilton Dec 2018
before i knew it
you were wearing nothing
but your jewels
and the silver moonlight
like artemis in the wild
oh, just kiss me sometime, softly
dream of where we go
when the body dies
Nov 2018 · 265
dark nights in arcadia
kevin hamilton Nov 2018
the last time I was with you
there were blossoms falling 
softly to the ground
and the kindness in your eyes
was waning, too
when you finally saw me 
as i see myself 

dark nights in arcadia
at the holy mirror 
my dear, i used to think 
i had so much to give
oh god
but it was never true
Nov 2018 · 176
kevin hamilton Nov 2018
strung out at the overpass
and there is nothing
but the sea of headlights
like an ever-burning brand
on ***** skin

your face was everywhere
when cold shadows fell
and the night was young
elegy for a mourning dove
who kissed the ground
to feel it hum
Nov 2018 · 231
robe of saffron
kevin hamilton Nov 2018
the truth is
i was writing poems about you
long before i knew your face
Oct 2018 · 140
the three fates
kevin hamilton Oct 2018
i want so badly to find peace
among the effigies of her love
or better yet
the threads of foolish hope
that still remain in me
kevin hamilton Oct 2018
watch me tear myself apart
at your altar
to gain a life i hardly know
and i will dream of nothing
but these nights

high darling
love is out there waiting
for you and i
kevin hamilton Oct 2018
her kindest eyes reflecting
neon pink basement lights
and all the music was a whisper
of storms, of molten voices
my singing meadowlark
she was there
and i believe that i drowned
and wanted for nothing
in that moment
when time slowed to a crawl
and my hands were lost
in her obsidian hair
Oct 2018 · 730
delicate unknown
kevin hamilton Oct 2018
rose and grey
was the bathroom mirror
i heard your voice
over the ambience
and a picture of dread
returned to me
but there was nothing
you could have done

tell me when
a nightmare is enough
to keep you wide awake
i know myself
cursed is the guilty one
forced to face
a life that never ends
Oct 2018 · 509
house of knives
kevin hamilton Oct 2018
it was fine to say
that nothing would hurt me
but the crushing weight
of hideous swan songs
darling, you should know
i was built for this
and made for you

house of knives
the sigil was burning
from across the sea
and under the covers
you pulled away
blood red lights
kissed my animal face
when i heard your name
Sep 2018 · 1.2k
argentia road
kevin hamilton Sep 2018
break me on the wheel
while the wheel spins
argentia road
and all i see are crows
gorging in the open field
severed cornstalks everywhere

burned your clothes
beneath the palest stars
like a contagion
cherry embers in my bed
love, i dreamed of empty graves
and the undivided moon

such a fragile thing
to sigh for the sake of breathing
no more, no more
i am claimed by blood-soaked hands
and my resolve is dead
Sep 2018 · 5.2k
breathing altar
kevin hamilton Sep 2018
true death and restless spirits
i remember all of their names
like they were mine
and the charity of cold
chimes forever
in a sea of salt

kicked down the cemetery gate
and kissed the ground
forgive me now
for the pain i caused
that night, canis minor wept
and all was dust
on the acropolis of troy

i am the one
who fell from dark
into an even greater void
Aug 2018 · 7.9k
royal botanical gardens
kevin hamilton Aug 2018
heard a voice as i died
in the cold moonlight
forty phantoms
breathing through me
and this wasted life
goes on too long

these willow trees
court lesser demons
and condemn the rest
these weeping hosts
hold the shape of dusk
beneath the ground

piano from the dark
of a mystic chord
i froze and woke in tandem
with the underscore
Aug 2018 · 2.5k
warring beasts
kevin hamilton Aug 2018
lately, it's been getting
so dark at night
and my most prosaic fears
come shambling from the tomb

all these warring beasts
kiss my wounds
and make them deeper still
i never wanted
to be this way

oh, what **** is rising
through the wishing well?
oh, this wretched soil
is flooding from my lips
at the gate of elysium
Aug 2018 · 266
away from the fields
kevin hamilton Aug 2018
what is this
that i have done?
plucking certain doom
from each collapsing star
cruel eyes
on the road

please understand
that i think about you
every night
and i've been losing sleep
over all the pretty things
evading me
Jul 2018 · 204
kevin hamilton Jul 2018
i am finding
new & exciting ways
to dislike myself
Jul 2018 · 1.3k
girdle of venus
kevin hamilton Jul 2018
i read my own palms
in her moonlit master room
at the edge of town
and the heat was tangible
before the spill

all jasmine perfume
i dreamt unearthly colours
scintillating as i fell
And the parallel lines
denoted on the skin
a perfect ending in the dark
Jul 2018 · 574
complete change of fortune
kevin hamilton Jul 2018
birch bark burned
in the hearts of varnished lovers
i chose to go
so gladly
and she held my hand
wholly deafened
by the breaths i took
face down in the bath

smoke isn't what we want
from the windows of the house
local haunt
in our time
of a complete change of fortune
kevin hamilton Jul 2018
my sanity has returned
and i fear
i understand the cruel world
less than before
Jul 2018 · 1.2k
swan dive
kevin hamilton Jul 2018
i woke again already gone
with one hand to the sky
swan dive
toward the faceless dark
cold knife inside of me
sold blood, blackened sheets

never to tire
of finding the same hells
in different people
we were entwined
i was disarmed by your sincerity
and your face was kind
Jun 2018 · 3.0k
seldom to those we love
kevin hamilton Jun 2018
i woke up next to fire
and the fountainhead
callous boy
seduced by distended memories
of moonlight's tresses
pooled in syrupy puddles
like spoiled milk

i woke up on west queen west
wild witch kissing me
and ever tighter
grew her spider fingers
around my throat

i swore if she was killing me
she would surely know
May 2018 · 713
punishment of the self
May 2018 · 969
trick mirror
kevin hamilton May 2018
broadview hotel breathing
in the trick mirror
of sunday moonlight
lethe, my dear absolver
you tell me
—glass only breaks
and never flows

and the river vanishes, too
before my eyes
like ghosts in the morning
all cursed wine
plucking mental pictures
from a burdened maw
worked 36 hours straight and wrote this. not sure if it makes sense, too tired.
May 2018 · 863
ǝlqnop ʎpoq
kevin hamilton May 2018
glass apologies
on my glistening skin
i am weakly passing torches
to devil-red hands
subarctic eyes burdened
by your watching face
in the ***** of the door
body double eating air

tell me about the ending
and how it manifests
on my front steps
like a gutted turtle dove
leave me lovely thoughts
that will wither and dim
when my fear of dying
with the mirror's fog
Apr 2018 · 255
vodka soda
kevin hamilton Apr 2018
i picture her
in mantis green
beneath the overwhelming light
of setting stars
***** soda everywhere

the wasted space
in my head
rattles always
with that glossy night
i wish this upon myself.
Mar 2018 · 180
kevin hamilton Mar 2018
i want to know
so many of you.
Mar 2018 · 276
sugar over salt
kevin hamilton Mar 2018
the love
from shaking hands
but clings to your soul
like a pathogen
Mar 2018 · 262
living water
kevin hamilton Mar 2018
glasses vibrate
like the final chorus
of a late-summer june bug

living water
in a bar, vaguely captivated
by your crusading movements
and unbroken echo

dearest, your open doors
close my mind
the path of destruction
stretches deeply
into the ashen night
Mar 2018 · 283
leftover affection
kevin hamilton Mar 2018
ashes from older poems
fall out of my skull
like a nosebleed
all the girls i've ever loved
are beckoning

i can't recall that colour
i saw again and again
in her gentle eyes
(memories turn to dust)

an ode to phantom rapture
the scattered words
will make something
of themselves
Mar 2018 · 446
ninth house
kevin hamilton Mar 2018
footsteps on hard snow
jupiter strikes twice
the crudely painted door
of my tannic home
i eat the key before i look

the body melts
and famous parting words
arrange themselves
in geocentric patterns
(vacant chair, empty sky)

a goodnight
to the cautious fingers
that skip across my back
like paper-thin stones
on a cold lake of glass
Mar 2018 · 252
kevin hamilton Mar 2018
circle of salt
is not enough
these pale souls
scratch the bedroom door
like a lottery ticket

circle of salt
waning endlessly tonight
by a wayward breath of wind
my perfect dread rekindles

haunted ballad
as the door surrenders
murky figures.
a slice of light
bisects my milk-white face

i know the name
of every ghost that binds me
tortured softly in my place
Mar 2018 · 205
cell death
kevin hamilton Mar 2018
cell death of the rose gold heart
i am called to her balcony
by unfamiliar voices
in the beautiful dusk

so many sets of eyes
pierce the darkness
a seperation
of drink and blood
and blades of grass

wingless moth
perched on the railing
(wine covers all)
her dark charity
makes it easy to leave
Feb 2018 · 390
beads of mercury
kevin hamilton Feb 2018
fatal candle dropped
i leaned on the cottage door
and let myself unfold
the ****, twisted shapes
only i could see

beads of mercury
from the skin
glowed like milk-eyed moons
in the black vault night
i tasted blood
when i bit my cheek

first teardrops fell
and there was nothing left to know
in the whole wide world
i was forever lost
but never alone
Feb 2018 · 1.2k
death of the falling dream
kevin hamilton Feb 2018

hands grasped
for purchase
on the sheet-white ceramic lip
surfaced from
a dark wine burial at sea

burning calligraphy
stole my pinkest skin
i tried, i tried
to join someone i never knew
part ii
kevin hamilton Feb 2018
my pale blue hand
hovered like a baby bird
over the mirror shards

a starry sky, a starry sky

my pale blue hand, the pendulum
drained cardinal sins
in the blood-warm bathwater
part i
Feb 2018 · 386
super konica
kevin hamilton Feb 2018
precious patterns
filled my eyes
the bone-white reverie
of an exploding sun

in feral, nameless positions
we, the subjects
under a twinkling spotlight

the ever-burning nitrate husk
behind auspicious glass
exposed once
and for all

a recoiling shudder
kevin hamilton Jan 2018
twelve white roses
graceless on marble
twelve empty threats
wrapped in ash paper
and baby's breath

another shambling spirit
so divided
among the tomb-cold eternity
Jan 2018 · 286
kevin hamilton Jan 2018
blood moon
a burning cigarette
behind the blackout curtain
my haunted piano
hinted hymns
from a former life

from nothing, a shape
made whole
by a series of scaling accidents
to be forgotten in the morning

and every severed chord
was both
the dull heartbeat
of a dying rabbit
a lake of colours
in my true love's ocean eyes
Jan 2018 · 391
song for falling dust
kevin hamilton Jan 2018
molten i woke
to your understated
outro song
pulled deftly
and left to resonate

i was crowded
at the corpse door
with the curtains drawn
only briefly wishing
phantom pain
on endless vigils
for a swollen soul

sealed the crypt
your moonlit recital ceased
to no applause
Jan 2018 · 220
the path oblique
kevin hamilton Jan 2018
barely drink down
the languid breeze
and every breath
is caramel
to a dreaming tongue

the winter of the heart
is howling now
elsewhere branches break
eldest first

the path oblique
slithers underneath me
and every step
is a minor death
of the life i scarcely knew

my fire dims
and all the beautiful
ember-lit faces
melt into dark

i am ever haunted
by the souls i keep
in the centre of my heart
Jan 2018 · 384
orchestra pit
kevin hamilton Jan 2018
the day of thunder
split my fingertips
and secret caverns of the skull
were humming
like an orchestra pit

rock salt in her room
i was claimed and renamed
by the nape of my neck
opened easily and tasted

my jaw unhinged
and every ***** of bone
was an ode to her
tracing haunted fingers
through each brittle stalk
of the cornfield
Jan 2018 · 1.1k
taut is the skin
kevin hamilton Jan 2018
tell me not to run
to the fire advancing
on my bone-dry field

born is the beginner
badly bleeding
and taut is the skin
that weds me to this world
uneasy as the alliance
between my sense of self
and the trials i dream

yet, revealed to me
are all the pretty things
left alive
beneath the blue moon
Dec 2017 · 1.4k
the unfolding dark
kevin hamilton Dec 2017
captive audience listening
to the hornets pouring out of me
i was running fingers
listlessly down your face
and dreaming of acid rain
—a picture in my head
that refused to die

ever mindful
of the bedroom door
hinging on your aches
and unborn eyes
the reanimated heart
and I saw distorted visions
of what awaits us all

a rising overture
from behind the veil
warm, wet handed
in a bath of blood
Dec 2017 · 370
milky eye
kevin hamilton Dec 2017
my heart was beating
at a glacial pace
when you told me
you understood
the word of god
and birds would fall
from parting skies
i half-believed
you had a reason to lie
i was lost in the finer points
of martyrdom
and chasing
an endless summer

christian girls
watched feathers fly
from the teeth
of the fox with a milky eye
and said 'god loves the weak'
the mourning dove’s
failing eyes
seemed to pass over me
and fall upon the parting skies
Dec 2017 · 976
kevin hamilton Dec 2017
black lung whispered
abject terror in my ears
a circle of candles
and closed eyes
made plainly *****
by the thought of you
beneath the rising tide

i poured raw honey
down your abyssal throat
stole a different form
and fell into your arms
only sweet goodbyes
as i grabbed my overcoat
Nov 2017 · 350
a séance, once
kevin hamilton Nov 2017
from the funeral pyre
i was a stranger
to matters of love
and fate
but wholly willing
to escape with you
at your request

i did not get to see
your features
splashed with unnatural light
in the dying breath
of evening

i did not get to see
your moment of glory
when you turned the key
and rushed
the mausoleum
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