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Alison May 11
✧She smelled of flowers and vanilla✧
✧Late at night you could hear her;✧
✧She'd sing to herself quietly✧
✧Just like her daddy always did,✧
✧If you'd look close enough✧
✧You'd see the tears in her eyes✧
✧And the storm in her heart.✧
✧She'll never admit it,✧
✧But she does deeply miss him.✧
I keep filling my real life pages with poems,but i don't post any of them because i have this feeling that they're not good enough..
Left Foot Poet Jun 2015

Vanilla Extract

under extreme duress,
word-boarding extreme,
she issues up reluctantly a true confess

her secret ingredient
in everything is
vanilla extract

where do you source this
in quantities so ample,
keep it well hid,
for all I see
after cupboard investigatory
solitary tiny brown bottle
shelved alone, forlornly?

wearing a vanilla smile,
that persists for quite the while,
she crinkly eyed laughs

“I extract vanilla
nearly everyday,
for when I awake to a
fresh poem from a poet
who loves me,
I draw all the vanilla out,
then feed it back to him
in the foods I supply,
so his poetry is for ever
Apple juice Feb 27
𝖯lain, generic, and, sweet.
𝖲omething that just can’t be beat.
𝖳he irony of so many.
𝖵anilla is not of any.
Godly silk of milky white and an Understatement of unrequited
𝖲he lies supine waiting for vanilla to pick a side.
𝖩ust above the rim of the cup,
vanilla built all the way to the top, with No mix-ins, an overscoop just for you, and a smile on the side too.
𝖲even o’three is what is going to be.
𝖲even o’three and a firm grip on me.
𝖸es the irony of choosing originality when its the exact opposite of what you preach
𝖤specially in between the sheets.
𝖨ndeed nothing to write home about
just a medium cup of soupy iced cream.
𝖠 flavor so **** sweet that’s sadly not for me.
𝖲weet memories in time.
𝖨’ll continue on
with vanilla on my mind.
Medium vanilla with no toppings.
How ordinary yet you aren’t like of any.
vanilla is you but vanilla isn’t what you are. Vanilla isn’t how you play vanilla is what you taste.
LC Nov 2019
my love carries
the scent of vanilla perfume.
it drifts through me,
then dances with the wind
until it finally reaches him,
the man a thousand miles away,
and brings us closer together.
rgz Oct 2019
Darling, dance the night away
I'll keep a dusty saunter
My bluest shoes were never suede

My invitation, I mislaid
Dawn peeks around the corner
Darling, dance the night away

Don't hasten yourself to step this way
Each chassé surely squandered
My bluest shoes were never suede

A tempest weaved in delicate sway
Wilful winds will wander
Darling, dance the night away

Come not to sweep me up this day
An absent heart grows fonder
My bluest shoes were never suede

She extends her sweet embrace
To find arm's reach beyond her
Darling, dance the night away
My bluest shoes were never suede
or blue
Meredith Leigh Jun 2019
birthday cake ice cream
but you lost all your sprinkles
now just vanilla.
NoahArkenswagg Sep 2018
Bone of my bone, the missing ivory in my rib cage...we could be peas in the same pod if you weren't of a different tree altogether. Flesh of my flesh, together we are better than vanilla with chocolate chips. Apple of my eye? Let's not see what evil we could do together. Noah_arkenswagg
Nyx Aug 2018
We are
Simply like
Coffee and Vanilla
One so Bitter and One so Sweet
Though together we make quite a treat
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
Crisp on the outside
Soft, fluffy inside
Vanilla blooms on my tongue
Maple syrup drips
Strawberries, whipped cream
Dust sugar
Twentieth Epulaeryu, finally! ^-^
Man, I think I'm gonna take a short break from this series lool
My sweet tooth has created 20 of these poems! Wow!
I've impressed and concerned myself lol
Anyway, thanks so much everyone!
I hope I didn't give you too MANY cavities ^-^
Love you guys, thank you SO MUCH for 186 followers!
My Kingdom grows! ^-^
Lyn ***
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