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M H John Mar 7
last night while sleeping
beneath the cosmic’s silver rays
a moon flower began blooming
slowly unfurling
the daze my mind is in these days
As fragrant whispers fill the air
I wander through a world of dreams
Where time stands still and all worries cease

I ask myself
“Why can’t life always be this pretty?”

Walking through my moonlit garden
of the rage that waters my inner peace
I am quickly reminded

Of how someone like me
Can only enjoy the beauty of life
And acceptance of reality
In my sleep

-M.H. John
Hello all, if you’re reading this little message I’d like to share that I’ve created my own personal poetry/journaling website -
M H John Feb 16
Can you see me
From your bird eye view?
I stay up past three in the morning
Counting the rings of Saturn
While crying to the moon

I try to pray to you

But I get lost searching
In the veins of the sky
Where the colors fade from
Orange to gold to purple to blue
For the perfect star

That could possibly hold you
Ander Stone Feb 2
don't lie to me.

I've heard those echoes
with every setting of the moon.
I've heard those whispers
with every sunrise
that's ever kissed
the parchment of my skin.

don't lie to me.

I woke up with the constellations,
remembered in the silken threads
of mother time's embrace.
I cleansed my eyes of the gossamers
when starlight was but a distant promise
of a reality yet to burn itself into existence.

don't lie to me.

I couldn't cut it as a weaver
of honey ladened words
heaped upon the nebulae,
derelict between the flowing stelar algae
and that roaring darkenss from which
all things come.

don't lie to me for I have bathed
in the cold light of eternity.
leeaaun Nov 2023
I was the crescent moon, a sliver in the night,
Yet in his gaze, I found a radiant light.
He saw me whole, beyond my fragmented part,
Love's alchemy, merging soul to heart.

In phases of shadows, incomplete and bare,
His eyes unveiled the beauty hidden there.
A crescent's curve, a tender, silver arc,
Yet in his vision, a masterpiece embarked.

His love, a symphony, the missing tune,
Transforming fragments into a whole monsoon.
I, the crescent moon, in his orbit swayed,
Completeness found in the love we portrayed.

Through waxing and waning, love remained,
A cosmic dance where wholeness was gained.
In his embrace, the crescent found its grace,
Love's magic turning fragments into an embrace.
M Eastman Jun 2023
Should Andromeda collapse / Hammering hydrogen entraps
Cresting waves of burnished light / Whitecaps in the endless night
Fly apart with gentle violence / Into eternity of silence
Winter May 2023
I've known your branches
they hit me with full force,
flowing in the wind
we twisted and locked
eyes, our leaves fell for one
another under the cosmic
path of the sun.

I want your mind... I lied
I really wanted
body &
but now, I don't know...

Perhaps my tree
will twist away with old age
or maybe we'll grow into one?
tree of life...
grow some mushrooms at our
roots and shoot for
the stars...

my stahr...
king of hearts
Maria Shabalin Apr 2023
Nothing makes the chatter stop
Drop your gun and take it from the top
My head, my hands, my legs, my feet
What would be left if I went to meet
the great gig in the sky,
all those that came before that never die?
Would they look at me as crazed?
Would they tell me that I had wisdom beyond my days?
I will never know because I'm bound to grow
Here where greed is ripe, where liars hide
Sat firmly in the great cosmic ride
I was listening to Pink Floyd. I avoided listening for so long because of the painful memories associated, but I couldn't hide much longer. I opened the flood gates, and here we are. A poem, tears, and longing for a better world.
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