Bobcat 4d
There's a ghost in my room
That sings me to sleep
Whispering in my ear
A sweet symphony

With a simple melody
That has a heart mending remedy
But the words that it sings
I can't remember for the life of me

The voice is familiar
But can't put it to a face
I remember something similar
When my mind was in a better state

All I can hope
Is that it never leaves
Because if it were to depart
I don't know how I would sleep
How do you live with the pain you cause
How do you look at yourself in the mirror?
I live everyday wondering how I have not broken
I am breaking
I am contemplating
My heart was and is yours for the taking
This is just my lifes downfall in the making
You have destroyed me
Toyed with me
Sucked me up into your void
I am nothing
I am just the insides of another puppet,
The stuffing
A puppet that you play with to make you better
To make you happy
At the downfall of another
You haunt me
My dreams are a corrupting medley
Of your presence and face
I am yet to be healed
I'm now at your heels
I just wait now, as my heart and skin slowly peels
Time is waning
And you are slowly constraining
And constricting me like a snake
Wrapping itself around its prey and slowly sucking its life away
Yet you simply no longer have to do anything
The damage was done
I'm slowly becoming becoming less and less of who I am
Lyda M Sourne Feb 13
haunting me

took the
away from me
Read the first words of each sentence
Benji James Jan 30
He's lurking in the shadows
with bloodshot eyes
A smell of bicardi and wine
I'll put down the knife
When these images
Stop playing on my mind

No, no I'm not afraid to die
I'm on the road to hell
But I don't care, OH!
Smoke another cigarette
And kiss your lips
Back to the room
And it's time for sex OH!
This is my escape
This is how I deal
To make believe these issues aren't real, OH!

You don't know
What the hell I've seen
And you ain't been
To the places, I've seen
You ain't heard the screams
You ain't see it every night in your dreams
The violence, the anger
Blood is running down these curbs
Insanity in motion please observe

No, no I'm not afraid to die
I'm on the road to hell
But I don't care, OH!
Smoke another cigarette
And kiss your lips
Back to the room
And it's time for sex OH!
This is my escape
This is how I deal
To make believe these issues aren't real, OH!

Let me paint a picture, clear
Place my voice inside of your ear
Hear the whispers that I call
For what you thought you know
You never knew at all
And there are voices carries within the winds
And demons have been asked to spread their wings
Eerie vibes are running down your spine
You try to dissect the world line by line

No, no I'm not afraid to die
I'm on the road to hell
But I don't care, OH!
Smoke another cigarette
And kiss your lips
Back to the room
And it's time for sex OH!
This is my escape
This is how I deal
To make believe these issues aren't real, OH!

©2018 Written By Benji James
Vulpes Jan 26
I feel her on my skin
Her eyes piercing my walls
Her talons scratching my wrists
Her lips caressing my neck
Her arm is wrapped around me
Her hair strangles me
Her fangs dig into my soul
Her desire engulfing me
Her urges rising inside me
I am hulled in her sweet bliss
Her scent fills my nostrils
As I taste my blood
And embrace the void I created.

And she
Leaves me alone.
Only to return
Kaitlin Evers Jan 11
Branches long and stretching
Waving in the wind
Like a picture from a haunting
It's eerie the way they bend
But no thoughts of running away
No horror no fear
Only a feeling to stay
There's a kind of haunting here
Of connection, and hope
Like the rain has washed away
All the grime of the day
And time has all but ceased
I’m afraid of ghosts...but not the kind you’re thinking of.
I’m afraid of the kind that haunts you.

The kind you left in past mistakes.
Mistakes that find reincarnation in my words.

I tread lightly or even back track when you hint that my words echo a past ghost I know nothing of.
I fear being part of your cemetery, where I’ve seen you tend the graves with regret and remorse.
I fear being one of your ghosts.

How do I change my words so they stop reminding you of someone else’s mouth?
Maybe we should make up a new language together because the language of love has hurt you.
It’s hurt you so many times that you’re afraid to speak it to me.  I only hear whispers of it, late at night after the sips take away the transparent ghosts and leave me with transparent you, I hold my breath, hoping the ghosts cannot hear us.

Let me be your exorcist.  Trust me with my words and feel them as if you’ve never heard them before.  Lean into me because, unlike these ghosts….

I am real
I am now and
I am steady.  

Amanda Powell
June 30th 2017
'I think—I think'

I think—I think when it's all over,
It just becomes a friendly takeover.
It just comes back in flashes, you know?
It's like - a Kaleidoscope,
Of memories. Of... Dreams.
That slither through me. That only I can see. The only thing that, makes me happy...
It just, all comes back to me.
But, he—never does.
As if, what we had never was.
Even though I remember, it's gone.

I think—part of me - knew the second that I saw him,
That this would happen.

It's not really anything he said,
or anything that he did,
It was the feeling that came along with it.
Living in another world - our love created, in which,
I finally felt - I existed.
And the crazy thing is,
I don't know if,
I'm ever gonna feel that way again.
But, I don't know if, I should when I have nothing left - to give.
Is it odd that I feel empty, that, only he can make me whole again?
As I take every breath,
I can feel the pain - him,
Crawling within.
Running his fingers through my hair,
As he falls through my fingers - my hands are left bare,
My love is nowhere, and my heart is shattered.
But, when I close my eyes he's always there.
Haunting ~

He was not like any other man: he walked like a King,
Smiled like an Angel, and spoke words that ignite all, with a passion, a static song—electrifying,
Speaking, germinating vines of emotionally charged lightning down every spine.
He was unlike anything, he was composed of beauty, and wit.

He was not like any other man: a hybrid,
Charismatic, romantic, a mysterious being, so contradictory and enigmatic.

He was greater than eternity, and when he walked in,
Everyone turned just to look at him.
I knew it, I wasn't meant to be his infinity,
But, I clung to each moment—hoping.
I knew that, his world moved too fast,
That, he burned too bright.
But, I just thought, how can the Devil pull me without a fight?
Pull toward someone who,
Looked so much like... an Angel when he smiles at you?
Maybe the Devil knew ~
That when 'he' saw me,
It'd just make me suffer slowly?
Torture me so delicately,
Feeling empty - nothing, from feeling so sweetly.

In seven days, God created... the world, but in seconds... I shattered mine.
I guess, I just lost my balance - I was spinning in love with his Eyes.
In love with loving being Blind.
I was spinning in love with my heart's Suicide.

I think—that, the worst part of it all, underneath.
Wasn't losing him... It was losing me.

I don't - don't think,
The terror, of losing you, losing everything,
becoming a faceless error - that you know,
I don't—I don't think, you know the burden of the nameless-nametag bearer, you don't know,
who you are until you lose you -
Who you are, and Who...
you become,
to everyone,
is just - no one.

If only, I could reconcile the conflict between what I know,
And what I am feeling,
If only, I could quiet what my heart is screaming,
And cease all logic questioning.

I don't—don't believe,
That you know,
Who you are until you lose what makes life worth living,
Until you lose 'you'  -
Who you are, and Who...
You've become,
Together with your lost identity,
Begging—to all of your loved ones,
Those who, you whispered to, "I'm sorry, don't let go, don't leave me - alone, I'm already hurting."
Silently whispering, in every wasted action—all the time hinting until you're torn between sad and happy, torn—a fraction, hinting - hints that go unseen,
To them, To everyone,
But, in the ending,
they see,
But, do nothing.

By: Ashton C. Amstutz
- Dec 2017
A killer
all alone
he lives for the thrill
one match is another kill
his blood runs slow
if you say the word
he'll let you go
in the desert
he wakes at dawn
to visit Christ
before he's gone
he invades the sacred city
he's coming for you
and he's coming for me
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