Dracol Noir Jan 14

Sing me a lullaby Aunty,
I can not sleep.
I wish to hear your beautiful voice.
You are the one, and my only.
If you were gone, a river I will weep,
You'll leave me with no choice.

Cheesy poem I wrote for a close friend of mine. Heh, well was kind of like a joke but I also couldn't sleep so I just chatted with my friend. :) In our close-knit group of friends, we're all like family. So, yeah, aunty. xD

just beyond the eyes
where pain lies
captive beneath the veil
of heaven's spell

sleep well
where sorrows drown
in seas of light
the tears abandoned
in our saviors arms

slumber unharmed
a cloud latched on
the supple breast
of shinning stars
rest in peace my love

and know
you will always have a place
here in our hearts
and in our memories
until we meet again

Aunt Mae, you are deeply missed!
Love your neice,

Poem I wrote and read for my Aunt at her funeral earlier this year. It still feels unreal she is gone.
Elioinai Jul 2016

The tears as you leave are a blessing
the feeling of sadness a gift
For many don't have ones to love them
or pleasant sweet sorrow so swift

"Parting is such sweet sorrow"
Stara Jul 2016

hello new
first breath of air
your mama and papa
your loved ones there
a mini human so soft and smooth
just yesterday in my sister's womb
and today you're in this world
you can even cry
just about seven pounds
you came exactly on time
welcome to the human existance
you've come into a crazy world
I'll tell you stories of how it was
I'll be the one considered old
you will forever know me
as favorite aunt
I'll spoil you and teach you
how others cant
you will be the you'est you
full of confidence and personal views
so happy birthday
happy new

Terry Collett Jul 2016

Auntie took me
to the large hut
where the wives of soldiers
met for tea and a chat
(or gossip)

there was big black stove
in the center of the room
and a big urn
over in the small kitchen
where women were serving
cups of tea and cakes or biscuits

there was a lot of noise
and voices and baby's crying
and a few kids like me
under 5 or 5 years old

there's Milly
Auntie said

so we went over
to where Milly was sitting
with her little daughter Elsie

Auntie and Milly
started talking
and I sat next to Auntie
and Elsie sat
the other side
of her mum Milly
staring at me

why don't you two
go and get a lemonade
or orange juice and biscuits
Milly said

Elsie pulled a face
not with him
she said

don't be daft
Benny's a good boy
now do as you are told
and go get some
drinks and biscuits
Milly said firmly

I looked at Auntie
then at Elsie

all right
Elsie said glumly
and we went across the room
to where women
where serving

yes dearies
the woman said
what can I get you?

I want an orange juice
and biscuit please
Elsie said
you'll have to ask
for yourself
she said to me moodily

the woman got
a small beaker of orange juice
and a biscuit tin
of broken biscuits
and Elsie helped herself
staring at me

I asked the woman
for some lemonade
and a biscuit
and while she
was getting it for me
I said to Elsie
you can around
to my auntie's place
and we can play
with my toy soldiers

she sipped her orange juice
looking at me

the woman gave me
a beaker of lemonade
and I took
a few broken biscuits
in my other hand
and stood looking at Elsie

I don't want to play
with toy soldiers
I'm a girl
girls' play with dolls
and skip
not play with boy's toys
and she walked off
back to where Auntie
and Milly sat talking
and sat down

I stood watching her
I can come and play
with your toys
I said

she frowned at me
boys don't play
with girl's toys
she said
and my doll
doesn't like you

Elsie don't be so horrible
Milly said
if Benny wants to come
and play he will
or you'll get a slap

Elsie frowned
and looked at the floor
she was no more friendlier
than she was before.

Viji Suresh May 2016

God: Something everyone ponders. For the theist "what if he doesn't exist?" and to an atheist, "what if he does exist?"

Terry Collett May 2016

I sat on the top step
of the black
metal staircase
leading up to Auntie's
second floor flat

Auntie's black dog
had its chin
over my shoulder
looking down the stairs

it was a warm morning
soldiers were marching
on parade on
the drilling square
to my right

the sound of voices
and marching feet
hung on the morning air

Elsie Auntie's friend
Milly's five year old daughter
began walking up
the stairs one step at a time
holding on
to the black metal rails
which held up
the banister rail
with her small hand

I watched her
walk up slowly
she looked at each step
as she came

Dancer softly growled
she looked up at us

what do you want?
I said

she looked at me pouting
got to ask your auntie
about borrowing some sugar
my mum said
Elsie said
as she reached
the third step
from the top
is your auntie in?

sure she is
I said
did you want me
to ask her?

Elsie reached the top landing
of the staircase
and looked along
where Auntie lived
no I can ask her
Mum said I was to ask
Elsie said
don't need
a 4 year old
to ask for me
she said

I said and watched  
as she walked along
to Auntie's door
and knocked on the wood
with her small fist

I got up and walked
to where she stood

Dancer just sat
on the step and looked at us

I waited to next to her
waiting for Auntie
to come to the door

where is she?
Elsie said moodily

knock again
I said

she knocked again
then the door opened
and Auntie stood there
and stared at me
o Elsie
what can I do for you?

Elsie looked up at Auntie
and said
Mum said to ask
for some sugar
as she wants to make a cake
but hasn't got enough
and I am to ask
if you have any spare
Elsie said

sure I have
Auntie said
and went inside

we stood
on the landing waiting
didn't need you
to stand next to me
she said glaring at me

just making sure
you got an answer
I said

she looked at me
with her dark eyes

Auntie came to the door
with some sugar
wrapped in a brown
paper bag
be careful Elsie
should be enough there
Auntie said

Elsie took the brown bag
and said
thank you for the sugar
and walked along
the landing to the stairs
then holding the bag
with one hand
she held each rail
and she went down
with the other hand holding

I walked along to the top
and looked down
and said
you want to come out
and play later

she looked back up at me
why would I?
she said
and walked on down
and off the bottom step
and began to walked away
then she stopped
and looked up and said
must ask Mum first
see what she says

I thought I almost saw
a smile lingering there
but she walked on
and it had gone.

Terry Collett Apr 2016

Don’t forget to wash
Your hands after you’ve
Been to the toilet

Auntie said and don’t
Talk with your mouth full
Or at the dining

Table during meals
And always stand when
A lady enters

The room it’s basic
Manners Colin just
Basic manners and

If you must share the
Bacon rind with the
Darn dog make sure his

Lips don’t touch yours and
Colin nodded his
Head slowly making

No reply keeping
His mouth closed during
The meal stood each time

His aunt entered the
Room from the kitchen
And wondered if his

Auntie knew it was
He who wrote the short
Scribbled poem on

The toilet wall and
If she had whether
She had smiled or laughed

Secretly to her
Self at the humour
Or maybe in her

Grumpiness didn’t
Give a fuck at all.


Our humanity does not lie in our goodness,
but rather it exists within our flaws,
for it's our flaws that make us interesting,
and it was because of this that I found
my aunt to be the most interesting person in the world;
for she was flawed in the most exquisite ways.

She was nothing short of a legend in my family.
Her deeds were not spoken of in day-light,
but whispered about late evenings
amidst closely clustered kitchen tables.

I remember hearing lurid tales:
she's been married twenty times -
she's been arrested before -
she's knocked out a boy's front teeth.

I never knew if these tales were true or not,
and I hope to never find out either.

I'll believe them; I'll believe in HER -
as she believed in me before:
as she believed in love and excess.
We talked shortly before her death,
What good is a life without regrets?

Patricia Berkshire let the wings of angels bear thee to thy rest 3/29/2016
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