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Bone of my bone, the missing ivory in my rib cage...we could be peas in the same pod if you weren't of a different tree altogether. Flesh of my flesh, together we are better than vanilla with chocolate chips. Apple of my eye? Let's not see what evil we could do together. Noah_arkenswagg
Nyx Aug 31
We are
Simply like
Coffee and Vanilla
One so Bitter and One so Sweet
Though together we make quite a treat
Lyn-Purcell Aug 16
Crisp on the outside
Soft, fluffy inside
Vanilla blooms on my tongue
Maple syrup drips
Strawberries, whipped cream
Dust sugar
Twentieth Epulaeryu, finally! ^-^
Man, I think I'm gonna take a short break from this series lool
My sweet tooth has created 20 of these poems! Wow!
I've impressed and concerned myself lol
Anyway, thanks so much everyone!
I hope I didn't give you too MANY cavities ^-^
Love you guys, thank you SO MUCH for 186 followers!
My Kingdom grows! ^-^
Lyn ***
duang fu Aug 14
brooklyn, new york
is not just a place

brooklyn, new york
is sunshine caught in sandy blonde hair
it is the light dusting of eyelashes
it is a pair of deep, hypnotising blue irises
it is a warm smile and a pair of strong arms

brooklyn, new york
is morning kisses across the cheek
it is the smell of sweet syrup on pancakes
it is the sound of 70s music in the background
it is the taste of vanilla ice cream from a tub
it is the feeling of a smooth bubble bath against your skin
it is the view of earthy undertones wherever you turn

brooklyn, new york
is my lover's embrace.
Lyn-Purcell Aug 13
╰⊰✿´ℒ♡ⓥℯ '✿⊱╮
Puds are long, vanilla rich
Custard honey-sweet
Poured down from the liquid sun
Caramelised crust
turns nut-brown
and bubbling
Tenth Epulaeryu! ^-^
I'm not gonna lie,  I liked it! The custard was like honey, very smooth but
I found that it's a bit TOO egg-y for me.
Then again, it could just be the cafe I went to at the time.
I'm open to trying it again, though I admit, I'm not in a rush.
One day! ^-^
Lyn ***
Bailey Aug 9
It seems like a thing of the past
A dream far gone
Eyes closed with nothing to come
Smell of vanilla floats
Eyes still closed
But the dream wont come
Restless turns
Eyes open
Vanilla gone
Now there's red
But no rest
kiana Jul 18
we bask in the moonlight
the stars dancing like fireflies
our cheeks lightly glazed
with the tender kiss of light rain
vanilla and lavender
flow through our senses
making me wonder
how I lived so lifeless
you turn to me
the grass singing melodically
'what is that beautiful scent?'
I take your hand, our fingers bent
and place them to my fragile chest
you feel the warmth of my blood
delicately flooding your touch
I say 'it's my heart'
your eyes widen, lips apart
I shift my weight, to lean over
and say this barely above a whisper
'my heart decided that a feeling so full'
'should also smell so divinely good'
late tuesday night thoughts.
Dominique Jul 16
"Do you love me?"

You feel like vanilla,
Soft, cream limbs draped
Across the crackling embers
Of my stiff timber body

And you whisper sizzling,
Heartfelt sugar
Into smoky ears that
Don't ever,
R e a l l y
Hear you
Or notice your full,
Pure vanilla song.

"Do you love me?"

Your thoughts are iced muffins
That the fire in my mouth
Licks up straight from the tin
I try to force it, breathe you in
Push through the spitting flames

It almost works

And I'm part water,
Boiling, but fluid, flowing,
Natural tasting, complementing
Your vanilla hair
Your sugared fingers

But it can't last

"Do you love me?"

Written only ever in your eyes

And at last I tell them no,
Spreading ashes
Through a bitter tasting speaker,
Needing to take the last of my fuel out
Before it's too late.

And I guess this is how we were written to be,
My vanilla girlfriend
And burning wood me.
I teased my ex about her being soft and vanilla (and it's true, she was rather like ice cream)
In return, she told me I made her think of Georgian fires-
Burning wood is apparently the scent I carry.
Needless to say, my desire burned out...
Don't mix your vanilla with flames, kids.
astiani hayn Jul 2
I hate this part.

It's when I'm standing 6 feet away from you and not being able to do anything but wait, while here my abdomen couldn't even compromise, it keeps shouting its voices showing it all off that all I want is you.

It's when the others laid their hands on you while I do nothing but stare, yearn for my moment comes faster.

It's when you are looking beautiful, stand firmly and brightly on top of that circular-shaped object with pointed end, ugh I don't know that I want you that bad.

It's only been 5 minutes, 5 minutes of waiting in a queue for my love, my lovely vanilla ice cream with butterscotch sauce.
5 minutes of eternity.
Simra Sadaf Jun 9
your home is built and
constructed in the shape
of her arms,
your home is in her
voice when she
whispers your name,
your home is in her
vanilla scented fragrance,
your home is in her touch
that fills you with warmth,
your home is in her honey
glazed eyes and the way
they light up when
she looks at you,
your home is in her
giggles and laughter,
your home is in her
perfect smile,
your home is in her fingers
when they intertwine
with yours,
your home is in the way
she leans on your shoulder,
your home is in the way
she ruffles your hair,
your home is in the way she
rests her head on your chest,
your home is in every beat
of her heart,
she is your solace,
she is your home.
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