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Cyan Sep 29
You look like someone’s wearing you skin today.
Your movement’s off,
you’ve bent your arm in a way
I think you crawled
out of your mouth
and handed you skin to a stranger to pilot.
Someone unconcerned with appearances
and seems more comfortable in your leather jacket
than you do,
so you could have a day off
from being someone else.
Ray Dunn Sep 9
the hardest part
of loving you

is being myself
i love my boyfriend so **** much i miss him so bad rn
Cyan Aug 25
Technicolor windbreaker
Stuck on them like a sticker
A toddler got from the doctor
And put on the rearview mirror before
Mom could stop it,
Makes them feel
Like something

But not quite
A few steps short
Of righteousness
Higher than anyone could
Hope to fly on a half-pipe
To Heaven.
Cyan Aug 19
When you’ve lived your life
as something soft and
stuffed inside a ketchup packet,
you can sense
something is wrong.

And then you learn
to grow a yolk and shell
and see
you’ve actually been
an egg all along.
lj brooks Jul 1
maybe i'm not special.
maybe the world is like me, in that all that they see
when they look at themselves
is folds and lines and marks-
and ugliness,
and broken hearts.
maybe it's the trust thing,
because i can't trust anyone else
when they tell me i'm beautiful
yet i can trust myself
when i say that
i'm lumpy, bumpy, gross-
and detestable,
and possibly
the most beautiful girl in the world.
i don't know,
and i can't see it.
maybe i will one day.
maybe just a little bit.
eric smith May 3
if i’ve learned anything
after these
long and cold
16 years
of life
it’s that
is key
you can’t force
one to feel
the way
you feel
about them
and i know
you’ll be lost
and confused
it’ll hurt

you’ll wonder why
she doesn’t love
as much as
she does
“what does he have
that I don’t?”

you’re too afraid
to ask
because perception
is everything
you’ll constantly ask your self
you’ll try hard
to change
just to fit their needs
but you’d be lying to them
and yourself

you’ll change
only to be left
utilizado como un felpudo
stepped all over

then you’ll wonder if
it was your fault
your fault for falling in love
your fault for being this way

you’re broken
and you’re tired
and every attempt you make
to change
is seen
as an act of
but i was never able
to understand
why it’s bad to be
desperate for
i need to stop changing for people who wouldn’t do the same for me.
Translucent memories
Leafs falling from the trees
Green flowers
White rectangles
Blue circles
Fire in the water
Strength has faltered
Vacant in the mind
No track of time
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