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he haunts me to this very day
as has always been his cruel way—
joy and laughter, tears and sorrow,
hopes of him and i for tomorrow.
memories of him near drive me mad,
and yet, for this torture i am quite glad,
for even in thoughts and dreams,
i long to see and fix the broken seams.
i wish he’d stop, i wish he’d not,
i wish he doesn’t forget what can be forgot.
he haunts me to this very day,
come, i say, come my way!
don’t leave, never do—
and i shan’t stop loving you.
me trying out rhymes lol
hannah 2d
spoken against the window pane,

your breath,

like flapping shingles of a roof in agony.


tethered there in your hands,

inorganic flesh,

spews from open fingers -



you couldn’t look.

you couldn’t look.

this room is a cemetery.

this room holds only the dead.

in a brief moment,

the glass clears, the fog has lifted.

outside, bodies of decomposing trees

string their arms through the hairs of a setting sun,

and he,

he looks up at you with open eyes as the faucet drips,

the pipes creak,

the kettle, softens your futile screams with a thermal hiss.

how unbecoming of this boy,

exposing his insides with a lifeless heart in his chest.
"Say you will stay you want me too
Say you'll never die you'll always haunt me
I want to know I belong to you
Say you'll haunt me"

Let me hear your voice, let me hear it say
You belong here with me always
I want to know I belong to you
And say you'll haunt me
Used to sing this to a friend, part of a Stone Sour song (Say You'll Haunt Me)
ghosts keep knocking at the back door
tapping on windows
carving past mistakes into the floorboards

you see, ghosts are stuck in a melancholic haze
blind to the growth of a person
only seeing them in negative ways

so rather than allowing them to make a home in your chest
realize it is not you with a problem
it's their inability to give it a rest
a gentle reminder that not everybody is not going to see the good in you, some people form an opinion and never look back.
Sarah Mann Dec 7
We were just like stars.
Exploding and crashing into one another.
It was beautiful at first glance.
Like glowing specks dotting the night sky.
But it was painful like deafening explosions.
And ashy clouds suffocating the inhabitants below.
As your hands enclose themselves around my throat.
I used to think that passion came from the heavens
It doesn’t.
It comes from a place of evil not unlike this.
One where wars are fought over control.
And can only be thought of as an enveloping abyss.
One that I know, you no longer miss.
Because now I am yours, with or without consent.
We were like stars glittering, so very far from the rest.
I thought it would last forever, that we would dance
Into eternity, with your hands locked in between mine.
The moon dust splattered like droplets of fresh paint.
Across a vast canvas that was never to be finished.
I was unaware and unprepared for the intensity of
An abusive relationship.
That to outsiders looked like desirable goals.
If they only knew what happened behind closed doors.
We were beautiful, just like stars
But we were just as violent.
With a hauntingly quiet release, a single star fell.
You return to the evil that you call home, but that I call ****.
march 27, 2017.
poignant, and full of emotion. enjoy x
My eyes fly open
And flick to the light
This time your ghost
Has stayed the night.
Your smiles and laughter
In dreams I've kept,
But I've held too long
And overslept.
Karisa Brown Dec 1
You never leave
I have you by the ear tip
Like a child's favorite story
Like its never gonna end

I can feel the feverish rush
Of your spins
And the calculous miracles
That we'd let in

You're never gonna leave me
Because you're forever emblazed
In my head

Because anytime your available
A thought of your body touches
My nerve endings
And I don't know whether
To answer or to dance

Because let's face it
You've got me
With tongues tips
Tasting forever happiness
And multiple desires
Ride off of expectations
Onto a cloud like Nine

Don't worry
We'll make it
Out alive
Or will we

Drowned in each
Others potions
Until our tongues
Melt together
And we become one

One touch
One word
Away from eternity
Megan Parson Nov 28
Do eerie screeches startle you at night?
Or screaming banshees, your worst fear highlight?
Sudden rumbling on a rusted line,
Flashing lights that freeze your spine!

A full Moon on a motionless sky,
Tis when steam engines haunt nigh.
Departed, are its crew & passengers,
A grandma, wearing her dentures.

Chubby children waving goodbyes,
Fixed with icy cold eyes.
Stuck in speeding time,
Urging me to write this rhyme.

Waiting for that day,
When the bogies no longer sway.
...Written during a train journey...
Rebecca Nov 18
When I die, I hope it is like my dreams.
In that way, death would not be so fearful,
A remedy for my thoughts when I sleep.
In return, I dream of my death by this
Stuff that so haunts my dreams. To be scorns of
Time and its aching length, calamity
Of so long life. Yet we so dread something
After death, a no-mans land from where no
One shall return – this makes us bear our ills.
We fight. We suffer. We are wounded, all.
So we are cowards that do fear our deaths,
For we fear the unknown, those we know not.
Instead we dream that dying is dreaming,
To sooth our conscience and minds from unreeling.
After a close reading of Hamlet's 'To be, or not to be', I chose elements of it to base this sonnet on as a response and a helpful tool to understand part of its meaning a little better.
the ghosts are back again
constantly knocking at the front door
begging to be let in
they say they miss me and my tired eyes
my tear stained eyes
my heartbroken eyes
they say they want to move back in
to make a home inside of my chest
they say they will keep me warm
keep me from being alone
they plead with me to unlock the door
so we can be together once more
but i will listen to the constant knocking
allowing it to lull me to sleep
for a new day will rise and the ghosts will sink away
and i will be happy
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