astiani Jul 2
I hate this part.

It's when I'm standing 6 feet away from you and not being able to do anything but wait, while here my abdomen couldn't even compromise, it keeps shouting its voices showing it all off that all I want is you.

It's when the others laid their hands on you while I do nothing but stare, yearn for my moment comes faster.

It's when you are looking beautiful, stand firmly and brightly on top of that circular-shaped object with pointed end, ugh I don't know that I want you that bad.

It's only been 5 minutes, 5 minutes of waiting in a queue for my love, my lovely vanilla ice cream with butterscotch sauce.
5 minutes of eternity.
Simra Sadaf Jun 9
your home is built and
constructed in the shape
of her arms,
your home is in her
voice when she
whispers your name,
your home is in her
vanilla scented fragrance,
your home is in her touch
that fills you with warmth,
your home is in her honey
glazed eyes and the way
they light up when
she looks at you,
your home is in her
giggles and laughter,
your home is in her
perfect smile,
your home is in her fingers
when they intertwine
with yours,
your home is in the way
she leans on your shoulder,
your home is in the way
she ruffles your hair,
your home is in the way she
rests her head on your chest,
your home is in every beat
of her heart,
she is your solace,
she is your home.
Dany Feb 9
May you have the sweetest,
Of Lavender dreams.
Sweeping silvery-sugar clouds,
Glowing of liquid moonbeams and

Of honeyed words doth your lullaby go,
Free your tired eyes of sadness and woe.

May it lead you to a stranger land,
Flowing of milk or Lethe-en creeks,
In riverbank's golden grains of sand,
Hypnos hums low, notes ancient and meek.

Dark sky's old stars winking down, upon
Your slumbering head alight candle-crown,

Downy of angel feathers, your plump pillow,
Light illuminates your cheek with tender yellow,
Acacia trees gasp softly under mindful willow,
True peace does surround the Old world mellow.

Of vanilla dew do adorn the dreams you seek,
And of a humbler wisdom does dozing speak.
Andie Jan 26
I love when he threads
the tips of his fingers
in mine, drops his head,
leans into me, draped
over my shoulders

I love when his feet
lay on mine, hidden
under the table, yet
emitting energy in motion

I love when his lips
press shut, pursed to
hit, and fall on
my collarbones, finally
shocking the air from
my lungs

I love when my pen
scrawls over the page,
leaving the trails of
ink behind, depicting
from Huntress
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
The reek of bourbon vanilla lingering through the sappy tones
Of creased leaves and crooked horns, enveloping the royal grave
Embedded with stone, the coronated statue of vines and thorns
Twirling around the remaining cores

Rotten cells and dark floral gourd, an unstable mass crawling
Amongst the bare, rotten shores
The empty shells howl its name - the king
Of naught
Brought to death on the brink - in a whim

Clasping roots and grasping vines,
Luscious soot and dull amethyst,
The graveyard of which the warriors of Gaia
Patrolled in everlasting melancholy - the betrayal of the monarchy
In which they found pleasure in the guilt of misery
They atone for the death of the reign,
Raining in droplets of sulphur and rosebuds,
Meek of the pink of the roses, embroidering the newfound majesty

Alas, the journey of futility,
The thorns grasp its throat
The emperor has been coronated to cease once more.

dark empty graveyard journey melancholy pink pleasure twirl unstable vanilla
Radi Jan 2016
I am a woman with vanilla skin and dimple on my chin.
I am a woman with light brown hair and my honey smelling
skin scent is all up in the air.
There is something in the shape of my eyes and the curve of my lips;
far from perfect, but there is nothing to fix.
I am a woman - a rare diamond that shines so bright,
all dressed up in white I look angelic under the sunlight.
I am a woman - so small so you could easily hold.
Soul soft - personality gold.
Angie S Dec 2017
today i wore a new perfume
with the warmth of vanilla
and a hint of lavender
i wonder, if i were to
hold you close to me,
would you find it comforting

or should i just tell you
where i got the perfume?
originally written nov. 26.
more details about this poetry project of mine? i'm putting all of my november poetry (30 poems) with revisions as well as a lil note by me into a .pdf or something to be downloadable for free. also considering printing a few copies and selling them at a low cost to people irl.
no set date for release yet! though i hope to get very close if not finished by the end of the month?
Julia Aubrey Oct 2017
Sometimes I just wish I could hug you.
Like a sweet little novel I've been dying to read, I wish to read you, all over, front and back, spine to paper.
And yes, often times, I just wish I could wrap you up in a roll of oozing vanilla and breathe the moment in.
I wish I could tell you that you're worth more than the girl who left you standing on you front porch with a lingering love.
Sometimes, I wish that your eyes would softly rest upon mine and feel peace in knowing your life is not complete with her, but rather complemented, perhaps, with me.
Someday I wish you look at life's disappointments as a step towards greater and not a stand still of why's and why-not's.
And if you're willing, I would hope you sit and wish the same for me.

- Julia Aubrey Rhodes -
Janie Elizabeth Oct 2017
Pictures of us surround me
Memories of us haunt me
Your name stuck between my lips
I choke on it
Your scent lingers on my pillow
i bathe in it
Your blue eyes linger in my mind
I need it
I need you
I want you
I miss you
Please come back
please come home
I'm sorry
It;s all my fault
I'm so sorry
TSPoetry Oct 2017
The licks keep on coming
but it doesn't taste the same
I'm just the vanilla in
The Rocky Road Hall of Shame

The bland mixed up and shaken
Watching other flavours get  taken

Saturday night's best
doesn't seem so great
Sitting on the overlook
with me as your only date

Hot fudge and caramel
a cherry on the top
It's nothing but madness,
when will it ever stop

The cookies crumble
and I hear them scream
While up on high
I still chill with the cream

Let those chips lay down where they may
This all time original is here to stay
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