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Randy Johnson Jul 2020
It's with great sadness when I say that we won't see her anymore.
Lena died in March of 2020 and she was born in March of 1944.
She is survived by her husband who is my Uncle James.
Losing such a special person is sad and it's also a shame.

James Greene Junior and Sharon Redmond are her two children.
After living for seven and a half decades, she has gone to Heaven.
She died just twenty-four hours before her 76th birthday.
Her loved ones are heart broken because she passed away.
Dedicated to Lena L. Greene who died on March 2, 2020.
Casey Dandy Feb 2013
You open the car door and help me in
You buckle my seat-belt, safe and sound,
As you set my tiny backpack on the ground,
You say:
What do you want to do today?
Go on an adventure-- just you and me?
Watch cartoons on the TV screen?
All that sounds grand,
Every kid’s dream,
But I’d rather take your hand and…
How ‘bout we color?

Then we painted the world as it ought to be:
Pretty pictures with princesses and queens.
Boatloads of crayons;
Everything exactly as it seemed.
I didn’t know loss.
I didn’t know heartache.
I didn’t know cancer would take you away.

I open the car door and hop right in
I buckle my seat-belt, safe and sound,
As I set my purse on the ground,
You say:
What do you want to do today?
Go on an adventure-- a shopping spree?
Watch funny movies on a big screen?
All that sounds grand,
Every young lady’s dream,
But I’d rather take your hand and…
How ‘bout we color?

Then we painted the world as it ought to be:
Pretty pictures with princesses and queens.
Boatloads of crayons;
Everything wasn’t as it seemed.
I learned about loss.
I learned about heartache.
I learned that cancer would take you away.

I wish I could’ve drawn you a cure,
Saved you the pain--
Whipped-up a world
Where it never rains.
I am your princess,
And you, my queen,
And everything is always
Exactly as it seems.
We wouldn't know loss.
We wouldn't know heartache.
We wouldn't know cancer--
Nothing would take you away.

And you would have forever to say:
What do you want to do today?
My answer would remain:
How ‘bout we color?
laveni Apr 2020
My aunt would turn on her phone
And play some songs
Air Supply
as lullabies
And others that would cradle me to sleep
I sought a mother’s comfort, and
music took place temporarily
Ever since, music always has a spot in my heart
because it helps me dream away
From reality
Like a bandage for the gap
In my heart
Emilie Vang Dec 2019
It’s been two years,

I remembered when I use to continuously Ask for you to come back to me,
But that was stupid.
You physically couldn’t.
Not even mentally.

Time stood still for me.
It still stands the same as I don’t ask for You to come back anymore
But I still yearn for you secretly when I’m Alone at night.

The full moon falls as my heart drops.
The night sky cries as I lie down quietly.

I remember when I used to not be able to write about you,
Because what is there to communicate to someone who won’t be able to hear my words.

My mouth. No words.
My lips. Won’t move.
But my tears will fall.
Although I don’t know why it does.
It’s been two years.

I guess still miss you.
it’s not the date yet but is close 12/26/19
Randy Johnson Nov 2019
Today would've been Arthenia's birthday if she hadn't died.
Last year, I lost my aunt and my uncle lost his bride.
Arthenia died in 2018 and she was born in 1955.
She'd be celebrating her birthday if she was alive.

Arthenia's life was saved when she had open heart surgery several years ago.
But if you're wondering if surgery could've saved her again, the answer is no.
Arthenia lost her life, sadly, it's true.
She left this world at the age of 62.
Kliff Thee Poet Jun 2019
For My Aunt
The woman who is my mother’s sister is also my mom.
She has whooped me as well as helped me escape, and showed me to be calm.
She snuck me snacks; cookies, chips, and things like that.
Helped with homework, spoke up for me whether right or wrong
The love we share is beyond the measurement of strong.
I will keep our memories alive well after you are gone.
My auntie. My auntie.
I just want to say from me to you thank you for being my.
C. E Cheatham
DG Nov 2018
I hope that even when you’re old and gray
You’ll remember how much your aunt loves you
And I hope that at the end of the day
You’ll remember each and every little kiss I placed on your forehead
So pure, so gentle
I give you more love than the world contains
B Elizabeth G Sep 2018
I will never let you be cruel to yourself;
For you are the sunshine on my darkest of days,
And the sun can not shine without the confidence of knowing
It can light up the world.
To my niece, for you are the best thing that ever happened to me and I hope you always know how incredibly miraculous you are. Love, Auntie Peep
Fireflies Jul 2018
At the age of 12 my aunt said
" No one is going to marry you if you stay this skinny."
She laughed as I felt ugly.
At the age of 13 my grandmother said
" Your teeth, they are not right you must fix it"
They nodded in agreement shooting me down with another bullet.
At the age of 14 my mother said
" Your skin is too dark, make it lighter"
She passed a ****** pack as I scrubbed my skin as hard as sandpaper.
At the age of 16, my great uncle said
" Your eyes are huge, go for a reduction surgery maybe?"
My heart sank as I rushed to save every dollar, every penny.
At the age of 17, I said to myself
" You are filthy, not worthy of a second look, not worthy of finding happiness, not worthy of getting married"
I realised my worth was decided, my abilities were limited and my future was cursed at the age of 12, very young indeed.
Parents don't realise every word they say impacts their children in more than 1 way, this is just how my family has affected me. Words do hurt people, we need to be careful of things we say.
amelia Jul 2018
between lazy drags and humble brags,
daft and dafter, uproarious laughter.
perpetually sought, an extra thought:
a missing chair.

loving kindness may be innate,
but a great somebody raises somebody great.
so she was the sun incarnate,
because they have warmth to spare.

an ajar mouth, a dusty frame,
an eager eye, a familiar name,
“you would’ve loved her; she was just like you!”
between freckles and smiles, i already do.
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