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Anais Vionet Jun 2023
I’m laughing this morning, spontaneously. We’re not studying anymore. Our sophomore school year is over. I’m giddy, giggling, like a 9 year old on sugar.

I think I just finished the hardest class that I’ll ever take - my last pure-math class, ever - and I got an “A.” Just barely - by two-tenths of a point (.2). That’s by the skin of a bacteria, the thickness of a sigh or the weight of a glance. Yeah, and I’ll take it very much.

We’re gathered, with two extra-large NY Pizza Supremas, around Lisa’s parent’s long, white kitchen island. Lisa and I parked on tall bar stools and Peter, lounging on a nearby couch. The playlist we’d had going, had just ended. We’re looping a lot of T.Swift because we’re going to see her in concert in TWO days (May 14th 2023). Leeza (Lisa’s 13 yo little sister) is here too - but she’s in a mood.

“You know what I want to hear?” I offered.
“What” Peter asked.
“The other side of the door” I said. Leeza groaned.
“OH MY GOD,” Lisa squealed, “ANAIS, Anais!!, I KNEW I loved you, I already knew!
Lisa turned to Peter, “Anais and I we, we have this string - some might call an invisible string”
“Yeah,” I laugh. “tying us to each other,” Lisa continued, laughing, “and sometimes I get so shocked when she reminds me it’s there.”  “right,” I agree.
“And you’re so real for that - it’s so true.” Lisa finishes by starting the song.

“Taylor Swift’s  “the other side of the door” plays, Leeza stomps out, taking half a pie and when the song finishes there’s silence.

“Wow” Lisa said. Peter looked up from wherever absurdly boring physics article he was reading.
“Sorry,” I told Peter, fanning myself, “we’re recovering. That song has the best outro in the business.”
“Cause you just expect a song to end on a chill fadeout” Lisa explains, “and end nicely.”
“This one just ends, BAM!” I laughed. “BAM!” Lisa echos, laughing as well.
“It’s trenchant - the little black dress - you just have to shake your hips every TIME,” I say.
“It eats, it eats every TIME,” Lisa agreed.
“It eats so much I forget he cheated on her!” I laugh, “I don’t even CARE!”
“I don’t even care,” Lisa chuckles, “in the outro,” she tells Peter, “she’s takin’ back her man because he got with some girl in a little black dress.”
“It’s a hard lyric,” I say, “the beautiful eyes, the conversations, the lies, are all I can think of.”  
“I like Taylor’s version the best,” Lisa said, “you get the emotional maturity and her voice is more mature.”

“Of course,” I said, “I grew up with that album - I think it came out in 2008 (I was 5) - but I remember, about two years ago, maybe three, I was in high school, some friends and I were driving to the lake and it was a full-on Swift-sing-along. We finished singing it, and I thought, “WOAH, that song EATS - how had I missed that?”
“I know,” Lisa echoed, “her music just hits at different stages of life and still comes off fresh.”
“Like someone discovering the Beatles,” Peter said, “who were - 60 years ago?”
“Yeah, or David,” I said. Peter looked confused.
“David - from the Bible?” I explained, “THAT was a long time ago too. Have you Godless Californian’s ever read any of the Bible?”
“No,” Peter said, sarcastically, going back to his reading, “but I saw the movie.”
BLT Marriam Webster word of the day challenge: Trenchant: communication that’s strong, clear, and perceptive.

eats = fully enjoyable, it slays
Ken Pepiton Sep 2021
Interesting times,
all things seeming meaning full, as life.
Life passes uncaring.
We live and learn to love it. We accept the victory.

Let truth free the captives.

But who shall feed so many? Their loved enemies. Yes.
Good idea.
Try it.
Exercise in brevity.
GRIS Aug 2021
I wonder if he knows he's all I think about at night
And if he wanted me, he really should've showed
Oh, a simple complication
Miscommunications lead to fall out

‘Cause like, I've seen this film before
And I didn't like the ending
Just so frustrating, intoxicating, complicated:))
Rylee Oct 2020
Known for obsession with heartbreak,
Turning sounds of heartbroken tears into anthems,
The words we all feel
But could never produce turned into a karaoke song
Volume as loud as it can go,
Trying to drown out memories of the high you gave me
The naive girl in the songs sounds more like me,
As I replay the red flags
With each heartbreak had
there’s a song to be played
Bei Aguilar Aug 2019
I want to be as good as Taylor Swift
To write songs as sweet as you,
However I will always be Rihanna.
All I know is take care of you
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
You shone out of nowhere,
in the everlasting depths of darkness,
reaching out,
and stealthily pulling me to the light.

My emotions began changing
ever so swiftly
with the every pump of the heart.

My eyes blinding with such brightness and joy
For I wonder was it because of you
or the world now I saw?

But, then you left
for there were many who walked in this world,
Even when alone,
I thanked you for showing me another world,
Feel the depths of happiness
and the light which lit my skin.
But solitude in the world of
happiness was not my place.

Then came my old friend,
darkness that lured me back in
'Welcome back'
for it wrapped me in its comfort
And said 'here you are to stay'
stopdoopy Nov 2020
You think
I am a hen
In god's house

There for the plucking

Oh honey
How foolish you are

To think it'd be so easy
To get close to me

My feathers are gold and ivory
And my beak deadly

Moving with pigeon toes
You stumble and trip

You thought this dance
Would be swift

But this is ballet
And you are not my Siegfried
Ballet is wild y'all, mad respect to anyone who does it
tianna Mar 2019
cause baby we got bad blood
you know we used to be mad love
so take a look what you've done
cause baby now we got bad blood
now we got problems and i don't think we can solve them
you made a really deep cut
and baby now we got bad blood
a song and lyrics by Taylor Swift
K Balachandran Mar 2019
a sultry day ends,
hot, swift wind moves the tired leaves;
early moon looks on!
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