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Jace Joesph May 19
Lost at sea is when I heard you singing
Among many shattered rocks she laid if as a sleeping fox.
Putting me into her terrible trance with that graceful glance.
So distracted you lead me to my own doom.
Eventually we all get tricked by a siren or two.
Grey Apr 27
When I gave you my heart
You lovingly cupped it in your palms
But I guess you got distracted
Because I watch it slide through your fingers
And shatter on the ground.

When you gave me your hand
I held it tightly in my own
But I guess I got distracted
Because our fingers are no longer intertwined
And our hands are empty.
Nylee Oct 2019
The pain shoots through
lives beneath the surface
touch me not, it will start again
being careful enough is not helpful
Weighs you down, you think only  .

The bright world continues life,
the feeling and thoughts distracted.
The bones feel weak, cracked up
Less pressure to the area
I close my eyes before the pain begins.

There is no right position,
It hurts and hurts more every time
It edges over a fine line.
You get through with the blurred vision
With pain a lasting companion
B D Caissie Sep 2019
The empty stare, beyond what's there.
The mind’s eye seems to draw me there.  

To a place of peace and a place of calm.
In a world where something must be wrong.

Oh how I long to guide you through.
This tunnel vision point of view.

Within my mind’s eye I see you there.
What others perceive as a cold blank stare.

Leon Murphy Jul 2019
A small moment of peace bothered by the monkey mind,
distracted am I,
from the hardship of tranquility,
a nice forest where the tides of song and whispers
tend to hide their gown to humility.
I wish to sit with myself
and untangle all my fear and doubt,
as I will grow into a well polished compass
and tell you where you are meant
to be.
Dita Jul 2019
The many things that keep me grounded have no way or reason,
one, two, three seconds focus directs the lens elsewhere
It's like a bigger picture keeps trying to show itself,
except I won't let it
Wishing my mind would promise me a way to compromise with my soul,
and my body to follow
I skipped a page to get here,
I wonder if i'll go back
Although it seems all this extra wonder-
it's what got me here
Distraction could be the token to curiosity
and curiosity the vessel to imagination
Maybe the bigger picture lies within the world created,
the one that will surely vow
to listen to fleeting thoughts
all the while promising
to keep you here distracted
A Feb 2019
Sometimes it hard to see
Though the foggy land we walk
Sometimes its hard to know
There's support among the talk
Chatter blurs my head with things unsaid
Should I have even tried at all?
There's only one way to know
I guess I need to fall

When it gets dark, it gets easier
Not knowing who's around
Their candle light burns in my eyes
No peace of mind as I hit the ground
I know they've tried
And opened up their eyes
But mine don't seem to work
I just want to try to get there
Without getting hurt.

Todays the day, is always the day
But somehow it's still tomorrow
"One foot in front of the other"
Is just talk among my sorrow
No one can do it for me
I'm lost and scared and cold and lonely
But the worst sound of all is my own voice
Making promises continuously
EmperorMoth Nov 2018
Let I lie with my hopes duly.
Rested in an assurance that I will be found by an ally of fondness.
Pondering to a multitude of angles.
Stranded in just a brink of a nightmare.
May I awaken from this perpetual slumber.
Covet a warm heart of studious and charm before me in attraction.
Lest there be another death to the fall of this curse.
Cursed in miserable repetition, a pattern of repulsions and rejections.
A bane to my heart, parching its ever-yearning desire.
Neverending torture binding my soul in solitude.
Does there remain a path free of this maze?
Won't there be a light to lead the way to freedom?
No one could settle in a course without expiration leading bitter.
A youthful vessel grounded in the rootless sea of brought by time.
Flowing it may be, may it lead my wavering hope into a full victory.
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