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Nava May 5
Unplug yourself and feel.
YOU are the current,
Something of an eel.
With your own sharp deterrent 
To all those things you hate.
Don't complain.
Be the change.
Don't wait.
Let my old wounds be a warning
Shock your pain.
Do something different tomorrow morning.
Lily Apr 11
~Your hand touched my cheek today, on purpose, and I still can’t get over how electric it was~
G Rose Apr 5
You touch me,
and like foil on fillings,
my nerves are electrified!
c Jan 30
The tingle of magic
In your fingertips
As your palm flexes
Above the keys

This is your papyrus,
You modern-day scribe

Feel the flow of electricity
Beneath your hands
And release the magic
That lies within
S O P H I E Jan 27
with an accent of blood
a foreign tongue
vowels that sound of metal clashing
with fire flowing through her veins
armor for skin
feet that crush the earth beneath her
with electricity streaks through her hair
iron filled lungs
each breath invitingly toxic
with lips of silk
a voice cut from steel
thunder and war in her bones
with a grin made for battle
eyes speckled in ash
striding, powerful into the arms of death.
c Jan 15
I worry that
I may be
An electron.

The negative charges
Are building beneath
The shield that I choose
To call my ribcage,
Painting my lungs blue
And weighing it
With my mistakes.

I cannot exist alone,
All too willing
To give myself away
To anything that somehow
Makes me feel whole.

I’m sorry
I couldn’t tell you sooner,
But our problems
Can’t be solved
With science.
Yuki Jan 2
The gaze between
two souls that
see each other
for the first
sage short Oct 2018
The divine almighty
of the crooked earth
made the weakened crawl
with dirt dragging into
our chipped fingernails
like the paint on our homes

Her flood of chaos ignited the flames
and her flames burnt down the only
hope we had: the sea
& her mighty craft
swept our flatlands into the ocean
like dirt under a rug
or ice under a fridge
and we were engulfed in the fire
that our own hands caused

She came down on us with her wrath
ripping herself apart in the process
just to show us she is the divine almighty
and then the moon betrayed us
followed by the sun

Checked out on us like a motel for drunk couples
Who turned off the lights to save the electricity
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