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M Salinger Jul 14
Do you ever feel
your heart
may overflow
with emotion?

That it will spill
and splash
against the edges
and tip over
the ledge,
into me
the space

Not from pain
and its

but from
an earnest
for the
of what it means
to be
and the
that are intrinsic
to our

Today, I feel
I could fill
and rivers
and oceans
with my salty
that well deep
from within my heart -
full of gratitude
for my existence,
and shame
that I did
not always
want it.

Share your tears with me
and we could give
back to the
all we have
and been
nourished with.

Today, the gold
of my skin
and of the

as, I step into
the full cosmic
performance in perfect timing,

For I can see that
clouds form,
and trees sway,
and wildflowers,
their beauty,
for me.

Today,  I ask
myself as
I ask you,
are you ready
to step into
the dazzling
of the
naked and wild,
as the stars
and play with your curves,
just for you?

Today, I
in all its
where to find
a soul


but real
and raw
and weightless
enough to
float endlessly,
to its muse.

Today, I see
and all
the sensations in between.

Today, I see the truth
Rama Krsna Jun 12
her tintinnabulating anklets
sullen ‘time’
now thirsty for blood
sticks her elongated tongue
at ‘consciousness’
threatening to annihilate him
and his tired creation

ever present ‘consciousness’
in his state of yogic trance
smiles to counter:
for me - ‘time’ always is still
at best, relative
so, if and when,
i wake up to perform
my ultimate twilight dance,

will you even exist?

© 2021
An envisioned conversation between time and consciousness
Marla Dantes Aug 2019
time and numbers are attempts
to decipher a universe whose nature
defies what we understand.
stop thinking about data,
consider the truth instead.
observe everything
until it absorbs you
and then leave,
seek not an answer,
but a response,
and it will find you
Rama Krsna May 22
i bow
in silenced awe
to a moonlit silhouette
of a half man,
half woman

a celestial being
for whom
an offering of
a garland of pink lotuses or dried skulls
merely the same,
each half
in dizzied love
with the other

as i ponder why?
he - the cosmic father
also became
she - the enchanting mother

© 2021
Inspired by a cosmic event in Arunachala which resulted in a beautiful painting done by the extremely talented artist Nalini Chandilya
clementine May 6
far across the scintillating galaxies,
a dying star fulminated, blasting celestial fantasies.
then, a pulchritudinous nebula was born
and woven constellations she wore.

the moon hung like a chandelier in her eyes,
studded with jewels like diamond stars.
splendor interstellar dust swathed around her ivory skin,
virtue and intelligence she always has from within.

her mellifluous voice sends you to a place full of gentle breeze,
where azure firmament embraced few puffies
made of cellulose fiber and soft creamy cheese.
and with a touch of her fingertips, you’ll see cerulean seas.

she’s someone that you’ll always remember
for she makes learning as her adventure.
and her euphonious words
that shakes your mind and your world.

she’s the universe’s child.
Valleys and glens
I search for them
Some have gone dead
Some have gone alive
Valleys and glens
I search for them
I look at the sky
I ask the planets and stars
If they see them from afar
Please tell them
I search for them
Valleys and glens
Forests and rocks
Streams and rivers
Caves and caverns
Please tell them loud
Through cosmic sound
I miss them, I miss them
I love them, I love them
I search for them
Valleys and glens
Some have gone dead
Some have gone alive
I see thisles and shamrocks
Blowing in the wind
They're no where in sight
I look at the sky
Knees down the ground
Hands upward
Let peace transcend
Let peace transcend
I love to walk along streams, rivers, valleys and glens. I love to walk in forests, on rocks. With my golden retriever. I miss and love those lost dead or alive over time for we shall never meet again in this life.
Lola Montez Mar 7
You glisten
like the midnight sky,
skin reflecting moonbeams
shimmering metallic
coating my lungs
with gossamer starlight
as you breathe out
and I breathe in
and I'm left
shaking bits of cosmic dust
from my hair
I wish every human had a fish for a foot, and a Canary for a face!
Over night there would be clean air, and better **** in the sea.
I've no idea what this means, it just came out
An entire cosmic universe.
Asteroids, stars, and galaxies.
One in a billion,
Still, you're the one to see.
Light-years turn to eons,
Time will set you free.
But you, my dear constellation,
Shine for infinity.
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