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For My Aunt
The woman who is my mother’s sister is also my mom.
She has whooped me as well as helped me escape, and showed me to be calm.
She snuck me snacks; cookies, chips, and things like that.
Helped with homework, spoke up for me whether right or wrong
The love we share is beyond the measurement of strong.
I will keep our memories alive well after you are gone.
My auntie. My auntie.
I just want to say from me to you thank you for being my.
C. E Cheatham
DG Nov 2018
I hope that even when you’re old and gray
You’ll remember how much your aunt loves you
And I hope that at the end of the day
You’ll remember each and every little kiss I placed on your forehead
So pure, so gentle
I give you more love than the world contains
B Elizabeth G Sep 2018
I will never let you be cruel to yourself;
For you are the sunshine on my darkest of days,
And the sun can not shine without the confidence of knowing
It can light up the world.
To my niece, for you are the best thing that ever happened to me and I hope you always know how incredibly miraculous you are. Love, Auntie Peep
Harsha ravi Jul 2018
At the age of 12 my aunt said
" No one is going to marry you if you stay this skinny."
She laughed as I felt ****.
At the age of 13 my grandmother said
" Your teeth, they are not right you must fix it"
They nodded in agreement shooting me down with another bullet.
At the age of 14 my mother said
" Your skin is too dark, make it lighter"
She passed a ****** pack as I scrubbed my skin as hard as sandpaper.
At the age of 16, my great uncle said
" Your eyes are huge, go for a reduction surgery maybe?"
My heart sank as I rushed to save every dollar, every penny.
At the age of 17, I said to myself
" You are filthy, not worthy of a second look, not worthy of finding happiness, not worthy of getting married"
I realised my worth was decided, my abilities were limited and my future was cursed at the age of 12, very young indeed.
Parents don't realise every word they say impacts their children in more than 1 way, this is just how my family has affected me. Words do hurt people, we need to be careful of things we say.
Amelia Reeves Jul 2018
Between lazy drags and humble brags,
Daft and dafter, uproarious laughter.
Perpetually sought, an extra thought,
A missing chair.

Loving kindness may be innate,
But a great somebody raises somebody great.
So she was the Sun incarnate,
Because they have warmth to spare.

An ajar mouth, a dusty frame,
An eager eye, a familiar name,
“You would’ve loved her; she was just like you!”
Between freckles and smiles, I already do.
Terry Collett Apr 2018
Aunt Kathleen died.

He'd known her since
he could remember.

He could picture her
carrying lino
on her shoulder
down the stairs
in the shop.

Or the time she let him
stay the weekend
after uncle Sidney died
and he went to some
religious meeting
up the West End.

Or when she met his mother
when she was going with him
for a brain scan
after the breakdown.

Or the day he went
with his mother
to uncle Sidney's funeral
and saw how broken up
aunt Kathleen was.

Now he was at her funeral
with family and friends
and he and his brother
sat at the back
amidst crying and weeping.

The coffin was on trestles.
Flowers on top.

Music played
and songs she liked
her daughter chose.

He gazed
at her surving sisters
except his mother
too ill to come.

Time had aged
them all now
sitting in the front row
each waiting
for their time to go.
Nihit Bhatia Apr 2018
To some love is like four seasons,
Each representing a different emotion,
To some love is playground,
Running wildly all over the surface,
To some love is maturity,
Understanding eyes before they speak,
To me love was innocent, naïve, seeker,
Full of questions and riddles,
He was a young boy at heart,
and an adult in bed,
Ahh what a exquisite blend of all three he was,
Our encounters were secretive,
Only when he used to come during summer for vacations I would turn into wrapper,
Waiting anxiously to get unwrapped by his satin like fingers,
I might have crossed all boundaries,
Just to delay the opening of my eyes,
And lay like a mortal in his arms,
Our nights were congested by fanaticism,
Exploring diverse set of ****** nebulas,
Days and days I would transfer my soul to him as that's what kept me burning to live,
But finally the day arrived when young boy,
Alas my nephew announced his departure,
I shrugged away my relationship by blood,
Ran like a jaguar for his lips and pounced on them like a baby catching hold of mother's breast for milk,
We kissed shamelessly but the awkwardness shy away from us and I asked him,
"When will summer arrive in spring season?"
He said, "when the time is ripe to pluck the flowers inside you again",
He left, left, left and said adieu aunt.
Brent Kincaid Apr 2018
Our beloved Aunt Bertha.
She didn’t see pixies and elves
She saw ******* and jerks
With no obvious perqs!
That's the breaks of being someone
That, all by themselves,
Can have arguments and fights
And even though it wasn’t right
That is who she was, unique;
Immune to other people’s pique,
Surrounded by unseen creeps.

But she loved us kids, she did.
And found us when we hid
And cooked cakes and pies.
The love in her eyes spoke clearly
And nearly bowled me over
Because it was not deluded.
Yes, her quirks intruded on us
But we let her cuss and rail
At invisible fools. Those the rules.
She couldn’t help herself a bit
And that was the end of it.

So, we listened covertly
And overtly smiled at her a lot
Knowing what we had got
Was the dotty aunt they put
In the attic in the old days
In less loving times and ways.
But we loved her and wanted
A place not haunted by wardens,
And nasty nurses robbing purses,
Where she could live her life.

She liked to sing and dance
And every time I got the chance
I danced with her, as thin as a zipper
I guided this middled aged aunt
And when she started to pant
We changed the music to slow
And right back she would go.
She sang the tunes from the war
And more from movies and shows.
Can anyone know how great it is
To share with someone impaired
And know the gift you have shared?
this got written x years ago
behoves this update version of a bozo
christened sans parents
   playing eeny meeny miny moe,

yet upon tiring of game with a no
   nonsense attitude
   eventually decided on Not Nada Poe
Whit - Walt har vee gong to call So and So?

Now, you probably wonder and ask
yarself y am.i. On a wishy washy
web site - far tis to bask
in offline and/or online friendship

as like quaffing from a flask
with no deliberate intent
   to antagonize nor mask
n e hidden agenda -
   quite a challenging task.

Thus, i turn the question back 2 u,
per what spurred posting/responding too
and might there be interest
with me - n average hue

man male - hoping
   4 an acquaintance brand new
from - this barred bard -
   scot **** matthew.

Dis ***** older buck haint gonna take a byte need to take fright
i merrily scout cyber seas donning
me virtual webbed whirled wide wet suit to brook

a female friendship countless
   adult oriented web site
such as ashleymadison, badoo, craigslist, elitemate,
plenty of fish tagged twoo,

or other venue left of the political right
and if absolutely positively unquestioningly
without subatomic particle of interest
than please just respond albeit and try to be polite...

good morning, noon, or night
to be guarded when an acquaintanceship
   begins out of sight

whereby data bit bump and grind
   thru the information super
   highway somewhat tight
and bring x rated epistles to life that i write.

Ma arch i bald dingbats of fingas clip by
at greased lightening speed
justa friendship this poor fella doth need
an accommodating gal to offer a lead
mien eyes did not purposely heed

nor any greed
from one suppurating marriage
this guy wants to be freed
with no malice this cheap tricking
   super tramping wordsmith
of inxs ac of dc charged cheap tricks
sans done ***** deed.

This impersonator qua sometime bard of yore
admits to his apology
if ye get taken totally abominable
like bar rammy aback

to proposition ye with carnal desires in store
and ideally match deeds ease with these words
towards such strong desire to adore
forsooth that naked realm

to allow the noggin to bore
together in close syncopation like couplet core
and would now gently encourage
his newfound muse

to let me dip me quill in
   iambic pentameter du jour
a wordsmith who shies away
drinking *** or smoking *****.

Now with a zing
i step into the digital xing
via summit da fall low wing
written jest to byte tongue in cheek
yet unsure if zee phone here will ring

or an unexpected gold plated invitation
after the yodeling ding
in an effort to hear that pleasant
yet discordant musical ka -- ching
for cherished pennies,
   nickels, dimes, nickle back
et cetera from heaven to bring.

Twiddling me fir and twenty black bird
shaped like a green thumb
as me schmart simian Semitic ****
gets comfortably numb

after quaffing
   humongous amount of ***
while downing oral rob hurts
   sesame street pudding

made of pureed plum
unlike jack in the corner
   my luck mooch oh more glum
and despite ****** stubble here
and there a stale crumb
this har dabbler in words haint no ***
only a hard knock er skool alum.

from thee one and only almighty
alfred e. neuman king crusty crab crumb son Rodg
er alias scott matthews - whose words
   intended as playful persiflage

if curious to learn more about me
   emanating from cranial lodge
   unless no auto mat tick interest arises -
   whence this reply u can dodge.
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