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My hands reach for the door
Exhausted, just another day.

We never fight.

The smell of your perfume still lingers in the air.
Just as the day you left me.

Did you always seem to hate me?

I daydream as I fall into the couch
The life we would've had.

All alone again.

Did I betray us?
Not even a goodbye.

We never fought.

I sleep in an all too familiar place reminding myself clearly.
Out of spite.

Just like that I'm out of excuses.

fanfic made me sad hello
Max Nov 2020

An emotion most of us have deep within

Something people like to plant in us for fun

Most don't realize when they create a monster of anger it will be their demise

They laugh and taunt as my fist goes through the wall

But I hear no more remarks when my fist goes through them all

I was sweet and kind and loving you see

You killed what I used to be

I am a monster, a blackhole of anger and spite

Laugh all you want, I’ll give you a fright
Henrie Diosa Sep 2020
early to bed
and early to rise
for tonight is the night
that your enemy dies

for not all who wander
will ever be found
and we know time will put
all our foes in the ground

so close your eyes tight
and let loose your sorrow
if they don't die tonight,
they will die tomorrow.
I wrote this when I couldn't sleep.
Siyana Jun 2020
She's loud and outgoing,
nothing like me,
I sit in my bed
adoring quiet and peace.
Her dress is exotic,
like the boys she lets in...
I was afraid of boys,
fell only for him...
I'm this hybrid of happy and sad,
She's only ever happy,
emotional beings make her mad...
but you see the difference between girls like her and I
is that a girl like me doesn't need approval to get by in life...
I don't need filters, or hundreds of likes,
I just want to live to know a love that's always on my side...
Modra Galica May 2020
Some borders can not be moved with fingers. Some borders are moved by the will, wish, struggle, everyday struggle.
Drop by drop of blood, drop by drop of sweat, drop, tear, ocean.

I no longer want to try to move them. From now on I tear them down with my bare hands, fingers scratched to the bones, I bite and rip with my teeth until I'm left alone in the wasteland.
Borders do not exist. I dig out all feelings that were hidden, pushed aside, forgotten, shoved under the rug, tamed. I pull out anger, hatred and bitterness from the depths of my soul, I release them to roam free, I open Pandora's box and let them all out to create chaos, to destroy and to hate, to rage and ravage until all that's left is one big and empty nothing, until I, myself am left empty and clear, and free.
An empty paper sheet, something that has yet to start, something that's about to become, something that breaths and sings and screams and exists, something that still just threatens to conquer the world, confident, with a carefree, rebellious grin on the face.
Something wild and indocile, something that doesn't care, something that threatens to become in spite of everything, something that doesn't care about your opinion, because it does not exist for you, it does not exist to be liked by you, it does not exist to be appropriate, to fit in, to comply, to please you.
That something doesn't need you to exist.
It exists in spite of you, in spite of the world, just for itself.
i should have never left that place
that place where i didn't feel so abandoned
yet what hell i lived despite the good
and what life i led despite its promise
i ****** up and had to go
my choice, my fault, and nothing more
Felicity Paris Apr 2020
I wanted to see her face again
So I deleted Instagram

I wanted to know what she was thinking
So I deleted Twitter

I wanted to hear her voice
So I blocked her number
Daniel Pokorny Feb 2020
When the leader fails at their job,
The people become angry,
When the leader makes a difficult choice,
The people decide that it was wrong,
When the leader gives it their all,
The people are filled with spite,
In the end,
The leader can't please everyone.
Charlotte Ahern Feb 2020
Is it tenacious  
to take mine
because i took yours,
or perhaps only foolish  
to both end up blind
a method I don't agree works well in the long term
Empire Jan 2020
You can’t treat me
If I don’t want to get better



P. S. I don’t care
There’s illness in me that wants to be preserved
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