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Tianna Marie Mar 22
cause baby we got bad blood
you know we used to be mad love
so take a look what you've done
cause baby now we got bad blood
now we got problems and i don't think we can solve them
you made a really deep cut
and baby now we got bad blood
a song and lyrics by Taylor Swift
a sultry day ends,
hot, swift wind moves the tired leaves;
early moon looks on!
Esther Jan 6
we're both preceded by our reputation

we want the sun in our face

only to turn our backs to kiss the shadows.
this ain't for the best
my reputation's never been worse, so
you must like me for me.
I do not see your feet, O Wind
I do not see your wings
Yet swiftly you do move at will
As though chasing Time
Shane Leigh Jul 2018
There's only so many hours in a day;
only so many words in my vocabulary;
only so many breathes to take
before I am dead and buried.

Therefore, I laugh,
I giggle and smile.
I live in this moment
if only for a while.

If breathing was infinite,
like life itself,
there'd be no point in worrying
about my sense of self-
righteousness that creeps further away
because no one knows what will happen,
not even today.

Because there are only so many minutes,
because there's only so many breathes
and so many turns;
because I fear that it goes by so swiftly
I'll miss
whatever is lurking
if I'd take one more risk.

So, because all the things that I've said above;
because I forget what I said it was;
because I fear the swiftness of spring,
I will savor all moments
and do one last thing ...
I've been gone a while ... I'M SORRY !! I'm sure I've missed some AMAZING poems while I've been gone and I can't wait to play catch up hahaha
I hope you enjoy !!

© Shane Leigh
Tianna Marie Dec 2017
Don't Blame Me
Love made me crazy
If it doesn't you ain't doing it right
Lord save me , my drug is my baby
i'll be using for the rest of my life*

- Taylor Swift
"Don't Blame Me"
it has been so relatable to me
The end to his potential was swift

They'd told him after all, he had no gift

There was nothing for him to share

No reason for him to care

Why should he ever dare..?

Putting himself out there..?

Best to stay invisible

In the corner of the eye, dismissable

"Nothing to see here"

Just unworthiness and fear

They'd told him after all, there was no hope

The best choice for him, was the rope.
Erin Suurkoivu Apr 2017
in the old neighbourhood

I had never felt more beautiful
and unafraid.

But I am afraid now
as you stalk near.

My words are ***** babies
and I must run.

Swifter beasts than me
have not survived

the chase
across the savannah.

You too struck
quick as lightning.

Do they willingly give up
their bodies and blood?

Are they all too happy
to submit to death?

But I,
I just wanted to get out alive.
the heart
cannot repair
the heart
in much despair
the heart
missing these pair
the heart
feels the unfair

exiled from the venue
our writing brothers
their words expelled
by unseen smothers

swift the extradition
of a movement quick
the removal done
with a rapidness of click

no more seeing the
works they did ably create
our kinsmen vanishing
off the forum's slate

the heart languishing
without our kindred
being around
the heart so dispirited
their expression fell
silent of sound
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