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by michael r. burch

for anaïs vionet

to live among the daffodil folk . . .
slip down the rainslickened drainpipe . . .
suddenly pop out
minuscule as alice, shout
in wee exultant glee
to be leaving behind the

Keywords/Tags: Coronavirus, Pandemic, Teen, Society, Humor, Hope, Social Distancing, Isolation, Family, Home, House, Escape, Escapism, Freedom, Plague, Boredom
annh May 29


In this brave new world of no handshakes and multiple rounds of hand sanitiser there exists a blessed irony: social distancing is bringing my neighbourhood closer together. The solidarity of a shared smile - albeit bestowed from an apologetic distance of two metres - lifts the spirits, straightens the shoulders, and tickles the heartstrings more than any viral meme (no pun intended) could ever do.
thrice do the floorboards creak
beneath your feet, eldest first
and every step is a wound
vitriolic and repeating
oh god, the tenebrous stair
spirals forth to the sound
of you leaving

by the intervals of sleep
i will fall forever, hymnal-red
through the ceiling
and all our dreams fade faster
in the folds of my memory

thinking of those eyes
one last time
wrapped around me
Atta Apr 28
everything that will happen tomorrow
is a blueprint of yesterday's ignorance
help the one in needs by stay at home and do physical distancing
Francie Lynch Mar 27
I've had a better life
Than a squirrel.
Ask anybody.
But looking out,
I'm envious of that
Mite invested, bushy-tailed one,
Fleeing up my tree.
Day nine. Number nine, number nine, number nine, num...
Phil Lindsey Apr 24
Looking out my bedroom window
past the bluebirds and cardinals
vying for position on the seed-filled feeder,
past the doves and the squirrels
shamelessly settling for the leftovers below,
past the obligatory but unused lawn furniture,
past the turtles and storks and herons, and
past an alligator swimming slowly, but purposefully,
toward his place in the sun,
I can see the second green and the third tee
of the golf course where I live.

In these days of pandemic and social distancing
the golfers each drive their own cart.
On the putting green players stand six to ten feet apart,
no one touches the flagstick,
there are no high fives,
no shaking hands.

The green carts are driven
down the cart path
from two green
to three tee,
like four green baby ducks
following each other,
identical, synchronous, six to ten feet apart.

After teeing off
the players in the carts
again follow each other
one-by-one to the end of the path
before scattering
to the fairway or the bunker or the woods
or the edge of the lake
where the alligator has fallen asleep
in the sun with his mouth open
as if he is warning the golfers
to maintain the appropriate social distance.
Considerably more than six to ten feet apart.
Hi All!
yet another iffy coronavirus haiku
by michael r. burch

plagued by the Plague
i plague the goldfish
with my verse

Keywords/Tags: haiku, coronavirus, plague, social distancing, homework, working at home, poets, poetry, goldfish, writing
Souf Apr 11

I'm done with this small life
Indoor life
Closed-door life
I wanna shout about it
I wanna tell all my thoughts
and maybe you'll agree upon it!

Now this a hunch
Let me know, what'd you have for lunch
Canned beans?
Oh, that's right.

Stay home kids,
Stay home peeps,
Lessen the curve,
let's do this!

If you're done with this life,
then do somethin' 'bout it.
Stay home!
This will all be over much faster,
If you would,
Stay home!

Hi all! Social distancing helps so please please please try to quarantine as much as possible in your residence/home and only go out for essentials!
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