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A Feb 13
Sometimes it hard to see
Though the foggy land we walk
Sometimes its hard to know
There's support among the talk
Chatter blurs my head with things unsaid
Should I have even tried at all?
There's only one way to know
I guess I need to fall

When it gets dark, it gets easier
Not knowing who's around
Their candle light burns in my eyes
No peace of mind as I hit the ground
I know they've tried
And opened up their eyes
But mine don't seem to work
I just want to try to get there
Without getting hurt.

Todays the day, is always the day
But somehow it's still tomorrow
"One foot in front of the other"
Is just talk among my sorrow
No one can do it for me
I'm lost and scared and cold and lonely
But the worst sound of all is my own voice
Making promises continuously
I knew i was making
A mistake
A huge one
Going through all that
For just a guy
Is ******
Everyone told me that
I just didn't wanna listen
I was distracted
I needed that
But not anymore
Time to wake up again
And leave
Before i break my own heart
KingOfHearts Nov 2018
Let I lie with my hopes duly.
Rested in an assurance that I will be found by an ally of fondness.
Pondering to a multitude of angles.
Stranded in just a brink of a nightmare.
May I awaken from this perpetual slumber.
Covet a warm heart of studious and charm before me in attraction.
Lest there be another death to the fall of this curse.
Cursed in miserable repetition, a pattern of repulsions and rejections.
A bane to my heart, parching its ever-yearning desire.
Neverending torture binding my soul in solitude.
Does there remain a path free of this maze?
Won't there be a light to lead the way to freedom?
No one could settle in a course without expiration leading bitter.
A youthful vessel grounded in the rootless sea of brought by time.
Flowing it may be, may it lead my wavering hope into a full victory.
Anya Oct 2018
A glance
The little black figures
of endless text
pass me by
my eyes
seeing nothing
but little
A stick
slathered in
chocolate, and hazelnut
the sweet
The crunch makes me
The sounds
pelting me
things to do
things to hear
being blown away
in the wind
past my
A lone
buzz takes
The sprite
gluggs down
my lungs
A crinkle
from the now,
The led
****** my fingers the
keys click clikety click as I
tap tapety tap
the computer keys the
piano keys
tingety ting
as I push
that little piece of dirt I
rub rub Rub RUB
scratch SCRATCH
The frozen
unbelievable painfully
sweet sweetness
numbs my
cold as
ice freezes
my brain
My brain
My brai
My bra
My br-
My b-
in a blanket of
my tongue is all I know
as I
It's a strange feeling I've tried to inscribe onto these pages. A bit dark, obsessive, attempting to numb obligation with food, some OCD in there. But all of these are maybes, interpret it as however you'd like I hope you find it interesting.
D A W N Oct 2018
you were beautiful,
like a light,
And I,
Being the fly,
drove straight into you
Out of sight
Phototaxis (noun)
    -an attraction to light
Roman B Sep 2018
Walls fall and Fall set walls

Waves break on our feet
I think of our time with foreign waters
The golden sunsets

Fog and cool breeze

We stand together whispering
Held tight with intentions of warmth and ***
Lips full with breath of desires and passion

All I want is to dig into you and rip your soul free from your mind
But I'm frozen

I took a dive into the frozen lake of past seductions
I see the light above and the darkness below
Swallowing whole the sun
It's all gone, not a drop left. I just have my ears for myself and the whispers of past seductions and loose change
Samantha Sep 2018
I pick up my pen and paper
Trying to knead my words like a baker
My mind feels like strobing lights
Can’t even remember what I wanted to write
Sharde' Fultz Aug 2018
Quiet crickets.

Quiet light of moon

Quiet cars along the road
--Go'n be home soon

Quiet AC on too late
Quiet humming charger in the outlet
Quiet bathroom 'cross the hall, water dripping from the faucet

Quiet floors while set'ling in
You're too old for all that whinin'
Quiet creatures awake before the sun
The signals when it's shinin'

Quiet indistinguishable shadow still yet so foreboding
Oh, you're just a pile of clothes that I never got to folding

Quiet drafty window singing with such vigor and such soul
Catch a chill from that night air
Might catch a runny nose

Quiet thoughts-that handsome stranger, worries, deadlines, dreams, 'n stuff
Quiet bedtime playlist streaming
Clearly you were'nt good enough

Quiet poem bursting from me my
Admonition of defeat

quiet quiet.

too much quiet-

quiet, would you let me sleep?

2:46am 8.30.18
Maegan deme Aug 2018
I'm too tired,
And It's going to get me fired.
My family doesn't work
My mother forces stuff on me like a ****.
My brother is dysfunctional and lazy
All my happy memories seem to be hazy.
I'm too tired to be bored and glad
Only sad.
I'm too distracted to see what's right,
I'm only really able to see what I did wrong.
My fathers half way crazy
And my brain is falling apart.
I'm too tired for your assignment.
Because I can't seem to get my life back into alignment
God I'm so tired from all this, poetry really is the only way I can seem to understand my self and my problems
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