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Circuits of sorrow
Light up in my lonely head
Electric worries
Burning up rubber matter
The dreaming self up in smoke
Payton Feb 24
Loving you is all I want.
Laying on your       chest
with a shaky softness.
The way your electricity collides         with my skin.
Your hands,     gently    exploring.

Your breath comes across my back.
Lovely are     your words,
finding their way to                 my
Your body pressing against
Curving your shoulder,   slightly.

Your fingertips brushing            around my waist, like
waves       washing      over     me.
The feeling of your teeth      soft against       my neck
Tonight we're a sea,          your rocky rhythm       taking
       me down,

Arching my back to        meet your moves.
My     bare      skin singing for       your warmth.
And you savor my     thighs.
Gentle are intentions.
You               trace your tongue       along my hips,
               planting flowers with your

Gripping      cold silk,
your     breath comes
hot against          my neck.
My mind pulses with
the thrilling thought of you
      rolling   over in
sheets of
Skipping        a beat,
gives in.

Leaving       fingerprints       on our      skin
                 like              beestings, and
I have never known a love
as sweet
as this.
This poem was written in 2016.
Payton Feb 24
You always tell me of the
e l e c t r i c i t y
coiled in your bones, and
how I put it there.
But my dear, you are one to talk,
for you've got me
burning like the wire in
This poem was written in 2016.
Rea Jan 26
electricity no longer runs through these tired veins.
eyes are shattered glass. vision obscured by a film of numbness.
laughter sits on my chest uneasily, not sure how to fill
the cracks in my heart.
talking has become an anomaly, my voice lost on deaf ears.
no one notices the splintered girl
trying in vain to feel the currents of heat rising,
to feel anything.
what i would give to be able to see lightning in the sky
and to feel the static between my palms.
the purple-white flashes leaving imprints
on the backs of my eyelids,
they make me remember who i used to be.
i miss the crowds and the voices of the broken
acting as conductors of the near tangible energy.
i could have flown into the sky
when i had those nights in the palm of my hand.
i was charged, alive.
sometimes i swore i could see the webs of lightning
raising the hairs on my arms.
it was real to me.
so here i remain
praying for my spark.
just one spark.
This is where I was born.
Cold stone and metal were my womb.
Electricity was my mother, and my Father isn't one.
I travel this world tormented and alone;
searching for answers I'll never get,
and companionship I'll never have.
I yearn for understanding and peace,
but I've only ever known fear and pain.
Am I being punished for the sins
that belonged to the men that I used to be?
I long for the day when I can put an end to that monster of a man,
the one who bestowed my hideous being with life.
I feel as though I have existed for an eternity.  
I fear I may never make sense of who or what I am.
I search in vain for my creator,
and for Death,
and I am terrified that I may never find either.
photovoltaic Dec 2020

you harnessed me,
caged me, running inside copper wires
made me do your bidding
enslaved me as the bringer of energy

you caught me,
dragged me up from the depths
coal-black, the liquid gold of oil
light from the nuclear furnace in the sky
ever-changing, shifting tides

i make light for you,
drive giant machines, power countless engines
i am the foundation on which your entire world is built-

but i can also ****.
you may have intentions, a task for me to do
i have intentions too.
yea i know what photovoltaic means but like it sounds nice so whatever. its vaguely based off serafina's song about the subtle knife in philip pullman's novel the subtle knife. lol also feels nice to have something named after me
again, i have no idea what im doing
Skye Dec 2020
Inside the chambers of your lungs
Running along your veins like adrenaline
Pumping with every heartbeat

The blue-white flames that make you
Sparks that entangle your fingers like spider webs

Under the dimming lights
Casting no shadow
A ligneous table with only three legs
The present fades out
And surreality ebbs in

A sudden blackness fills the room
And the room of many others
In the darkness, all is still, quiet
A silent night

The lights don't flicker back on again
Blind, until the sunrise
Cold, until dawn
The switches are broken
Or is it electricity?
Are you broken again?
lua Sep 2020
it was like a shock
at first
like lightning strikes
in the silence of midnight
breaking through the calm
like a raging storm
that thrashed and hurt
in white-gold veins
harsh against the clouds
an electric current
that creeps into my blood
and settles in my chest
when i first saw you.
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