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She put stars into her soup
with a pinch of hope
and a touch of
glitter dust.
I float out of mind, or the visages of time
Born from the gusts of a star’s mighty stillness
I fly to a sphere of lovers and mimes
Still, no one can bear to notice my dress

Dear- she is silent, yet stands so close
The eyes pierce my body, smiling fro
The human gaze is one of repose
Is there something the cosmos did not show?

I'm an actor! The Guile! Kaleidoscopic motion!
In the midst of monotony, the lumbering locomotives
I laugh on stained tiles, I'm a star of devotion!
Know me, fools! My essence is votive!

O vile and veiled stage, which I perform under!
Is my passion redundant, and my words so tasteless?
This is my dream, that fate struck asunder
I can't feed myself at my worst or my best

I think I will go back to star Sirius' caress.

Years- the passing of time
Insurmountable to my looping eye
Not so much as a dent in their grime
The vice of the purpose, unhinged by a sigh

What can one choose to bear
When ******* the clasp of cosmic hands
When all one sees are fleeting stares
And their last teacher is time’s command

Not a single ear hears
Not a single voice cheers
No hands, free to jeer
For I am not here

The joke is as old as the star that birthed me
As careless as a rampant sea
Billions of light years,
In night’s fantasy converge;
Cosmic illusion!
full for
every step
my able body
a moving earth
beneath my feet

two eyes that see
one heart that beats
Love that breathes
through all of me

a mind that hopes
for light to roam
when darkness
sets me free

better days
i can portray
with Trust i've
come to bleed

of course i see
the Light in me
and how lovely
i've come to be

and although i
so Love those highs
i've come to cherish
these lows of mine

it is the hardest
days i garnish
evermore with
with Light i beam

for from the dark
i do embark on
the grandest
d i v i n e
parts of
i am thankful to be full ~fifillued by the fire inside
+ thankful to be inspired by old poems of mine :’)
You do not have to pick
from gardens outside
of the forest that is
already thriving
w i t h i n
Y o u
for if you do
your head will fill
with leaves that fall
when You need spring
winter will come in june
and soon You won't have
sight of the moon
(or You)
b e c a u s e
You lost yourself
inside somebody else's
fire and the only way out
is to find Love in the smoke
of your own two tired eyes
like You could before
You jumped ship
f e a r i n g
the possibility
of finding out that
your pieces may not
ever fit together in
the same way
a g a i n
but what is life
if we always float
where the water is
c a l m ?
i don't know about You
but i prefer the rapid descent
of water falls and milky way skies
that can only be achieved through
the most demanding environments
that leave you filled with
P u r e L i g h t

you are enough energy alone

Your Light is what will
always lead you back hOMe
to your own field of wildfires
where your broken heart's eye
can see Your vessel A l o n e
holds enough Light to fuel
all the stars in the sky,
to warm the
hearts of
m i l l o i o n s
and as you breathe
You can feel the Love of
countless stars who all
exploded to fill your
body cavities with
all the strength
You'll ever
next time
you feel alone
put your hand to
you heart and feel the
rhythm of the YOUniverse
listen to nature sing to you
melodies of the T r u t h
that you’re not a "me"
but are woven into
the cosmos as an
integral part of
“we" & every
thing you
see. . .
older poem~couldn’t remember if i shared :-)
Sonia Ettyang Nov 16
There are those in life
Who have given their best
Shot their best shot
Jumped their longest stride
Walked their longest mile
Ran their longest race
Climbed their highest peak
Although somehow they still haven't reached their destination
Haven't found their happy ending
But they still put their best foot forward
they rise after every fall and keep pushing
Until one day the find their answer
Until one day they turn dust into gold
Until one day they become the light at the end of the tunnel
They beam like a lighthouse
and show the world who they are made of, made of stardust
They shine bright like gemstones on the midnight blue sky

To be a star you need to embrace the darkness
Stars can't shine without darkness
Laura Nov 16
We drew closer and closer
to each other. As if I got into your orbit
and couldn’t get away.
Embracing, Kissing, *******.
Like colliding was the only road
we were able to take.
Going for the inevitable.
With the stars above watching us,
keeping our secret to themselves.
Upon to mushroom hill
Where the floor is bouncy
And anything you fancy
Can be yours at will

The clouds are cotten candy
Relax and chill with Mandy
When Lucy whispers in your ear
"Its time for another brandy"
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