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A shadow drapes itself across my naked body,
Weightless.. yet, heavy.
The shilouetted form cuts itself a share of my light.
Leaving behind a darkness.

Empty space.

Peering eyes, unseen.
I wish this were a dream.
Another sleepless night
All you do is bring me down
Bring me down.
Am I not good enough?

You make the same mistake too
What did I do?
Nobody's perfect, but you.

Take a good look in the mirror
So what do you see...

I'm losing my mind
Why can't you leave me alone?
You're haunting me.

Now that you're gone
I'm free.
Are you happy now?
Darkness divine,
walk beside me.
Can we revive
what we don't see?

Through misty eyes,
we see the lies
that they disguise.
Such fallacy!

Obsessed with the shade of the night,
Blinded by the fear of the light.
Can anyone tell me oh why?
Why do we pretend to not see?

Everything's an illusion in the broad daylight.
Confusion created by the distorted lies.
Haunting us every day and every night.
Truth is an ideological sacrifice.

Tanay Sengupta, Copyright © 2019.
All Rights Reserved.
I have tried to do a few things in this poem, let's see if you can spot them.

Hint: Look at the metaphors, progression, flow and the syllables.
Emily Sep 11
Cross my heart
Hope to die
Stick a needle in my eye
If you fall,
I'll take my turn.
Fix my flame
And make you burn.

If you live
You'll be fine,
I'll stick the needle in your eye.
Cross your heart
Hope to die.
Then you'll tell
And change your mind.
I will laugh
It's too late
To try to solve
The problems you caused.
The nightmares come
They won't leave.
It's too late to stop.
It's your fault.
It's your fault.

I'll wake you up.
And ask what's wrong.
Then you'll realize
It's just your mind
Haunting you.
I'm still in the grave
You dug.

I wonder what happened...
Siyana Sep 4
Our eyes locked once upon a time, many years ago it was in fact..
The face I captured in my mind for several years is fading out..
Yet your soul is haunting me..
I said your soul is haunting me...

Our lips will forever remain untouched, and the love that I once came to know...
Is frail and loose like a wilted rose, my heart has finally let it go..

but you're haunting me,
you still haunt me...

If I missed you, would that mean anything???
If I wished that I could go back and kiss you, would time be that  generous to me???
Sara Kellie Aug 29
After I am gone,
I might just stay.
Not for long but for
a short while anyway.

I'll see you in the daytime
and call your name at night.
Switching on the t.v,
turning off the light.

The temperature drops
and it is getting colder.
I'll breathe into your ear
whilst touching your shoulder.

"It's me, I'm still here"
"Yes, you heard me right"
I'll sit on your bed and
watch you all night.

Now you know it's me,
It's time for me to go.
I never ever left you.
I wanted you to know

Poetry by Kaydee
A pre-message from
a post life haunting.
Miss Daytona Aug 21
Away you keep me
As if I’m in the way
Hiding in your skin
Poking at your veins
You sold me the sun
For a kiss and a loan
But I ain’t got a dime
So I live on my own
Where I’m bound to sleep
In a cellar you lost
With the ghosts of your past
Just a name and a box
Angela Rose Jul 29
Loving an addict is like living in a haunted house
It isn't always scary, but when it is, it is terrifying
It is shake you in your bones, haunt you to your core ~ terrifying

Little things lead up to the big scares
A bump in the night
(of *******)
A spilled elixer on the floor
(of straight *****)
A crushed up relic scattered along the floor tiles
(of Oxycontin pill bottles)

And you try to pretend it isn't happening
And you tell everyone you can't see the ghosts
And you ignore the loud noises and the sudden screams in the night
After all, this is your home and he is your heart

And now your heart is haunted
Trigger Warning possibly.
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