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Gerald Jun 13
Sometimes you can feel the void. The emptiness. You can feel the wind blow through the chambers of your heart. And sometimes, there's a haunting silence; the sound of ghosts of all the people I've ever loved.
Invisibility is a cliché wish,
But a night spent staring at the ceiling
Or the wall
With the feeling of existence
Washed to the minimum
By consumption,
Creates a similar feeling
Of invisibility to the senses.

I wish not for invisibility,
I wish to be your ghost
For exclusively your eyes
To witness me
As a shooting star
Scratches the sky
Leaving no trail
For those who missed it.
I hope I don’t miss
The trail of the gentle scratch
You leave in your last touch,
Letting this fleeting moment pass
Without recognition until lost.

If you spend forever in a single moment,
It’s not just a moment anymore,
For if you lose sight of me,
I'll erode away in the river
That you'll toss me in.
Emergence to accept defeat
That I let such a moment
Dissipate to become a lifetime
Of regret is the pressure point
In my mind regarding you.
Losing you now would be unforgivable,
Don’t let me go.
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Andrew Apr 26
Intrusive Thoughts
A Heavy Darkness Follows
Perceptions With Guilt
I Feel Hollow
Really I See Through
Still I See Too
The Parts That I Block Out
To Help Me Feel Better About Choices
I Make I'm Afraid
I'm Hearing Voices
Reminding Me What I Did
I Feel Sarrow Bleeding Through My Eye Lids
So Many Ways I See In Situations
Making Descions That Better Me
Make Me Feel Anxious
I Can't Comprise What I'm Contemplating
I Let People Go
I Need Myself
I Need Calm My Mind And Free My Self
All These Abilities Will Heal Me And Feul Me
Or Haunt Me And **** Me
No Longer Can I Step A Side
I Take A Breath Then I Step Out Side
The Sky I Gaze Upon
I See A Grave I'm On
I'm Processing And Analyzing
All, Micro Everything
It's Hard To Relax And Feel The Energy
Shamanic Path Dealing With The Entities
I Watch The Embers In Our Hearts
And It's Crippling
To Feel The Sensations Of Mysery
And Try To Justify It With A Beautiful Mystery
I'm To Complex For The Simple Things
I Need To Get Right
Or I Must **** My Self
I'm Praying Lets Make A Pact
Help Me Heal My Self
Doctors Don't Understand Me
There Ain't A Plan B
I Even Feel Distant With My Family
They See Me In The Past Warped
Off Built Perceptions
I Want To Lay On Train Tracks
And Leave Earth
But I Can't Leave A Message
It Would Take Life Times
To Say All My Perceptions
I'm Looking For A Balance Of Peace
Not A Place In Heaven
My Mind Is Infinite And Open
Others Are In A Box
Hope I Don't Get Locked Up
Cos I Can't Knock It Off
I'm Built With
Magick Within
In A Skin Full Of Sin
That Is Thinning
I Can See My Ashes In Dust
Do The Pros Weight Out The Cons
When I'm Adding Em Up
Nobody But Me Can Convince Me
When I Had Enough
Emotions Can Feel Disturbing
And Mold Like
Got To Hold Tight
On What I Want To Be
Not An Old Life
I Feel Like A Vampyre
On A Cold Night
I know Right
Here I Go Again
I Fantasize
How To Shape Shift
Through Candle Light
I Opened Up My Mind To See Things In Ways With Out Confirming To A Single Structure Or Foundation
Battle With Insanity, I Hate It
Sizzle Like Its Satin
Wheeping But I Make It
I See Ghost Upon A Swing
Some Lady In A White Dress
That Dances Through A Grass Feild
The Flowers Dead
Black Roses By My Feet
Is That My Seat
Bloods Clogging The Sink
Meditate In A Casket Just Too See What It Means
Purgatory Screams
The Agony In Dreams
Absence Or Achieve
At The Grave Yard
Writing Poetry Under A Tree
It's Raining
I Admire The Leaves
As They Blow With The Wind
I'm Cold As Ice If You Touch My Skin
Romance And Poetry
Is What I Know
I Used To Hold On The Thorns
Now I Let Go
Observing As Everything Unfolds
Is There A Purpose
Is This A Show
Will The Ones That I Love Most Read What I Wrote
Insides A Symphony
Haunted By The Oak
Anne Apr 4
berry stained grins,
gentle beings.
dialogue so fluffy
we float right through.

through the walls,
past our flesh.
comfortably distant from
picking at sticky bones.
we make the rules here.

milky whites,
and god those muddy doorways.
whiskey bottles softly napping
upon the river's clay.
summer music cracks through,
glowing like starlight.
were you always this beautiful?

our halloween house,
bigger than enough for two.
even the heaviest of winters
swallowed like salt and cream.

who knew it'd be this easy?
i don't miss eating fingernails.
you are all i have,
and you are all i need.
the way he makes me feel is something so strange and new. trying to figure it out but i don't know what to do with these feelings.
Esther Mar 25
when do you think of me?
because i am haunted by you;
every time i step into the shower,
soaked in reminders to scrub behind my ears.
'dont forget to', you used to say.
no, even now i never forget to-
i scrub in remorse,
burdened by anger,
plagued by betrayal,
unclean even after my skin
is rubbed raw,
clung onto by your sins;
somehow, i am not allowed to forget you.

drenched, i can only ask your memory:
'when do you think of me?'
because i hope it is never,
just as much as i hope it is
a very hellish, 'always'.
personal and painful and not all that well written
miki Feb 13
every night
you haunt my thoughts
the feeling of your velvet touch
lingers on my skin
i see you in my dreams
your voice echos my every thought
i wish you would go away
but all you had to do that night was stay
i know what i did was wrong
if only you knew what i knew

memories of lost moments
maybe it’s supposed to be this way
Alex Kabat Jan 16
i am asking for too much
extracting blades like sweet honey from a bee
falling headfirst into arms that cannot hold me
treat me like a ******* liability

remember how it felt
shattered too many mirrors
stepped out of my skin
naked as i have ever been

the woman
hasn’t forgiven me

or i haven’t begun to forgive myself; i am not clear which.
forgive that girl in the mirror more and more each day.
the ghost in the window has returned
he knows
he knows when you believe him gone
his patience
you cannot outmaneuver patience
he watched us grow
from grunts
to talkers
he knows what you are thinking
you can only win
by giving in
ask him nicely to leave
then beg
then cry
you may find peace
long after your tears
are dry
be careful if you enter the spirit realm. it can be a nasty business
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