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leave the lights on
and kiss the dance
of the seven veils
upon my windowsill
will you ***** me now
of the abject quiet
that the scythe
and sickle sound?

i’m so used to being
in love with you
but the world is ever dark
and we sleep
in separate rooms
i dread the thought of you
cloaked in someone else's hands
like the gems of harmonia
never sated, never dead
kevin hamilton Dec 2018
give me a chance
to be the worst thing
that ever happened to you
kevin hamilton Dec 2018
before i knew it
you were wearing nothing
but your jewels
and the silver moonlight
like artemis in the wild
oh, just kiss me sometime, softly
dream of where we go
when the body dies
kevin hamilton Nov 2018
the last time I was with you
there were blossoms falling 
softly to the ground
and the kindness in your eyes
was waning, too
when you finally saw me 
as i see myself 

dark nights in arcadia
at the holy mirror 
my dear, i used to think 
i had so much to give
oh god
but it was never true
kevin hamilton Nov 2018
strung out at the overpass
and there is nothing
but the sea of headlights
like an ever-burning brand
on ***** skin

your face was everywhere
when cold shadows fell
and the night was young
elegy for a mourning dove
who kissed the ground
to feel it hum
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