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My past haunts tirelessly
There's a lot of it at 40
Also less time for recovery
I wish it was "get some therapy"
Type of easy
I wish they'd stop blaming me

Jeremy Betts Jun 6
The words you spoke to me,
What feels like a century ago actually,
Still haunt me
Mocking me constantly
The rabid hostility
The unbridled brutality
Back then that's all I could see
At the time I was only capable of being angry
It took twenty plus years for me to finally
Recognize it for what it was, a difficult piece of honesty
From a friend I called family, and I'm not one to use that term lightly
But now you're no longer here to hear my apology
So I say my sorry
And hope it catches up with you eventually

In final peace of offering,
Glass portrait left all to bestow.
Fearing time running out to sing,
Nested feathers seen as dark woe.
Was suppose to be a present,
To which I know would never be.
No more to you ever I bent,
You owe me nothing of a fee.
Shakespeare was already a fraud,
The slave was never seen of all.
Insanity all letters clawed,
Never crossing nor not to fall.
So screech the haunting demons chess,
Wept darken tears upon our mess.
Lily Priest Nov 2023
In every sense I'm a spirit
Slipped of human substance,
Settled like dust
On all this that must
Have once given me life.
My souls slipped my skin
And now all is haunting,
And not letting go.
Nylee Oct 2023
On a page
in a motion
I have conjured
the frightening emotion.
The lights were shut,
The eyes were wide awake
The world was about to feel
one final shake.

In the middle
the suspense builds,
filling in the absent fields.
The silent tone,
ice chilled bones,
The smoke came around
without the fire,
The door shut loud
with a bang.

The shrieks and
the gasps,
the noise of intake
loud to the ears,
listening to the footsteps
following my steps,
I look behind
the pitch black view,
hands ahead
looking for shape and size.

What is behind
is also in front!
The panicked flight,
in beat with the fright
catching on.
The rush out
the haunted room
in time with the first light,
morning rooms
no darkness looms.

The gates shut
with no feet in,
outside the town
passing by lawns,
fearing the dark
escaping the arc
carrying the lamp
for the coming night
no one out
on the starry light.
I S A A C Jul 2023
shame leaving me a widow in the window
singing the haunting notes of doom
writing in blood with feather plumes
shame convinced me about you
the prince carries broken promises
i thought i could stitch, ditch the rust
the jagged edges continued to cut
fiction, your diction, death by a thousand cuts
in and out of honeymoons, in and out of therapy rooms
beating me down mentally never enough for you
obtrusive, abusive, obtaining the useless
to use it, to ruin, dispensing the fruitless
beat me down, screaming out, enough is enough
call back your hounds
this is not love
Odd Odyssey Poet Jan 2023
Falling into love, falling out time
Falling out of reasons to keep you in my mind
Don't know where I'm going
I just hope I'm running my way to you
Everybody wants love, I don't want a love without you
I'm just falling, please don't let me fall away you

Finding my way in new seasons,
Finding my way to you
Haunted by my exes, telling me I'm a fool
I could sing a thousand songs, to be in tune with you

All of the kings, have all of the queens
All of the ghosts are living inside of me
And I can't save myself
But I'll save my love for you

And it haunts me knowing I'll fall in love
Touched by inner spirits of the spirit of love
I've opened heart before, till love haunting it's house
I'm haunted by a past, haunted by insecurities,
waiting to be haunted by you— don't you ever call me boo
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