Deep within the bowels of the Earth
immensely distant from the sheltering sky
amidst a thick fog enveloped landscape
with here and there a projected
craggy, derelict chasm

precipitously crooked pointing toward
an infinitely wide yawning abyss
dwelt kindred spirits comprising a soul asylum
where grateful dead (albeit marked

via weathered tomb stones) hermetically sealed
once vibrant corporeal mortals
betook their eternal slumber
One among their number
included a misanthrope

who sported long straggly hair
bushy eyebrows shielding cold eyes of steel
straggly bearded clammy chin
in tandem with a hairy body
which when alive (long time ago)
upheld upon unshod feet a severely
hunchbacked cretin

Within dense pitch-black terrain
(Mother Nature enlisting
a menagerie of life forms
accustomed to hellish environment)
awash with unrecognizable
alien sights and sounds

mollycoddling bewitching warlocks,
mailer daemons,
imps of the pervert chieftains, fiery
long and fostered Golems
who called underworld
their private demesne

also alluded to Marcy's playground
holding hostage Alice in Chains
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,
The Beastie Boys, The Human League, and
Village People a Crowded House

Emitting wisps of ethereal matter
appearing a small medium at large
chat snap ping, flickr ring indeed joyus minions
exalting piety a plenti

Prone ounce sing proud purgatory
promoting protean phantasmagoria
hideous hulu hoop dancing holograms
highly distorted grotesque
silent screaming sinister banshees
slithering across escarpment.

there are things I want you to remember. you are a celestial spirit born among the stars. we may be souls having a human experience, but nothing is permanent. you will be reborn among the cosmos off into infinity. there is no birthstone or deathstone, so don't hold to yours like it is a monument, keeping you grounded to this place.

we collect memories and store them like faded photographs in golden lockets worn around our necks, hoping to stand the test of time. nothing is forever – we cannot even fathom it. keep your loved ones close, because the universe knows kindred spirits and places them within distance of contact through acts of synchronicity.

there are things we cannot document: things that surpass language, space, and time. feelings and emotions that we bottle as glory; showing the world our flasks as we either drink in excess, or keep the cork firmly in place.

as human language has limitations, the labeling on our bottles are wrong; and we are off key about the unnamed emotions and feelings we are ingesting in excess, or storing away as a collection to gaze upon throughout our lives, before we fade back to (star)dust.

September 20th, 2014.
meditative musings of existential enigmas.

some souls burn the brightest only after seeing the abysmal darkness. we will not be extinguished, as our worth is indescribable. the universe would not exert such ferocity to keep us here if we weren't meant for something ineffable – the changes we shall elicit in the world: together.
yet in this testament, the truth comes to light. our souls have been tied together from the dawn of time; reliving countless lives. the scriptures forgot about us. mythology mentions us; but fails to depict us in the same tangent, let alone together.
we are more than the greek goddesses and muses, we encompass the celestial bodies of the heavens. artemis aurora, and calliope polaris.
you are the goddess of the hunt, protector and patroness of the forest; as your ribbons fill the night with ethereal glowing light.
I am the muse of epic poetry who hangs above the sky, guiding lost travelers when the universe was still a child.
we come together upon the call of night to fulfill our destinies until the end of eternity, or until the galaxy burns out and we are born anew. maybe then will we be one; as it was meant to be.
but until that time finally comes, I am satisfied just to share the sky with you; hoping that I may catch a glimpse of the green mysticism that you weave each night.

a prophet ballad between kindred spirits. february 15th, 2015
Yaser Jan 3

Some nights
under the frightful gaze of the waning gibbous eye -
that looks upon the sleepers and dwellers of the shadow;  
when the murky ever unfolding eternities above
reach their eerie zenith
and the only sound to be chanced upon by the walkers of the dark is the song of the straying whip-poor-will;
something calls out to me from that stygian infinity
with formless primeval words
that scratch away at the walls that encase the mind, ever so brittle

What does it want?
What does it want?
What does it want!

                                                       - An excerpt from the Memoirs of
                                                              Ab­d' Alhazred

Here is a short piece inspired by the works of HP Lovecraft
triztessa Dec 2017

Something in the universe
pulled me to hold your hand but
maybe in another timeline.

Kevin Hamilton Dec 2017

captive audience listening
to the hornets pouring out of me
i was running fingers
listlessly down your face
and dreaming of acid rain

i had a picture in my mind
that refused to die
i was ever mindful
of the bedroom door
hinging on your aches
and unborn eyes
made clearly obfuscated

your reanimated heart
and I saw distorted images
of what awaits us all
rising overture
from behind the veil
warm, wet handed
in a bath of blood

Morgan Langley Dec 2017

a simile comparing my love to the explosion of a star as a supernova

have you ever seen a star explode?
do you know what a supernova feels like?
I've never seen a supernova, but I've felt one.  I've fallen in love with the brightest stars and once they disappear, it's only a matter of time before it hits me. First the wind hits me from the outermost layer and I feel it but have no idea what's to come. Then the heat begins to consume me. It's hurting but I've not reached the point of rupture. And once I do my whole body collapses into the heart of a supernova. Watching the star burst into a million pieces all at once as if thinking about your own heart, feeling it do the same.

That's what it felt like loving you, you were a supernova that just completely decimated my world.

Written 8.11.16
George Krokos Dec 2017

The spirit of man is like a five pointed star
and was so destined to have come this far.
Take his body stretched out and you can see
how the limbs resemble ends of a star to be.
It's also written he has been made in the image
of an Eternal God and shares the same lineage.

The spirit that resides as the essence in his soul
is the image of God and reflects a divine role.
We are reminded of this when we seek perfection
in all that is done which happens upon reflection.
Every individual soul made has five main functions
and comes with attributes bearing some instructions.

Each soul is endowed with a heart, mind, intelligence, ego and will
by which it's able to feel, think, reason, assert and to then act until
it has accomplished the purpose for which it was thereby so made
and realise it's own true essential nature being of an infinite grade.
This consciousness of individuality isn't its own real goal of course
but used as a means to reach that place of limitless being or source.

There are also five senses by which each soul can perceive
the world around it but which serve mostly just to deceive
because there are many things that are beyond what they glean
which are only the five objects in three dimensional space seen.
There are some other non-physical senses that come into play
when the individual soul becomes advanced in a spiritual way.

There are also five organs of action which are by man used
and thereby constitute those means for whatever is abused;
they are organs of speech, motion, manual skill and generation
along with that of excretion making up the five by numeration.
They're the mouth, feet, hands, reproductive organ and behind
which are also seen in other creatures of a less evolved kind.

The physical body is also pervaded and sustained by cosmic energy
and within it performs five functions like that of subtle electricity;
as inspiration, circulation, assimilation, metabolism and excretion
similar to breathing, absorption, digestion, usage and elimination.
The sun, stars, space and the earth itself are the sources from where
man's body is able to acquire and utilise this energy for his welfare.

The earth and man's body are also comprised of five basic elements
which form the basis of all this world and are universal constituents.
In a descending order they are called: ether, air, fire, water and earth
and so it's with these five everything has been created or given birth.
The spirit in man's soul endows it with the limbs of a five pointed star
and by the Creative Sound and Light of God has brought him this far.

Written early in 2017.
Eureka Merton Dec 2017


A day to be held
by steady arms of love.
To relax - belly, forehead, toes.
To wiggle under blankets
As fingers intertwine.

Singing softly
a song of Life Eternal, as the
silky dream of innocence
Transcends into This.

Fireworks of wonder burst
in sky of pink and gold strokes but soon
turn to a dull blush
in the sight of true Loves embrace

Steady. Present. Holding.

Twin Souls caressing the moment
cosmic gazes meet
Lips pull to each other in
Tenderly they touch,
Opening to taste ever deeper
existence, unashamed.

You feel closer now,
Yet inside
We know
The heavens have already
Declared us

in a world this beauteous

words like
should be omitted
and replaced with
closed eyes
and the humble understanding
that a fractal of All That Is
is All I Am

a divine sort of cosmic dividend

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